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  • UFO Landing Cases

  • 1897-Texas, Man Witnesses UFO on Ground

  • 1950-Italy, Man Sees Saucer on Ground

  • 1950-South America, Doctor Enters Craft on Ground

  • 1954-France, Work Crew Sees UFO on Ground

  • 1954-Brazil, Fisherman Sees Three Beings Emerge from Craft

  • 1955-Several Witnesses See UFO on Roadway

  • 1957-Brazil, Man has Sex with Female on Landed Craft

  • 1957-Texas, Craft is Seen Landed on Road

  • 1960-New York, Man Sees Three Aliens Emerge from Landed Craft

  • 1961-Wisconsin, Man Sees Aliens Exit Unknown, Landed Craft

  • 1961-New Hampshire, Betty & Barney Hill See UFO on Road

  • 1964-New Mexico, Patrolman Lonnie Zamora Sees Landed UFO

  • 1964-New York, Gary Wilcox See Aliens by Landed Craft

  • 1965-Virginia, William Blackburn Sees Landed Craft

  • 1965-Florida, Man Sees UFO on or Near Ground

  • 1965-France, Man Sees Landed Craft & Aliens

  • 1965-Australia, Strange Object Lands on Beach

  • 1965-South Africa, Landed UFO is Observed

  • 1966-Australia, UFO Lands at the Granger Reserve

  • 1966-Australia, The Tulley Saucer Nest

  • 1966-Massachussetts, Object Lands in City of Beverly

  • 1966-Missouri, Craft Lands near Roaring River

  • 1967-Ohio, UFO Lands at Munroe Falls

  • 1967-Canada, Stephen Michalak Touches Landed Craft

  • 1967-Nebraska, Patrolman Sees UFO Landed on Road

  • 1968-Canada, UFO Lands in Saskatchewan

  • 1968-Utah, UFO Lands in Brigham City

  • 1969-Brazil, Aliens from Landed Craft Abduct Man

  • 1971-Holloman Air Force Base, UFO Landing Filmed

  • 1972-UFO Lands in Nazca, Peru

  • 1980-Russia, Russian Ufologist Sees Saucer Land

  • 1980-Great Britain, Object on Ground in Rendlesham Forest

  • 1981-France, UFO Landing in Trans-en-Province

  • 1987-Florida, Photographs of UFO on Road in Gulf Breeze

  • 1989-Russia, UFO Lands in Voronezh

  • 1989-Canada, UFO Videotaped Landing in Carp

  • 1989-Russia, Truck Drivers See Landed Craft

  • 2000-Malaysia, UFO Seen Landing in West Malaysia

  • 2002-Chile, UFO Reported Landing in Chile

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