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Mexican flying humanoid

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supernova8370 (16 minutes ago)
ahh great, now mexicans can fly over the border instead of swimming...
Thopter (6 hours ago)
I don't think it'any accident that the figures being reported tend to have an old archetypal appearance. The black outfit and what I believe is significant (the obligatory pointed hat) all fit with the ancient lore of witches. It's all pretty disturbing to me and yes, probably interdimensional. I find it interesting that the smooth motion in which the witch levitates looks hauntingly similar to the way Chris Angel moved during his "levitation" between buildings.
VinMetal666 (6 hours ago)
Bullshit on parade!

I love the random X files music too
kelsmister (7 hours ago)
Looks pretty creepy.. I dunno if I would want to approach it. Maybe shoot it.
iseealavalamp (11 hours ago)
It would be much more productive to go and find the damn thing rather than make a book of theories on it.
mansonii (12 hours ago)
So it's a woman flying through the air. Big woopee. Don't Mexicans have something better to do?
CalacticEmpire (18 hours ago)
lol looks like a big ballonen to my
sdc100 (1 day ago)
A glider, i.e. paper airplane, can go smoothly horizontally if there was no wind but a glider would be faster and travel downward because of gravity. This thing was clear not a glider because it was not aerodynamic. Its construction could not have used Bernoulli's Principle to keep it afloat.
ericmartinbecerra (1 day ago)
The most logical explanation is that it's a being from another dimension. That makes the most sense. All this talk about ballons and what not is dellusional rubbish. Where is your proof that it is a balloon? And why do these balloons always show up in the sticks somewhere. I mean, if balloons were real they would go to the White House. Until I see concrete and close up video of a real balloon I will stick to the extradimensional being explanation.
sdc100 (1 day ago)
Anything carried by wind, i.e. a kite, would always display upward motion in open spaces. That's because wind is created by a temperature differential, i.e. when a warm front meets a cold front. The cold air goes down, while lighter warm air goes up. Things are carried upward because the ground limits downward air motion. Wind alone can't create the smooth horizontal motion seen in this object.
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to latafairam
Added  October 17, 2006
From  latafairam
Footage of a flying humanoid who many... Footage of a flying humanoid who many claim to be a real life witch flying over monterrey mexico (more) (less)
Category  Entertainment
Tags Mexican   flying   humanoid   witch bruja  cops  UFO   (more) (less)
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