The UFO - Chemtrail Connection
From Brenda Livingston <>
Dear Jeff,
I am so pleased that George Filer has his radar up for connections between UFOs and 'Chemtrails'. BRAVO!
Over the last year or more both Greg Avery and I have been researching this area and have worked closely the last few months to reveal some very strange happenings in our skies associated with persistent contrails.
One major goal we both pursued was to inspire both 'Chemtrail'/contrail and UFO researchers to look up and take a hard serious look at possible connections. This goal may indeed be on the brink of realization.
Greg Avery has developed videographic techniques using the Canon GL-1 Video Camera capturing spectacular images of fast moving dark objects moving in, around and through persistent contrails and associated clouds.
Over the last year, I have taken and collected hundreds of photographs honing an enhancement/enlargement technique which brings known and unknown objects to immediate focus in close-up images. I have placed many photos and enhanced images which appear to reveal an association between anomalous objects and persistent contrails on my website Tracers --
The following article outlines my work which I hope has contributed to the establishment of a new field of research. In it I discuss theories which have emerged from my field observations and photographic work and the photographic work of those who have sent images to me.
More Than Meets The Eye - A Complete Look At Chemtrails
By Brenda Livingston Living-Tracer Enterprises 8-1-00
Strange Planes - Unusual Contrails - Anomalous Objects
What Is Happening In Our Skies?
It is likely that many things are happening in our skies-- testing of experimental aircraft, testing of contrails, military radar jamming tests -- and likely the majority of contrails are caused by commercial airliners leaving lasting contrails in a rapidly changing atmosphere (or having their normal contrails transformed into persistent contrails by passing through unusual contrail remnants or clouds). But some are not like the others...
Many theories have been bandied around in an attempt to explain the increase in long-lasting spreading contrails: chemical or biowarfare agents to cull the population, simulants of chemical or BW agents to development counter measures, increase in global warming with atmospheric effects, countering the effects of increased air traffic emissions or ozone holes or UV name a few...
These most mysterious long-lasting spreading contrails and resulting most unusual looking "clouds" are baffling all those attempting to study the phenomena. Although any or all of these are scenarios worthy of continued research and investigation...another most important element to the study of persistent contrails (PCs) must now be included in any legitimate search for answers to this atmospheric conundrum.
Gathering reliable evidence in this arena has been a difficult process...and finding definitive links between PCs at 7-40,000 feet in the atmosphere and air or ground samples has proven to be an extraordinary challenge. Obtaining reliable and uncontaminated air and ground samples of what is thought to be PC related evidence is a difficult feat in and of itself.
And what is the evidence presented telling us? A very strange story is being revealed by chemtrail researchers: strange and unusual forms and content within blood cells...synthetic material...protein... some mixed with fuel components. These and the mysterious concoctions of fungi, bacteria and unidentifiable matter presented -- if factual and reliable evidence -- seem almost beyond the realm of any logical black government project. These results even try the most imaginitive minds to come up with who would rain this material down on the citizenry or why.
In all the efforts -- to show evidence that PCs are unusual and contain unusual and perhaps unhealthy material -- the critical area of associated anomalous objects has not been examined with the thoroughness it deserves...and, most unfortunately, has been treated as a "foreign object" threatening to de-legitimize current work in the PC area.
Sightings of spherical and oval shaped objects of varying sizes hovering near and moving in and out of persistent contrails are increasingly being reported worldwide. While witness testimony and trained field observations can present error--these can be invaluable in ascertaining new evidence and direction for study.
With new technology and techniques becoming available, photographic and videographic evidence may hold the key to understanding the source, formation and behavior of PCs, related "clouds" and aircraft and anomalous objects associated with PCs.
I personally do not believe that any study of the PC phenomena can be fully legitimate or reach the truth without a full scale study of these objects which clearly appear to be a part of the form and function of persistent contrails ("chemtrails").
I have been watching the steady increase in persistent contrails - PCs- which often fill the skies with a milky white haze or strange cloud remnants closely over the last year and a half. And I have attempting to document what I have witnessed... the contrails themselves, the apparent aircraft creating them and what appear to be anomalous objects in and near specific types of contrails.
Over time after much observation and documentation -- a theory has developed. The process has been revelatory ... and gradual awakening to a realm very new to me. Piece by piece the puzzle began to take shape before me.
My journey into the contrail mystery began on February 25, 1999 with a sighting of a broad persistent contrail formed by a KC-135 no more than 10,000 feet overhead and two objects hovering and moving through it..
Since then...
--I have seen large white oval objects hovering and moving in and out of contrails... usually appearing to observe... traveling slowly. These appear to self-illuminate before moving off at an extreme speed or "winking out". I witnessed one of these objects (March 16, 1999) hovering in the southwestern sky over the lake with a mid-sized aircraft flying past and in front of the object -- the aircraft making a sudden dive to apparently avoid the object. Attempting to compare the two--I would estimate that the size of the white oval object was at least the length of the aircraft and twice plus its small object.
--I have seen large tear-drop shaped objects with a reddish glow in the back hover and travel slowly in a straight line with 15-20 smaller silvery/orange spherical objects moving gracefully around the larger object (August 1, 1999). This activity which I watch with binoculars for an hour was followed by two military transport helicopters flying overhead moving from where I last saw the objects...and within a short time... multiple aircraft spreading white/grey PCs across a blue sky (only a few wispy clouds to the NE). The next week the whole area was soaked in a dense greyish haze which burned my throat and eyes.
-- I have and others have seen either white or dark "flashes" in the sky just before taking photos and strange forms (appearing as balls or globules in clusters or "chains" or "clutches"). Clusters are groups of balls in close interaction protected by and/or creating a gaseous appearing enclosure.
A very good sighting report out of Monterey Mexico of what appeared to be a "morphing" UFO seen by multiple witnesses (including a commercial pilot) and covered on the local news station -- appears to me to be at least 4 balls -- one hovering above the others-- flying very quickly around each others releasing the gaseous substance that surrounded them. (
It seems that these spheres and ball clusters tend to "flock" together. There have been reports of people seeing what they thought were "rocks" or asteroidal looking objects hovering or moving together at various elevations. (see A pilot reported watching a group of these moving past him over the Sierra Mountains. (see
Greg Avery, State Director of Louisiana MUFON, has made some spectacular breakthroughs in video taping anomalous objects in and near persistent contrails. Over the last few months, we have worked closely together sharing information and techniques for capturing spherical objects on video tape and 35mm print film and share results with other researchers. He recently presented his work and some of my enhancements at the International MUFON Symposium in St. Louis. (Can see some of his work at
Greg Avery has many hours of excellent quality videotape of dark and light spheroidal objects moving toward, through, around, and below persistent contrails. Most of the light or white objects appear as single objects seeming to gain a more "cloudy" or amorphous appearance as they approach the persistent contrails.yet at times apparently spinning together with the darker objects. The darker objects (referred to by Greg as "pucks" ) show a definite outer hazy or gaseous shell in my enhancements and appear to interact or "swarm". (see for my observations of some of Greg,s video clips)
In my opinion, Greg Avery,s cannister shaped object could be solid but do look very similar to clusters of balls within a dark and reflective and almost transparent gaseous substance. I have photos of rectangular shaped objects which appear to have areas which are occupied by spherical objects. And it appears that these somewhat gaseous, somewhat translucent objects at some point release these balls or the balls move away from them (perhaps to form a new sheath or environs later)
In addition to these observations, photographs and videographic evidence are the photographs of Rick Moors taken in Santa Monica, California this spring (see attached photo). Before he sent these excellent photos to me at Tracers, I and other researchers had only witnessed or photographed these mysterious spheroidal shaped objects in or near persistent contrails. Two of Rick Moors photos in sequential order appear to tell another most intriguing tale.
It appears from these photos that a line of spheriodal shaped objects or gaseous concentrations were released from whatever created these contrails and with time, these objects appear to move through the contrail substancesome apparently moving away from the contrail with this substance attached. (see and
Greg Avery had previously videotaped some "puck" lining up or moving around the outer edges of persistent contrails and cloudsmoving the substance into various forms with their quick motions. And now Rick Moors photographs seemed to show that at least some type of spheroidal objects were being created or released by some type of craft flying overhead.
All this said ---What is happening in our skies?
I see a possible connection between the gaseous appearing substance emanating from the large transport objects and the substance surrounding the silvery/orange spheres and the substance surrounding and/or emanating from the balls -- and -- the persistent contrail contents and PC remnant clouds and PC related haze in our skies.
It seems to me(and many others) that these particular contrails and clouds are very different in consistency and movement and reflectivity/refraction that normal contrails and clouds. The slow flowing movement and hazy consistency of the remnant clouds reminds me of liquid nitrogen. There appears to be some form of "atmos-forming" in progress whether intentional or inadvertent.
If it is intentional -- the following are possibilities: a) the government(s) is involved in attempting to solve the environmental crises using gases, aluminum oxide and/or other chemicals with UAVs for surveillance and testing and robotic ancillary devices to collect data and perform pre-programmed activities b) the government(s) is involved in a collaborative effort taking place between the government or some human group and an extraterrestrial species either to assist its survival and replication and/or to repel/annihilate other "invading" species seen as a hostile threat or c) there is no government involvement and the aircraft we think we are seeing up there are like holograms cloaking UFOs which are laying the unusual contrails for their own devices/needs. And not all of the contrails are being laid by obvious aircraft. Some have either oval or spherical shapes in front of them.
In the case of a): It does appear to me and other researchers that associated objects originate from some persistent contrails and appear to be performing some activity within them. These objects very well could be of a robotic nature (origin unknown) although the objects which appear within certain PCs may be concentrated gases /substances or experimental materials (i.e., radar jamming debris).
What is becoming apparent is that some of these objects are self-propelled and are not simply released and falling from the sky. Greg Avery's videos and some of my photographs appear to verify the flocking and 'swarming' behavior of some of the objects captured.
I know that DARPA has several research projects regarding "smartdust" and "motes" (see links below) -- robots ranging in size from microscopic to 2 feet or so some of which can inter-communicate with one another and home base to perform various tasks. (see sites listed below)
It is my impression that the objects I have witnessed and photographed and the accounts of other witnesses to PC associated objects that some may be well ahead of our current technology -- though that is difficult to tell with the exponential escalation of R&D projects.
While small drones with robotic capabilities are in development, it appears that none exhibited have the capability of maintaining flight for more than 30 minutes nor do they exhibit flight maneuverability close to the objects witnessed by myself and Greg Avery.
In the case of possibility c) -- 1) the contrails may be an efficient means to transform the atmosphere to aid in their survival and replication --the contrails utilized as an effective too-obvious clandestine action 2) the contrails may be a means to repair the damage caused by human pollution (an effort to save the life on the planet) 3) the contrails may be propellant or an energy source for various objects (the spheres may require this gas or substance to propel them through the atmosphere).
And there may indeed be a battle in the skies -- between humans and extraterrestrials, between some groups of extraterrestrials w/ human assistance versus other extraterrestrials... the contrails containing gases or biologic or chemical substances that have a deleterious effects on some species.
What gives some credence to the idea of human involvement in some kind of clandestine involvement in the persistent contrail mystery is a) KC-135 and KC-10 (particularly white) spewing out long spreading persistent contrails in clear skies...often crossing one another -- looking almost as if there were about to hit one another b) grey KC-135 flying low (less than 8000 feet) spewing out broad spreading persistent contrails with an accompanying "star" or illuminated object above or near the contrail or a large white oval object hovering or moving along the contrail or multiple objects moving in and out of the contrail c) low flying converted aircraft painted over with white or grey or orange or red flat paint -- sometimes covering Air Force insignias d) low-flying military aircraft with tail booms lowered apparently dumping fuel or other substance over federal lands e) unusual grid patterns, u-turns, sharply rising or circular/spiraling contrails apparently formed by military aircraft.
Traces of UFOs creating contrails have been witnessed and photographed and are indicated by the following: 1) oval or spherical objects photographed and witnessed in front of a persistent contrail, 2) contrails with 90 degree or near 90 degree turns witness and photographed 3) double contrails that spiral around one another, 4) larger twisting contrails in which the twist is unlike that caused by wind shear, 5) smaller trails sweeping through or past larger persistent contrails.
What Are We Looking At?
I. Human or extraterrestrial technology?
II. Von Neumann like probes? Electromagrobots cooled by liquid nitrogen (for superconducting purposes) performing limited activities?
III. Are some transports, others "techies" and probes and others what one might consider having biological elements?
Perhaps we can agree that seeming civilian and military aircraft are involved...
Perhaps we can agree that some of these anomalous objects are attracted to or come from some types of contrails... Yet perhaps others are repelled by them?
Our atmosphere is changing...that is evident....persistent contrails are contributing...that is evident. Is this an atmosforming project? Or an effect of other types of activity?
It behooves all of us to look up and closely at persistent contrails and objects moving through our atmosphere. With new technology as simple as purchasing a Canon GL-1 video camera as Greg Avery has suggested (see his paper in the latest International MUFON Proceedings) or using computer enhancing techniques to bring objects closer, (such as the techniques I have used to enhance (35mm/digital) photos at Tracers ) we all can get involved in tracking down and revealing these mysterious events and activities.

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