Here's a brief table of some of the incidents reported in "The UFO
Crash/Retrieval Syndrome (Status Report II) "UFO Crash/Retrievals:
Amassing the Evidence (Status Report III)", available from MUFON.

   Mr. Leonard Stringfield (author of both) has also published
"Situation Red, The UFO Seige" (Doubleday, 1977), and a paper that
appeared in the 1978 MUFON Symposium proceedings -- I have not yet
seen either of these.  Both papers are reasonably well produced; SR II
runs 37 pages, SR III runs 52.  In each, Mr. Stringfield gives
synopsis of reports he has obtained (often from people unwilling to
have their names published, apparently for fear of counteraction by
the US Government - for violation of security oaths) of various
crashes and recoveries from 1947 to 1982 (when SR III was published).

   Reports are divided into two categories: "A" - first hand witnesses of
events; and "B" - secondhand or intermediary witnesses.  Each report has
a paragraph or more of description, followed by comments by the author.

   I found the reports interesting, but a bit much for one sitting.
The lack of witness's names are a definite drawback, but at least
according to comments in the text, there is a a real amount of
threatening going on of people who have things to say.  (In general,
the USG takes a hard line on violation of security oaths, so this is
understandable, even if the information being held has no business
being withheld in this case.)

   In sum I would say the works are not definitive, but are extremely
interesting.  The comments below are mine, not the authors, and the
conclusions that follow the table are mine alone.  If I have any
objections to the reports, it is that any synthesis from the reported
events is left out.  

   Table:  Each entry has: the date (if stated, if not, ??? is in its
	   place), the place (or ???), a brief description of what is
	   reported, and citation ([II] = Status Report II, [III] = 
	   Status Report III, A|B = witness 'type', following number
	   is case number (e.g. A1, B1, A12, etc.)).  The table is
	   subdivided by year.

1947	January - W of Globe, NM -  Crashed disk		       [III]A10
	Summer - Rosewell, NM - fragments of destroyed saucer 		[II]A10

1948	??? - Mt. Francisco - Aztec, NM - 14 bodies, sent to 	       [III]B14
		Muroc Air Field (later Edwards AFB), and then St. 
	??? - White Sands, NM large craft, five bodies			[III]A4

1950	??? - near Del Rio, Texas - crashed saucer, guarded by Mexican	[II]B7
		troops until USAF recovery team arrives

1952	??? - Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio - bodies seen frozen		[II]A4
		in "underground chamber" - bodies supposedly sent 
		later to Colorado Springs

1953	Spring - UFO Film seen by USAF personell - bodies, saucer	[II]A9
	July - Camp Polk, La. - crashed disk, 1 dead, 3 alive		[III]A1
	??? - Johannesburg, South Africa - crashed disk			[II]A6
	??? - Bodies seen at WP AFB (Building 18F, 3d floor), bodies	[II]B6
		now said to be at Langley AFB, Hapton Roads, Va.
	??? - Kingman AZ - crashed disk				[II]A6[III]Pg43
	??? - "in Arizona" crash, bodies at Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio	[II]A1
		(maybe in 1954, and might be Rosewell NM incident below)
	??? - White Sands, New Mexico - crashed disk, 4 dead (might	[III]B5
		be 1954 - and also be Rosewell), Bodies seen at Langley 

1954	12 April - Rosewell, NM, crashed disk, 4 dead			[III]A2
		craft stored at Walker Air Field, Rosewell, in 
		hangar 18 (hangar 46, the original destination,
		was too small).
	24 April - rumored crash at Bandelier, NM			[III]A2

1957	3 July - California(or perhaps Nevada or NM) desert retrieval	[III]A5
	??? - "southwest US" - crash, craft shipped by rail to		[II]A5
		WP AFB (these would seem to be the same event)

1962	April - WP AFB - Saucer seen					[III]A6
	??? - New Mexico - crash, bodies recovered			[II]A6
	Summer - New Mexico - crash (may be same incident as above)	[III]B4

1964	10 Dec. - Ft. Riley, Kansas - crashed saucer			[II]A8

1966	??? - WP AFB - bodies seen in -120F cold storage		[II]A3

1968	??? - Nellis AFB, Nevada - UFO landing, shooting due to mis-	[II]A5
		understanding, no casualties, no recoveries.

1973	??? - ??? - bodies seen in cold storage				[II]A2

1975	Spring - Ohio/Michigan border - crash, one alive, two dead	[II]B4

1977	Spring - Lamberton, Ohio - shootout between military and	[II]B13

1978	Jan. - McGuire AFB, NJ - dead alien found			[III]A3

1979	8 May - Mountains of Argentina/Bolivia border - recovered 	[II]B8
		parts of crashed cigar-shaped craft flown out on a
		USAF C-130

Comments:  Langley AFB is *not* CIA headquarters, Langley AFB is at Hampton
	   Roads, Va., CIA headquarters is at Langley, Va.

	   There was a comment in case [III]B-4 that recovered disks around
	   1962 (and on) were flown to an island in the Pacific.  This makes
	   a lot of sense, security-wise.

	   Wright-Patterson AFB seems to have been a storage area for alien
	   bodies over a long stretch of time (from 1952 until 1966),
	   and bodies/craft were moved to Colorado and/or Langley AFB
	   (in time to be seen in 1973, maybe) ([II]A2).

  	   If we compress some reports (assuming that some people saw the
	   same thing, but misremembered the date), we find that there
	   was a crash in New Mexico in 1947, and 1948, in Mexico in 1950,
	   in Louisiana and Johannesburg in 1953, in New Mexico in
	   1953 (the "hangar 18" one), in 1964 in Kansas, in 1967 in
	   or near California, and in Ohio in 1975.  In 1977 and 1978
	   aliens were caught on the ground, but saucers were not
	   retained.  [Note: "aliens" is a generic term, and should
	   not be taken to mean "extraterrestrials" -- as you may
	   recall, I don't like prejudicing my cases...]

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