With reference to the "Cult Index" Please Read!!!!

A few years back a friend sent me a substantial list of cults listed in the USA. Alas over the past year or so I managed to lose the cover of the book that listed its source and authorship. Accordingly I would like to offer my thanks to the unknown group/individual who spent clearly so much time in composing this massive work. If it is recognised by anybody please inform me and I will be more than willing to post full thanks and accreditation.
Yours in Christ

Stephen M Hole



See "Healthy, Happy, and Holy".

Aaronic Order, Marice Glendenning Murray, UT:
Incorporated in 1942 by Glendenning who was excommunicated by the LDS Church after receiving and publishing revelations later known as Levitical Writings. Mormon splinter group. See "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints".

(The Destroyer or Greek: Appollyon) A demon described in the Bible as "the angel of the bottomless pit." (Revelation 9:11).

Abbey of Thelema Old Greenwich, CT:
Esoteric magic, teachings of Aleister Crowley. See Crowley, Aleister.

Academy For Guided Imagery,
Martin L. Rossman & David E. Bresler Mill Valley, CA: Healing by Altered States of Consciousness, imagery training, hypnosis and Magic.

Academy of Religion and Psychical Research Evanston, IL:
Organization founded in 1956 to explore psychic occurrences and meta-physical experiences while evaluating the growing interest in occult phenomena in Christian churches. See "Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship", "Spiritualism", "Occult".

See "Acupuncture."

Chinese system of healing, using needles or hand pressure (acupressure) to balance the yin and yang energies in the body by opening blocked meridians (apexes in the pathways). Once the Chakras (key points or intersections) are open, the energy [chi] can then flow through the body bringing all things into harmony. While some limited physical effects (mostly anesthetic) can be attributed to this practice, these effects have scientific, physiological explanations totally unrelated to Taoist theories. See "Holistic Health."

Adams, Dennis Mt. Shasta, CA:
New Age, man is God.

Adelphi Organization Dallas, TX:
New Age teachings on Atlantis, Karma, seven planes of existence. See "Stelle Group."

Adeptco, Chuck McDonald Omaha, NE:
Yoga, Crystals, Reincarnation, Karma and Qabalah teachings.

Advanced Organization of Los Angeles (AOLA):
Promotes Scientology philosophy.

Advanced Systems, Inc:
See "Zen Master Rama".

See "Second Adventist Movement."

AEgis at the Abode of the Message,
Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan New Lebanon, NY:
Sufism, Alchemy, Dowsing, Meditation to lead to "inner attunement," Native American sweat lodge.

Aetherius Society, Sir George King:
Clairvoyant powers, Karma, Reincarnation, psychometry, Great White Brotherhood and ascended masters, UFOs, Alchemy, Occult secrets of Jesus, Mantras.

Agasha Temple of Wisdom, Inc., William Eisen Los Angeles, CA:
Universal consciousness of god, Reincarnation, Occult, Pyramidology, ascended masters.

Agon Buddhism
: Buddhism sect. Uses the Agon Sutras as scriptures.

Agyeman, Jaramogi Abebe
See "Pan African Orthodox Christian Church".

Ahabah Asah Prophetic Ministries:
Possibly self destructedSee "Gatekeepers."

Ahmadiyya Movement:
Islamic organization.

Magic, runes, Goddess worship.

Akashic Records:
Theosophical term designating an alleged library that exists on the astral plane containing all the thoughts, actions and events of mankind. Mystics, through Altered States of Consciousness,

Alamo Christian Foundation:
Tony Alamo, leader of this group, has been imprisoned by authorities for alleged illegal activities. Teaches traditional Christianity is dead. Former followers have reported deplorable living conditions, mind control and slave labour. Operates Music Square Church in TN, Holiness Tabernacle in Dyer, AR, and End Times Book is the publishing arm.

Alamo, Tony: See "Alamo Christian Foundation."

Alan Shawn Feinstein Association Cranston, RI:
UFO contactee.

Alchemy: In its o
riginal, literal meaning, theories and experiments involving the transmutation (dissolving and combining) of base metals to form gold though chemical and/or supernatural processes. Today, it caries the meaning of a mystical transformation in New Age consciousness through various mystical techniques.

Aletheia Psycho-Physical Foundation, Jack Schwarz Ashland, OR:
New Age seminars on the inner-self, paraconsciousness, Meditation and Visualization.

All Souls Unitarian Church, John Wolf Tulsa, OK:
See "Unitarian-Universalist" for similar theological perspective.

All Ways Free Madison, WI
: New Age periodical.

See "Islam."

Allegro, John:
See "The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross."

Alphabiotic New Life Center Dallas, TX:
New Age seminars on one's divine being, Ramtha, Yoga and Channeling.

Alphasonic International Los Angeles, CA:
Company specializing in subliminal tapes.

Altered States of Consciousness:
Term meaning trances entered through hypnosis, Meditation, drugs (including hallucinogenics), guided imagery, etc. State of being in which one allows the subconscious to take control and guide. May heighten one's vulnerability to suggestion or susceptibility to deception.

Alternative Medicine:
See "Holistic Health."

Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America: See "Mon
-Ka Retreat..."

Ambassador University Big Sandy, TX:
Now defunct Liberal arts and religious institution founded by Herbert Armstrong. See "Armstrongism."

Ambassadors For Christ Tustin, CA:
See "Watchtower Bible and Tract Society" for similar theological perspective.

Ameba San Francisco, CA:
Paganism, promotes the teachings of Aleister Crowley, Celtic rituals.

American Babaji Yoga Sangam New York, NY:
Hindu philosophy, Yoga.

American Fellowship Services:
Splinter group of the Way. See "The Way International."

American Foundation for the Science of Creative Intelligence:
A branch of TM. See "Transcendental Meditation."

American Gnostic Church, Daeva Ares Animo:
Paganism, Qabalah rituals, Egyptian Magic, Satanic rituals of Anton LeVey, Gnostic Mass.

American Imagery Institute Milwaukee, WI:
New Age teachings on Visualization, Astral Projection.

American Leadership College, Inc. Osceola, IA:
New Age/Occult teachings on trance healings, mediumship, self-realization dreams.

American Society for Psychical Research, Simon Newcomb New York, NY:
ESP, out-of-body experiences, mediums, parapsychology, psychokinesis.

American Study Group UT:
Defunct Mormon sect that used the Book of Mormon and the teachings of Mormon leaders to speculate on end-time events and the end of the world.

American Temple, Michael Whitney Portland, OR:
A "fourth wave" esoteric and mystical order led by "Patriarch" Michael Whitney reviving the doctrines of the now defunct Holy Order of MANS. See "Holy Order of MANS."

American West Publishers Tehachapi, CA:
UFO, cosmic laws of balance. Publishes the Phoenix Journal.

American Zen Center:
Zen Buddhism, shamanism, Sufism.

See "Ancient Mystic Order of Malchizedek."

Occult, Magic, some Hinduism, man is already a master.

Ananda Marga Denver, CO:
Hindu philosophy and deities, teaches Meditation and Yoga. Anchor of Golden Light, Dorothy and Henry Leon Grants Pass, OR: UFO's, ascended masters, Cabalah mysticism, Alchemy, numerology. Publishes the Anchor of Golden Light newsletter.

Ancient Mystic Order of Malchizedek,
Malachi Z. York (AMOM, Nuwaubians, the Nubian Nation of Moors, Right Knowledge) A UFO group whose leader, (a.k.a. Dwight York) claims to be form the 19th galaxy called Illyuwn. A 1993 FBI report has surfaced calling the group a "front for a wide range of criminal activity, including arson, welfare fraud and extortion." York group has also operated under other names and organizations including Nubian Islaamic [sic] Hebrew Mission and the Ansaaru Allah Community, (an Islamic sect with doctrines similar to Nation of Islam), and the Original Tents of Kedar. Ancient Wisdom Connection N. Myrtle Beach, SC: New Age Channeling, numerology and belief in "Lord Sananda," who is an incarnation of Jesus.

Supernatural, non-human beings created by God. Angels worship God and serve as His messengers. The angels who rebelled against God are called demons. See "Demons," "Satan".

See "British Israelism."

Animal Magnetism:
See "Mesmerism".

The idea that all things in the universe are inherently invested with a life force, soul or mind. This belief is an important component of many primitive religions, the Occult, and Spiritism.

Taught by most adventist groups, including the Jehovah's Witnesses, this doctrine denies the conscious, eternal punishment of the lost. Instead, humans who do not receive eternal life will be destroyed and cease to exist.

Anointed Class:
See "Little Flock."

Answers Research and Education, Bud Cocherell San Jose, CA:
Man's destiny is to become a God, keep Old Testament festivals, sacred name.

Anthoposophic Society, Rudolf Steiner Hudson, NY:
Similar to the Chicago organization (below) possibly affiliated.

Anthroposophical Society, Rudolf Steiner Chicago, IL:
Occult, teachings on Karma, Meditation, Atlantis and Reincarnation.

Applewhite, Marshall:
See "Heaven's Gate."

Applied Kinesiology:
New Age diagnostic technique sometimes called "muscle testing." Often patients hold health care products (vitamins, herbs, etc) in their hand while the practitioner pulls or "tests" the reciprocal strength in the finger, arm, etc. to determine the effectiveness or dosage of the remedy. See "Holistic Health."

Apostolic Overcoming Holiness of God, Inc. Birmingham, AL:
Part of the apostolic family of theology, stress the oneness of God while accepting the Triune Being of the Godhead. Salvation includes baptism, tarrying to receive the Holy Spirit, and holiness. Publishes The People's Mouthpiece magazine.

Apostolic Overcoming Holy Church of God, Inc. Birmingham, AL:
Part of the apostolic family of theology, teaches modalism as its cardinal tenant. Publishes The People's Mouthpiece magazine.

Aquarian Academy, Robert E. Birdsong Eureka, CA:
Jesus only an avatar of the Cosmic Christ, Great White Brotherhood of Light, Man's purpose is to reach the transcendental plane, release from the wheel of fate, astral travel, Meditation, cosmic truths.

Aquarian Age Teaching, Ruby Focus Sedona, AZ:
Discover the God within, the Father-Mother god, Atlantis, Christ-consciousness.

Aquarian Church of Universal Service, Paul Shockley Portland, OR:
Teaches cosmic awareness but with no specific doctrine. Similar to Unitarian-Universalist.

Aquarian Educational Group, Torkom Saraydarian Sedona, AZ:
astrology, moon festivals, use the Bhagavad-Gita, Jesus only an avatar. Publishes the Fiery Synthesis magazine.

Aquarian Foundation, Keith Milton Rhinehart Seattle, WA:
Universalist, Yoga, Spiritism, theosophical philosophy.

Aquarian Gospel:
Book written by Levi H. Dowling, a New Age, apocryphal story supposedly based on the Akashic Records.

Aquarian Minyan Berkeley, CA:
Jewish group, Yoga, mysticism.

Aquarian Perspectives Inter Planetary Mission Montgomery, AL:
Part of the UFO theological family, receives messages from Futron and the Rainbow Star Legionnaires.

Aquarian Tabernacle Church Index, WA:
Paganism, worship of Mother Earth, Goddess worship, sun and moon festival, Magic. Publishes the Panegyria newsletter.

Ar nDraiocht Fein, P.E.I. Bonewits Nyack, NY:
Neo-Paganism, druidism, polytheistic nature worship. Publishes News from the Mother Grove newsletter.

Arcana Workshop Manhattan Beach, CA:
Meditation, Great Invocation, moon festivals. Based on the teachings of Alice Bailey. Publishes the Thoughtline newsletter. See "Arcane School."

Arcane School, Alice Bailey:
Occult, Esoteric teachings, connected with Lucis Trust, formerly Lucifer Trust. Similar to Theosophy.

Arete Truth Center, Paul Lachlan Peck Las Vegas, NV:
New Age, metaphysics, teaches balancing the body, mind and spirit.

Arguelles, Jose:
See "Harmonic Convergence."

Arizona Light Phoenix, AZ:
New Age periodical.

Arizona Metaphysical Society, Frank Alper Phoenix, AZ:
New Age seminars on Rebirthing, Astral Projection, Channeling, Karma, Reincarnation and Crystals.

Arizona Network News Scottsdale, AZ:
New Age periodical.

Arm of the Lord Warren, OH:
Teaches that it is a satanic idea to invite Jesus into "one's life."

Armstrong, Garner Ted:
Son of Herbert W. Armstrong (founder of the Worldwide Church of God). Garner Ted formed his own rival, splinter group. See "Church of God, International."

Armstrong, Herbert W.:
Developed an eclectic doctrinal system known as Armstrongism and founded the Worldwide Church of God (WCG) which rejected virtually all of his unique beliefs in the decade following his death in 1986. Splinter groups of the Worldwide Church of God, however, continue to use various forms of Armstrong's teachings. See "Armstrongism," "Worldwide Church of God."

The doctrines and theories of Herbert W. Armstrong (1892-1986) who founded the Worldwide Church of God (WCG). These beliefs include a rejection of the essential doctrines of evangelical Christianity such as the doctrine of the Trinity, the full deity of Jesus and the personality of the Holy Spirit. Armstrong taught British Israelism and believed that worthy humans could eventually "become God as God is God." Salvation was predicated upon observing the Sabbath laws each Saturday, tithing (20-30%), keeping the Old Testament feast days and dietary laws. Under the leadership of Armstrong's successors, Joseph W. Tkach and his son Joe Tkach, the Worldwide Church of God has undergone a radical doctrinal transformation. Scores of WCG splinter groups, such as the Global Church of God and the United Church of God, continue to teach various forms of Armstrongism. See "Salvation by Works," "Salvation by Grace," "Gospel," "Sabbatarianism," "British Israelism," "Worldwide Church of God."

Armageddon Time Ark Base Operation, O.T. Nodrog Weslaco, TX:
Part of the UFO family, channels messages from outer dimensional forces.

The belief that certain diseases or illnesses can be healed by inhaling scented steam or fragrances. See "Holistic Health."

Aromatherapy Seminars Los Angeles, CA:
Holistic Healing therapy, oils healing the psyche. See "Aromatherapy."

Arunachala Ashram, Bhagavan Sri Ramana:
Hindu philosophy, also called Maharshi Center, Inc.

As It Is:
See "Process Church of the Final Judgement."

Asatru Free Assembly Denair, CA:
Paganism, worship Odin as Father-god, Frigga as Mother-god and Nerthus as Mother-Earth. Publishes The Runestone newsletter.

Ascended Masters:
(Sometimes called the "Great White Brotherhood") Occult, New Age. Alleged teachers or masters who live on an astral plane as non-physical entities beyond time and space. They can supposedly communicate spiritual truths to humans through Channeling or other Occult techniques. Membership includes Jesus, Buddha, St. Germain, Ramtha, Mafu, and/or others.

Ascended Master Teaching Foundation Mt. Shasta, CA:
Occult, part of the I AM family of theology, Great White Brotherhood, similar to Theosophy. See "I AM Movement."

Ascended Masters School of Light, Toni Moltzan Carrollton, TX:
New Age, Channelling, ascended masters including Christ, universal consciousness.

Ascension Week Enterprises Santa Fe, NM:
New Age, Channeling, reaching out to children with New Age programs.

ASCENT Foundation, Larry Jensen Sedona, AZ:
New Age enlightenment, similar to Silva Mind Control, est and Lifespring.

Asheville Meditation Center, Asheville, NC:
New Age, achieving man's divine nature, transcendence.

Assemblies of the Called Out Ones of "Yah," Sam Surratt Milan, TX:
See "Yahwehism."

Assemblies of Yahweh, Jacob Meyer Bethel, PA:
Publishes The Sacred Name Broadcaster magazine. See "Yahwehism."

Assemblies of Yahweh (7th day) Cisco, TX:
See "Yahwehism."

Assembly of Scientific Astrologers,George Cardinal LeGrosoplin, MO:
Esoteric astrology, horoscope, past lives, Karma and Reincarnation.

Assembly of Yahweh Holt, MI:
Founded in 1930, perhaps the oldest of the Sacred Name groups in America. Sabbatarian. Publishes The Faith.

Assembly of YHW Yoshua Pueblo, CO:
Sacred Name. See "Yahwehism."

Associated Readers of Tarot International Carbondale, IL:
Occult, tarot, Celtic rituals.

Association for Christian Development, Kenneth Westby Auburn, WA:
Splinter group of Worldwide Church of God. Publishes the ACD Newsletter. See "Armstrongism."

Association for Past-Life Research and Therapies, Inc. Riverside, CA:
New Age, Reincarnation and astrology.

Association for Research and Enlightenment, Edgar Cayce Virginia Beach, VA:
Pantheism, trance medium, life readings, Reincarnation.

Association for the Understanding of Man Austin, TX:
New Age, Channeling, psychic reading, Altered States of Consciousness.

Association Sananda & Sanat Kumara, Inc. Mt. Shasta, CA:
New Age, ChannelingChrist-consciousness teachings.

Astara, Robert & Evelyn Chaney:
New Age, Spiritism, Yoga. Publishes Voice of Astara.

Astral Projection:
New Age/Occult doctrine teaching methods whereby one's soul can depart the body, travel to various parts of the universe, then re-enter the body. Usually the soul and body are said to be connected at all times by a "cord." Also called "out of body experiences" (OBE).

Astral Travel:
See "Astral Projection."

Astro Computing Services San Diego, CA:

An ancient fatalistic system of divination using the position of the planets, moon and sun in the twelve Zodiac positions at the moment of one's birth to supernaturally gain hidden knowledge. See "Divination."

Astrology and Psychic News N. Hollywood, CA:
New Age periodical.

The belief that there is no God.

Atlantic Pagan Council:
Association of East Coast pagan covens, Magic, moon festivals, paganism. Publishes the Atlantic Pagan Council Amateur Publishers' Association newsletter.

A mythical island/continent said to have sunk beneath the ocean. Purported to have been a highly advanced civilization.

A term used in Hinduism referring to the eternal or real self and sometimes refering to universal life principle.

Term used by several Mind Science or New Thought religions (such as Christian Science) referring to the unity of the minds of man and God demonstrated by Christ.

Aum Shinrikyo,
Shoko Asahara Tokyo, Japan: Aum (a mantra) Shinri Kyo (Supreme Truth) is the apocalyptic Buddhist sect suspected in the 1995 subway nerve gas murders in Japan. Police raiding cult compounds discovered stockpiles of nerve gas and the basic ingredients of biological warfare. Sect leaders have been charged with abduction and "murder preparation." Aum leader, Chizuo Matsumoto (now called Shoko Asahara), has predicted the end of the world between 1997 and 2000. The Dalai Lama, the leader of Tibetan Buddhism, has denied Aum claims that Asahara was ever his disciple. The sect has about $29 million in assets and 10,000 disciples in Japan and 30,000 in Russia. The sect has followers in other countries including the U.S. and Australia. Profile available.

Aum Supreme Truth:
See "Aum Shinri Kyo."

A subtle light or energy field said to surround people or objects. Mystics explain that from the color of the aura, a person's emotional and intellectual moods can be determined. Author Services, Inc.: Promotes Scientology philosophy.

Automatic Writing:
Inspired from the spirit world, the writer has no conscious muscular control of their hands or arms. Found in many Occult and New Age groups.

Avanta Network Palo Alto,
CA: New Age, works by Virginia Satir promoted, positive and negative energies.

Avatar Flagstaff,
AZ: New Age seminars similar to est and Lifespring, enables participant to have conscious shift of beliefs.

See "Watchtower Bible and Tract Society."

Awareness Research Foundation,
Inc. North Miami, FL: Astrology, Atlantis, UFO's, ESP and Lord Sananda.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Center,
Pearl Miller Reno, NV: Eastern mysticism, Meditation, homeopathic medicine.

Ayurvedic Medicine:
Promoted by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Deepak Chopra. Teaches the balancing of vibrational centers for health through diet, exercise, herbs, and purification processes.