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  1. The Unspeakable and Others - Resultado de la Búsqueda de libros de Google

    Dan Clore, S. T. (INT) Joshi, Dan Clore - 2001 - 408 páginas
    On May 10 one Dr. Enrique Caretenuto Botta of Argentina discovered a crashed
    flying ... A UFO appeared to crash into the plane; the pilot found himself ...
  2. UFO FYI: UFOs One Year at a Time: 1950

    5 Aug 2009 ... The lone witness was Dr. Enrique Caretenuto Botta, .... ¿UFO-CRASH IN ARGENTINA?
    ..... 1950 Mexico City UFO Crash with Midget Pilot? ... - En caché - Similares
  3. UFO Crash Reports

    1950. Bahia Blanca, Argentina Source: Best UFO Landings By Billy Booth, About.
    com Guide ... Dr. Enrique Caretenuto Botta. he next morning, the three arrived
    at the spot. ... It has been published that a UFO crashed on the 20th May 1953
    near the ..... Source: CBSNews: UFO Crash in Needles, CA 2nd Broadcast 10/30/08,
    ... - En caché - Similares
  4. UFO Shape - Cigar

    In October [10] 1946. Swedish defense ministry issued a communique that ... - En caché - Similares
  5. BeYond Horizon

    25 Nov 2009 ... When i tried to deeply research about the UFO's throught different science ...
    You may think, these are just hypothesis or sci fictions. ... Another landing
    would be reported by Dr. Enrique Caretenuto Botta, who related his story ... he
    was working as an architectural engineer in Argentina in 1950. ... - En caché - Similares
  6. 1 - Ufología Heterodoxa. El desafío extraterrestre en el siglo XXI

    Argentina on May 10, 1950, the witness saw a flying saucer on the ground not far
    away. ... curately, as Dr. Enrique Caretenuto Botta (Stringfield, ... - En caché - Similares
  7. 1950

    Circulant en auto Enrique Caretenuto Botta (Enrico Botha, d'autres auteurs
    ...... 1950 May 10 Bahia Bianca Argentina doctor injury hands turned
    green ... - En caché - Similares

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