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FILER'S FILES #45 -- 2002, MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer,  Director Mutual UFO Network Eastern
November 6, 2002, Webmaster: Chuck
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The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space.  Features this week are: Colony Earth has traces of extraterrestrial life, New York UFO video, Connecticut white flying triangle, Pennsylvania UFO emits beam, Florida UFO videotaped, Ohio disk, Wisconsin 26 lights, Illinois V shaped formation of lights, California submarine shaped UFO, Washington disk, Canadian UFO photos, Scotland cigar, England green lights, Spain investigates underwater noises, Ukraine circular hovering disk, Mr. Bassett the First UFO candidate for the House of Representatives loses.  His campaign represented a milestone in American politics as the first person to appear on any federal or gubernatorial, general election ballot who speaks to the fact of an extraterrestrial presence manifest about the planet.  Announcing our the Grand Opening of our website with 100 stores for you to choose for all your Holiday shopping at fantastic prices.


NEW DELHI - Indian researchers believe they have discovered traces of extraterrestrial life in the shape of microbes in samples they collected outside the earth's atmosphere, the Press Trust of India reported yesterday.  Jayant Narlikar from the Indian Space Research Organization announced during a lecture on "The Search For Extraterrestrial Life" in Nagpur city in Maharashtra state that they had made the discovery a few weeks ago, but were double-checking their findings.  "Micro-organisms resembling coccus, fungal and rod-like bacillus were discovered in samples collected 41 kilometers above the earth's surface," said Narlikar.  "Biologists are now trying to verify the origin of the micro-organisms. Whatever may be the source of life, if biologists confirm the results, it will prove that extraterrestrial life does exist," he added.  Narlikar said Indian scientists had used a sophisticated equipment called a cryosampler to conduct the experiment for life in space.  "This is only the second experiment of its kind in the world. The United States had conducted a similar study where some evidences of life were found. It will open a new line of challenge for the global scientific community," said Narlikar.  Narlikar observed that their sample could contain "microbial life coming from debris of comets and other celestial objects." Thanks to  Prashant Solomon 1999-2002  ©

Editor's Note: It is quite possible life is spread throughout the universe and even space.  With estimated hundreds of millions of earth like planets circling an estimated 400 billion stars in our Galaxy, the chances for intelligent life have increased dramatically, if life can exist outside the atmosphere.  If life forms can survive in space, some of the strange objects seen in our skies may be rod like animals, strange birds, virus or some strange new life form.  These larger life forms could feed on the smaller ones.  Within our seas are floating jelly fish, a possible life form lighter than air may be flying in our skies.  Florida MUFON, Washington's Annamarie K. Johnstone, Ph.D. and an Albany TV cameraman have taken photos during October, that appear to show high speed rod like structures.  These unidentified flying objects change shapes, similar to an eel in the water that tend to support the theory of unknown life forms.  There is also the possibility the objects are made of molecular material that can morph, change size and shape as needed.  There have been reports of small basketball size probes entering Earth's atmosphere and after hovering above a lake, the object expanded in size to become a huge ship.  Advanced technologies may have the ability to change size, shape, and be teleported through space.  If a space ship could reduce its size and mass, much less fuel would be needed to travel the vast distances between star systems.  We have the ability to send television images from other planets to Earth.  The next step for humanity is to transport solid objects.  Advanced civilizations may have already discovered this technology.  Photos at   Filer's Files UFO CENTER PHOTOS


ALBANY -- Brandon Mowry, videographer from WXXA-TV, Fox 23, was shooting a weather story at the Albany International Airport on October 29, 2002, of aircraft taking off and clouds around 12 noon.  When he reviewed his tapes he first noticed the missile like object in his film flying at an estimated 4,000 feet.  The sighting was reported to the National UFO Reporting Center and the FBI.  Brandon Mowry was interviewed by the FBI, who were apparently concerned the object could be a surface to air missile fired to down a commercial aircraft.  The missile like object had fins on the front and the rear similar to several types of ground to air, and air to air missiles that could have been fired from the ground or a passing aircraft.  Missiles of this type were used in Afghanistan.

A commercial aircraft pilot phoned Peter Davenport expressing his apprehension. The pilot stated that the Albany video looked authentic to him, and he expressed concern that no one was actively pursuing the issue.  He stated that he found it upsetting that objects like those in the FOX video might be flying in the skies above our heads, and no one is telling pilots about it.  He also expressed his sense of disbelief that FOX is not pursuing the issue more aggressively.  He suggested that it seems inappropriate that a news agency would have such dramatic video, and would not be playing the tape, and bringing the story to the American People in a more aggressive fashion that FOX has demonstrated in this case.  Some high quality video cameras can take the flight of a bird or fast moving object and elongate the scene in such a way as to distort the video.  The two pairs of fins could actually be wings and the picture is stretched to appear as a missile.  Tests could be conducted with the camera to determine if the camera's internal way of scanning the picture can cause the distortion.  Although this is a possibility it is unlikely with new high quality video cameras.  See the images at


MANCHESTER -- On October 24, 2002, the witness was standing on his deck and heard what sounded like a low flying prop plane. He stated, "I looked up and saw a low flying triangular shaped craft. The color being white." I called for my Daughter to come out and witness this strange craft. I did not believe this to be an ultralight craft as it was too large and too loud.  There were no apparent windows, cockpit, landing gear or propellers.  It left no contrail.  The sky was bright blue with few high thin clouds, none of which were above the said craft.  The craft was moving fairly slow coming from the west and heading east.  Less than one minute after the craft passed over my house a military helicopter followed the same exact flight path but was moving fast.  I thought this might have been some sort of military drone but have yet to find any examples that fit the exact shape of the craft we saw.  Thanks to Peter Davenport  NUFORC


NARBERTH -- The witness was on his back porch talking to a friend on October 8, 2002, and they were looking at the night sky on a clear night, like they often do.  Then it happened, for about two to three seconds a fireball streaked across the sky, from east to west, and disappeared.  The witnesses report, "I continued to gaze up when I saw what appeared to be a dim star slowly moving." It suddenly got brighter and brighter until it was a bright star.  It then turned west and dimmed, as though it was thundering back into space.  The witness said, "I have seen many UFO's, just keep looking up!"

TYRONE -- Researcher Stan Gordon reports: The witness was hiking in the woods on Ice Mountain on October 20, 2002, about 7:30 PM, when he noticed a bright light south of his location, moving towards him.  The light appeared similar to the brightness of a normal aircraft light when first observed but suddenly stopped.  It began to pulsate and brighten and then dim.  There was a faint haze that was orange-red in color that encircled the object.  The pulsation pattern of the light began to increase and flicker very rapidly.  Suddenly a thin beam of very bright blue-white light was emitted from the bottom of the object to the ground.  The witness stated, "This was no searchlight that did not defuse with distance, but was a bright beam from top to bottom."  The man tried to describe the appearance of the beam with the following statement.  "Imagine a piece of dental floss held at arms length, and you'll have a good idea of the beam's apparent width from my location."

The pulsating effect suddenly stopped, and the beam went out.  The object was and oval orange-red object that stopped moving and began pulsating.  The witness ran 100 yards to his vehicle to get his Olympus digital camera and took one photograph as the object hovered, and a second just as the object began to move.  As he tried to take a third picture, the object shot straight up at fantastic speed and disappeared."  The witness did not detect any sound, or odd smells.  The light was a 1/4 mile away at about 1,000 feet in altitude.  The sighting lasted for five minutes near a large microwave relay tower at the top of the mountain.  Thanks to Stan Gordon's UFO/Fortean Hotline:

CLARKES SUMMIT INVESTIGATION -- Angie M. writes, "Last weeks Filer's Files reported on a UFO near Route 81 at the 195 mile marker that was seen by several witnesses on October 8, 2002, The object had both a red and blue row of lights.  The object was moving in a circle.  The object was not rotating, because the several rows of the lights were very defined as it moved around the local area.  "I have relatives that live in the Clarkes Summit that decided to check out the UFO report at the 195 mile marker on Route I-81.  They discovered twinkle lights hanging on fishing line.  It was a very clever set up that would fool most people into thinking they were seeing a UFO.  But when you get off the interstate highway and drove into their back yard, you can see the UFO lighting system hanging off a very tall black pole.  Yes, it was impressive enough to stop traffic on the interstate.  So police had the happy home owner tone down the display by not allowing so many lights to be lit up.  So much for the fake UFO.  It was a great gag that was there for three weeks."  From a faithful reader -- Angie M.


MIAMI -- Mary Margaret Zimmer Director of Miami MUFON reports that: "Tony Moreno a busineesman had a UFO sighting above the airport.  Tony says, "I was in my backyard about 1:15 PM, on October 22, 2002, getting a sun tan and looking up squinting on a beautiful bright sunny day."  I saw a sparkle up in the sky, way, way, up high.  I saw it was like a stick, so I figured it was a satellite, or a space station or something way up above in space.  "I saw it move, or twist, or curve and that drew my attention to several other little objects that were around it."  I thought, maybe it's a bunch of loose kite's or something strange.  And as I kept looking I noticed it was way to high to be kites and they were more or less stationary with clouds moving underneath them and through them.  I jumped into my house and I grabbed my video camera, but could not find the object with my naked eye and used the viewfinder to locate the objects.  I saw a triangle shape and some objects moving around.  Others were morphing.  I saw the candy cane turn into a 'T' then into a 'J,' then into a weird 'S.'" I saw one of the objects underneath turn into a delta configuration by itself and they disappeared.

Five minutes later, I looked up and saw the sparkle and started taping.  "The UFOs flew over the flight path of incoming jets to Miami International Airport.  Tony notified and she drove over to Tony Moreno's place of business, a music store called "The Cave" which he owns and manages.  She recorded Tony's statement and viewed the video and checked with the local airports and meteorologists, but they had not sent up any objects.  Tony is a MUFON Field Investigator.  The objects in the video drift in and out of the base of 4,000 feet clouds.  See video at Mary Margaret Zimmer's Website: 


ST. CLAIRSVILLE -- The witness reports seeing a craft hovering above a mall at Exit 2180 on Highway I-70.  The object had bright headlights flashing different colors at 8:15 PM on October 22, 2002.  The center of what appeared to be a disk-shaped object had lights on either side of a panel of colored lights.  The witness states, "We saw lights with orange-gold beams that shone from the left and right edges of the craft.  The craft appeared to remain stationary for about 9 minutes, before it began to rise and move in a southwest direction.  In a brief time, it had climbed so high we could no longer see it.  NUFORC


TREGO -- UFOWisconsin Reports that on October 5, 2002, the witness was getting ready for bed a little after midnight and saw a lighted object in the distance.  I closed my eyes and turned my head sideways with my head down in my pillow but then I thought to myself "Hmmm, it wasn't moving anywhere and was way too high up to be a stationary helicopter" so I looked back and it was still stationary.  I focused my vision even more and I saw a white and red light illuminating from it.  My eyes must have been focused on the object for at least 25 minutes trying to figure out what exactly it could be.  I momentarily went to get another blanket and  looked out the window again and it was gone. 

Mary B. states, "Both my son and I observed the objects and we were cognizant -- not to confuse stars with the passing clouds and counted 26 UFO's pass by."  They looked like round, white lights bigger than stars.  The strange thing was that they were in the formation of the little dipper and its surrounding stars -- yet it was too early for these stars to be overhead.  Furthermore, they moved from over the tree line in front of our house, over our house and then disappeared over the tree line behind our house.  This all in a matter of around 35 minutes.  My son grabbed a video camera he had for his video class at high school and recorded some of it.  He brought the film in and showed it to his science teacher.  She said that she did not know what it was, but it definitely wasn't stars.  They seemed to be above the earth's atmosphere, but lower than stars.  Also, the star formation they were mimicking came into view at our house about an hour later.  Thanks to Mary B.


EAST ST. LOUIS -- On October 15, 2002, at 3:30 PM, motorist James A. was driving on Missouri Avenue when the lights at the railroad crossing began to flash and the gate came down.  "While waiting at the train crossing," Jim reported, "I noticed what I first thought to be a large object in the sky moving up and down in a 'spiral motion,' each time taking a different shape.  It then became obvious that I was not watching one object but many.  I would estimate 100 to 200 lights all moving in sequence."  "When I left the stop light at Centreville, I pulled off Highway 15 and continued to view the object for about ten more minutes.  Suddenly, without hesitation, they broke ranks, with a large group heading southeast in a V-shaped formation.  A smaller group headed west, about 15 to 20 of them.  I was trying to watch both groups in what they were doing."  "Approximately 30 seconds later, two F-15 fighter jets appeared out of the north, flying towards the objects.  At that very moment, the two groups of UFOs just disappeared."  Jim, described the UFOs as "metallic, sun reflecting off objects, round in nature.  "They were very high, made sequential movements, and were very precise."  Thanks to UFO Roundup Vol.7, # 43, 10/22/02, Editor: Joseph Trainor. 


TEMECULA -- On October 20, 2002, the witness was driving north on Ynez Road at around 9:30 PM when two lights appeared.  As it got closer the object looked like a giant submarine, and turned north. My friend and I followed it north filled with curiosity about this object and it turned right over a commercial area.  Eventually the object was directly above us.  Other cars were also driving slow and the occupants were gazing on up at the sky. The object got closer and flew above us and it was giant probably around 300 yards long.  Fear set in and I made a U turn while the object continued north. During this whole event I heard a deep low frequency rumbling noise.  The next day, my friend and I decided to go out and look for it again a little later and saw lights off in the west shooting from one area to another with great speed.  We drove around the area for two hours but failed to see anything else. This is the weirdest and possibly the most terrifying/exciting event of my life.

SOUTH PASADENA -- The witness saw a very large blue crescent-shape at 5:45 PM, on October 26, 2002.  At first, it looked like an escape balloon, but it was too far away and much too large. It was shaped like one of those dolphin balloons, which gave me my first clue.  It was wobbling from side to side, and heading east.  After a little bit, it disappeared behind some trees.  Even after we repositioned ourselves, it was out of sight. It just disappeared.  Peter Davenport spoke with this witness, and found him quite credible.

SAN JOSE -- Two witnesses were sitting in the parking lot on October 28, 2002, after work at 1:10 PM talking when one looked up and said, "What the?"  They both saw what looked like a very large distinct spherical brightly lit object flying across the entire span of the sky.  It flew from the south in a northern direction, directly over our heads. It flew silently, lower and faster than any airplane normally would, and slower and longer than any shooting star I've ever witnessed.  It was bright white in color with a slight blue tint and a tail behind it; maybe 4 times its own diameter.  Thanks to Peter Davenport  NUFORC


QUEBEC -- On August 20, 2002. at 21:08 hours our member Jean L. and his wife Lina in Saint-Jean-de-Matha, got an alarm on their computer.  Jean grabbed his camera and ran outside and took a photo of a UFO. They saw a white sphere, reddish on the bottom which passed over his house heading northeast.  The sky was clear and the moon was visible behind it.  When the object was above the mountains, it changed direction.  The observation lasted between 3 and 4 minutes.  About 5 minutes later, Jean and his wife Lina observed six military aircraft heading in the same direction.  The camera used is a PRAKTICA, Aperture:2.8. Time exposure: 1/60 second, Film used: ISO 400.

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- On November 1, 2002, the witness was outside and heard the purring of a small plane and turned to see it traveling south at around 4500 feet at 3:35 PM. It was clear day and a small Cessna aircraft with bright yellow sides and a red tail section that were plainly visible.  Suddenly my eyes caught a glimpse of another aircraft flying in the same direction to the west of the other, but much closer to me.  This second object was a much larger craft than the Cessna; in fact the nose of it extended much farther forward of the small swept-back wings than the Cessna.  It resembled a DC-9 in basic shape but the wings were very short.  This craft was pure white and did not appear to have windows or markings of any kind.  Its wings were kind of indistinct and shadowy.  Strangely the Cessna, one of the slowest aircraft in the sky, was traveling at a much higher rate of speed than this object.  This object continued very slowly on its southerly course until it was out of sight.  I have never seen such a large aircraft fly so slowly.  In fact, it seemed impossible for a fixed wing aircraft to do that at all. 

KITWANGA, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- Brian Vike reports four witnesses watched a UFO while on their way home from their work at 6:30 PM on November 1, 2002.  They were on the mitt-in-main forestry road, when they saw a bright, yellowish/white light with a "beam" coming from the bottom of it.  The beam of light was like a flashlight shinning in a fog.  The witness said they saw it for three seconds before it disappeared.  The light did not move, but stayed in the one position and then just disappeared.  Considering the distance from the object, the light was small in size.  Thanks to Brian Vike HBCC UFO Research Editor: Canadian Communicator


DUNDEE -- Whilst at work I looked out of the main door on October 27, 2002, and saw what looked like a cloud in the shape of a cigar, which was white in color.  The object was at first stationery at 5 PM, and then began to move from south heading north quite slowly for about 30 seconds then stopped.  Then a few seconds later it moved again in the same direction as mentioned above.  The object stopped again then appeared to move off to the west and eventually faded away.  The above mentioned object was around ten miles away from where I was standing.


CHELTENHAM -- Glos (Gloucestershire) Echo Newspaper reports that at 9 PM, October 24, 2002, two strange green lights were seen chasing each other.  The lights resembled laser lights sighted about ten miles away above the Cotswold Hills.


MALLORCA --For months, strange noises have troubled the tranquility of the waters north of the Island of Mallorca that has a history of plentiful UFO reports.  The presence of underwater flying saucer bases is one of the hypotheses to be confirmed or dispelled by a team from the Sociedad Española de Investigaciones Parapsicológicas (SEIP--Spanish Society for Parapsychological Research) on its way to Mallorca.  "All possibilities are open, ranging from the presence of UFO bases to the existence of an underwater volcanic area or tectonic-plate displacement," said José Castro, SEIP's coordinator--along with Javier Rodriguez, of the expedition which will study the noises.  Since Friday afternoon, researchers have worked in the area located between the island of Dragonera and Cape Formentor, where experts in undersea fishing claimed having heard noises of unknown origin which are apparently audible from the surface on calm days, and whose strength and intensity vary as a function of depth.  Thanks to Diario de Mallorca and Ultima Hora (newspapers) 10/27/2002.  Translation (C) 2002. Scott Corrales,


CRIMEAN PENINSULA -- Anton A. Anfalov writes, "I would like to report new remarkable UFO observation on October 7, 2002.  My old friend, Mr. Victor A. Zdorov, was on a business trip driving his "Lada" vagon car, in the Belogorsk District of the Crimean Autonomous Republic between 3 to 5 PM.  Suddenly, he noticed a big circular object no less than 50 meters in diameter, hovering stationary for more than one hour over the forest covered mountains five kilometers southwest of the village of Zemlyanichnoye.  The circular UFO had flat cone-shaped upper part (something like a Vietnamese or Chinese hat), with a small cone on top, and a short vertical antenna.  The lower part was like a big deep saucer, with the upper part wider than the lower.  It had segmented structure like several vertical and horizontal sectors, marked by slightly visible lines. The color of the entire object was dull-grey metallic.  Many local residents saw the UFO, but there are frequent sightings so many do not pay much attention to the regularly observed UFOs.  The local press also often refuses to publish UFO reports, since they are so common.  I personally interrogated the witness in the most detailed way and a picture of the craft was drawn.  Thanks to Anton A. Anfalov, Ukrainian UFO Research Association (UKUFAS)


SCI FI Channel, as I suggested in Filer's Files last May, is sponsoring a landmark archeological excavation at the 1947 Roswell Crash Site.  SCI FI Channel's recently announced an initiative to bring scientific, congressional and media attention to the UFO phenomenon.  Remote sensing technologies from the University of New Mexico, will be used to excavate the alleged crash site of an alien craft.  Working under top secret conditions, skilled archeologists will attempt to find physical evidence of an extraterrestrial craft.  "THE ROSWELL CRASH: STARTLING NEW EVIDENCE" will be hosted by Bryant Gumbel on Friday, November 22, beginning at 8 PM (ET/PT).


BETHESDA -- Stephen Bassett lost in his effort to win the 8th Congressional District candidate for the House of Representatives.  His campaign represented a milestone in American politics.  Mr. Bassett will be the first person to appear on any federal or gubernatorial, general election ballot who speaks to the fact of an extraterrestrial presence manifest about the planet.  Although, Steve lost the election, we congratulate him on a hard fought race.  See


INTERSTELLAR TRAVEL AND UNIDENTIFIED AERIAL PHENOMENA -- At this unique symposium eminent scientists and aviation experts will explore the potential for interstellar travel and the evidence of unidentified aerial phenomena, sometimes referred to as UFOs.  Hosted by The George Washington University and sponsored by SCI FI Channel, this symposium will provide attendees with a scientific understanding of how interstellar travel might be possible and highlight the need for a thorough scientific investigation of UFOs.  Moderator - Ray Suarez, Senior Correspondent, The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer,    Dr. Michio Kaku, professor of theoretical physics at the City College at the City University of New York, Dr. Richard Henry, professor of astrophysics at Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Peter Sturrock, emeritus professor of applied physics at Stanford, Dr. Jacques Vallee, astrophysicist, Dr. Bernard Haisch, Director for the California Institute for Physics and Astrophysics, Ted Roe, director of the National Aviation Reporting Center for Anomalous Phenomena, John Callahan, former Division Chief of Accidents and Investigations for the FAA: The George Washington University's Marvin Center -- Continental Ballroom. 800 21st Street.  November 8, 2002, from 9 AM to 1 PM Call Cynthia Determan at (202) 879-9309.


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Filer's Files is copyrighted 2002 by George A. Filer, all rights reserved.  Readers may post the complete files on their Web Sites if they credit the newsletter and its editor by name and list the date of issue that the item appeared.  These reports and comments are not necessarily the OFFICIAL MUFON viewpoint.  Send your letters to  Sending mail automatically grants permission for us to publish and use your name.  Please state if you wish to keep your name, address, or story confidential.  CAUTION, MOST OF THESE ARE INITIAL REPORTS AND REQUIRE FURTHER INVESTIGATION.

Regards, George Filer    Filer's Files web 

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