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Foo Fighters and the KugleblitzbyAl Pintotaken from ParaNetadditional material by VangardWe, because of the infinitesimal size of the Universe, canquite easily say that the probability of the Earth being the onlyplanet inhabited by intelligent beings is not logical. However,while there is research going on today in order to prove theexistence of extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) by listening inon the radio waves of space, I wonder; have we been contactedalready? Is there something in the UFO phenomenon that provesthe existence of extraterrestrials? Let's look at the facts.Thousands of people from all around the world report thesightings of strange aerial phenomenon every year. It has beengoing on for many years, but not as much as from 1947 to present.Due to the fact that so many people have seen objects in the skythat they can't identify, we could at least admit that there issufficient reason to believe that UFO's exist. We can'tscientifically prove their existence just based on that fact butwe can't ignore it either. So our next logical step would be toget more data.Is the origin of all UFO's extraterrestrial? Is there apossibiliy that at least some may come from Earth and Earthtechnology? The answer to that question is yes, some are Earthoriginated. People can easily mistake a plane or helicopterflying at night as a UFO and have already. Some even thought thatVenus was one. However, while most UFO's could be explained,there are an astonishing number of reports that cannot. Theyinclude reports from people such as police chiefs, scientists,pilots, and most interestingly, astronauts. There is plenty ofinformation publically available that is reputable about detailsof their encounters.Our next step should be to concentrate on these unexplainablesightings. Out of these, is it still possible that the objectscould come from Earth? Dr. Renato Vesco thought so. In his book"Intercept UFO," he writes about his experience and informationwith Nazi Germany. I am going to include a paper written by himbut first let me tell you his credentials.Renato Vesco is a fully liscensed aircraft engineer and aspecialist in aerospace and ramjet developements. He attendedthe University of Rome and, before WWII, studied at the GermanInstitute for Aerial Developement. During the war, Vesco workedwith the Germans at the Fiat Lake Garda secret installations inItaly. In the 1960's, he worked for the Italian Air Ministry ofDefense as an undercover technical agent, investigating the UFOmystery.Page 1
He writes:"On November 27, 1944, a B-27 of the United States Air Force,returning from a raid on Speyer, West Germany, encountered ahuge, orange colored light moving upward at an estimated speedof 500 MPH. When the pilots reported, sector radar hadreported negatively, because nothing had registered on thescreen.But the object seen by the returning bomber was only the first ofnumerous others spotted by American pilots over wartime Germanyand promptly baptized 'foo-fighters.'Fighter pilots Falls and Backer, of the 415th Squadron,reported such an encounter a month later forcing the Air Force toadmit that such objects might exist. Later encounters with foofighters led experts to assume they were German inventions of anew order employed to baffle radar.How close they came to the truth, they learned only when thewar was over and Allied Intelligence teams moved into the secretNazi plants. The foo-fighters seen by American pilots were only aminor demonstration, a fraction of a vast variety of methods usedto confuse radar and interrupt electro magnetic currents.Work on the German anti-radar Feurball, or fireball, had beenspeeded up during the fall of 1944 at a Luftwaffe experimentalcenter near Oberammergau, Bavaria. There, and at the aeronauticalestablishment at Weiner Neustadt, the first fireballs wereproduced. Later, when the Russians moved closer to Austria, theworkshops producing the fireballs were moved to the Black Forest.Fast and remote controlled, the fireballs, equipped withklystron tubes operating on the same frequency as Allied radar,which could eliminate the blips from radar screens. This allowedthem to remain practically invisible to ground control.The Nazi Feurball failed to interfere with the Allied airoffensive. The foo fighters had been launched too late and couldno longer change the course of events, but in themselves they weresignificant not only because they were the outcome of a technicalevolution which could have led to more dangerous weapons, but alsobecause they showed that Nazi technology had moved in a directionfar beyond anything expected by Allied Intelligence.As the fall of Germany approached, the Nazi Leaders revertedto an ambitious project created by Gauleiter Franz Hofer who hadbecome high commissioner for the Italian Tyrol and the SouthernAlps. The project foresaw setting up an incredible fortress inthe mountains, including parts of Italy, Austria and Bavaria.Hofer submitted his plan to Hitler's aide, Martin Bormann inNovember 1944, having prepared for this moment back in 1938 whenNazi agents carefully mapped all mountain passes, caves, bridges,highways, and located sights for underground factories, munitionsdumps, arms and food caches. To complete work on this fortress,Hofer demanded a slave labor force of a quarter of a million, to
be composed of 70% Austrian workers and 30% men of the Tyrolesehome guard.Page 2So-called U-Plants were to be set up underground as giganticworkshops and launching pads for the secret weapons which were toturn the tide of the war in favor of the Nazis.Among these were some 74 tunnels along Lake Garda, inNorthern Italy, which were to be adapted and transformed into avast assembly plant by FIAT of Turin in close collaboration withthe department of Minister Albert Speer. Seven other tunnelsalong Lake Garda, near Limone, were to produce several weaponstested at the Hermann Goering Institute of Riva del Garda.According to the archives of the German High Command and ofthe Allied Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee, otherplants in vital areas of Central Germany, code named M-Werke, wereto produce powerful missles such as the giant A.9/A.10 destined todestroy New York and Washington. But most important was theAlpine area, for it was from there that the supreme weapons wereto come.This report, never released by the Allies, was made by aFrench diplomat. It was forwarded to Free French IntelligenceHeadquarters at Algiers. The top secret report reffered to theblue clouds as something approaching anti-aircraft projectilesbased on the grisou (fire damp) gas found in mines, and which hadbeen succesfully tried against other bombers over Lake Garda.The French report was intercepted by Italian agents anddeciphered at SID (Italian Counter-Intelligence) Headquarters atCastiglione della Stiviere. The message was later captured by amilitary intelligence team operating for the eighth Army in Italy.The contents of the message was no novelty to the Allies.Already, some time ago, shortly after the bombing of Dresden,British and American intelligence had obtained a brief accountconcerning the use of some such weapon used against a group oftwelve American bombers.That message, which came from an agent in Switzerlandattached to Allen Dulle's team, also stated the attacker had been"a strange hemispherical object which flew at fantastic speedsand destroyed the bombers without using firearms.'Then, after the German surrender in May, 1945, a team ofBritish agents, investigating the files of some of the undergroundfactories in the Black Forest, discovered that a large number ofdocuments concerned 'important experiments made with LIQUID OXYGENfor new turbine engines capable of developing extraordinarypower.'
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