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Filer's Files #36 -- 2003 Skywatch Investigations.
George A. Filer,   Director Mutual UFO Network Eastern
September 2, 2003,  Webmaster: Chuck
Warren -- My website is at:      
Sponsored by:    OPC-3 

My wife, who makes these files possible, has her birthday tomorrow so these files are being sent out a day early. Happy Labor Day.


The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. This week's files investigate: Mars - evidence of heated ancient underground structures, Did UFOs cause the Blackouts? Maine -science teachers spot green sphere, New Jersey - whirring sound from a star shaped craft, Pennsylvania - daylight disc, Virginia - pair of white lights, Georgia - two cylinders fly side by side, Ohio - daylight cylinders videotaped, Tennessee - disc shaped craft videotaped in broad daylight, Texas - three dark mysterious objects in the afternoon sky, Colorado - couple sees flying triangle while looking at Mars, California - red, green and blue strobing lights, Washington - bright star moves slowly, Canada - flying metallic silver object, Chili - Congress acknowledges importance of UFO research, Venezuela - two lights over capital, Scotland silver ball follows airplane, England -circular object with ring of lights, Belgium - flying triangle, Germany - Mars causes many UFO reports,  Australian -- TV news station airs vivid close up video of UK saucer, New Zealand very large circle of white light

GULF OF MEXICO - Recent reports indicate that there are many sightings by ships in the Caribbean Sea and over Mexico apparently watching hurricane and volcano development. These craft are expected to move to the Northeast United States in coming months.   Readers should understand the craft normally seen flying low appear to operate from bases and larger space ships.  


Stephen Crary writes, "I have a serious question/statement about these power outages?  There were major power outages in the Northeast, all over the US and in Europe in just over a week's time.  More than I have ever seen in my 41 years. There were outages in Arizona and England and a power outage in my own area of Bronson, Florida that lasted half a day and covered the entire county, and last but not least, the newest one in all is London.

Editor's Answer: There have been an estimated thirty-million UFO sightings, and frequently UFOs are reported hovering above power lines and power stations.  Power outages are often directly associated with these sightings. There is speculation they use the electrical energy for power. There appears to be clear cause and effect evidence, but no irrefutable proof.  There are thousands of cases where hovering UFOs have knocked out the electrical system in automobiles, adversely effected televisions, radios, radar's, aircraft instruments and other electronic systems.  The Disclosure Project has detailed cases of Minuteman Missile failure connected to UFOs.  Power experts shake their heads and claim they don't understand why their power grids suddenly failed. A month later some obscure switching device that has operated normally for years will be blamed.  Yet, we can point to many similar switches failing when UFOs are near by.  The authorities are afraid to mention the cause was associated with UFOs. Occasionally, they will admit to unknown phenomenon, or unexplained metals being found on the leading edge of crashed aircraft. We receive 400 to 500 sightings in the US each month, mostly from multiple witnesses usually with excellent backgrounds who can write and use the Internet. I suggest its time to investigate various aircraft accidents, power failures, and claims of abductions with the realization that UFOs are real.  It is interesting to note that Chile's Congress has approved UFO research, French general's and admirals produced a study on UFOs, and that China has asked the UN for an exchange of UFO information.

Mars infrared imaging has revealed the presence of underground heat coming from areas not associated with volcanoes. The underground heat implies some type of natural geothermal heating or possibly the work of an advanced species with the technology to use geothermal energy for artificial heating. The network of tube like structures on Mars are logically part of this technology. An abundance of surface water or some artificial technology could cause the finer features seen on Mars. Some areas have surprisingly straight channels, tubes, and walls. The odds are very much against natural forces such as water causing them so the only plausible conclusion is that they were made by alien intelligence. A NASA image shows an arrow and four circular ruins from an area high in underground heat from a possible underground facility. See: Filer's Files #36 views


After Adam Marturana's discovery of an Osiris-Statue and Step-Pyramid, Holger Isenberg assumed, that there might by more artifacts of the Martian civilization nearby. Eventually, by searching dozens of photos, he found in 1999, what appear to be the ruins of an ancient city in Candor Chasma!  The city is located on a hill between Ophir and Candor Chasma. You can see remains of buildings, about 40 to 200 meters wide and 10 to 100 meters high. It is almost impossible, that natural erosion processes could produce these shapes.  The city might be one of the seven legendary cities on Mars, which are known through old sagas.  The main street on the picture is visible from lower left to upper right, parallel to the old Martian equator and is only a few kilometers away from the equator. Astronomer Tom van Flandern wrote on this topic in his article on the pole shift on Mars and the position and alignment of the Face on Mars towards the old equator. You can find similar hints to the old equator position through other aligned artifacts like this Equinox-Observatory.,   


NORTHERN MAINE -- We were driving up Route 1 around 10 PM, the week of August 7, 2003, and pulled off the road at a gravel pit. My husband, my friend and I were admiring the stars since they were all so bright. We noticed one that seemed to float down but barely moved, and looked strange. It moved much too slow for a plane or satellite. We got back in the car and my husband saw a green basketball size ball of light just above the power lines in front of us. It looked not really bright nor was it dim. It went down and then stopped and went up in a V shaped path. At the top of the V it vanished. We both agreed upon what we saw. We are both science teachers and could not come up with an explanation. It couldn't have been a meteor since it reversed direction and went up! Thanks to Peter Davenport  NUFORC


HAMPTON BEACH-The photographer writes, "My daughter and girlfriend went to the beach on a beautiful afternoon about 1 PM, on August 24, 2003, and I started taking photos of my daughter with my Fuji Finepix 200 digital camera." She started running down the beach and my girlfriend walked slowly behind. I took several photos, when I saw something appear out of nowhere, 200 feet out over the ocean. I yelled for my daughter and girlfriend to look, but the object was gone.

I went home and uploaded them on my computer and one of the photos included the thing I saw. The object was in only one photo, and not in others taken a couple of seconds before or a couple seconds after. ( NUFORC  Note: Photo shows thin, dark, perhaps disc-shaped object in a cloudless sky. It is interesting. PD)

TINTON FALLS - The witness walked outside to get a pack of cigarettes, when he heard a low whirring sound at 8 PM on August 24, 2003.  He looked up to see a star shaped object giving off large rays in every direction and moving at an incredible rate of speed at about 3000 feet altitude. He says, "I estimate the speed at Mach 7 with a low 'whhhiiirrr' sound trailing it, that covered one quadrant of sky within eight seconds and then disappeared heading east towards the ocean.  Thanks to Peter Davenport

-- The observer went shopping at the Home Depot off Route 22, on August 24, 2003, at 11:55 AM.  He says, "I looked up to watch a commercial jet liner coming over the mountains on a beautiful clear day." As I watched the jet liner, I noticed there was a circular object, very high up in the sky above it. A couple seconds later, I noticed a duplicate object moving behind the first. Both objects were slowly approaching from the west and moving toward me. Twenty seconds later the second object made a 90-degree change of direction to the south, it streaked and was gone quickly. The first object continued moving toward me, and seemed to be hovering at a very high altitude.  It was silver and gave off a silver/white glow or sheen. It was perfectly round in shape and was glowing. I watched the second object for two minutes plus. The objects were definitely not conventional aircraft, they were perfectly round in shape and much smaller than the airplane that had just passed,  probably because they were so much higher in altitude. Thanks to Peter Davenport  NUFORC


HAZLETON - During a family cookout at dusk a disc was sighted crossing over the area very slowly on July 29, 2003, around 7:45 PM.  Three witnesses saw the metallic disc fly over and estimated the size at 35 feet in diameter.  A Schnauzer dog reacted to the UFO sighting by barking and acting very distressed.  The wife said, "It frightened her and she doesn't want to see that stuff again."  The family claimed intimate knowledge of UFOs, reporting they had witnessed some flying into a mountain.  Telephone Interview.


COMPTON - On August 23, 2003, while canoe camping along the South Fork of the Shenandoah River two observers saw a closely spaced pair of white lights moving southwest at 9:40 PM.  There were no running lights or strobe visible and no engine noise was heard.  The lights were seen at a distance, and appeared generally star-like to the naked eye. When viewed through binoculars, the lights were clearly round, and had a "flat" white light, without the usual twinkle of stars or aircraft lights. Its speed was equivalent to that of high altitude aircraft. The night was clear, with many stars visible, and no moon.  Aircraft traffic was observed moving in the same general direction during the night, but generally at a much higher azimuth from the observers' position.  In August 1998, the same two observers had a 20-minute sighting from the same location of numerous star-like objects reversing, disappearing, and reappearing on a similarly clear night.  One of the observers is a former B-52 crewman.  The sighting location is a primitive campsite in George Washington National Forest, at the foot of Indian Grave Ridge, and high limestone cliffs.  Thanks to MUFON's Bill Ruxton,  


JEFFERSON -- Mrs. Linda C., a MUFONGA member reports that at 6 PM on Tuesday, August 26, 2003, she saw a small aircraft overhead and noticed another was gliding across the sky at lower altitude and slower speed than the normal commercial traffic.  She described this craft as being highly unusual, appearing as if two cylinders were side by side, but connected with some sort of middle structure.  The cylinders were longer than the center section, about 1" to 1 1/4" at arm's length (AAL).  She watched for about 20 seconds, when a burst of light emanated from the craft, appearing to her like huge floodlights. The brilliance of this flash seemed to be about the size of a quarter AAL.  The unusual craft continued on until it left the area.  This observer has proved reliable and has an eagle eye and a calm focus that makes her an excellent observer. John Pander of Suwanee, Georgia will investigate with her to identify what she observed.  

ROME -- Two black rotating "tires" revolving around each other seen in western sky flying in a southeastern direction in Rome, GA on August 11, 2003, at 4:30 PM.

MCINTOSH COUNTY TIDAL MARSHES -- At 10:30 AM, Savannah area minister, his mother, sister and niece were driving north on Highway 17 on August 27, 2003, and observed an indigo colored "ball" in the treetops along the roadway. They felt it to be unusual, but continued driving.  Within a very short distance, they noticed another identical, or else the same, indigo ball in the treetops that suddenly began to exude sparks and seemed to start a fire.  They continued on to Savannah and upon arrival, related the event to the Reverend Charles Bowen   

HARTSFIELD AIRPORT -- SSD Michael Hitt has finished his inquiry into the video of nocturnal lights and determined that the lights were indeed landing aircraft.  Even though this event proved to be mundane, MUFON always appreciates such honest and cooperative witnesses.  Thanks to: Tom Sheets, State Director MUFONGA new website at  


BRISTOL - Kim Shaver called to describe an event that took place on August 2, 2003, four miles south of Bristol that was witnesses by his entire family.  The object was first observed an estimated altitude of 6,500 feet at 7:45 PM. Kim writes, "My son and myself were standing in our driveway talking and we both saw an UFO like object in the sky to our NNW." I retrieved my binoculars, a pair of Bausch and Laumb 7 X 35 mm, and watched the object for about three minutes as it both climbed and fell in a haphazard, yet controlled manner, flying manly on its side rather than on its bottom giving it a balloon-like appearance. There were no appendages, openings lights or antennae visible. It bore a great resemblance to a "torque converter" from an automobile, yet it was thinner. The object was videotaped on a RCA camcorder starting at about 6,000 feet and gradually descending to about 2,000 feet.  The disc maneuvers and flips in a haphazard way.  After three exciting minutes of footage the object moved to the NNW behind trees, thus I didn't get an exit shot of the object. The copper colored object reflected sunlight, which is a characteristic lacking in a weather balloon. It was either metallic or highly polished. Even in the video, reflective qualities are apparent. I have never seen aircraft, airborne debris, birds, etc., that exhibited such flight characteristics. Kim a military veteran says, "I feel the object was under intelligent control." Thanks to Kim Shaver

Editor's Note: I have reviewed the video and find it excellent. As seen in the video, the object is disc shaped and appears to be losing altitude as it maneuvers. The object first heads NNW then seems to return. A balloon would need some form of propulsion to accomplish this feat, and the object keeps it's symmetry all during the sighting. Also, weather balloons are not copper colored. The flight characteristics, like the roll maneuver in the video appear like they would be difficult for a balloon. UFOs are unidentified flying objects and the object in the video meets this criteria. See images at: Filer's Files #36 views


FOSTORIA - George Ritter continues to videotape cylinder and disc shaped UFOs near his home in the country.  The images indicate very large craft moving at high speeds at low altitude. They appear too large to be insects or birds. See weekly files #35 Views


CHICAGO SUBURBS - The witness was driving south on I-55 at 12:25 AM, on August 6, 2003, when he saw an object in the sky that resembled a large balloon glowing and orange in color.  It began to take the shape of an orange slice (like the fruit). The witness states, "As I sped up to get a closer look, the object started to move away faster than any other flying craft that I've every seen." It became so small in such a quick amount of time that it practically disappeared. I was able to catch up to it around 1st Avenue, and the object was back to its original size. Everyone was looking trying to figure out what the heck this thing was. It was moving too quickly for me to get anywhere near it and I lost sight of the object.  NUFORC

JOLIET -- On August 17, 2003, at 1 AM, a saucer shaped object hovered between openings in a large cluster of trees just before Route 30 on southbound I-55. It was perhaps 50 feet above ground level and hovered as it changed to three different shades of red, blue, and then green. After the change to green the object then elevated slowly about 25 feet and took off at a very sharp angle into the sky. At this point the object was traveling at a speed that I personally think could not be measured. Supersonic would not do it justice, it was absolutely an incredible speed.

HINSDALE -- The witness was sitting on his driveway on August 19, 2003, at 4:50 AM, staring at the stars when suddenly in the sky he saw a bright white light that was pretty high in the sky but it was easily visible even against the dawn breaking, I don't think it was a satellite because it was very bright and did not stay on a continuous course, it streaked in a straight line for about two seconds then veered sharply to the left and disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport  NUFORC


HOUSTON -- On the afternoon of Saturday, August 16, 2003, four witnesses had a prolonged sighting of three, dark mysterious objects in the blue skies of Southeast Houston near Pasadena.  The witness relates, "While in our backyard, my son's 10-year old guest first drew our attention to a dark stationary dot floating in sky at about 5:10 PM."  It would sway back and forth to show its irregular shape. As it swayed, a lighter shade of color could be seen on its body. After ten minutes, the object slowly started drifting through the sky and a small plane flew between the object and us. hen two more similar objects came into view and slowly drifted to our direction, but still not close enough to determine what they were. At about 5:40 PM, all three objects could be seen hovering in the blue skies.

Around 10:35 PM. Another observer was in the front yard with her Dalmatian. She reports, "While I was waiting for the dog, about two houses down a bluish neon greenish globe flew over the top of the tree line and vanished." It was the size of two basketballs, maybe bigger. The object was transparent, but you could see it clearly. It didn't have a glow to it, or leave a shadow or light up the trees, but it passed across the tree tops. A woman walking down the street also saw it and said it was weird. Thanks to Peter Davenport  NUFORC


WESTMINSTER -- On August 27, 2003, a couple decided to view Mars as it was the brightest object in the sky at ten minutes after midnight. The observers stated, "Just as we were looking at Mars a triangular or V-shaped flying object appeared moving towards the northeast." It was a dark gray color, which made it visible in the sky. It wasn't a smooth object but seemed like it had a rough and textured exterior surface. We watched it move without sound. The sighting lasted ten seconds, and then it disappeared.  I do not believe in UFO's, so my conclusion is that it was a government test plane, but it seems strange they would fly it over a populated area. Thanks to Peter Davenport  NUFORC


GRANADA HILLS - The witness's home is in the hills, looking south over the San Fernando Valley with a 180-degree view.  He states, "I observed a source of light west towards Vandenberg Air Force Base on August 7, 2003, at 10 PM, that was putting off a tremendous amount of strobing light, changing from red to green to blue and white.  I viewed the object with binoculars and saw it was magnitude-3 a disc or diamond shape.  After cruising slowly to the north, the object abruptly disappeared.  Then several helicopters flew through the area.  NUFORC

MOUNT LAGUNA, SAN DIEGO - The amateur astronomers drove to the top of Vista Point on August 28, 2003, where the old radar installation is now pretty much abandoned. He observed, "My big sister and I had setup my Meade Telescope at about 10 PM for a view of Mars, when we noticed a laser shooting into the sky, coming from atop of one of the radar towers which we kids called big golf balls."  After a few minutes the laser stopped, and about a half mile behind it, a fuzzy red kind of smeared oval just dropped out of the western sky about 1000 feet high.  It slowly moved to the east horizontally and stopped and then faded away." Thanks to Peter Davenport  NUFORC

MONTEREY PARK - CNN Television reported on Labor Day that three UFOs were videotaped last night on September 1, 2003, over Los Angeles.  They were described as lights in the sky, but the tape was not shown. Philadelphia Channel 3 News carried a short clip of the sighting and claimed the UFO flew for several hours over Los Angeles. Thanks to CNN

TACOMA -- Deirdre Beck writes, " Today around 4:45 PM, I saw directly above me a bright star looking object orbiting above the earth quite a distance up."  Mars right now does not rise until 9 PM and Saturn can only be seen in the early morning hours.  This object was going slower than any satellite I've ever witnessed. Several others also saw the object.  Thanks to Deirdre Beck


KELOWNA -- The witness spotted a perfectly round metallic silver object moving across still daylight sky on August 3, 2003, at 8:30 PM. The round object was moving in an easterly direction in the distance at a steady pace, and moved until she lost sight of it after two minutes. She estimated it was the size of a nickel at arm's length when it went behind the hills.

THORNHILL, TERRACE, BC -- On August 24, 2003, the witness saw a bright, white colored object traveling southeast at 10:02 PM. It got bright over Thornhill before getting less bright towards Terrace. It looked really strange and was 10 to 30 meters in diameter and did not make any sound. 

KIMBERLEY -- The witness was visiting family on August 26, 2003, near the Cominco Mine when they notices a jet airliner going overhead at 11:05 PM, higher there was a shooting star. She says, "Twenty seconds later there was another flash, then another." They both stood wondering if this may have been another jet, but the flashing intervals were not the same as a jet airliner. It then disappeared and then in another 25 seconds there was another flash of light. Then, they saw a flash in front of it like a laser light, in another fifty seconds there was another flash of light.

-- My Dad has been watching the skies during the last week andsaw lights going east and then stopping and then shooting straight up and disappearing. On August 26, 2003, my friend and his four siblings saw a strange light. That same night, my Dad called me out around 11:50 PM, to 12:35 AM, to watch a light that shone through the clouds and was flying in a tiny orbit. Later its course changed slightly and it got bigger and bigger then another object joined the first. It couldn't have been a light from earth because there was no stream of light shining up. The sighting ended at . Thanks to Brian Vike, HBCC UFO Research, Canadian Communicator Magazine,,  CANADA HBCC


VALPARAISO -- On August 27, 2003, Chilean parliamentarians acknowledged the importance of UFO Research.  Members of the Defense Committee of the Chilean Chamber of Deputies analyzed for the first time ever, information concerning the UFO phenomenon. During its session yesterday, they heard from representatives of the Comité de Estudio de Fenomenos Aereos Anomalous (CEFAA) and the director of the OVNIVISION Chile Research Organization.   The session was held in the National Congress Building and started with a presentation by Cristian Riffo, Director of OVNIVISION. His opening words were that "UFO," is not synonymous with "alien." "I wish to make clear that UFO is not synonymous with aliens, Martians, or little green men from Mars. UFO is an unknown phenomenon that cannot be explained in conventional terms. Whether or not UFOs are alien in origin has not been ascertained." Riffo made known cases involving eyewitness reports by pilots and air traffic controllers. 

OVNIVISION's director asked parliamentarians to create a multidisciplinary committee to study the phenomenon.  "Its goal would be to perform a serious and detailed study of unknown phenomena in the skies and seas of Chile."  Deputy Arturo Cardemil, chairman of the Defense Committee, told the media that the UFO phenomenon must be studied and that it has sometimes disrupted the normal operation of air traffic. Translation (C) Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology


CARACAS -- The nearer to Mars, the more UFO reports.  Last night, Griceny Gutierrez, reported that close to the Ruperto Lugo neighborhood, again a light was seen, that later became two, that moved towards the Avila Mountain, as it usually does.  left a message in our machine. Thanks to: Martha Rosenthal, 


GLASGOW -- At around 6 PM, on a beautiful sunny evening on August 10, 2003, with no clouds in the sky the witness heard a plane and looked up at it, then something not far behind caught his eye. He lives on a flight path to Glasgow Airport so he is use to planes flying overhead. He states, "My first though was that it was another airplane and that it was way too close, but on second inspection it appeared to be a silver ball following the aircraft at the same altitude as the plane and flying maybe a mile or two behind." I followed it until I lost sight of it.  NUFORC


SOUTHAMPTON - Two friends were sitting in their back garden at 9:35 PM, on August 24, 2003. when they both noticed a circle shaped object traveling southwest across the sky. A series of lights arranged in a circle was flying as fast as a normal plane and was fairly high. It disappeared over the clouds. I thought I could hear the drone of a distant engine although my friend said it was silent. We watched it until it went out of view, heading across the English Channel.  NUFORC


KESSEL - Witnesses report seeing a flying triangle in the sky for five minutes on August 10, 2003, at 12:30 AM. It was faster than any plane and had many lights. At one point, it made contact with another object with its lights. It hovered for about three minutes and then disappeared.  Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


- THE CHINA POST reports that Mars sparked a huge rise in UFO sightings in Germany as Mars moved to its closest point to Earth in 60,000 years.  The number of "UFO sightings" has soared; says researcher Werner Walte, who heads Germany's CENAP center that investigates UFOs.  Mars moved its closest to Earth since Neanderthals walked the planet and is 34.65 million miles away. Mars appeared red and orange. A retired German couple said their car had been followed for about two hours by an orange UFO only about 500 yards from them on August 13. Another caller said that the moon had been "followed by something" for hours.  "Mars, with its fiery color, could easily fool people who are not too well informed into believing they are witnessing the arrival of a UFO," 


ADELAIDE -- Local mainstream morning TV news on August 18, 2003, showed impressive daylight footage of a revolving disc that was hovering at 300 feet. A clear close up video transmission came in from the UK that revealed a large metallic saucer with a light revolving around the outer edge. The commentators joked around about it. It was aired at least four times during the day. Impressive craft.  NUFORC  Note: photos can be seen at the Linda Moulten Howe website,


PUKERUA BAY, WELLINGTON -- A builder and surfer was sitting on the sofa at 8 PM, on August 24, 2003, when a UFO surrounded by a haze flew north very fast and disappeared. The witness says, "I went upstairs to see if I could see it from a higher position but it was gone." The object was larger than a streetlight bulb moving across the sky. Thanks to Peter Davenport  NUFORC


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