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Jacques Vallee's Magonia Catalog

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This is a collection of cases where UFOs were reported to approach the ground or land.

Copiago (Chile).


A strange "aerial construction"bearing lights and making engine noises flew low over this town. Local people also described it as a giant bird covered with large scales producing a metallic noise. Although not an actual landing, this is the first instance of close observation of an unknown object at low altitude in the nineteenth century.

Banbury (Great Britain).


At King's Sutton an object resembling a haystack flew on an irregular course. Sometimes high, sometimes very low it was accompanied by fire and dense smoke. It produced the same effect as a tornado, felling trees and walls. It suddenly vanished.

Aldershot (Great Britain).


A strange being dressed in tight fitting clothes and shining helmet soared over the heads of two sentries, who fired without result. The apparition stunned them with something described as "blue fire. "

Eastern Venezuela.


A 14 year old boy saw a luminous ball descending from the sky and hovering near him. He felt somehow "drawn" to it, but succeeded in backing away in spite of his terror.

Lamy (New Mexico).


Four men walking near Galisteo Junction were surprised as they heard voices coming from a "strange balloon, " which flew over them. It was -shaped like a fish and seemed to be guided by a large fanlike device. There were eight to ten figures aboard. Their language was not understood. The object flew low over Galisteo Junction and rose rapidly toward the east.

Between Melbourne and Sydney at sea (Australia).


The two sons of the Prince of Wales, one of them the future king of England, were cruising aboard "La Bacchante" when an object resembling a fully lighted ship was seen ("a phantom vessel all aglow").

Scutari (Turkey).


A luminous object circled the harbor altitude: 56 m. Illuminated the whole town. Duration: 1 1/2 min, as a bluish-green flame. Then plunged into the sea. Made several circles above the ferryboat pier.

Cape Race (Atlantic Ocean).


A huge sphere of fire was observed rising out of the ocean by witnesses aboard the "Siberian. " It rose to an altitude of 16 m, flew against the wind, and came close to the ship, then "dashed oft" toward the southeast. Duration:5 min.

Persian Gulf.


Two very large "wheels" were seen spinning in the air and slowly coming to the surface of the sea. Estimated diameter: 40 m. Distance between the objects: 150 m. Speed: 80 km/h/ Duration:35 min. Witnesses aboard the ship "Vultur"

Arolla, near Zermatt (Swiss Alps).


Author Aleister Crowley was walking in the mountains when he suddenly saw two little men. He made a gesture to them, but they did not seem to pay attention and disappeared among the rocks.
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