NEW Recent Nasa Film.. 100's of UFOs In Space.

dannylampkin 62 vídeos
dannylampkin | 03 de junio de 2008

As Nasa Try to find Russia's Mir space station they struggle pointing it out ...

dannylampkin | 03 de junio de 2008

As Nasa Try to find Russia's Mir space station they struggle pointing it out to identifiy it as the are Ufos Everywhere,they fill up the screen!!...




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  • Hiliarious...we think we see it, or is that.....goes silent..... There, it's a few inches to the wait, it's in the center, no, that could be.....goes silent. They lie to us every day and we still have dummies that believe there any wonder why the human race will be extinct? Come on, don't be such fools...we are free beings and we are under a system of control...we need to break that system, it's time.

  • Ya we are getting the same things here at night and can also be shot in the day time using the corona of the sun.. People have not a clue just how many there are.. There are more flying over then ever before, I think it has something to do with a time line and something going to happen in out future soon.

    Probably everyone waking up soon from seeing this..

    It's EZ.

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  • This is very funny,, they can't find the MIR space-station and every-time they zoom-in to try to see it whey run across alot more orbs and space-ships and then they turn away and tell us it's space-junk or swamp-gas or what-ever they can thnk of and is what gets me is that there's people out their that ""Believe Them"" Ha, people, use common-sense, space-junk or what-ever does-NOT move at the speed that some of these UFO's are flying at the time, "'I'm not scared of on ghost...

  • Satelites people!

  • it's like a space airport up there!!

  • i think its funny how they all ways use black and white videos when theres color.

  • its funny when they see a lot of activity from the ufos they either zoom out or darken the lens.. wow

  • People will believe anything.

  • @Slejpnirr I think that's what we need to look forward to. That eventually, this "matrix" will be broken and we will all be exposed to truth which is all we can ask for. Those who controlled and forced all the lies on to all us free beings, will be dealt with. Their hearts are poison, their lies are death.

  • @blite13 I think everything will come out in 2012. All this dumb secret-government-things, all the shit. Don't think we're all gonna die because of tidal waves, earthquakes, Meteors and things. But there is something going to happen. And I think It has to do something with those secrets like New World Order, FreeMasonry, Illuminati, Bilderberg, etc.

    I hope one day we all know the truth about it...

  • Nowadays people are too sceptical.. one just has to open his mind and see beyond his own eyes instead of always wanting to explain and use logics. Logics are just a limited amount of knowledge which are made up to prove something, and though many logic statements are correct, its always possible to extend that amount of knowledge and see that these are in fact real UFO's instead of trying to explain something with a limited amount of knowledge..




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