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Acronyms Commonly Used In UFOlogy...

AFB-Air Force Base

BUFORA-British UFO Research Organization

CAUS-Citizens Against UFO Secrecy

CSETI-Center For The Study Of Extraterrestrial Intelligence

CE1-Close Encounters Of The First Kind

CE2-Close Encounters Of The Second Kind

CE3-Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

CE4-Close Encounters Of The Fourth Kind

CE5-Close Encounters Of The Fifth Kind

CIA-Central Intelligence Agency

CUFOS-Center For UFO Studies

DD-Daylight Disc

DDE-Dark Force Entities

DOD-Department Of Defense

EMF-Electromagnetic Field

EBE-Extraterrestrial Biological Entity


FBI-Federal Bureau Investigation

FOIA-Freedom Of Information Act

FUFOR-Fund For UFO Research

IUFOMRC-International UFO Museum and Research Center

LGM-Little Green Men

MIB-Men In Black

MUFON-Mutual UFO Network

NL-Nocturnal Lights

NSA-National Security Agency

NICUFO-National Investigation Committee On UFOs

PEER-Program For Extraordinary Experience Research

RV-Radar Visual

SETI-Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence

USAF-United States Air Force

UFO-Unidentifed Flying Object