UFO Intelligence Summary
produced for the
Nuclear Connection Project

Report  Sep., 1944; Oak Ridge, TN. Metal tube hovers over gaseous diffusion plant
Report  Mid-July,1945; Hanford, WA. UFO over AEC plant tracked by radar, F84's scrambled
Report  April 5, 1948; White Sands, NM. Team watched UFO performing violent maneuvers
Report  July 1948; Pasco, WA. Pilot reports domed disc near AEC area
Report  Dec. 5,6,7,8,11,13,14,20 & 28, 1948; Los Alamos, NM. OSI, pilots, Los Alamos
Report  April 24, 1949; Arrey, New Mexico. UFO tracking at White Sands Proving Ground
Report  May 21, 1949; Moses AFB/Hanford, WA. Disc hov. restricted air space over AEC Plant
Report  June 29, 1949; White Sands, NM. Naval rocket expert observed a silvery disc
Report  Fall, 1949; Key Atomic Base. 5 metallic objects traverse 300 miles across scope
Report  April 27, 1950; White Sands, NM. Cinetheodolite film taken by camera trk station
Report  May 24, 1950; White Sands, NM. Cinetheodolite film taken by camera trk station
Report  July 30, 1950; Hanford AEC Plant, WA. UFO over AEC plant triggers scramble of F-94
Report  Oct. 13, 1950; Oak Ridge, TN. Sightings by AEC security patrols
Report  Oct. 18, 1950; Oak Ridge, TN. Unidentified radar contacts
Report  Oct. 20, 1950; Oak Ridge, TN. UFOs sighted over "Control Zone"
Report  November 10, 1950; Oak Ridge, TN. Backgrnd radiation regist as object in control area
Report  December 5, 1950; Oak Ridge, TN. FBI document, possible radar jamming reported
Report  December 6, 1950; Northeastern U.S.. National alert when radar picked up unknowns
Report  December 14, 1950; Oak Ridge, TN. RADAR targets over AEC base
Report  December 18, 1950; Oak Ridge, TN. R/V Sightings over AEC plant
Report  December 18, 1950; NEPA, Oak Ridge, TN. Army report to FBI
Report  December 20, 1950; Oak Ridge, TN. AN&C Radar tracks UFO
Report  October 9, 1951; Hulman Fld (IN); Paris (IL); Newport atomic plant Unknown
Report  October 30, 1951; Yucca Flats, NV. Squadrons of UFOs over atomic test site
Report  December 7, 1951; Oak Ridge, TN. 20' square obs by secty guard; F-47's scrambled
Report  May 10, 1952; SC. UFO Incident at Savannah River (AEC) Plant
Report  Summer of 1952; Kirtland AFB, NM. Famous AF F-86 shooting incident
Report  June 21, 1952; Oak Ridge, TN. R/V sightings over AEC plant
Report  July 5, 1952; Hanford Atomic Plant, WA. Four pilots rep disc hov over AEC plant
Report  Sept, 1952; Oper. Mainbrace, North Sea area/military exercise Ruppelt's version
Report  December 10, 1952; Washington state, Hanford AEC Plant, R/V
Report  July 19, 1953; Oak Ridge, TN. Black objects maneuvered over area near an F-86
Report  April 7, 1954; USS Curtiss carrying nuclear weapons buzzed by UFO
Report  October 1, 1957; Shippingport, PA. UFO circled atomic plant
Report  November 4, 1957; Kirtland AFB, NM. Egg-shaped UFO hovers over base
Report  November 6, 1957; Radium Springs, NM. Rnd object rose verticalfrom mountain top
Report  February, 1961; Western Europe, France. DDisc near nuclear power station.    
Report  Summer of 1961; Near Moscow. Report of Russian tact missiles being fired on UFO
Report  August 7, 1962; Oracle, Arizona. UFO over Titan missile silo, Jets sent up
Report  October, 1962; NORAD Reg 2, nr Palermo AFB, NY. Scramb hot bird Cuban Missile Crisis
Report  1962; Unidentified A.F. Test Range, UFO blocked tracking of U.S. rocket
Report  February 7, 1963; Charlottesville, VA.  Planes scrambled, UFOs over missile site.
Report  April 30, 1964; Stallion Test Site, NM. B-57 radios white object landed, phto recon
Report  May 15, 1964; Stallion Site, NM. Two scrambles, radar/vis, UFOs sent proper IFF.
Report  May 22, 1964; White Sands, NM. Auto radar tracks UFO on tape, sends phony IFF.
Report  September 15, 1964; Big Sur, CA. Destroys Atlas warhead, filmed by mil trk crew
Report  June 5, 1965; Lynn/Nahant, MA. UFOs over GE facility.
Report  October, 1965; Lake Norman, NC. Three UFOs over McGuire Nuclear Power Station
Report  October 7, 1965; Edwards AFB, CA. Encounter between UFO and a hot bird
Report  April, 1966; Malmstrom AFB, MT. UFOs, alarms, 10 missiles inoperative.
Report  June 16, 1966; Elista, Kalmuk, Russia. Scientist report UFO maneuv nr missile test.
Report  August 24,1966; North Dakota. UFO jammed a Minuteman site
Report  February 10, 1967; Sandusky, OH. Saucer hovers over AEC facility with blue beam.
Report  March 2, 1967; White Sands, NM. 20 silver objects, radar blips at 7 mile alt.
Report  March 5, 1967; Minot AFB, North Dakota. Craft trk on radar hovered over missile site
Report  March 16, 1967; Malmstrom AFB, MT. UFO and "no-go Fault" cond at missile facility
Report  March 24, 1967; Los Alamos, NM. Disc hovers for 10 minutes.
Report  March 30, 1967; Malmstrom AFB, MT. Radar/visual, UFO 10 missiles shut down.
Report  October 26, 1967; Portland, England. Cylinder w/ 4 arms over nuc plant, A-R.
Report  Late Summer, 1968; Lake Norman, NC. Domed UFO near AEC plant
Report  September 17, 1968; Nellis AFB, NV.  Two military ATCs report violent maneuvers.
Report  July or August, 1972; Lake Norman, NC. Saucer near nuclear facility
Report  March 1975; Lake Murray, Lexington, SC. CE with octagon near nuclear site 
Report  October 27, 1975; Loring AFB, Maine. UFO circles weapons storage area
Report  October 30, 1975; Wurtsmith AFB Michigan. UFO chased by KC-135 tanker
Report  Late October 1975; Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado. Night NORAD went on top alert
Report  November 7, 1975; Malmstrom AFB, Montana. Targeting system tampered with
Report  November 8, 1975; Malmstrom AFB, Montana. F-106's scrambled after UFOs
Report  November 22, 1975; Savannah, Georgia. Pilots observe UFO near nuclear plant
Report  August 9, 1980; Albuquerque, NM, UFO landing near Kirtland, AFB
Report  October 18, 1982; Lake Norman, NC. Silver oval UFO with "four legs"
Report  October 13, 1983; Gaffney, SC. UFO near Cherokee Nuclear Station
Report  June 24, 1984; Peekskill, NY. UFO over nuc plant causes alert and elect failure
Report  April 26, 1986; USSR. Chernobyl explosion at 1:23 AM, preceded by UFO activity
Report  March 4, 1988; Eastlake, OH. Triangular objects hd toward Perry nuclear power plant
Report  April 22, 1998; Washington State. UFOs sighted at sub base and nuc storage facility

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