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Abebooks is the world's largest online marketplace for books, with over 50 million classic collectible books, signed first editions, used textbooks and bestsellers. Whether it's new books, used books, rare or out-of-print books, you can find it here, offered by our community of over 12,000 independent booksellers.


Bestsellers on Abebooks

New York Times Bestselling Fiction

1. The Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown New From $9.18 Used From $6.25
2. The Rule of Four, Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason New From $17.93 Used From $17.93
3. The Five People You Meet in Heaven, Mitch Albom New From $13.35 Used From $10.00
4. Angels & Demons, Dan Brown New From $4.74 Used From $1.75
5. The Taking, Dean Koontz New From $18.73 Used From $14.50

New York Times Bestselling Non-Fiction

1. Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim, David Sedaris New From $15.00 Used From $15.00
2. Eats, Shoots & Leaves, Lynne Truss New From $5.23 Used From $5.23
3. Big Russ and Me, Tim Russert New From $16.76 Used From $15.40
4. Plan of Attack, Bob Woodward New From $15.00 Used From $13.95
5. Father Joe, Tony Hendra New From $22.45 Used From $19.50

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The Da Vinci CodeThe Da Vinci Code

Did you know that the books mentioned in the bestselling novel The Da Vinci Code are real? Check out our feature on the Da Vinci Code and see if you can crack the code. Search as well for books about Leonardo Da Vinci and the Louvre Museum. [More about the Da Vinci Code]


The Diary of Anne FrankThe Diary of Anne Frank

On July 6, 1942 Anne Frank and her family went into hiding during the Holocaust in the "Secret Annex," an attic above her father's office. The Diary of Anne Frank has been published in 67 different languages and is now one of the most widely read books. [Search for The Diary of Anne Frank]


Steven Temple The Booksellers Decided...

"When you buy a book from an experienced professional bookseller, you don't buy just a book, you buy his good judgment, certain guarantees and accountability." [Steven Temple Books]

Karl Baedeker Baedeker Guides

'Kings and governments may err, but never Mr Baedeker.'
AP Herbert, La Vie Parisienne, 1929

Find out more about what the Rare Book Review says about these travel guides. [Baedeker Guides]

Alcoholics Anonymous: The Big BookBrown Paper Books

We've noticed that many of our customers are searching our vast selection of books for topics like erotica, addiction, spicing up your love life, depression and eating disorders. We've listed some of the most popular books. Search for them now. [Brown Paper Books]

Favorite Children's Books - Past & Present

We've put together a listing of famous children's books, authors and series. Browse through our page and let nostalgia be your guide. [Children's Series] [Little Golden Books] [Richard Scarry] [Celebrity Authors ]


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Le Morte D'ArthurThe Legend of King Arthur

The legend of King Arthur has spawned numerous books and movies including the soon to be released movie King Arthur. Search through our collection of books about King Arthur.
[King Arthur]


Shooting the Sun

NPR - 2004 Summer Reading List

Shooting the Sun
Max Byrd

"Charles Babbage was an English genius of legendary eccentricity. He invented the cowcatcher, the ophthalmoscope, and the "penny post." He was an expert lock picker, he wrote a ballet, he pursued a vendetta against London organ-grinders that made him the laughingstock of Europe.
Reading Copies Signed Copies First Editions Rare/Collectible Editions New

Bill Clinton - My Life
Fahrenheit 9/11
The Notebook
Great Canadian & American Authors
Textbook Central
Pop-ups: The Kama Sutra & More

The Legacy of Jack McClelland
An Interview With Jeffrey Eugenides
Mountaineering Books
The Iliad & Greek Mythology
An Interview With Yann Martel
Oprah's 50th Book Club® Pick


Abebooks is the world's largest online marketplace for books. Whether it's new, used, rare, or out-of-print, you can find it here, through our community of over 12,000 independent booksellers from around the globe.


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