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UFO Sighting Waves

The Sighting Wave Directory - NICAP
*U* UFO Database Website (Maps & Statistics) - Larry Hatch
Difference In Distribution of Sightings (Air Force & NICAP) - David Saunders

RSID (Regional Sighting Information Database - (Francis Ridge)
RSID/CE-I - Close Encounters of the First Kind - Within 500' of Witness(es)
RSID/CE-II - Close Encounters of the Second Kind - Physical Evidence
RSID/CE-III - Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Alien Entities On or Near Craft
UFO Catalogs
BLUE BOOK - Full case reports by year
UFOCAT - Computer catalog of raw UFO sighting reports (120,000) - Dr. Don Johnson
Inactive links:
HUMCAT - Humanoid Catalog - David Webb
UNICAT - Unique Catalaog - Produced and maintained by Dr. Willy Smith
UFO Alerts & the Nuclear Connection - Francis Ridge

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