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Chengdu UFO incident was a UFO record in China in 1947. The case was publicised on August 6, 2008.[1][2]

[edit] Event

On July 18, 1947 a farmer was working when he discovered two boxes wrapped in aluminum.[2] The boxes were approximately 1 chǐ long, under the box is a hydrogen ball.[1] The farmer quickly gave the square object to the Sichuan University physics department. At the time the head of the physics department Mr. Cheng Zim-hon (鄭瞻寒) started the research.[1] He decided it was a flying object broken body. On July 26, 1947 the news was reported to the 9th division police department from Sichuan University.[1]

After the university reported to the police, head of the department Li Yi-man (李逸民) went to investigate in person.[2] He said it was a US air measurement device. At the time there were also US airforce stationed in Chengdu.[1]

The police then requested Cheng Zim-hon to draw up some info about the object. The top of the box was made with a plastic of transparent white glass and other instrument-like descriptions. Sichuan province police head Lau Chong-pu (劉崇樸) gave the info to Chongqing telegraph (重慶行轅電報).[2] The report did not mention anything about a "flying object".[1]

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[edit] References

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