by Dale J. Sprague

An Epistema

Of this I am,
this I am that yearns to be,
this thought, this wish,
this word, for which I reach,
this feeling..this light,

Absolute truth: 'Non plus ultra' beliefs; often mistaken for articles of Faith. Faith, in this case, is the sensation that goodness follows by believing that one's 'non plus ultras' are absolutely true.

Abuse: If one pursues understanding until compassion is felt, one survives abuse, and having been compensated with enlightenment, is no longer a victim. 

Academic: Between a book and its reader, who absorbs whom? If the book wins, the reader becomes an academic. This is not to say that academics are not useful; it is just a matter of knowing who..or what is speaking.

Addiction: A deprivation of pleasure resources; sources of long'term and mid'term pleasures dwindle until instant gratification is all that is left, which develops a mind and survival instinct of its own.

Aesthetics: A subject on which everyone is an expert.

After'life: In eternity, it is inevitable that one's life returns, therefore consider the silver linings, the bright sides, the up'side...all the serendipities, the saving graces, and any pursuit that could possibly convert a liability into an asset. Pursue them earnestly..with vigor and gusto, but whenever possible, be here now for chance variation..for a life in all its detail existed before and will exist again, ad infinitum. In the meantime, as a self'aware being, one is a luminous being evolving from lifetime to lifetime. See Birth, Death.

Agape: Sensitivity, sensuality of pleasure, love, giving, and receiving..all through values shared with others. I am agape balanced by eros.

Age: Youth does less with more; fortunately, with age, one is enabled to do more with less.

Alter'ego: Often confused with ego; an image one authorizes and empowers, out of desperate necessity, to manage themselves; an identity one un'questionably serves, and whether subservient to it or controlling through it, one is indifferent..however benign, benevolent, or maligned it is; once formed, one's instinct to survive shifts to it. See Judgmental.

American Dream: To secure freedom of thought; to stimulate ideation, not physical sensation; to facilitate when necessary, transcendence of ingrained engram, not eternal cadence of program. Thinking requires no rules; doing..does. 

Anarchy: Idleness..which courts violence; ignorance institutionalizes it..all creating a desperate environment within which there is only do or die, think or cry. See Spirit body.

Anger: In mind, it's good; in the heart, it's bad; in the soul, it's ugly.

Armageddon: A place within one's self where a vast metamorphic conflict eventually compels the evil'seeing eye there, with its innate ambition to see 'all and everything,' to turn and see itself..afterwhich, it perishes; in the aftermath, normal sight is restored, and the Tree of Life is seen with all its radiant rainbow'd splendor; only those who by evil see, have Armageddon ahead of them.

Art:  Expression through metaphor.

Art movements: Accumulate, as opposed to 'beginning and ending.' 

Assumption: One of the ways by which one is known.

Astrology: If all the Zodiac personas and their characteristics are true for everyone any time of the day, any day of the year, then it follows that any one of the twelve is true..any time of the day, any day of the year.

Astronomy: Archeology of celestial lights beyond the physically'existent horizon.

Atheism: Disclaims anthropomorphic, or otherwise, supernatural being godhead articles of faith; yet, 'atheistic' does not necessarily mean a'religious, and as long as atheists remain unfocused religiously, they are agnostics. See Hopeful agnostic and Experience, divine.

Atonement: To attain a state of at'one'ment with a portion of all, or 'all and everything.'

Attitude: Where matter exists fundamentally in four dimensions, each attitude adds a dimension to that matter; with multiple attitudes, life is multiplied in complexity as does the weight of its inertia. When one finds mental myopia where mental twenty'twenty is expected, one discovers attitude. 

Awakening: A shift from non'perceiving consciousness to one that is; for example, from birth, from sleep, or from an inspiration. See Death.

Babylon: A hyper'sexual state, suffering from a lack of affection. A love mantra in youth created from a muse lacks reality; hypersexuality is an effort to make the mantra more real. See Pareidolia

Being: One self aware and inherently limited. Perception and knowledge is kinetically limited. As beings, incarnated or not, we are ignorant where we cannot see; we are vulnerable where we have not adapted; we are a'moral where we have not valuated. Is there any being, therefore, who is not ignorant, vulnerable, and a'moral in some way?

Belief: One of those universal things; it can be based upon something beyond one's self, or nothing beyond one's self; wherein, one is capable of being as righteously compelling as one can be passionately..dead wrong.

Bias: It acts, and after action, is disabled from seeing any contradiction to itself.

Bible: A Zippo lighter. On one side, the Star of David, the Old Testament, the right brain; on the other side, the Cross of Yeshua, the New Testament, the left brain; spin the wheel over the flint, the fire between them.

Big Bang Theory: An awesome explosive beginning of 'all and everything' with Earth, its epicenter, at ground zero. Requires one to abandon science and its cornerstone, the law of energy conservation, in the beginning with infinite density, and after the big boom, make Earth its epicenter. Abandoning science and making one's self the center of the universe defines 'dark age.' Such a theory begs the question, 'Is astrophysical technology sophisticated and powerful enough to do anything more than speculate about the entirety of the universe?'

Biology: The study of a starry ecosystem continuum of interactive impulses, wants, needs, cravings, compulsions; even with words, the mind senses its environment and hungers after it; to live, one must exist as a vastly complex, and deeply profound body of needs and desires..all competing to be satisfied.

Birth: In life, death precedes birth...birth follows death; look forward and sense death..after death, look back and sense birth. 

Boundaries: A closed mind sees the universe in fixed terms of itself; an open mind sees the universe in transcendental terms of itself. The boundaries of the universe are therefore, at once, closed and open'minded, a dichotomy, however small or large a closed mind may be..however myopic or far'sighted an open mind can see.

Capitalism: A body with the ability to generate and maintain fat reserves is enabled to endure the stress associated with the changing dynamics of the ecosystem niche to which it belongs; often confused with the idea of greed. If one has a savings for a large purchase or unexpected expenses, one is a capitalist; need it be said?..that capitalism is wise because it conforms to natural philosophy. 

Carnal darkness: See Addiction and Babylon.

Celebrity: Everyone is producer, director, and the comedy, drama, mystery, and romance of one's life..and being also the casting agent, negotiates throughout one's life who is an extra, and who is not.

Centers of the cosmos: There are two eyes, each with equal authority; both mutually exclusive; one says "I am," and the other says, "We are." See Ego.

Change: To experience change, change the environment, or encounter it.

Chaos: See Randomness.

Chosen one, the : Care is taken about the God one chooses, because when one prays, one atones, and with whom one atones is one's lot and extent of one's peace; if one's God is at war with the world, so will one's spirit be.

Church and state: The Constitution exists for a nation of individuals. Freedom of religion is freedom of individual spirituality. Some of the forms of spirituality are monotheism, polytheism, agnosticism, atheism, pantheism, or panvitalism. Allowing spiritual congregations to express themselves ritually on state ground or emboss themselves on state currency, gives ground and celibacy for congregational spirituality to eventually dictate..if not now by out'right edict, certainly by one implicit. Just because a spiritual orientation is a majority does not justify giving that majority a state podium at the expense of the minority. From the Constitution's point of view, the minority is no less significant than the majority; all spiritual paths are equal. 

Co'dependency: Having forsaken commitment to the evolution of one's own individuality, one commits to a relationship in which two become one, within whom volleys of love and hate vie for control of the one; their love is maintained in stasis within a conceptual world. See Co'dominance

Co'dominance: Having committed to the evolution of one's individuality first, two commit to a relationship in which that individuality continues to be nurtured; their love evolves within a perceptual world. See Co'dependency

Cognitive being: One who is self aware and compelled to survive through revelation, because with each revelation, one realizes more, how much of a protected un'disturbed environment that one depends. See Control.

Composition: Find one clear sensation of light, and by it, the rest will be illuminated or created; after the catharsis and the purge has cooled, subject the body to successive natural selections, as evolved maturity and skill would..strike the boring, save the good. 

Conceptions: Constructs from aggregated perceptions that collectively become a reality even more separated from the original from which perception was made. See Perceptions.

Conceptual world: Concept stasis; one dwells continuously in a reality where perception is subordinate to concept by riveting a pair of concept glasses on and perceiving the world through them. A conceptual world is inverted from a perceptual one, in that conception, perception, and experience are ranked in that order, where conception has become immutable or subconscious as an absolute truth. Inverted, one experiences, perceives, and plugs it into a conception bucket. If no bucket can be found, the experience is disregarded. If a bucket can be found, the experience is re'perceived within its boundaries and stored. Conception rules. Perception of experience is malleable, and what survives over time is the memory of those perceptions as they have been revised to ruling conception.

Conscience: Only when it perceives its own shadow does it incarnate; only with limits and context does it live; conscience without context is fascism.

Consciousness: see Light.

Consciousness, increasing:

Order of increasing consciousness






Human Being

Homo Sapiens =
color + gender + fame + fortune
The equation is the same for everyone, but the coefficients of its variables can be weighted to the extent that one is spiritually alien to another. Unified by what is in common; enables a Human Being for the next order of consciousness. Unified by what is in common.

Contentment: A temporal perception; if fixed..involves more compromise of one's self than one can ultimately live with. 

Control: One controls securely as one can, what one can, but socially, one is vulnerable; environmentally, one is wholly dependent; and from a certain far away place in the cosmos, Earth appears like a particle of an atom. See Cognitive being.

Control person:  An adrenalin junky; mostly preoccupied with controlling relationships to keep them as much on their own terms as possible; the easiest behavior to predict, and therefore the easiest to control, if necessary. 

Copesetic: Good rapport; a state of mind where one is in an agreeable or pleasant association with another, others, one's environment, or an aspect of it; an adjective that takes the preposition 'with'; for meaning herein ~from the Creole French word coupersétique, 'able to cope with." 

Cosmology: Or the study of total reality is a function of ego, zero'infinity, and all the energy systems, from microcosm to macrocosm, of the universe; cosmology is I am'we are, zero'infinity, total energy systems vectors. For problem solving, one restricts one's self to energy and its vectors, which exist greater than zero, and something less than infinity, and all equations of science associated with it. Science is a subset of cosmology; for understanding of cosmology...ego, and zero'infinity consciousness, by which science, religion, philosophy, and psychology is conceived, must be added. 

Cosmos: Greater than any ego, any perception, or conception, and therefore greater than what any imagination, intuition, or inspiration could apprehend. 

Courage: Containment of fear within anyone other than the fear'driven who ridicules the fearless, and the fearless who regards the fear'driven with contempt.  

Crime: Losing billions in spirit by swindling a penny.

Criticism, art: A way of distancing one's self from the direct influence of art.

Cross to bear: One's self..and as the burden lightens and becomes weightless, wings begin to show.

Cult: Paganism; see Pagan.

Death: A change in one's character, however dramatic or subtle; experienced during the course of life..and therefore, a notion enabling life, rather than ending it..this we know; about before or after'life, we know naught; knowing naught, provides the sensation of life, and how one negotiates this sensation, is how one faces inevitable after'life. See Awakening.

Deep: Whatever is comprehended and uttered consciously may be positively interesting, wonderfully inspiring, or very meaningful..but not least, not for very long. 

Determinist: One who believes that free'will does not exist; an indecisionist who allows their circumstances to deteriorate until all options disappear.

Dialogue: In search of verification and meaning, the best sharpening stone for the mind; good literature...second best.

Diaspora: Ego ascends within its Godhead pyramid, afterwhich ego breaks down, and spontaneously undergoes a dissemination into everything discrete and indiscrete. See JHVH, Singular event horizon, Panthesim.

Dichotomy, reckoning: When initially stabilized in a dichotomy, in that moment, one becomes aware that one can live with a dichotomy. The rush from the hypr'leap from one state of consciousness to another with a greater resonating energy is met with the daunting realization that the universe must be entirely reconstructed, which gives pause..and temporaneous cause to make something finite out of the infinite. But, once such a hyper'leap is made, there is no going back. Eventually, the finite stops attacking the infinite. 

Dichotomous being: An optimal psyche paradigm expressed as an equilibrium between two equally stationed general frames of reference where information, sensual or otherwise, is mapped iocentrically, the Lion, and sociocentrically, the Lamb. Iocentric...a tree in the forest who sees other trees only in terms of its self; sociocentric...a tree of a forest who sees only what it shares with other trees; and being equally stationed in this forest, the Lion sleeps with the Lamb. See Dichotomous whole, Indeterminism.

Dichotomous whole: The force of faith exists without context. The force of fact exists only within context. While inverse realities, they constitute a symbiotic dichotomous whole.

Dignity: Achieved by owning one's limitations; only then, is one perfectly imperfect.

Dreamer: Feeling sentimental for something that has yet to be experienced; often confused with visionary.

Educated: Those who are not embarrassed about their ignorance.

Ego: Ego is 'I am..We are'; every thing has an ego, however small, however large; every thing lives, and to any non'thing, ego can attach or detach; ego is integral in the creation of matter. See Pantheism and Naked Ego.

Ego equivalence: The ego that says "I know nothing" is the same ego that says "I know everything." 

Embryogenesis: Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny. Spiritualgenesis: Onto'spiritual'genesis repeats phylo'spiritual'genesis until one feels one's mortality. 

Emotion: Not a slave, nor a slayer, but rather, a master of it.

Environmental thought: When I am in a place profoundly quiet, I cannot ignore it with thought; an environment of rhythm interferes with thought; one of random harmonic sound, is conducive to thought. 

Epistema: A map of ideas. Each word is an idea. An epistema can be a map of words..meaningful combinations of words, and their relationships. Epistemology is the development and study of that map. And for that study, frames of reference are relative to one's self and social self, which requires separate frames of reference on separate maps, as one's own particular stereo view may perceive the maps with equal station to any other aware of their own inalienable rights. A map, a system of one's ideas and knowledge, interlinked and otherwise.

Epistemologist: A cartographer of ideas. See Epistema.

Equalation, Principle of: When one thing very large equalizes for all practical purposes two or more other things that would otherwise appear significantly different; for example, the speed of light equalizing distances on Earth and Earth to moon; a great nemesis equalizing those who would otherwise be adversaries; or massive Earth equalizing boulders and pebbles as the weight ratio of boulder to Earth and pebble to Earth, has a difference too small to practically measure.

Equivalence, Principle of : What one values most in one's self, one has in common with every one else...a self of one's own. 

Eros: Sensitivity, sensuality of pleasure, love, giving, and receiving..all through values unique to the individual. I am eros balanced by agape.

Essential metaphysical cuisine: Consume only what the spirit body needs, in the proportion it needs, and appetite will minimalize; do not stay hungry, nor constantly abate hunger; let appetite rule, and in the proportion is suggests. See Gnosis

Eternal energy: Between two mutually exclusive frames of mind with equal ability to bind, configure, and direct energy..the Chi eternally flows. See Dichotomous Being, Indeterminism, and Reality, general.

Eternal Return: The general reality is eternal; therefore, change is eternal. What is subject to change is temporal; yet, given enough change in eternity, everything subject to change will inevitably return. What is new under the sun? indeterminant and eternal mystery. 

Evil, conception of: Conceptions of evil are self'impassioned self'imposed limitations of understanding, and therefore limitations of compassion, and the means to simplify and negotiate the world. Like beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder; it is what is conceived, not perceived; it is subjective, even if popular; a notion that gives dignity to ignorance. To recognize evil, look not at the object of the accusing eye, but into the eye of the accuser, into its fire and ice of fear and hate. To conceive, adopt, deify, make earthly natural or starry supernatural, or to promulgate notions of evil is to fall from the grace of a child and from life. Any promulgation of evil, however exalted or sublime the good may be, inspires hatred, and only hatred, the progenitor of the seven deadlies, is the bane of the world.

Evolution: Not a theory, but rather, the result of a natural selection time'generation process, favorably or un'favorably selecting one within its environment; in that, the more one is copasetic with one's environment, the more likely one is favorably selected. See Intelligence, general.

Execution penalty: The policy of a society, or individual, that approves the killing of a human being as revenge or punishment through litigation that cannot possibly be infallible, and pays for it with the lives of those who were innocent. It is not a matter of eye for an un'retrievable victim's eye, but rather, a matter of an imperfect system that will inevitably deliver the innocent to 'death row.' It is more of a question for the killing lust...'is one willing for death penalty vengeance to sacrifice occasional innocence? say nothing of its hypocrisy. 

Existence: That matter exists, however illusionary or not, makes the reality of 'all and everything'..existential; that 'to be' for its own sake is self'evident, for something can be created only from something, and only nothing can nothing create, however much nothing may inspire something. Something can create a sense of nothing, especially if it is worthless; in this sense, nothing is subordinate to something. But then we must remember...without nothing, there would not be something..that is, as a sense of something materializes, so does a sense of nothing; each creating a sense of the other. A sense of something is spontaneously and simultaneously created with a sense of say nothing of infinity, which allows something to be seen as a system of wholes, each plus or minus zero. While nothing is actually a sense of nothing, inspired by infinity of all bearing down upon one, and for something too, where we think there is nothing, there is actually something is just that, it is beyond our ability to sense it. Is then, the universe balanced between ever expanding senses, their perceptions, and ultimately, the creation of existence also involves acts of limiting one's senses into ignorance and forgetfulness? Is one as important as the other..nescience versus science?..and that 'to be,' one must necessarily be limited? Are we then, by happenstance or design, so limited and so darkened into feeling, that all else spirals, coils..condenses, coalesces..configures and confines..regulates and shapes into ordered niches of mind? 

Experience: A requirement of knowledge, however esoteric the perception may be.

Experience, divine: A reverence one experiences when one loses one's sense of self; whatever causes one to lose a sense of one's self, one is in the presence of their divine, one experiences eternity. See Pantheism and Longevity

Fascism: When passion for one's values preclude sense and sensibility for others, one becomes moribund bound enhancing the quality of one's life while un'wittingly devaluating another. 

Fact: A perception of reality; can be based as easily on one's self as not. See Pareidolia.

Faith: Faith is quiet and personal, and dimensioned much like what any human being is; as individual'minded as it is social'minded; as deeply vital and moonbound as it would be shallow and earthbound. A particular faith is a species of mind, a distillation of tradition, of all feelings and aspirations, of all what reason could ever apprehend, of all that one has ever lived and been. 

Fame and fortune: Both are often uttered in the same breath; fortune brings security for what it can buy; fame brings security for what it will pay; both cover the means of security, except one...the insecurity from not being seen, or truly known.

Fantasies: Artificial connections between cause and effect.

Fate: One is fated according to one's limitations; if the same fate feels hopelessly re'occurring, then one feels doomed; if one's fate serves as a compass for illumination, one still feels fated, but not doomed; the only escape from fate is sleep; the only escape from doom is illumination. See Learning

Fear: A component of courage; something to confront, but not to eliminate; something to define, so the un'defined will not rule..because the grip of fear on one's choking throat is only as strong as the fear in one's strangling hands; when faced and challenged, those without basis disappear..others are put into the context of experience and weighed accordingly. 

Feelings: Keys that unlock the meaning of dreams.

Forgiveness: If one is not in the business of condemning, one need not be in the business of forgiving.

Freedoms, inalienable: I can think and feel anything; I can know freely, with choices of experiences; I can be 'I am that I am' without any sense of thinking, feeling, or knowing. See Identities, transcendental; Alter'ego.

Free thinker: One within whom the value and pleasure of thinking freely is willingly paid with the angst of its inevitable consequence...the isolation caused from thinking independently.

Free will: Requires a free mind, a 'free thinker,' which exists as all or nothing at all. One has or has not free mind and free Will. One with free Will tends not to act until there is sufficient number of choices. One without free Will tends not to act until there is no choice. One locked into ever searching more and more choices dys'relates with one ever enpursuent of eliminating them. One locked into one's free Will, feels safe only with its attendant sense of freedom. One locked in otherwise, feels safe only in confinement. Free'willists like open space within which to intuit what choice should be made. One otherwise, likes confinement so decision becomes self evident. See Determinist

Freedom: An effect of sense deprivation gradient; the greater the gradient, the more random energy, the more sense of freedom; directly proportional to increased knowledge. Degrees of freedom are  known by the price one is willing to pay for them; maximum freedom is paid by owning all of one's thoughts, feelings, and experiences; the more one is free therefore, the more one relies on dialogue with everything else. Freedom of thought and feeling are unconditional; freedom of experience is unconditional insofar as it does not interfere with the freedom of anyone else..for if it does, that else will respond with an interference of its own.

Genius: Being caught up by the labors of love, the visions of beauty, the need for truth, all of which create great necessity, for which the soul indentures mind, and commands fearful heart to reveal a portion of itself. A term that can be applied to everyone; takes the prepositional phrase "relative to."

Gnosis: Spiritual wisdom; in search of only what is necessary to survive as a free'thinking individual; anything more is as weightless as chaff adrift in the wind. See Essential metaphysical cuisine.

Godhead: At the apex of a belief system pyramid, a paradoxical supernatural being who is engendered animus, anima, or animum, who is described with the adjectives...omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent, and chartered usually with articles of good and evil, with which a subject initially atones and periodically re'atones thereafter; for others, see JHVH.

Good sight: Perceives the shade of an idea as readily as its reflected light.

Guru: A knowledgeable teacher, but one who knows above all, that conveying truth for the sake of truth does not make truth more true, nor necessarily effect enlightenment.

Hate: Puts one into bed with strangers. Hate begets ideas of 'evil.' Between belief systems of 'good' and 'evil,' war springs. War begets famine, evident from lust and gluttony. Famine begets diseases of arrogance, greed, and jealousy. And after war, famine, and disease, the last of the seven deadlies..sloth or apathy, death of spirit becomes apparent. One does not suffer from anger; one suffers from hate and strange bedmates. 

Heart: Keeps the soul from over'reacting, the mind from under'reacting. 

Hemmingway: Sporadic, forced, blunted prose with a talent to transform the mundane, whether under dramatic circumstances or not, to something interesting or intriguing.

Hiatus, the: Where one is between awake and a dream; one is non'being; one, self'aware, has ceased to exist. Just 'to be' in a world where the ground shall inevitably move underfoot, where fire in the sky always casts changing shadows, where water vapors always interrupt that fire..where the wind stirs constantly, is 'to be' with difficulty. How much stillness can one experience?..before needing to set something in motion. As much as one holds'on to the pleasantries or prepares for adventures of change, between their station and the oblivion of dreamless sleep, the only hiatus, the only repose?..and is life incarnate?..the only means to experience it. 

Hinterspace: ~from hinterland, n: a remote and underdeveloped area. Hinterspace, n: perception of reality from vantages of religion, philosophy, science, or psychology, wherein one sees reality exclusively from one or another vantage because each carries equal authority. Illustration: One vantage maps soil, rocks, and mountains; another maps the vegetation; another..animals; and another..only the waters. Looking at the territory with each map exclusively, only a portion can be seen. With a psychophysical connection, the vantage maps may be superimposed enabling one to see the whole ecosystem. Without a psychophysical connection, where the psyche is disconnected from the physical, one lives in hinterspace.

Hope: A penny in a pocket, but infinitely more than an empty pocket. 

Hopeful agnostic: Someone who lives like a tree, who happens to be dwelling in a smoking forest, and is hoping for improved circumstances. See Atheism.

Human being: Made of a very fine substance that had folded into itself until self aware, and once self aware, begins upon a critical path, for which some is self'created, some is absorbed from the labors of work, some is borrowed, some is broken, a bit is stolen...ever wanting, ever needing..feeling unique, but un'knowing how unique, while a thought may say one thing, a feeling, the experience, yet something else altogether alien. See Existence.

Idealism: In execution of profession and art..essential; in relationship..dysfunctional if not lethal. 

Ideals: Ideals spring from perceptions; perceptions compromise ideals.

Identities, transcendental: 'I am that I am'; 'I feel, therefore I am'; 'I think, therefore I am'; 'I know, therefore I am'. See Alter'ego, Freedoms, inalienable.

Illogic: Created by differing assumptions. See Logic.

Immortal surrender: A flower..something most intimate offering itself to something most alien.

Impermanence: Only zero stands still. See Space.

Imprint: A footprint in virgin snow, the imprint of which is stronger than forged steel. 

Indeterminism, philosophy of: A resonance between two mutually exclusive frames of mind, by which perpetual motion or eternal energy is sustained; one, mapping information iocentrically,'I am'; the other, sociocentrically,'We are'; both with its own instincts of survival; each with its own criteria for transcendental metamorphosis. Only with two equally strong and mutually exclusive frames of mind can a state of eternal energy exist, can perpetual motion be sustained; see Dichotomous being, Ego, and Eternal energy.

Individuality: One perceives another, but to value them as an individual, requires one to be secure in their own; if one is secure in their own, one will not need to compete in their relationships. Individuality un'cultivated leads to dependency, codependency, and the seven deadlies.

Inertia: Ego'recessive matter is so preoccupied with itself, so passive to its environment, that it moves only when pushed, and remains in uniform motion unless otherwise pushed; the tendency for one to remain the same until affected by the force of experience, by which one is reconfigured, or accelerates and stabilizes within a greater consciousness. The greater one's complexity, the greater is one's matter..the greater is one's inertia.

Infinity: The ego by itself connected to all, senses all that it cannot see bearing down upon it, and invents infinity to protect itself; a state of mind; the cause of zero

Information mapping, instinctive ego: 


Left Brain

Right Brain

aboriginal theism poly mono
Chinese yang yin
comprehension zero infinity
conceptions unifying belief self
creativity innovate upon create new
dimensions multi single
documentation New Testament Old Testament
evaluation differentiate integrate
frame of reference sociocentric iocentric
function discontinuous continuous
generation evolve spontaneous
info access partial global
info process parallel serial
light particle wave
logic deductive inductive
love agape eros
meditation ideate null space
numbers rational irrational
politics Democrat Republican
survival group individual
time past'future present
truth objective subjective

Innocence: Relative only to one's conscience, the absence of feeling guilty..however much one may be held responsible for one's action or inaction; a judgment of guilt is often confused with culpability for one's action or inaction; to preserve it, requires one to evolve an understanding of the world as it is..not as one would like it to be. 

Insanity: Hysteria, which exists in everyone, from mild and chronic to wild and acute; reasoning, however, exists un'impaired..however chronic the bias, or wild the 'right and wrong.'

In search of: Ever pursued, ever enpursuent. Not altogether one or the other. Never between have we met, yet, still I seek, ever pursued of me, ever enpursuent by me, some common that is good, and something foreign that is also good..another dichotomy with its own autonomy, another soul with its own authority.

Inspiration: Illumination; the sensation of feeling high from the experience of light; yet, where light is cast where darkness was before, a death and simultaneous birth has occurred. 

Instinct: A dear path through the forest that eliminates doubt, reservation..regret, or guilt.

Instinct for survival: Born inseparable from all'and'everything, I awaken to myself..and simultaneously, so separated, I have a sense of self; my instinct compels me, through the course of my life, to reciprocate between a sense of myself and my divine, while enjoying as many roadside illuminations along the way as possible.

Intellectual: Vocational...measured by dispassion towards concept. Avocational...measured by passion for the same.

Intelligence, general: The ability to achieve and sustain a steady'state relationship with one's environment. See Evolution.

Intimacy: A paradise isle to which lovers speed, wreck upon its shores, and remain in bliss until the absence of a boat becomes apparent..after which a raft is diligently and urgently fashioned out of anything that floats.

Intoxication: An altered state of mind induced by drugs such as alter'egoes, or complexities of guilt and fear. 

Iocentric: 'I'..'I am'; 'o'..phonetic tool; 'centric'; for information mapping, the unique individual serves exclusively as the general frame of reference for all of one's empirical information as an individual; associated with the right brain and functions as one's individualistic ego. See Sociocentric

JHVH: A tetragrammaton of consonants derived from the word, Jehovah, to demonstrate that JHVH is not a word, concept, or idea; nor is it any supernatural being; also, there is no substitution for JHVH, unless the substitution inspires one to atone with all'and'everything. JHVH inspires atonement, at'one'ment, with all power, all knowledge, all places, and all nescience..thuswise focusing on zero'infinity and achieving a state of peace and grace, however long or short, with the cosmos; that is, one existing without boundaries between one's self and one's environment; the grace of a child, within whose vision, 'all and everything' that is, is divine manifestation. See Pantheism and Experience, divine

Judgmental: Devaluation or supervaluation of anyone else by one's own values; a form of distress; spawns the controller. See Control Person.

Justice: When the world is not a spiritual family, crime and punishment is simple infantile revenge. 

Knowledge: What is learned from experience; what is not, is of a lesser emotional order, or information.

Learning: Success confirms. Failure teaches. 

Life: A fleeting moment in all eternity, yet the opportunity to experience eternities throughout the course of one's life. See Longevity, and Experience, divine

Life'long relationships: Those relationships not institutionalized with a sentence of life have a greater chance of lasting a lifetime.

Lifestyle: Less in what one does..more in how one does it; for example, how one negotiates and conducts one's relationships.

Light: Like consciousness, its nature...continuous or discontinuous, depending on how one perceives it, or luminescent if stereo perceived

Logic: Everyone is perfectly logical; we differ only in assumption..what is conscious..what is not; what is more valid..what is not; given this, analysis of logic is analysis of assumption, where the wrong one can lead one to one's backyard, and the right one, to an alien planet. See Illogic.

Longevity: How many moments of eternity one experiences in life. See Experience, divine

Love, a falling: Romantic psychosis, an apprehension of un'charted territory, within which a ruthless predator attacks and swiftly seizes its prey..altogether unaware, unsuspecting, unprepared..but once a victim made, innocence cannot hide, and however fated, benign or maligned..if tested, promptly dies in the light of its truth, for it courses only through the night, ceaseless and restless, as the course of love inevitably enables a self'seeing eye, and therefore save one from the other; nevertheless, an inspiration, an image of one's own making..a falling, a symbiosis, and the only psychosis that rules the world.

Love, conditional: Conditional love is judgmental only if the lover is judgmental.

Love, romantic: In the days of youth, where lovers eventually learn far more about themselves than what they think they know about each other; in the nights of maturity, where lovers share more of what they know about themselves than what they know about each other. See Romance

Love, unconditional: For those who love abuse; given only when the requirements for survival are unconditional, and therefore, more of a surrender'to, than a giving'of; often confused with non'judgmental relationships. See judgmental.

Lovers: Greater intimacy requires greater communication, without which the lover with only hope is the fool, and the beloved's reticence is the sin..but even in this way does love also serve fools and sinners.

Love'making: The extent of spiritual connection required for two to inspire love'making becomes the bed in which they sleep. 

Love mantra: A psycho'sensory impression constructed by one's love, based on one's self, the beloved, or both, through which one relates to the beloved; the instrument of love; the only self'transcending force in nature; its sacred rapture possesses; its station..intractable; death and transfiguration, for better or worse, inevitable.

Map, reality: Superimposition of stereo'viewed maps enables one to conceive reality without conceptual limitations.




zero infinity
religion monotheism atheism pantheism
science particle wave panvitalism
philosophy differentiating integrating panlogo
psychology isolating connecting panegoism

Marriage: Exists beyond words; therefore anyone who can be talked into it, is a fool; anyone who can be talked out of it, is lucky. See Love, romantic.

Marriage, legal and religious: Celebrates a union that has already taken place, and perhaps even consummated.

Marriage partners: Since one's biologic waxes strong while one's spirit is new and dark, one's reproductive mate, which could be many, does not necessarily become one's lifestyle mate, which tends to be one, as youthful world views re'shape in maturity. See Love, romantic

Matter:  All is one state of consciousness or another; matter is the encounters between Wills..their systems, configurations, and memory. Matter is not mass alone, but rather, the interaction between the fundamental elements, zero and infinity consciousness, which yields energy states, each relative to another. Energy or spirit is a resonance of interacting energy states, and philosophically therefore, universally indeterministic. 

Meditation: A mutually exclusive two brain activity; right brain, to sustain consciousness without thinking; left brain, to sustain consciousness with thinking.

Meek: Christian traditionalist believe that soon, Jesus will return to Earth, after which everyone will become Christian. Muslim radicals believe that Islam shall become presidiary over all other infidel religions. The Jewish, especially the Zionists, just want to be left alone...with the land they lost nearly two thousand years ago. Are these the meek who shall inherit the Earth? Each is equally of the divine. Each is mutually exclusive. The conflict and inevitable apocalypse..blood, bone, and soul, will mix and clash until ugly anger rubs bare the mark of fire and brimstone they made between and above their eyes. 

Metaphysics (met'e-fiz'iks): As in any meta'information, metaphysics is matter self aware, self reflecting, and self comprehending; therefore, self'evolving. Life is the stage upon which metaphysical, I, lives the nature of reality, R, as it is empirically sensed or theoretically perceived, since R is ultimately defined as much by how it is perceived as by what is perceived, of which, sincere examinations may lead to a'priori speculations upon questions of R that science cannot answer by itself, in as much as R beyond science would be deduced...which precludes taking very seriously any a'posterori empirical chrysanthemums or a'priori deductive roses. This we know, leads to one form or another of esoteric oblivion.

Metaphysical principle: Mind and matter can be separated only by artificial means.

Mind, Heart, and soul: The heart treasures the rose; the mind divides the rose; the soul magnifies the rose. With the mind, words come readily; with heart, rarely; with soul..not at all. 

Monism: 'All is one,' or 'Everything is of the one,' in the sense that everything is connected; often confused with pantheism. Pantheism, being the 'all and everything' that it is, is whatever it affirms itself to be, and whatever denies its existence or has only demerits for it. Monism is A. Pantheism is A and Not A. Monism requires an argument for A; pantheism does not. See A.A. Bailey

Monotheism, polytheism: Breeds insensitivity to everything else except what is within its bounds; tends to develop when sensitivity is assaulted by an insensitive environment.

Moral absolutes: Moral absolutism requires absolute golden rule. By that absolute golden rule, everything in the universe can be represented by rational mathematics. If everything can be represented by the rational, then there is no freedom of choice; everyone is fated to a specific destiny; freedom of choice is illusionary; therefore, a moral absolutist is also a fatalist or determinist. One's thoughts, feelings, and knowledge..but points, lines and shapes on a rational geometric grid..and upon the gridiron of life, significant emotional investment is not required.

Myth: When the story has become more important than the facts.

Nakedness: A tradition of clothing nakedness can inspire traditions of occult hearts over which wolves may dress in impeccable suits as easily as the righteous in old rags.

Naked ego: What ego far as ego can be without disappearing or becoming all and everything. 

Non judgmental: Not conceptualizing another person or one's self; often mistaken for approval of another's behavior.

Non judgmental world: Where controllers and social predators are not confined to image cells; they are isolated, however, by themselves and society..but never punished.

Non plus ultra: A 'nothing more than this' truth used as an anchor in an otherwise indeterminate world; on its altar, the free thinker is sacrificed; otherwise, there are only two...infinity and zero.

Non'thing: Consciousness of zero and infinity, from which all things spring.

Objectivity: To the extent that objectivity is achieved, sensitivity to the same needs to be acquired. 

Open'mindedness: Often confused with love of novelty.

Oppression: Its world view or derivative, passed from generation to generation more efficiently than genes.

Organism: High tech.

Origin of the Universe: The idea violates the 'Law of the Conservation of Energy.'

Pagan: Anthropocentric divinity, wherein humankind, having consumed the fruit of the tree of good and conceptions of evil, has assumed divinity, and presumed overlord authority to judge and condemn, as necessary. See Godhead.

Pain: Pain is endured only for the pleasure that can mask it.

Pantheism: The default position for one who has failed to decide where the divine is, and where it is not. Regards all'and'everything of the Cosmos as divine manifestation, within which one can lose a sense of one's self..momentarily, or otherwise. This includes anything and anti'anything; even the antithesis of pantheism is included; a dichotomy of thesis and anti'thesis; an indeterminate resonance of all'and'everything; the only theism with which the rational mind ultimately cannot come to terms, and thereby the best option for an enduring source of respect for all'and'everything; atonement with, will always transcend one's consciousness..the effect of being  incomprehensible, unpronounceable, or inconceivable; the word, 'pantheism', here..being all inclusive, does not need a modifier. All arguments about what pantheism is or is not are valid. A point of view that asserts that pantheism is a delusion and does not exist is also a part of pantheism and is valid. All without limitation, is of the divine void, infinity, and energy. Any focus within this realm is personal and can only be a part of 'all and everything.' Pantheism is this, pantheism is that..pantheism is this and that. Pantheism includes monotheism, polytheism, agnosticism, atheism, monism, or whatever 'ism that can be imagined. Now, with the fundamentals aside, one lives their personal vision..but with some sensitivity and respect to all else. Everyone has a karmic destiny with the insensitivity one bears to themselves and their environment throughout the course of their life.  See JHVH.

Panvitalism: Pan'vital'ism, n.; pan: all, 'is' implicit; vita, vital: life or alive; -ism: doctrine, system, or theory; panvitalism, or the system in which 'all is alive.'  In contrast to 'animism,' given by Webster's lacking, defining 'animism' as spirit occupying natural or inanimate objects, 'panvitalism' holds that there is no such thing as the 'inanimate,' that all energy and its configurations of matter are alive, 'all matter is alive,' and that all life is one form of host or another for another life form, as all life exists in perpetual motion and transfigures only when necessary to perpetuate its motion; pantheism infers panvitalism, which is the default position when life cannot be defined; term suggested by Andrew C. Millard at Pantheist Index

Paradox: To create a paradox, approach a reality with x dimensions with a query dimensioned greater or less than x with ambiguities, unqualifications, or competing mutually'exclusive equally valid points of view.

Pareidolia: Perhaps the most important notion in psychology, though defined as pathos. Perhaps the most important word in the English language, though unfamiliar and difficult to pronounce. Perhaps the most important idea in science, though difficult to test. Implies that what one imagines from vague stimuli or sparing information can be as real or even more real than what exists without imagination.

Parental lords: Maintains parental overlordship throughout the life of daughter or son; as a result, the parental overlords do not recognize the wisdom of equal station to their own, gained by son or daughter, nor the wisdom gained, different from their own; in effect, parental overlords do not level, person to person, with daughter or son where wisdom merits, nor respect the wisdom unique to son or daughter, where respect is due; a form of oppression.

Patience: A measure for passionate sense, and compassionate sensibility.

Patience, infinite: When patience causes death. With what one does not have the power to effect, infinite patience becomes an asset.

Patronizing: A compliment with an agenda.

Peace, inner: A conscious zero'infinity place to go. See JHVH.

Peace, outer: When Humankind is united, not by who or what God is, but by what a human is, and by becoming an intelligent species. 

Perception, principle of: One perceives initially only in terms of what one already had perceived; for something new, something must first be sacrificed.

Perceptions: Created from the reality of the senses, blurred or not, and aggregate into a separate reality. See Conceptions. See Self deception

Perceptual world: Concept evolution; one dwells continuously in a reality where concept is subordinate to perception; as one perceives the world, concept glasses are easily created or modified according to one's un'filtered experience, and can be removed as easily as they can be applied. Experience rules. Conception is malleable, and what survives over time approaches truth...subjective and objective. See Conceptual world.

Perpetual motion: See Indeterminism, Eternal energy.

Personality'character: Often pre'empts intelligence, yet perhaps gives meaning to all else.

Philosophy: A four dimensional cognitive continuum that begins with metaphysics, or 'what is reality;' epistemology, or 'what is the validity, limits, and scope of metaphysical objects;' ethics, or 'what is right and wrong with regard to the metaphysical object and its epistemical qualification;' and relativity, or 'the relevance of metaphysics and associated epistemology and ethics to lifestyle aspirations;' conceptions that require logic; often confused with wisdom.

Photon: The first volition of consciousness. See Soul

Physics: Where the mathematical rational resonates with the mathematical irrational; anything less is subspace. Energy is both particle and wave; particle or wave by itself, is subspace. 

Pleasure principle: Never cut a great sensation short; never beat a pleasure to death.

Power: The strong dominates an aspect; the weak pervades all. In this way, the Cosmos is fail'safe'd in a steady'state that, as one's power increases, in the same proportion, one's weaknesses magnify. See Strength.

Power, age of

Age Power
Prehistoric Stones
Medieval Metals
Apocalyptic Pyrotechnics
Messianic Information

Presidiary left brain: A tree, with all the world to see, only in terms of the forest does it ever perceive; in terms of receiving, there is no sensation unless it hurts.

Presidiary right brain: A snake consuming its own that, with all the world to see, only in terms of itself does it ever perceive; in terms of giving, there is no sensation unless it hurts.

Privacy: When mutually granted, one of the major binding forces of marriage.

Psychophysical equivalencies:  

Consciousness Light
Zero'Infinity Fundamental element
Spirit Motion
Belief system Mass

Race: There are no significant biological differences between members of the human race, other than Homo Sapiens feminis and Homo Sapiens masculinis; therefore, only one race exists...the Human Race, however alien each member may treat another. See Consciousness increasing

Raising Cain: The bronc'd bronc their own, but the gentle'broken gentle break their own for them to retain as much spirit of their own as possible. See Parental lords.

Randomness: Apparent disorder caused by many opinions of order encountering many other differing opinions. The interference patterns from colliding remotely connected ordered systems. The less remote one ordered system is to another, the more predictable is the relation and its outcome..and therefore, less chaos and more order; chaos is a function of mis'perception and mis'understanding..differing opinions of what order should be, poor communication, and values that disagree.

Rap: Derivation here is from 'rapport;' to discuss freely and at length, establishing a rapport in conversation using one's intuitive ideas and empirical challenge belief systems, including one's own, for the purpose of evolving and refining them, to become more insightful and sensitive to one's self and one's environment; or in short, the aerobic conditioning and weight training of one's mind.

Reality, general:  The Law of Energy Conservation states that 'energy cannot be created, nor destroyed..only transformed;' therefore, the general reality of all and everything is eternal, with no beginning, nor end. The universe exists in a timeless reality; the 'here and now' is all there is, and being all there is..what is here and now is the best that it can be.

Reality, human: An iocentric and sociocentric stereo perception; a perceptual world defined by how one senses, as much as what one senses, within which, what the a'priori theoretical lacks, the a'posteriori empirical shall provide. See Information MappingStereo'perception, and Truth

Relationships: Remain hopelessly deconstructive unless everyone is human, first and last; a worldwide agreement on who or what is God is unnessary...only on what is human. See Peace, outer

Relationship, control of: For those wanting to control their'construct the other spirit'body in terms of one's values, one or many of them, as the other spirit'body is able to inspire; disregard the other spirit'body and relate exclusively through that. Do not let the other spirit'body spoil the wine or brandy. An intoxicating diety thinks it is invulnerable and immortal.

Assemblance Values Effect
primary greater than two soothing wine
secondary two heady brandy
tertiary one 'non plus ultra' intoxicating deity

Relationship discussions:  Two discussing their relationship, must first step out of their relationship. 


State of relationship

None Instinctive
Occasional Stressed
Often Desperate
Routinely Stabilized, but limited

Relationship matrix: Possible relationship outcomes between person 1 and 2.


Relationship truth table:

Relationship Feels Union is
Good Good True
Good Bad False
Bad Good True
Bad Bad False

Relativity: One thing  moves only when compared to the motion of another thing.

Religion: A body of articles of faith; thrives in privacy, but perishes as law of the land; fairly safe to civilization insofar that it has no political power; describes the nature of one's mystical relationship with the Cosmos, however large or small one's cosmos may be. See Absolute truth.

Religious: Those who through the course of their life, do not from time to time, lose a sense of themselves, are not religious.

Respect: When respect is demanded, half merits; when it is not, imagination limits. 

Romance: Adventure.

Romantic psychosis: See Love, a falling 'in the days of youth,' and Love, romantic.

Sanity: Enough congruency between one's sense of the reality without, and one's perception of it within, to allow intelligence.

Satan: No stronger than the authority granted to it by human; no more a supernatural overlord than what has been delegated by human congregation; no more alive than human article of faith breathing life into it; strongest only when one forgets that one is creator of it.

Science: A subset of knowledge.

Scientific investigation: Minimalizes the effect that the observer has on the observed; the greater the minimalization, the greater the objective truth, as diminishing uncertainty approaches its asymptote..a state of mind.  

Self awareness:  The means by which the universe re'news itself. Given enough of an un'disturbed un'interrupted environment, matter becomes self aware. This development suggests some pre'existing state of consciousness of all matter..for how can matter become self'aware if there was not already some inherent quality of consciousness it it?

Self deception: Limited sense and sensibility, therefore limited perception, therefore limited conception; when conception is held to be the absolute total reality with regard to its object, one effects self deception.

Self esteem: Based on learning from failure, as opposed to creating alter'egoes for one's self with upbeat attributes.

Separation: The quantum effect, with emphasis on 'effect;' created by sensual limitations and by the zero faculty of left'brain perception.

Sex: Love is the master of sex. Sexual passion is the means of two to give pleasure to one another, a simple emotional dialogue of sensual pleasure; sex will not interfere with the love between two as long as it is mutually pleasure'giving..however athletic and high..however gentle, subtle, and mellow. Sexual expression is a dialogue that celebrates a spiritual intimacy that has already taken place between two.

Sexuality: An integral between a luminous body and its host, the hormonal body in the sense that sexual relations in youth are physically sublime, and as hormonal dominance in youth wanes, the luminous body spiritual waxes with age. Attempts to prolong the values associated with the youthful rigors of the hormonal body will retard spiritual sublimations and their sexual dialogues. Such dialogues, by necessity, rely upon the recession of the hormonal, which allows luminous body complexities to dominate. With such dominance prevailing, sexual dialogues, their sensation and memory, continue to be sublime..but less temporal, more lasting through time. 

Singular event horizon: A regiment of lofty angels is mixed, each with their pyramidal belief system refuge, each with a sword. Some white, some black, a host of miscellaneous others, all vying for the apex eye, progress backwards, imploding from a straight or crooked path into its own singular event horizon. See Diaspora

Skepticism: The only critical rigor, stubborn frown, and jaundiced approbation that is compelled by indubitable open'mindedness.

Social null space postulate: Social culturalists end with zero; associated individualists begin with zero.

Sociocentric: 'Socio'; 'We are'; 'centric'; for information mapping, the group to which one belongs serves exclusively as the general frame of reference for all of one's empirical information as a member; associated with the left brain, and functions as one's social ego. See Iocentric

Soul: One's luminescent body; one's true self'body constructed from freely associating photons. See Mind, heart, soul.

Space: Inner or outer; if empty...mind at rest; if infinite...transcendence of mind. 

Spirit body: Mind, heart, and soul levels of spiritual depth. Isolated soul..the world is hot or cold; isolated heart, the heart is exposed and vulnerable; isolated mind..only floats, never dives. See Alter'ego.

Stereo'perception: Spiritual depth perception; the ability to see reality simultaneously from two mutually exclusive frames of reference...sociocentric and iocentric

Strangeness: Incomplete perception, in contrast to wierdness, which is a result of one's limited sensibilities. Both have similar effects; for the former, senses may be extended and information gathered, but for the latter, an inability to gather. Expressing 'strangeness' or 'wierdness' is a dramatization of one's limitations. For the former, research; for the latter, express. Yet, to be, a limitation of sense and sensibility is always inherent; therefore, clarity can only be expressed in the form of a question, or state of confusion, and while the Cosmos can eventually be very well understood, and however small or trivial the strangeness may eventually become, one's sensibility will always dictate, it will always appear..a little weird.

Strength: Creating power and strength simultaneously creates an associated weakness; therefore, without a perspective to one's strength, what good it may effect, its associated weakness will take away. See Power

Supreme being: Meeting one's supreme being, all is equalized; there are no differences; there is only compliance; loss of free'will is inevitable; only far distant..very, very far distant therefore, from such supremacy can one keep a sense of one's self and free'will. See Godhead, Experience, divine, Pantheism.

Survival: Binary, in that, in any situation, one has only two choices...effect action as an iocentric individual, or as a sociocentric member of a group.

Time: A cognitive reality, a derivative of the general reality that continuously undergoes constructions, deconstructions, and transformations of itself, and every variation imaginable.

Trust: The only known means to experience love; directly proportional to how deep or how much love one can experience. See Trust, principle of.

Trust, principle of: How one trusts one's self is how one is enabled to trust another; trusting another more than one trusts one's self requires risk, and to learn anything new, requires sacrifice. 

Truth: Stereo vision with a focus of light that is subjective and objective, where objectivity minimizes subjectivity to the point of predictability. Truth without subjectivity is boring; truth without objectivity is maddening.

Understanding: By seeking a level of understanding that leaves one at peace with the world with regard to that aspect of it, constructs a peaceful nexus to which one may return from chaos or discord. 

Unified field theory: The only puzzle where one piece must be sacrificed to see the rest; the only puzzle that requires the ego to complete. See Psychophysical equivalencies. Toward a unified field continuum:

Fundamental element
Something indivisible through which all mass'energy has effect; since mass'energy is always divisible, a fundamental element cannot have mass'energy. The only known thing that does not have mass'energy and is indivisible, is zero and infinity..cognitive things. 
Mass and energy
 Energy equals its mass multiplied by a very large constant; mass is is mass of zero'infinity indivisible elements. Remove all mass'energy, all space disappears with zero'infinity remaining without the mass'energy needed to conceive of it; therefore, zero'infinity and mass'energy co'exist symbiotically.
Conservation of energy
 Mass'energy cannot be created nor destroyed within the symbiotic equilibrium between zero'infinity and mass'energy; ergo, the universe is timeless and exists as a continuum.
Gravitational force
With its force directly proportional to the relevant masses, and inversely proportional to the distance between them, and since there is always some distance, all matter in the universe is connected from an infinity point of view; everything is related, however small or large that relation may be.
Motion is energy, a relative thing; one moves relative to a known position of something else; remove that something motion, nor sense of energy. Time is a cognitive element; merely a measurement of motion; without a definition of time, its beginning and end interval, time does not exist.
Uncertainty Principle 
 The physical cannot be measured with physical means without error; all measurements are plus or minus this or that; physical measurements can only be an approximation; empirically..I feel exactly, but think..only approximately.

Universe: Of energy or spirit, from the smallest of the small to the largest of large, as much as one may try, an escape from the universe to achieve a perspective to it, is not possible, except in mind. See Cosmology.

Unrequited love: Poison to the proud; a muse for the wise.

Vanity: Angry when given no attention, and when given, ignores it.

Vengeance: The compulsion for vengeance is measured by the lack of one's inclination to apprehend one's self and one's environment, for once that apprehension is made, the understanding of one's self and one's environment, the compulsion for vengeance disappears. Vengeance always gives power to the offender; the amount of vengeance, the amount of power. 

Virtual reality: Criminal litigation, wherein it is ultimately more repugnant to convict an innocent defendant than to let a guilty one go free; it follows that it is more desirable to sentence the capital condemned to a life of confinement, rather than to inevitably execute one that should have been freed.

Virus: The smallest form of life preys on the most dominate form of life.

Weakness: Since developing a strength simultaneously develops a weakness, one inevitably becomes a complex of both; therefore, a weakness need not be dealt with, just because it is a weakness.

Why anything?: Posits the possibility of the 'why of everything,' which presumes that all'and'everything can be understood consciously and rationally; however, this possibility is disabled by the Principle of Uncertainty inherent in any being, natural or supernatural; since the whole of all is indeterminate, the question can only be addressed to an aspect of it, what is created in it, and therefore always requires qualification. 

Wisdom: Requires experience; one's accumulation of knowledge; a general state of being..that is, everyone has wisdom; one's schema of knowledge; often confused with philosophy.

Within, without: Within...inner'space, the space of one's consciousness; without...the environment of inner'space.

Words: The means by which the cognitive can sense its environment. Words give me bread and wine; I work to give them flesh and blood. Any orchestration of words that has power, need not be promoted by any image of power. The power rests in its orchestration, for better or worst, for oblivion or poverty. 

Writer's block: If one cannot write...don't. If next week, one cannot...don't. If next month, one cannot write..don't try. If, in six months or a year, one cannot write...let it go. Try music, or paint, or clay. If those do not work, let it go..for how far can one go a'try'in to blow wind into one's sails? Art does not come first. Life does. See Composition.

Zero: A state of consciousness; an effect created by an ego's sense of itself while sensing un'inhibited, all else. To call zero a number is like having a camera that simultaneously photographs itself and its field of vision. See Infinity.

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