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De: Maurizio Verga <mauverga@ufo.it>
Título: New UFO Book about Italian Saucer Landings
Fecha: Sat, 07 Apr 2007 23:36:52 +0200
Para: Recipient list suppressed:;
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Dear Friend,

I am glad to announce that my latest book "When Saucers came to Earth" is - finally ! - available.

It is a large A4 size 260-page richly-illustrated book about all the Italian UFO landings happened between 1912 and 1954. The book features more than 100 fascinating saucer cases extensively commented, and with a comprehensive source listing, plus nearly 200 illustrations, including newsclippings, sketches, maps, magazine covers and much more!

It is the very first book about Italian close encounters ever published in ENGLISH language. It is the ultimate source for any serious UFO student willing to know the Italian UFO cases of the early years precisely and in depth.

It has been professionally printed in just 100 copies and about 20 of them are a Collector's Premium edition published with an even higher quality (continuous tone printing delivering a much higher quality to illustrations) and a superb companion DVD loaded with 5 multimedia videoclips.

Please read more at http://correo.hispavista.com/Redirect/www.ufo.it/saucers/

Please feel free to ask for more information. Before ordering please enquiry for availability, since there are few tens of copies left.

All the best,

Maurizio Verga

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