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November 3, 1973 - over 150 km. from Bogota (Cundinamarca, Colombia)

The witness in this case is Enrique Castillo Rincon, an engineer, and later president of the Instituto Colombiano de Investigacions de Fenomenos Extraterrestres (Colombian Institute of Investigations of Extraterrestrial Phenomena) and lecturer and delegate to the Unidentified Flying Objects Investigation Organization. The experience was preceded by telepathic contacts, through which he received instructions. In the last telepathic contact he was given directions to the site of this physical contact, which was to be at 8:00 p.m., and was also told how to act during the contact.

In his contact, Castillo was aided by the mental help of several groups, some in Bogota and others in Panama and Cali. Castillo found near a lagoon a metallic (like stainless steel) sphere the size of a golf ball, which would help the extraterrestrials locate him. There were two forests there, and as he said to himself he should go in the first one, the sphere he was holding began to warm up, and emitted little rays of light. It got so hot that he had to hold it with the edge of his ruana (a poncho-type coat). The sphere seemed to be a type of compass, thought it was only a ball. So Castillo entered the first woods, and, when he reached what he thought was the right place, it was already 8:10.

He began to worry for his safety, alone out there, but at 8:25 he heard a loud noise, and two huge domed ships flew overhead, filling the whole area with light and heat. They were dripping water, apparently from having taken off from the lagoon bottom. They were 100 m. apart, each like to soup plates, about 45 m. in diameter and 12 m. tall, with three large white spheres slowly rotating on the bottom, and with something else on the bottom also rotating.

The two objects stopped, and the light slowly dimmed. Then one approached Castillo and came to hover at a height of 80-100 m. A ray of light came out of each side of the bottom, angled down to the ground in different directions.

A tall being (much over 1.70 m.) in a tight diving suit and with a helmet with a visor, came down on each beam. As he heard their footsteps nearing behind the nearby trees, all the lights went out, and he soon saw the beings 10 m. away.

Addressing him by name, they telepathically assured Castillo they were his friends, and asked him if he was ready. Saying he was, they took him a few meters to a clearing. The ship came over and emitted a ray of light down at him. Tickling and with a sensation of pin pricks all over his body, Castillo rose up like in an elevator. Castillo was surrounded by an invisible yellow aureole which, however, felt solid. He entered a hatch, followed at once by the two entities. At their request, he gave them the sphere, and undressed. Lemon-scented smoke entered the room (the two entities having left), and after a minute it was "sucked up" somewhere and disappeared.

He now noticed that, although there was no apparent light source, he did not make a shadow. Castillo got dressed, and they explained to him that the procedure was to disinfect him from any terrestrial microbes on his clothes.

Castillo entered a compartment where four people were sitting down, waiting for him They greeted him, and introduced themselves. The commander was Cramacan. The other three crew members were Cramish, Krulula Krenza, and Krhisnamerk. They all spoke telepathically except the last one, who had been a friend of Castillo's with the name Ciril Weiss, and who spoke orally in perfect Spanish. Ciril had changed, however, and Castillo did not recognize him at first. But when he reminded Castillo that they had spoken together at a theater entrance in Caracas in 1969, Castillo knew it was he.

Ciril told him they have been watching him for eight years. Castillo sat down at a glass-like table for a conversation with the men. They had straight shoulder-length hair and unblemished skin. The commander said the ship has a crew of twelve and that were seeking out suitable people for contacts. Castillo began to ask him some questions, about events and why they chose him. They told him his real name, which is not Enrique (Castillo did not want to say what it was); he had the feeling they knew about his previous reincarnation.

They are from the Pleiades, a group of seven stars which is much father away than the 328 light years we think it is. Other fascinating pieces of information: Einstein's theory of relativity is not correct, and soon we will make three corrections in it; the speed of light is really greater than 300,000 km./sec.; they are immortal.

They took him to visit various other rooms, including a "meditation room" and a laboratory. In the laboratory they extract chlorophyll from our forests because it is vital for their diet. They also eat fruit from South America, as well as corn, wheat, and rice. In exchange for taking our fruit, they give the plants some radiation so they soon bear fruit again within a few hours.

Castillo learned that they are biological engineers who control genetics, and use consubstantiation to keep the cellular process alive, in order not to age. In the control room on the third (top) floor Castillo saw large electronic cosmic maps with colored lights showing where they were exploring or having interchanges (the interchanges were only with the thousands of intelligences who have overcome "evil"). They said that in a few years humanity will finally discover God and that we had to look for Him in ourselves. By finding Him we can live in peace with and with understanding of all men.

They were emissaries of superior entities, and had destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, at the orders of these entities. They had also helped with the construction of the Great Pyramids. Within two years (i.e. by 1975) people are going to find in south America two ancient cities where there is the written history of how the terrestrial races came here, etc.

They gave Castillo the date of the start of World War III, but said that we could postpone it for three or four years. They would not interfere to stop the war.

Although Castillo could not feel any motion, the UFO was moving as soon as he entered. He looked out through a panel like a big telescope, and he had the strange feeling as though he was going to go out through it.

They showed him his house from a height of 5,00 - 10,000 meters, and they focused it so he could see his family through the walls, sleeping. The dog noticed him and began to bark. (Castillo does not explain how the dog could see him five or ten kilometers up. (George Adamski's Pioneers of Space and Inside the Space Ships, which have a similar type of telescope.)

They told him something which affects all religions. He could not say what it was, but it has to do with the Fatima letter. Then Castillo realized a great truth, hidden in everyone's heart, and which no one can teach another. (He didn't say what it was.)

Meanwhile he was getting hungry, and asked for something to eat, so they gave him a type of chocolate bar wrapped in plastic. It tasted like sabajon (a type of Colombian liquor), and it satisfied his appetite. But they gave him something else to eat, a type of bud like a petal, resembling popcorn. It gave him a tremendous sensation like heat, and he thought they were drugging him. Krhisnamerk told him it was manna, the same as they had given the Hebrews when they were wandering in the desert. It would satisfy his hunger and thirst for 24 hours.

Then ideas began to run through Castillo's head, and he began to think of Elizjah, Moses, Jesus, and of modern times. After eating Castillo felt sleepy, so he slept for what seemed like three hours on a very comfortable bed, until two of the crew woke him up up.

On the way back to let him off where they had picked him up, they showed him the place where his next contact would be, at 8:00 pm. November 18. It was lit up like daylight. When they reached the exact place he had boarded the UFO, they left him off, saying their farewells (except for Cramacan, who was not present). They told him it was 5:00 a.m.

Castillo fell asleep, and when he woke up, his watch (which had stopped at 8:25, when the contact started) said 11:15. He learned from the first farmer he saw that it was almost 8:00 a.m. So he must have left the UFO at almost 5:10 a.m., if the watch re-started right away, as Krhisnamerk had said it would. When Castillo got back to the man's house where the telepathic contacts had taken place, 60-some people were waiting for him. He told them what had happened, but only one or two believed him. This was not Castillo's first contact. They had previously told him telepathically that this would be just like an experience he had before, but which they had erased from his memory.

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