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Sightings from the 1940's (Last Update= 4/8/06)
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Sightings from the 1940's

Occurred : 6/15/1947 10:00 (Entered as : 06/15/47 10:00)
Reported: 3/12/1999
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Winona (approx. 20 mi. northwest of), MN
Shape: Disk
Duration:15 sec
2 unmoving round objets side my side like eyes streight overhead 
above the fiew clouds that drifted under them.
They did not move and I dont remember even looking at them the 
second time. they were white as the clouds but not metalic
shining. I was very young like about only 4 years old at the 
time and I am 55 now this was one of the two times I was a wittness 
of UFOs. These objects did not move enough for me to notice. they 
were not like the weather balloons that were prevalant during those 
days but because these were right over head and not like the side 
view that the weather baloons were. None of the characteristics 
below fit the objects that I observed. We were poor people that had 
to raise as much food as we could in the summer months to have enough 
food for the cold winters we have here. Mom was a mother of 8 and 
practically alone in her endever to raise us. so we spent a lot of 
time in the large gardens we had at that time. For the most part we 
ignored the objects and went back to our task of hoeing the 
strawberry plants growing in that particular garden plot.


Oct., 1947; Dodgeville, Wisconsin. 11 unnamed civilian man. Watched for 1 hour
while an undescribed object flew counterclockwise circles. 


Aug. 11, 1948, 1200, Hamel (Minnesota).
Two boys were playing outside when a round dull gray object 70 cm in diameter, 
30cm thick, landed near them like a balloon with a metallic noise. It spun, went 
up, hovered, maneuvered to avoid telephone lines and trees, and flew away to the 
northeast. An FBI man from St. Paul found an area 70 cm in diameter where the 
ground showed signs of extreme pressure.

Sightings from the 1950's

March 3, 1950; Selfridge AFB, Michigan. 11:05 p.m. Witness: st Lt Frank Mattson.
One intense, dull yellowish light descended vertically, then flew straight and
level very fast for 4 minutes.


1951-10-11; USA, Minnesota, Minneapolis
Extremely important sighting by two airborne balloon observers, General Mills-Navy 
balloon project; observers were in a plane, sighted two smoky-gray cigar shaped 
objects moving at terrific speed.
Oct. 11, 1951; Minneapolis, Minnesota. 6:30 a.m. Witnesses: General Mills balloon 
researchers, including aeronautical engineer J.J. Kaliszewski, aerologist C.B. Moore, 
pilot Dick Reilly in the air, and Doug Smith on the ground. The flight crew saw the first 
object, a brightly glowing one with a dark underside and a halo around it. The object 
arrived high and fast, then slowed and made slow climbing circles for about two 
minutes, and finally sped away to the east. Soon they saw another one, confirmed 
by ground observers using a theodolite, which sped across the sky. Total time first 
object was seen was 5 minutes, second was a few seconds.
Minneapolis, Minn., October 11, 1951. Extremely important sighting by two airborne 
balloon observers, General Mills-Navy balloon project; observers were in a plane, 
sighted two smoky-gray cigar shaped objects moving at terrific speed. Also one of 
the objects was sighted and briefly seen in a theodolite by a ground observer.

There are far more private pilots than airline pilots, so it is not surprising that there 
are more UFO sightings from the former than the latter. An engineer and former Air 
Force P-38 pilot, Joseph J. Kaliszewski, flying for the General Mills Skyhook balloon 
program on balloon-tracking missions saw highly unconventional objects on two 
successive days in October, 1951 (Refs. 5, 7, 10). Both were reported through 
company channels to the official investigative agency (Bluebook), whose report 
(Ref. 7) describes the witnesses as "very reliable" and as "experienced high altitude 
balloon observers." On October 10, at about 10:10 a.m., Kaliszewski and Jack 
Donaghue were at 6000 ft in their light plane, climbing toward their target balloon, 
when Kaliszewski spotted "a strange object crossing the skies from East to West, 
a great deal higher and behind our balloon (which was near 20,000 ft at that time)." 
When I interviewed Kaliszewski, he confirmed that this object "had a peculiar glow 
to it, crossing behind and above our balloon from east to west very rapidly, first 
coming in at a slight dive, leveling off for about a minute and slowing down, then 
into a sharp left turn and climbing at an angle of 50 to 60 degrees into the southeast 
with a terrific acceleration." The two observers had the object in view for an 
estimated two minutes, during which it crossed a span of some 45 degrees of the 
sky. No vapor trail was seen, and Kaliszewski was emphatic in asserting that it 
was not a balloon, jet, or conventional aircraft.

The following morning, near 0630, Kaliszewski was flying on another balloon 
mission with Richard Reilly and, while airborne north of Minneapolis, the two of 
them noticed an odd object. Quoting from the account submitted to the official 
agency (Ref. 7, Rept. No. 2):

"The object was moving from east to west at a high rate and very high. We tried 
keeping the ship on a constant course and using the reinforcing member of the 
windshield as a point. The object moved past this member at about 50 degrees 
per second. This object was peculiar in that it had what can be described as a 
halo around it with a dark undersurface. It crossed rapidly and then slowed down 
and started to climb in lazy circles slowly. The pattern it made was like a falling oak 
leaf inverted, It went through these gyrations for a couple minutes and then with a 
very rapid acceleration disappeared to the east. This object Dick and I watched for 
approximately five minutes."

Shortly after, still another unknown object shot straight across the Sky from west 
to east, but not before Kaliszewski succeeded in radioing theodolite observers at 
the University of Minnesota Airport. Two observers there (Douglas Smith, Richard 
Dorian) got fleeting glimpses of what appeared to them to be a cigar-shaped object 
viewed through the theodolite, but could not keep it in view due to its fast angular 
motion. In my conversations with Kaliszewski about these sightings , I gained the 
impression of talking with a careful observer, in full accord with impressions held 
by three other independent sources, including Air Force investigators.

The October 10 sighting is officially categorized as "Aircraft," the October 11 main 
sighting as "Unidentified." When I mentioned this to Kaliszewski, he was unable to 
understand how any distinction could be so drawn between the two sightings, 
both of which he felt matched no known aeronautical device. Clearly, objects 
performing such intricate maneuvers are not meteors, nor can they be fitted to 
any known meteorological explanations of which I am aware. Instead, these 
objects seem best described as devices well beyond the state of 1951 (or 1968) 


Nov. 24, 1951; Mankato, Minnesota. 33:53 p.m.
Witnesses: USAF or ANG pilots W.H. Fairbrother and D.E. Stewart in P-51 Mustangs. 
One milky white object shaped like Northrop flying wing (broad, slightly swept-
back wing with no fuselage or tail). Estimated 8' span. Flew straight and level 
for 5 seconds.


Date: 6/18/1952 at 9 am
Location: Columbus, WI
(OFFICIALLY LISTED AS "UNKNOWN": Case Number : 1302 June 18, 1952)
Columbus, WI, 9 a.m. Witness:  R.A. Finger. One crescent-shaped 
object hovered for several seconds and then sped away.


April 14, 1952; LaCrosse, Wisconsin. 12:35 p.m. Witness: unidentified CAL 
airline pilot. Several light colored objects flew in V-formation. No further
details in files.  

April 27, 1952; Roseville, Michigan. 4:15 p.m. Witnesses: H.A. Freytag and 
three male relatives, including a minister. One silver oval rolled, descended 
and stopped. Two silver cigar- shaped objects appeared, one departing to the 
east and one to the west. A third silver cigar-shaped object flew by at high 
speed. Sightings lasted 45 minutes. 

May 25, 1952; Walnut Lake, Michigan. 9:15 p.m. Witnesses: seven persons,
including John Hoffman, his family and friends. One large white circular 
object having dark sections on its rim, flew straight and level for 30 
minutes, appearing red when behind a cloud. 

June 1, 1952; Rapid City, South Dakota. 6 p.m. Witnesses: A/lc Beatty and 
two civilians. At least five long silver objects flew in a neat box formation
with a leader for 15-20 seconds. 

June 9, 1952; Minneapolis, Minnesota. Case missing from official files. 

June 18, 1952; Walnut Lake, Michigan. 10 p.m. Witnesses: Marron Hoffman and 
four relatives, using 4x binoculars. One orange light was observed zigzagging 
and then hovering for an unspecified length of time. 

July 19, 1952; Williston, North Dakota. 2:55 a.m. Witness: one experienced 
civilian pilot. One elliptical-shaped object with a light fringe, travelled 
down fast, made a 360* and then a 180* turn in 5 minutes. 

July 27, 1952; Selfridge AFB, Michigan. 10:05 a.m. Witnesses: three B-29 bomber
crewmen on ground. Many round, white objects flew straight and level, very 
fast. Two at 10:05, one at 10:10, one at 10:15, one at 10:20. Each was seen 
for about 30 seconds. 

July 29, 1952; Osceola, Wisconsin. 1:30 a.m. Witnesses: radar operators on 
ground, pilot of F-5l Mustang in flight. Several clusters of up to 10 small 
radar targets and one large target. Small targets moved from southwest to 
east at 50-60 kts. (60-70 m.p.h.), following each other. The large one moved 
at 600 kts. (700 m.p.h.). One hour total time. Pilot confirmed one target. 

Aug. 6, 1952; Port Austin, Michigan. Case missing from official files. 

Sept. 14, 1952; White Lake, South Dakota. 7 p.m. Witness: Ground Observer 
Corps observer L.W. Barnes, using binoculars. One red, cigar-shaped object, 
with three puffs behind it, flew west, then south, and then was gone. Seen
30-40 minutes. 

Dec. 9, 1952; Madison, Wisconsin. 5:45 p.m. Witnesses: Capt. Bridges and lst 
Lt. Johneon in USAF T-33 jet trainer. Four bright lights, in diamond formation,
flew at 400 m.p.h. and were passed by the T-33 at 450 m.p.h. during the 10
minute sighting. 

Feb. 17, 1953; Port Austin. Michigan. 10:04 p.m. Witnesses: two officers and 
three airmen of USAF AC&W squadron, visually and by radar. Visual object 
appeared to larger and brighter than a star and changed color; it was seen 
to move slowly for 5 minutes until 10:09 p.m. Radar picked up a target at 
10:08 p.m. moving in a similar direction for 17 minutes, at similar speed.

March 29, 1953; Spooner, Wisconsin. 3:45 p.m. Witness: L.C. Gillette. One 
aluminum, circular object flew high and fast, twice reversing its course. 
Note: Mr. Gillette saw a similar object in 1938. Fifteen second sighting. 

June 1, 1954; from 400 miles south to Minneapolis, Minnesota. 9 p.m. 
Witnesses: crew of USAF B-47 jet bomber at 34,000' altitude. One object with 
running lights flew at 24-44,000' altitude for 1 hour.


Occurred : 6/1/1955 02:00 (Entered as : 1955 02:00)
Reported: 5/16/1999 15:18
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Bagley, MN
Shape: Circle
Duration:2 hours
I was 5 years old at the time, family of 4 told they would remember nothing. I managed 
to break free of the (mind) control just before they left. Over the years there has been 
return visits by more than one type of being. One did not want for there activitys known 
by the other. At 10 years of age I was made to forget. When my son was 5 years later 
they returned and wanted to know about any activities with other aliens. They imployed 
mind control on both myself and my son, both of us broke from there control just before 
leaving the house with them, I was unable to move, but was able to tell my son to fight 
them, he kicked and punched two of the aliens near him. When hit they did not 
respond in any way? They seemed like puppets being controlled remotely, arms and 
legs of at least 6 (small greys) aliens move together (in sync). When hit they went 
blank (stopped moving). At this point I no longer felt fear, and they again had control 
of me. My son also remembers this encounter, only about 2 or 3 minutes. After that I 
only broke out 2 other times for very short periods of time. One: as they took me into 
there craft (a joke looked shabby). two: laying down inside being interrogated. When 
10 years old on the day I was told I would forget, I wrote what I knew down on paper, 
put it in jar, buried it behind our home and started a fire on top of it. Then I went a got 
the cattle for my dad too milk. This is were they said I would think of them for the last 
time. Coming back I was surprised by men in the woods putting out the fire that I 
started. At first I couldn't even remember that I set the fire. Years after I remembered 
I had started the fire and had buried something. I have looked but would need to dig 
up a space of around 30 sq feet.


National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/22/1956 17:30  (Entered as : 03/22/1956 17:30)
Reported: 5/5/2004 
Posted: 5/10/2004
Location: Hampton, MN
Shape: Sphere
Commuting home from work during an ice storm I encountered a UFO.
I have this information in my word processing program.  I would prefer to send you 
hard copy of the events.  I saw them on two different occasions exactly 1 week apart 
at approximately 5:30 p.m.  The first one was 15 miles away from the second one.  
The first one was approximately the size of a medcine ball, the second was different.  
It was shaped like a set of bar bells, spheres separated by a bar of glowing light.  The 
light was a gloden glow like the filament of light bulbs.

Had my car windows been open I could have reached out and touched either of them, 
therefore, they had to be within 2ft of my face. Both objects glowed like the filament of 
a light bulb.  Both were silent.  The first or perhaps both of them were highly energized.  
The first one occurred during an ice storm.  My boss sent me home from work early 
due to the weather.  I was a bit out of Coates, Minnesota southbound on Hwys 52 &
56 when I noticed this large ball of light drifting across the field towards me. Due to 
the foul weather I was only driving 15 or 20 miles per hour, the UFO I would guess 
was going about the same speed.  The road was very icy and I couldn't stop.  It was 
so icy the car was sheathed in a coat of ice 1/4" or more thick.  The ice hadn't even 
melted directly over the center of the engine after having traveled about 15 miles from 
my work place.

The ball came across the field, into the ditch and up onto the road.  I thought it was 
some form of ball lightening though I had never seen that phenomena previously.  It 
came across the shoulder and onto the pavement.  I couldn't stop because of icy 
road conditions.  Also, I thought I'm in a car with four good rubber tires under me and 
as soon as this lightening touched the car it would dissipate. The ball came up the 
corner of the car and across the hood at a diagonal.  It just missed the corner post 
on the driver's side of the car.  It then went down the side of the car and continued 
across the highway and the field on that side.  It continued on it's path from the 
southeast to the northeast.  During it's transit, the car engine cut out cold.  I don't 
recall if I had to restart it as the car did keep moving, I may have turned the key 
again to start it. Where it had come across the hood the metal was instantly dry.  
The right side of the hood was still encased in ice.  The edge of the 'cut' was smooth 
as if cut by a knife. The rest of the ice remained on the car for several hours after I 
arrived home, my husband commented on the dry section and remaining ice when 
he saw the car. Precisely one week later, same time of day, 15 miles south of the 
first encounter and on my own street, 1/2 mile east of my home, another UFO 
appeared.  This was the one shaped like two basketballs with a bar between them.  
This one circled the car twice as if pearing in on me and checking my out.  Why, I 
don't know, but nine months later I gave birth to my only child. The car was a 52 
Chevy in almost new condition.  The contact melted the component where all the 
wires and distribution system for the electrical system was.  The annoyance from 
all electrical components malfunctioning repeatedly after that got to be too 
frustrating for us and we got another car. Two men in black did come to my door 
following this incident.  I didn't want to get involved with them and I told them I thought
it was two incidents related to ball lightening.  However, I have lived a lot of years 
since and have never met with the same phenomena since. Unbeknownest to me, 
I had serious birth defects in my reproductive system.  When the doctors finally 
found them and removed my uterus; they were amazed that I had been able to have 
a child at all. When this boy and I were younger we both could change traffic lights 
at will, switching the lights from red to green.  Since then there have been changes 
made in traffic control technology and that is no longer possible.


Mar. 08, 1957, night, Baudette (Minnesota).
A pilot saw a circular object flying against the wind. It was luminous, about 
5.5m in diameter, and flew so low that it appeared to suck up the snow. 


To: ufoupdates@virtuallystrange.net
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2002 05:46:26 EDT
Subject: My Sighting: F-89s Pursue Object

Since we're discussing F-16s and F-94s chasing UFOs over 
Washington DC, I'll post my own somewhat similar sighting from 
St. Paul, in 1957, if it's of interest to readers. 

Its significance to me is this:
1. It was chased by military jets, and observed from the ground, 
just as in the Washington cases of 2002 and 1952.
2. If the jets chasing the object were F-89s (I'm almost certain 
they were), the object should have appeared on the jets' radar screens.
3. To my knowledge, it has never been reported to the 
4. To my knowledge, it has never been reported BY the 
authorities (the Air Force anywhere, Project Blue Book, etc).
5. It was my first sighting of a UFO.

Location : St. Paul, Minnesota
Year: 1957
Shape : Light/Object
Summary: A bright light was apparently chased by several military jets.

In the fall of 1957, between mid-September and early October, 
shortly before the Sputnik satellite went up, I was in front of 
our house in St. Paul, Minnesota when I heard the roar of F-89s 
(the only plane based in the area which made that much noise, 
so I presumed they were probably F-89s). 

The F-89 was an all-weather, 2-seater, twin engine fighter 
interceptor based at the main airport, flown by the Air National 
Guard. With its very loud J-35 jet engines, they never or rarely 
ever flew at low altitudes over the metro area at high throttle. 
It wasn't unusual to hear them take off, but it sounded as if 
the noise was lasting longer than usual this time. 

It was about 7:00pm, and already dark. I couldn't positively 
identify the planes, but there was nothing else located there 
which made that much noise. The Air Force and Navy military 
areas of the airport also hosted F-80s, T-33s, C-47s, C-119s, 
Navy Phantoms, P2V Neptune sub hunters, helicopters, and 
miscellaneous others - none of which made such a horrendous 
racket. Commercial jets were not yet using the MSP airport 
except for 1 French twin engine jet (the Caravelle airliner) 
which came and went, one day during that general era, as 
part of a sales mission.  

After hearing the jet noise for an unusally long time, I 
eventually looked up to see if the planes were visible, and saw 
a row of red-hot exhaust pipes (or exhaust) and navigation 
lights all westbound, coming from the east at perhaps 5,000 feet 
(just a guess). It looked like a string of firey brands travelling 
in a single file, and, as I recall, there were 6 of them. They 
were making one heck of a racket, and I took them to be F-89's. 

Then I noticed a bright light in the sky - much bigger and 
brighter than Venus, except this light was in the wrong place to 
be Venus: it was south-southwest from me at an angle of almost 
45 degrees, and hanging nearly over the main airport (MSP). At 
first I thought it must be some kind of expensive, well-done 
prank involving a lighted balloon. (I knew the Piccard family, 
at the time (the balloonists), and Don Piccard's name flashed 
through my mind, for a second, as possibly being connected with 
this sight. In fact, he _was_ doing some ballooning around that 
time, I later found out, but in Pennsylvania - not Minnesota.). 
Then I thought it might be a helicopter with a large, intensely 
bright light pointed in my direction.

As I pondered this situation, I noticed that the jets appeared 
to be headed straight for the object. The object remained in 
place as if it had all day to make up its mind if it were going 
to move or not. Finally, it DID begin to move - slowly at first 
- away from the jets, towards the southwest. The jets adjusted 
course to the southwest. Then the object picked up more and more 
speed, and finally turned off its brilliant white light, and 
sped away. It was still barely visible for a few moments after 
it switched off its light, and had a dull, glowing orange 
appearance, and had some small white lights around the main 
body. The jets followed in that direction, and eventually 
disappeared. After a few minutes, all the noise finally stopped. 

I ran into the house and checked all the TV channels expecting 
to see a report on the object chased by the F-89s, but there 
were no reports then or later.   

Then I finally sat down to read the evening paper. On the front 
page was a small article which said: 
"Mystery Object Sighted Over RAF Base. 
A mystery object was  sighted today over one of Britain's  
RAF bases, but when pursued, it doused its light and sped away." 

I cut out the article and posted it on the bulletin board in our 
high school science class, explaining that I might have seen the 
same object. Submitted for what it's worth.
Dave Morton


Aug. 17, 1958; Warren, Michigan. 7:05 p.m. Witness: A.D. Chisholm. One 
extremely bright object shaped first like a bell, then like a saucer, hovered 
for 5 minutes, flipped over and sped away to the west-south-west. Sighting 
lasted 6-10 minutes. 


Occurred : 10/20/1958 21:00 (Entered as : 10/20/58 2100)
Reported: 3/12/2000 01:35
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: St. Paul, MN
Shape: Other
Duration:2 seconds
A dull-orange craft sped southbound at low altitude and high speed toward the 
general direction of the airport.

It was October of 1958, and I had been out collecting for my paper route. (In those 
days, paper boys collected the bill from customers monthly, in person. I usually quit 
collecting for the evening around 9:00pm.) Rather than going straight into the house 
when I got home, I decided to get on my bike and amble somewhere. I started 
traveling down the alley at a slow pace - going nowhere in particular - and I saw the 
glow from the lights of the college football field, and decided to head over there and 
check the score of the game. I gazed upward and noticed that the night was filled 
with stars; it was absolutely clear and pristine. What a knock-your-socks-off beautiful 
night! I looked forward again, down the pitch black alley, and I suddenly saw a 
strange, dull-orange craft streak across the sky, over the football field, heading 
southbound, parallel to Snelling Avenue. It appeared like 2 bat-wings cut out of an 
orange paper plate, with 3 sides in total (front, back of left wing, back of right wing), 
and all sides smooth and rounded, except the tips which had normal points. Its 
altitude was perhaps 300 feet. Viewing time was perhaps 2 seconds. I could easily 
tell: It wasn't from "around here". I slammed on the brakes of my bike, and just 
stood there in the dark stillness of the night, realizing that I had just seen my second 
UFO, and that I couldn't prove it to a single soul... There had been no other 
witnesses that I know of. The stars kept shining, and the crowd watching the game 
would occasionally cheer, and the traffic kept moving up and down Snelling as the 
people went about their business, scurrying to and fro... Years later, around 1978 
or so, I was watching a documentary movie on TV called "Flying Saucers Are Real" 
or something like that, when I saw an account of a UFO encounter by an Army 
helicopter. This happened in Ohio, when a Lt. Col. Coyne and his crew were 
effortlessly pulled up several thousand feet by a large ship. An artist had made 
colored drawings, based on Coyne's testimony (he went public with it). It was an 
enormous, gray, metallic hulk of hi-tech engineering, and it had a dark red design 
on the nose which I recognized. The design was a kind of 4-pronged "splat", or 
jelly-fish, or thick cross-hairs, which if viewed from the side, appeared to be a kind 
of bat wing, or unusual flying wing (not like the Northrup flying wings). I suddenly 
realized that what I'd seen back in October of 1958 was POSSIBLY the nose art 
of a much larger craft. What appeared to me like a large, orange craft, had 
possibly just been the tip of the iceberg of a MUCH larger, huge, gray, silent 
piece of engineered metal... Either way, it was big, fast and silent.


Nov. 3, 1958; Minot, North Dakota. 2:01 p.m. Witness: M/Sgt. William R. Butler,
medic. One bright green object, shaped like a 10 cent piece, and one smaller,
silver round object. First object exploded, then second object moved toward 
the location of the first at high speed. Sighting lasted 1 minute. 


National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/23/1959 22:00 (Entered as : 06/23/1959 22:00)
Reported: 12/20/2003 
Posted: 1/17/2004
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Shape: Formation
Duration:2 hrs
Flying while in the Marine Corps in a AD Skuraider & with a wing man, at
apprx 6,000 ft observed Four Red cly objects estimating at 20,000. 11:00
O clock-radioed to wing man--He also saw it--decided to chase.  As we
gained alt to 18,000, the objects moved at a very fast rate &
disappeared at approx 3 minutes--they were not in a Military
formation--Course this was era when any Pilots reporting any such
sightings were somewhat harrassed & sometimes released from the
Military--after landing, asked my wingman what He observed and Stated,
Nothing & I said nothing--Did not report it nor did I--Talked about it
only till I left the Corps--ironic about this is that My girl had taken
some pictures about that same time over a Hilly area & the pic had a Red
dot image on it--approx 1 year later in the So Calif at a lake, observed
5 white objects approx 29,000 again, not in any Military formation
scrambling in no particular order--on the late nite news someone filmed
the same objects--nothing what said about it in any type Media after
that--Do I believe in UFO s? Not sure, but?!
((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))


Sept. 13, 1959; Gills Rock, Wisconsin. 1:05 a.m. Witness: R.H. Daubner. One 
round yellow light, with eight blue lights within it, and then five larger 
red lights, flew very fast vertically while making a pulsating jet noise.
Sighting lasted 10 minutes. 

Sightings from the 1960's

Occurred : 2/1/1960 22:15 (Entered as : 02/xx/60 2215)
Reported: 3/12/2000 02:21
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: St. Paul, MN
Shape: Cigar
Duration:3 seconds
A cigar-shaped UFO glided down towards the earth at a 45 degree angle, but was 
lost in the ground clutter.

It was February, 1960 when my friend LB and I had stopped at a local dairy store on 
Grand Avenue, bought our candy and chatted with the owner, and left when it closed 
at 10:00pm. We walked over to the vocational school next to our old grade school, 
and stood talking about aviation and rockets and anything interesting. There had been 
an F-84 parked in front of the vocational school for a few years. The school had 
removed the jet engine and taken it inside to be used in training jet engine mechanics. 
The plane remained out front as an advertisement for the school. Eventually, 
someone must have gotten nervous about the possibility that a kid might hurt 
himself on it, so it was towed away. So that's where LB and I liked to stand and talk: 
it was near the F-84 - or at least, where it now USED to be... It was now around 
10:15pm. LB and I had been talking and trying to keep warm for about 15 minutes. 
The conversation felt like it was winding down, which was fine with me: it must 
have been around 20 degrees outside. Suddenly, while LB was saying something, 
I saw an unbelievable sight. It's fantastic - but I swear I saw it. A huge, cigar-shaped, 
wingless, engineless, noiseless lighted craft appeared from behind something - I
think it was an apartment house - and quietly and swiftly glided down an imaginary 
slope as if it were on invisible railroad tracks. Each end was tapered and blunted - 
like the lit end of a fresh cigar. It was silvery in color, and had 8 to 10 round portholes 
with white light coming out of them. I did not see anyone or anything inside the ship. 
It was roughly in front of me and to my left - behind LB - and seemed very close: 
perhaps less than a block away. I was absolutely stunned. It was huge, it was 
bright, it was close, and it was moving closer. I thought it was going to land or 
crash. I was nearly speechless and momentarily afraid to move. My left arm shot 
out past LB's shoulder and I yelled, "LOOK!!!". LB has always been noted for his 
quick reactions, but for some unknown reason he reacted slowly on this occasion. 
He started to turn to his left (the wrong way), then changed his mind and turned 
slowly to his right (towards where I was pointing). By the time he was fully turned, 
the ship had disappeared behind ground clutter - houses, trees, bushes, etc. I 
yelled, "It should reappear over there!", pointing and running towards where I 
thought it might reappear. But it never emerged. It was apparently gone forever. 
While I was trembling and out of breath, LB was calm, collected, and slightly 
puzzled and bemused. Did LB - the world's greatest skeptic - believe me? 
Certainly not. He didn't think I was lying - he knew I wouldn't lie to him, but he 
thought that perhaps I'd seen an optical illusion caused by the newly installed 
mercury street light, a hundred or more feet away. But, as to practicality, I've 
seen billions and billions of mercury street lights, yard lights and playground 
lights, and not once have I thought I saw a silvery, cigar-shaped UFO come 
gliding out of the night in their vicinity - EXCEPT for that one time. Science, to 
be science, must be repeatable. LB's theory is not repeatable, nor can it be 
science. I saw what I saw - so far, once and only once in my lifetime.


March 4, 1960; Dubuque, Iowa. 5:5 Morris. Three elliptical-shaped objects made 
a slight climb for 4 minutes. Film exposed during sighting showed no images 
of the objects. 


Occurred : 8/1/1960 23:00
Location : No. Wisconsin Lake, Crystal, WI
Shape : Circle
Summary : It was dark and then lit up. A huge white round object (flat?) moved 
at great speed and disappeared. This was the time when the ufo started to appear. 
A flourscent white at least the size if not larger of Epcot Center globe. Only 
one was seen. (NUFORC)


Spring, 1961, Eveleth, MN: Possible CE3/CE4:
The witness was a child at the time of this event.  He describes 
the sequence of events as follows:  

He got up and got out of bed, unlocked the front door, and walked 
up the hill to the Eveleth water tower.  He indicated that entities 
were awaiting him at the top of the hill, in proximity to a large 
landed lenticular disk. He remembers nothing more of this event, 
but has vague memories of his mother then finding him (after a 
search of the neighborhood) and leading him home.  On the way home 
he apparently continued talking about the "men" he had encountered.

The witness to the this event is also the primary witness of the 1978
Douglas County, WI events (see below).  He contacted us after a
presentation on CE4 cases at at the Feb, 1998 MN MUFON meeting.  
MN MUFON is currently investigating this event, as well as the 1978
Douglas County events.


Feb, 27, 1961; Bark River, Michigan. 10:15 p.m. Witness: Mrs. LaPalm. One 
fiery-red, round object, preceded by light rays, slowed and descended, while 
her dog howled. Sighting lasted 10 minutes. 

July 7, 1961; Copemish, Michigan. 11 p.m. Witness: waitress Nannette Hilley. 
One large ball flew slow, split into four after 45 minutes. Four flew close 
formation, descended and flew away to the west. Total sighting lasted 1 hour. 


 10-14-1961     Flying Log?
         Mrs. Erwin Riley, a summer resident at Two Harbors, Minnesota, reported that at about 5
  p.m. on Saturday, October 14, 1961 she saw an object about the size of an ore-carrier (a large
  ship) skid into the water of Lake Superior about a mile from shore where it bobbed on the
  surface. She summoned a neighbor, Jack Ray. Ray, using binoculars, could see an object but
  couldn't make out what it was.
         The Lake County Sheriff was called but it was beginning to get dark and he could barely
  make out an object between swells. Thinking that it might be something dropped by an aircraft
  participating in AF exercises Saturday, Sheriff Falk called the Air Force and Coast Guard.
         Shortly after he left the area, according to Mrs. Riley, the object rose into the air and
  traveled in a southeasterly direction "at about the speed of a car traveling on the highway."
  Coast Guard and air search Sunday morning found only a four-foot floating log,,
         E. R. Grummett, who forwarded this report, says that floating logs are fairly common in this
  area where they occasionally break away from log booms being floated to the paper mills at
  Ashland, Wisconsin. He informs us further that there are no ore boats under 600 feet in length
  operating on the Lakes anymore and offers the opinion that no floating log could be mistaken
  for an object the size of an ore boat a mile off shore.
         A clipping from-the Duluth, Minnesota News-Tribune for 19 October quotes a letter from
  Mrs. John P. Vanicky of Hurley, Wisconsin in which she tells of sighting the same or a similar
  object, except that her sighting took place on the 15th, or Sunday. She said she was driving
  home from Marquette with. her sister Mrs. Norine Gribble when. they first sighted the object in
  the air. They thought it was a jet plane at first and kept watching it. It was traveling too slow
  for a jet, however, and looked like a huge cigar with no lights. It was a "sort of brownish color,"
  they said. Fire seemed to be streaming from the rear end of it which faded into a white streak.
  The time was between 5 and 5:30 p.m. at dusk, and it was traveling in a southeasterly
  direction. They stopped the car and watched it for about 20 minutes until it finally disappeared
  from sight. The white streak It left was visible for a much longer time. Mrs. Vanicky said that the
  explanation of a four-foot-long log did not satisfy her.
         In this instance we may have two similar sightings on two different days or the same or
  two objects on one day--take your choice. However, inasmuch as the object seen by Mrs. Riley
  was observed as it landed in the lake, we have this comment: We can accept the log
  explanation if someone can explain what the deuce the log was doing in the air in the first
  place. Mrs. Riley indicates that the object "or log" was not in free fall, but rather was "landing"
  or controlled. It later took off---smarter than the average log, we'll wager.                           
  This Reference: The A.P.R.O. Bulletin, November, 1961, p. 3
         Secondary Reference: Invisible residents by Ivan T. Sanderson, p. 226, 
        © 1970 Ivan T. Sanderson.

  UFOCAT PRN 76779
  Two Harbors, Minnesota, USA – Latitude 47.01 N, Longitude 91.40 W
  Note: The second sighting is inland and not water related, therefore Lat. & Long. left out.
  Point of entry (UFOCAT)……... - Latitude 47.02 N, Longitude 91.04 W
  Reference: The National Gazetteer of the United States of America, Prepared by the U.S. 
  Geological Survey in cooperation with the U.S. Board on Geographic  Names, Washington, 
  D.C. 1990.


Nov. 23, 1961; Sioux City, Iowa. 9:30 p.m. Witness: F. Braunger. One bright 
red star flew straight and level for 15 minutes. 

00/00/62 22:00 Morrice, MI 
Summer 1962 - Large and small identical craft hovered at tree top level for several 
minutes 2- yards from 2 observers. (NUFORC)

Jun. 04, 1963, Lyle (Minnesota).
A multicolored object, the size of a light truck, was reported to have landed in 
the vicinity of Lyle. Police searched an area over 3 km wide on both sides of the 
Iowa-Minnesota border, with no results.


Occurred : 6/15/1963 11:30 (Entered as : 06/15/63 11:30)
Reported: 7/29/2002 9:50:38 AM 09:50
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: North St. Paul, MN
Shape: Disk
Duration:1 minute
Group of three saucer ufos sighted by five children on June 15, 1963 in North St. Paul, MN.
On a bright, sunny Saturday afternoon, my brothers and sisters and I were at nearby 
elementary school (two doors down from our home) playing baseball on the front lawn. 
I was only about 6 years old at the time. Someone, I can't recall whichof us, spotted 
three silver saucer type ufos in the sky, just off to the southwest. They didn't appear 
very far away, and you could easily see them through the treetops (though they may 
have been much higher in actuality). There was no sound whatsoever emitted from the 
space crafts and the view was clear. To this day we all remember the sighting. I ran 
home to tell my parents, but within seconds the saucers vanished.  ((NUFORC Note: 
Date is approximate. PD))


National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/11/1963 20:00 (Entered as : 07/11/1963 20:00)
Reported: 6/15/2004
Posted: 6/18/2004
Location: Albert Lea, MN
Shape: Oval
Duration:6 min
It was a round blue that glowed and moved toward us slow without making
any noise.
Blue light about 50ft long. Just before dark about 9:30. Didn't make any
noise. I ran up to it and tried to jump and touch the bottom of it.
After this sighting I was always a year behind. In those days when you
turned in your homework or any school work you always wrote the month
day and year. I kept on thinking it was 1963 when it was in fact 1964.
Have you ever heard of anything like this.
((name deleted))
((NUFORC Note: Date may be approximate, although the witness does not
indicate that fact. We have not heard of that type of time anomaly. PD))


May. 05, 1964, 0830, Comstock (Minnesota). 
A farmer, Alfred Ernst, saw an object rise from a field and fly rapidly into 
the cloud bank. It was described as oval, and it left a depression and imprints in 
the ground. 

April 3, 1964; Monticello, Wisconsin. 9 p.m. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. R. Wold 
(he was a graduate student in anthropology). Four huge red lights in a 
rectangular formation, with a white light above, were near the ground, tilted
and flew away after 3-4 minutes. 

July 16, 1964; 15 miles south of Houghton Lake, Michigan. 11:15 p.m. Witness: 
Northern Air Service pilot K. Jannereth. Four white lights in a stepped-up 
echelon formation, were joined by two more. They closed in on the airplane, 
then rapidly slowed nd flew along with it for a total of 5 minutes. 

Nov. 14, 1964; Menominee Falls, Wisconsin. 9:40 p.m. Witnesses: Dr. G.R. 
Wagner, MD; and two girls. Three dim, reddish lights flew through a 160^ arc 
in 5-6 seconds. 

Apr. 08, 1965, 2130, Kindrae (Minnesota)
A 60-year-old man saw an object 200 m away, in the northwest at 30 m altitude. 
It turned east, then left toward the south. First seen as a single, bright 
light, then two luminous sources were visible through a "door" in the object, 
which appeared metallic. Radio interference was noted.

Apr. 26, 1965, 1700, New London (Minnesota). 
Gary X. , 9, saw an object which came down silently and hovered at ground 
level 60 m away. A sort of periscope emerged from it, and a strange noise (also 
heard by the boy's father) was noted. After 1-2 min the "periscope" disappeared, 
the object rose, and then dashed up at unbelievable speed. 

May 7, 1965; Oxford, Michigan. 7:30 p.m. Witness: M.E. Marshall. One light, 
like a satellite, split into two parts, one of which was copperish color, 
then two more joined up. One object may have been tumbling. Sighting lasted 
1 minute. 

July 6, 1965; Kiel, Wisconsin. 9:30 p.m. Witness: Mrs. E.R. Hayner. One 
flashing light, like a satellite, was seen for less than 1 minute. No further 
data was in the files. 


08-04-1965  Duluth, MN, USA. St. Louis Bay Bulletin, Rochester, MN, August 5, 1965
underwater ufo in minnesota


Occurred : 8/8/1965 23:10 (Entered as : 8/8/65 2310)
Reported: 2/11/1998 
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Shape: Changing
Duration:2 min.
 A firery ball came from a high altitude at a steep angle in the 
 northern sky. It leveled off and changed to a dome shape with a
 pulsating red light on top. A white light glowed underneath as it 
 flew level in a NW direction.

 I am a private pilot (at age 16) with USAF pilot training in T-37 
 jet. Three of us saw a fire ball enter the atmosphere at a steep 
 angle. It was trailing red fire as it came down at high speed. It 
 leveled off at a few thousand feet and became a dome (lampshade) 
 shape with a pulsating red light on top and a yellowish-white light 
 shining below. It was several miles to the north so we had a side 
 view as it leveled off and slowed way down. It was moving in a 
 westerly direction at approximately two or three thousand feet. It 
 made no sound and the sky was clear and very dark. It got smaller 
 as it flew to- ward the west at several hundred miles per hour. We 
 lost sight after two minutes when it was hidden by the trees on the 


Wadena, MN;  Wadena Co;  USA
8/65, 5 PM
Sun, partly cloudy, no precipitation, light wind
Biconvex lens-shaped disc
Slow.  30 - 40 mph?
30 - 60 feet diam.?
Daylight Disc/No lights
Simple geometric shape.  No windows, exhaust, sound, lights, attachments.  
50 - 75 yards
200 - 400 feet
35 - 45 degrees
Slowly flew into distance
Westerly at slow, even speed.
Vehicle/solid object
Psychological effects
Under cloud ceiling
Within 500 feet of ground
Within 500 feet of witnesses
Continuous flight
Sighting occurred about August 1965 when I was about nine+ years old.  
Attention drawn to distant reflection to ENE.  Thought reflection was 
conventional aircraft with metal skin.  Watched closely but object moved 
much slower than an airplane or jet aircraft.  Object was moving almost 
directly toward my sister and I.  Eventually a simple disc-shaped object 
was clearly apparent.  Object flew from east to west, north of my sister 
and I, at low altitude and very close.  Object maintained steady speed 
and flew slowly to the west.  Visibility was excellent that afternoon 
before my mother went to work.  Sister agreed as to shape of object, 
flight characteristics, etc.  All estimates of speed, elevation, 
distances, etc. are from vivid memory.  Sighting inspired continued 
interest (~37 years).  Other sightings made at irregular intervals from 
1973 to present.


Sept. 25, 1965; Chisholm, Minnesota. 9:55 a.m. 
Witness: Bett Diamon. Five orange lights in a row flew fast and made an
abrupt turn during the 1 minute sighting. 


(Unexplained Mysteries) 
Deputy Sheriff Arthur Strauch photographed a UFO in the presence 
of other witnesses. It was disc-shaped and silvery with a 
spinning outer rim. 


Long Prairie, MN
Here is a word by word account of the 1965 Long Prairie event 
as written in the Lorenzen book "Encounter With UFO Occupants" 
published in 1976. 

Three tiny "tin men" star in the case at Long Prairie, Minnesota 
on October 23, 1965. According to his story, Jerry Townsend, 
nineteen, a fledgling radio announcer, was driving from Little 
Falls to Long Prairie at 7:40 PM on the night in question. At 
about four miles out of Long Prairie he rounded a curve; his 
engine, lights, and radio went dead, so he braked his car. Ahead 
of him was a rocket-shaped object, about 30 or 40 feet high and 
ten feet in diameter, resting on three fins in the middle of the 
road. Townsend got out of his car, walked toward the front fender, 
then stopped at the sight of three little bear-can shaped "objects" 
which came from under the ship and moved toward him. They were 6 
inches high, walked on two "fins," and when they stopped, a third 
"fin" came down in the rear. He saw no faces, eyes, etc., and said 
they moved from side to side in a waddling gait. They seemed to be 
watching him. After what seemed to be an eternity, he said, they 
went under the big "rocket," and disappeared into it. The object 
then took off. The "colorless" light which issued from the bottom 
of the "rocket" went out after it was airborne. The object's takeoff, 
Townsend said, looked like someone had "lifted a flashlight off 
a table." 

The wrapup on this case included inquiries to teachers and friends. 
Townsend got a clean bill of health as far as his reputation for 
honesty was concerned. After the object left, he drove to Long 
Prairie where he told of his encounter at the sheriff's office. 
Sheriff Bain told us via telephone that Townsend had a good 
reputation, was not a drinker, and that he had been visibly 
frightened when he reported his experience. Bain and Long Prairie 
police officer Lavern Lubitz returned to the spot where the object 
was reportedly seen, and found three parallel strips of oil-like 
substance about 4 inches apart and a yard long, on the surface 
of the road. "I don't know what they were, but I've looked at a 
lot of roads and never saw anything like them before," Bain told 
reporters later. As you can see, I had a slightly different version 
of the story when I recited this case at the last MUFON meeting. 
Perhaps many older cases are not quite perfectly accurate. 
Dick Moss


Nov. 16, 1965, Cyrus (Minnesota).
T. Untiedt was driving on Highway 28 about 5km west of Cyprus when he saw 
a red flourescent, cylindrical object with a cone on top, 4m long and 2m 
in diameter, surrounded with a white glow. The car slowed down as the observer 
was 400m away from the object, which took off toward the northeast. 

November 16, 1965, Herman, Minnesota
Radio failed, engine of car started to act up as object went over the road.

November 26, 1965, St. Paul, Minnesota
Simultaneous power failure and UFO sighting.

Dec. 20, 1965, Herman (Minnesota)
Edward Burnd, 15, was driving west in a farm truck when he saw an object 2 m
above the road about 30 m away. As the engine died, the object glowed red and
the witness lost consciousness. When he awoke, the truck was facing east and
rested in a ditch. 


UFO Sighting Report: Bagley, Minnesota - april 22, 1966 - UFO Evidence
Date april 22, 1966
Location  Bagley, Minnesota
Date Posted: 10/30/2004 2:39:40 PM 
Day/Night: Daytime 
No. of Witnesses: several 
No. of Object(s): Single 
Full Description & Details: 
Apr. 22, 1966 Bagley (Minnesota). Several people were said to have 
observed an object fly at low altitude and land outside Bagley. Four dwarfs 
seemed to make repairs, then the craft flew away. (FS Mar., 67) 

1966 - An orange sphere was seen flying over the coast at Figueira da Foz, Portugal at 
nine p.m. local time. At 3:30 p.m. CDT--within an hour of the sighting in Portugal--a flying 
saucer flew down the main street of Bagley, Minnesota at a low altitude, jumped over a 
school bus and landed on the outskirts of town. Four beings of small stature got out of the 
UFO, seemed to do some work on it, got back in and then took off. 

(Sources: Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos case investigation files; David F. Webb & Ted 
Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1966-18; Ray Palmer, Flying 
Saucers, March 1967, p. 24; Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1966

I remember the bus and I am currently having my mother living in Bagley check the paper 
for that date. 

Personal Background
ROGER J. KVANDE 2215 East 97th Drive Thornton, CO 80229
(303) 451-0429 rjkvande@hotmail.com 
DEGREE: Bachelor of Science - Electronics/Industrial Arts 

Other Comments
Another abduction in Bagley Minnesota, 1953 and 1978, Mother and my son are involved. 

From: "Rocky Kvande" 
Sent: Friday, November 05, 2004 3:54 PM
Subject: Re: ship
 There was no pilot seat, buttons, or any visable controls, or portals to see
 out.  The center of the craft was an empty space allowing access to
 horizontal recepticals(inside the wall of the ship), which are the only life
 support on the ship. Once inside, the ship telepathically connects to your
 mind, your body becomes the ship, and the ship becomes an extenstion of your
 mind. Visually everything 360 degrees around the ship is part of your
 vision, you have to focus your mind up, down, forward to see in one
 direction.  You can reach out with your arms to feel anything outside the
 craft(you can reach out to planets and feel thiem).  To move you only have
 to think it, in any direction. I also remmeber learning to land from space
 on a planet.  Have you ever heard of any discription of a ship of this kind?

From: Rocky Kvande
Sent: Wednesday, November 03, 2004 
Hello, I remember having control over this craft, doesn't it sound like
something a 15 year old  would do?  After the craft landed I was able to
hide in long grass, and crawl away. I didn't remember it till I found the
following on the web. I remember the inside of the craft and how to fly it.
The bus was the trigger. I have no idea who turned this one in?


6/1/66 13:00 Carson City, MI 
My cousin & I were both 7 and we were behind our grandmother's when we noticed a 
silver, smooth, shimering disc about 20" wide and 10" tall.  (NUFORC)


Occurred : 6/18/1966 11:00 (Entered as : 06/18/66 1100)
Reported: 7/24/2003 4:12:26 PM 16:12
Posted: 8/1/2003
Location: Duluth, MN
Shape: Disk
Duration:15 min
Intell at Winnepeg disembark and debreif all passangers from a NW 727 after a 
close encounter over Lake Superior.

NW 727 in Jet route over Lake Superior from Detriot to Winnepeg. Contacted 
Houghton Radio in Upper Michigan with a report of a "silver disk" going around the 
airplane, passing close to the wings. Pilot said that all on board saw and were 
terrified. Minneapolis center at Farmington contacted us (29th Air Divison, SAGE) 
and asked if we had contact on our radar with the aircraft and did we see any raw 
data near the 727. I worked in Weapons on the third floor of the sage bldg. and 
was involved with some practice intercepts involving two ANG F-102 interceptors 
in a low altitude area just south of the Lake. Sawyer High at Mps Ctr called me 
and asked if I saw it. I said that I did see the Airliner but not any extra raw data, 
but I said that I'd keep an eye on it. 2 Minutes later we saw a trail of something 
(eight raw paints) break south and it appeared to either go out of the atmosphere 
or into the lake before disappearing.  ((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))

Jan. 05, 1967, 0430, Winsted (Minnesota). 
A civilian man, 32, driving to work in his 1964 Chevy truck, had to stop and 
inspect the vehicle when its engine stalled. Only then did he observe an intense 
light to his right, coming closer. He saw it land on the road, and locked himself 
inside the cabin. The craft settled on a tripod landing gear; it measured 25m in 
diameter and was 10m high. Something similar to an elevator came down from it, and 
a man dressed in blue coveralls "with something like a glass fish bowl on his head," 
ofmedium height, seemed to check something and left. 

Mar. 12, 1967, Rochester (Minnesota).
A boy who had gone outside to buy a newspaper saw an object resembling an inverted 
mushroom hovering 10 m above ground. It was not larger than a car, took a 45 
(degree) orientation, oscillated, and left to the northwest. Three photographs 
were reportedly taken. 

Feb. 12, 1967; Grand Rapids, Michigan. 3:40 a.m. Witness: Mr. Lou Atkinson. 
Four fluorescent, football-shaped objects, a dull, almost grey luminous color;
flew northeast in a very rigid formation for 4-10 seconds. Made a chirping noise.

Feb. 16, 1967; Stoughton, Wisconsin. 9:11 p.m. Witness: Miss Lynn Marsh. One 
light with faded edges seemed to follow observer in her car for 5-6 minutes. 

Feb. 20, 1967; Oxford, Wisconsin. 3:10 a.m. Witness: USAF veteran/truck driver
Stanton Summer. One orange-red object flew parallel to truck for 2 minutes. 

Feb. 27, 1967; Grand Haven, Michigan. 8:19 p.m. Witnesses: Sheriff Grysen, wife
and others. Large white light, with smaller red and green lights seen to the
sides. Made almost instantaneous 90^ turn to left, shot out over road and

March 9, 1967; Onawa, Iowa. 9:05 p.m. Witness: Jack Lindley. One bright white,
saucer-shaped object, as big as a jet airliner, flew straight and fast to the
east for 2 minutes. 

March 22, 1967; Wapello, Iowa. 10:20 p.m. Witness: Douglas Eutsler, 15. 
Fluorescent, solid, multicolored lights stood still, then flew away at high 
speed after 1 minute. 

March 6, 1967; Benton Harbor, Michigan. 12:01 a.m. Witnesses: Jerome Wolanin,
assistant news director of radio station and former policeman, and wife. One 
round saucer or oval-shaped object with red, green and yellow lights around 
bottom rim which pulsated red. Flew level, east to west, and was joined by 
second object from west. First object opened top, second came over and hovered 
for 30 seconds and disappeared. Sighting lasted more than 40 minutes. Objects 
made hissing sound. 


Occurred : 7/1/1967 01:00  (Entered as : 07/01/1967 1:00)
Reported: 6/5/2004 
Posted: 6/18/2004
Location: Chatfield, MN
Shape: Unknown
No sighting, but strange sounds and flickering lights after midnight.
I'm guessing at the date, it may have been as late as the early 1970s. The time of day 
is also uncertain, but was after midnight. I should also mention that since early childhood 
I would not go to sleep unless the shade in my room was pulled because I was afraid 
of eyes looking at me.  I awoke due to a odd pulsating, whirring sound and noticed 
flickering lights on my window shade.  I called to my father, who was sleeping on the 
couch in the living room (due to my mother not feeling well), but all he did was mumble 
incomprehensibly. I was very fightened and simply covered up my head with a blanket. 
I don't recall if I mentioned this to my parents in the morning.
((NUFORC Note:  Time and date are approximate.  PD))


Date:               10/00/1967 20:00CST
DURATION:           1-5_minutes
LATITUDE:           45
LONGITUDE:          95
SITE:               town
SKY:                clear
ELEVATION:          varied
DISTANCE:           101-500_feet
FLIGHT:             straight_line_path
SHAPE:              diamond
SURFACE:            dull
STRUCTURE:          louvres
APPARENT_SIZE:      larger
ACTUAL_SIZE:        11-30_feet
SURFACE_COLOR:      grey_lead_silver
CHANGE_COLOR:       no
OBSERVATION:        aerial_path
WITNESS1_PHONE:     320-587-2955
WITNESS1_EMAIL:     wayner@hutchtel.net


1968 New York Mills, Minnesota sighting

In 1968, when I was 5 years old, my family (parents and 2 brothers) 
lived in New York Mills, Minnesota in the central part of the state 
on a farm 3 miles from town.  At about 6:00pm one afternoon after 
we returned home and got out of  our car, we saw a craft slowly 
descending to earth about 1/4 mile from our house.  It glowed bright 
orange, had the typical saucer shape, was probably 60-100 feet wide, 
20-30 feet tall, and it made no sound as it flew.  The orange glow 
was phenomenal.  I still remember the color to this day 33 years 
later.  About 200 feet from the ground, the craft stopped and 
hovered above the hill for nearly 5 minutes.   We stood there next 
to our house and watched the craft and it was less than a 1/4 mile 
away the whole time.  We felt as though they were watching us the 
entire time.   After hovering for those 5 minutes the craft then 
landed behind that hill in an area of woods and marsh. My dad 
thought that it was landing there to charge up power because there 
were power lines that ran along the woods there.  After the craft 
landed we all went in the house and spent the remainder of the 
night before bed stairing out the window and my dad slept that 
night with a loaded rifle on his bed.

My parents did not report the incident because they felt they 
would think we were nuts.  We still talk about the incident each 
time we get together and I drive past the area each year to look 
at the sight.  Years later my parents started talking about the 
incident with others around town after other people described 
similar encounters.  One woman stated that she woke up one night 
in 1968 and looked out of her window and there was a similar type 
craft sitting on the ground approximately 100 feet from her house.    
There were other observations in the area as well around the same 
period. Anyways, I just thought I would send you this data for posting in 
case some other person made similar sightings in that area at that 


2/25/68 22:00 
Ironwood, MI 
A small UFO we chased in a Piper Cherokee plane. Object led us in a circle then 
passed below us. (NUFORC)

Sightings from the 1970's

Occurred : 6/29/79 22:45
Location : st. paul, MN
Shape : Light
watched a yellow pt of light drop strt down, it stopped at roughly 
45 deg l.o.s. to hor. it stopped, hovered a sec or two, then 
apparently divided in 4 pcs, departed in 4 dir, 90 deg from each 
I was on the way home from work, and saw what i thought might be a 
meteor. but it was the wrong color (yellow), and moving too slowly, 
and in the wrong direction (straight down, as opposed to horizontally).
It was a little larger than the other stars, and bright yellow, it 
was the movement and color that caught my eye. It dropped to a point 
in front of me, and about 45 deg from the horizon, stopped, then 
apparently divided into 4 sections (as it was just a point of light, 
i say apparently), then each section made a bit of an s-curve away 
from each other, and departed in 4 different directions, roughly 90 
deg from each other. At the time i thought it interesting, and didn't 
mention it to anyone. Could this be a ufo sighting? please resopnd 
via e-mail.


Occurred : 6/12/1968 02:30 (Entered as : 06/12/1968 02:30)
Reported: 10/23/2003 1:06:05 PM 13:06
Posted: 10/31/2003
Location: St. Paul, MN
Shape: Circle
Duration:2 Minutes
Witnessed a silver and round with 2 back high fins UFO when I was 12
Once when I was 12, a friend and I were walking around this deserted lake when a 
large object, the size of a bus but silver and round with 2 back high fins came almost 
right over us. Freaked us both out. I looked at him then up again and the thing just 
shot out into space. Very cool.


Occurred : 6/26/1968 13:00 (Entered as : 6/26/68 13:00)
Reported: 9/4/2003 12:10:50 PM 12:10
Posted: 9/4/2003
Location: Wyoming, MN
Shape: Disk
I sent this in the other day tothe national reporting site as well....My brothers and I and 
other friends have saw ufo's in the area over the years. What started it for me was in 
1967 or 68 in june I saw a large disc tree top high at about 15 mph .It was about 250ft 
around.and I could see the writing of some kind on the craft .I was in my dads yard 
and the ufo flew just over the trees across the road -my dad was under his car and 
didn't come uot to see it when I yelled look.So I went to see if anyone nextstore saw 
it.Thay had there backs to it hanging cloyhs on the line... "However they saw me" 
about 9/2/03 I saw on the history channel that the cattel mutalations started in about 
1967.And they say that it is lasers that make those clean cuts. And back then there 
was no laser or portable ones.

1967 in late june I was 8 year old-- this was after I saw the ufo--I was playing alone 
in the woods just behind the house for a while. Then I came to the front of the yard 
to see we had company--My dads sister and boys my age --they went to the 
treehouse--so I to went to find them --I went up the tree into the the treehouse --5 
minutes or so later I noticed my right leg felt funny --So I went back down to the 
house to my bedroom and pulled down my long leg bluejeans --with no cut in them--
or no blood on them --I looked at my leg and I had a 6 inch long cut a inch and a 
half deep--still not bleeding--and no pain --I went to show my mom to take me to 
the doctor and have it sticked up--She said what happend --and I said I don't no-- 
But it is a laser cut made by that ufo I saw.

1968 in june agin--I was with one of my 3 brothers picking blackbarrys with the 
family dog. This time we where accross the road from my dads house direcly 
under the path of the ufo I saw the year befor. I said to my brother --I found more 
barrys over here so we went deeper into the woods and never seemed to find the 
barrrys --We thought we got lost--We got picked up by a ufo and they took us to 
a place and dropped us off--We think-- WE saw pine trees with snow on the 
branches ? --The next thing we no we found areselfs inside of a hourse fence a 
mile from home.--there is no way we could have walked there without crossing 
a tar road and 2 dirt roads. We did not cross any roads lost in the woods to get 
there. Thats where they dropped us off. We new right what had just happend. 
Also we don't remember when we lost the family dog. but the dog was at home.

1976 trapping season my same brother went to cheak our trap line in back of the 
house--with a friend they dident go far--on a hay feild at dusc they heard a crashing 
noise like branches braking--They stopped and saw a dark image of a small ufo 
come right out of the forest and stop at the feild --then it started to glow and they 
ran and got me and we all went back to the spot --we took a gun with --We dident 
see anything at frst so we went farther back to a tree line dividing 2 feilds--At the 
end of the next feild we could see a red object that flew in the night sky slowly over 
the trees --the light would go out--and when it came back on it was forward and 
down from where it was--and when the light went out agin and came back on it 
was back and up from where it just was--and we could see the tree tops lighting 
up under it --like it was taking picturs 1999 I was at my dads cabin in atkin MN 
with my family of 3 and we slept in a camper in the yard that stay.after we left my 
dad called me to say there was 3 dark rings in the grass in the most open part of 
the yard.He said they where not there untill we stayed over the weekend.  
((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))


Sighting Date/Time: 7/15/1968, ~9pm to 9:30pm (dusk)
Sighting Location: 3 miles from New York Mills, MN

I sent in a UFO report about 6 weeks ago concerning a sighting 
in 1968 in North Central Minnesota near the town of New York 
Mills.  Four persons in my family witnessed the UFO and I sent 
in my recount.  This week my family visited from Minnesota and 
I now have the collective summary as follows:

*  Witnesses = Father, Mother, Brother (age 12), Me (age 5)
*  Length of Sighting = 15-20 minutes
*  Date July 15, 1968
*  Time of day = Dusk (i.e. around 9:00-9:30 or so.  Sun set, 
but sky still not yet dark)

Description of Event based on the collective opinions among 
the 4 witnesses:   

We were driving home at dusk.  We lived on a farm in the country 
approximately 3 miles from New York Mills Minnesota which is a 
town of population 750 on North Central Minnesota.  As we drove 
toward home North down the gravel road we saw a blinding bright 
light coming from a neighbors farm which was situated directly 
in the road in front of us.  As we approahed that home, we were 
debating about what type of lights the neighbors could have in 
their yard to cause the glow.  It was lit up like a baseball 
stadium lighting.  The road turns North directly in front of 
the neighbors house.  My Brother and I were in the back seat and 
we continued to watch the light as my mother and father looked 
north as we rounded the corner.  My brother and I noticed that 
the light source was not coming from the neighbor's yard, but 
instead was eminating from a source approximately 250 yards 
behind the neighbors house.  We drove approximately 300 yards 
north and then turned west again.  At that point all four of 
us were stairing at the glowing orange object hovering silently 
behind the neighbors house approximately 100 feet off the ground 
above a swampy area at the crest of the hill.  My brother, my 
mother and I continued to stair at the object as my father turned 
north into outr driveway and pulled up into our yard about 150 
yards north.  We all exited the car and watched the object for 
some time.  The object was glowing orange in color, saucer shaped, 
between 30-50 feet tall, and between 60 and 100 feet wide.  All 
of us estimated that the object was very large and was bigger 
than our house.  An exact size estimate was difficult to make 
because the object was hovering in a location approximately 1/4 
mile from out house.  In addition, because it was a bright glowing 
orange color, the boundaries of the craft were difficult to make 
out.  At one point my Father and Brother said they could see the 
boundary of the craft within the orange glow and they said it was 
suacer shaped.  The object hovered in one place and was completely 
silent.  It could not have been an airplane or helicopter.  The 
sky was completely clear although the sun was set and the sky was 
blue gray.  We stood outside in our driveway for a minute watching 
before my parents brought us into the house.  They were likely a 
bit nervous at that point so we went in the house and ran to the 
south side of the house to look out the window.  The craft hovered 
there for approximately 10 minutes.  It then sank down as if it 
was landing.  The craft sank behind a hill out of view, but there 
was still a glow that could be seen even though the craft could 
not be seen.  About a minute later it ascended again and hovered 
for another 3 minutes.  It then descended again.  The area in 
which it landed is very swampy so we hypothesized that the craft 
moved to a more stable location.  The craft landed in an area 
where power lines run along the swamp so my dad guessed that the 
craft was "charging it's power sources from the powerlines".  
The total sighting time lasted 15 minutes.

Anyways, we sat and watched the area for some time, but did not 
see it again.  My parents chose not to call the police becuase 
people would think we were "nuts".  They also decided to stay in 
the home that night rather than go back to town for the same 
reason.  My parents never reported the incident, but had heard 
others make similar reports to the police around that time.  A 
man named (name withheld) called the police and reported a sighting 
near Rush Lake which is a large lake located approximately 2 
miles from where we lived.  Another woman who lived 5 miles from 
our house awoke one night to get a drink of water and witnesses 
a similar craft landed in her back yard approxiately 250 feet 
from her house.  A couple years later, the preachers daughter and 
2 others were driving down the road and their car died.  They 
could not restart the car and suddenly became aware of a craft 
landed in the road ahead of where they were stopped.  They were 


Occurred : 10/15/1968 02:00 (Entered as : 10/15/68 2:00 A.M)
Reported: 11/21/2000 09:24
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Hastings, MN
Shape: Triangle
Duration:2 minutes
Perfect semi circle vapor trail left as soundless UFO makes a turn-around 

On a clear Fall nite away from city lights, we saw a triangular shaped object 
approach us from the East traveling at a high rate of speed at about 11 oclock 
from the horizon.When it was almost directly overhead at about 5000 ft.
(estimated), it stopped dead in its tracks.We could see that the bottom of the 
object was silvery and kind of ossilated slowly from green to red to maroon 
across this silvery "underbody" of the object...at the three points of the triangular 
object where reddish orange lights that sometimes turned to a greenish color. 
After sitting motionless and soundless for about a half a minute, it made a slow 
180 degree turn leaving a vapor trail. After making the slow and perfect turn, the 
object again sat motionless for a few seconds , and then took of straight and 
level at an icredible speed "in a flash" it reached a point about 15 miles east of 
us just above the horizon. Again the object stopped dead for about 10 seconds, 
then when straight up at incredible speed until it went out of sight. After this had 
all taken place, we noticed that the vapor trail was still disapating directly 
overhead in the atmosphere where the object had made the 180 degree turn 
around. This vapor trail seemed identical to that which you see when a high 
altitute aircraft leaves a vapor trail. This trail widened, and distorted over a period 
of about 3 minutes or so. Our observation was that the original vapor trail formed 
an absolutely perfect 180 Degree semi circle.. No vapor trail was caused by the 
craft when it was excelerating away from us or toward us... Only during the 
perfect turn... During all of this there was never any sound coming from the 
object..  ((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))


New York Mills, Minnesota
July 1969, 8:00 PM
dur.: 25 Minutes
sky: Clear
Wit.: Father, Mother, older brother
Saucer,  100Ft  X  30 Ft, Glowing Yellow Orange with Lights
Hovering 50-100 feet off ground
Brilliant Orange Yellow color with lights Hovered for 10 minutes.  
Descened behind hill.  Rose up again and hovered for 10 minutes.  
Descended again and landed behind hill approximately 300 yards from 
our house in rural Minnesota.
50-100 feet then landed
10 degrees
Landed behind hill Hovered, descended, ascended, hovered.  No noise whatsoever.
Vehicle/solid object
Change in motion
Within 500 feet of ground
Within 500 feet of witnesses
Continuous flight
It was 1969 and I was 5 years old.  We lived in central Minnesota about 2 
miles from New York Mills on a farm outside of town.  It was mid-summer 
and we (Mother (30), father (41), older brother (12), me (5), younger 
brother (2)) were headed home from an event in town.  We were headed 
straight north down a dirt road which turned directly east next to our 
neighbors house.  When we were about 1 mile from our neighbors house we 
noticed an extremely bright light from what appeared to be our neighbors 
yard.  The light was strikingly bright.  As we drove for a minute toward 
the neighbors house and the light we talked about why the neighbor would 
install such a bright flood light in their yard because the entiore area 
was lit up brightly.  

As we approached the neighbors house and turned east 
it became apparent that the light was coming from behind the neighbors 
house.  Our house was about 300 yards from the neighbors house down the 
dirt road.  As we reached a better angle we saw the object hovering above 
the hill approximately 200 yards from our car.  We continued and drove up 
our driveway and exited our vehicle and watched the object hover there for 
10 minutes before it slowly descended behind the hill.  The object (UFO) 
was silent, saucer shaped, was about 100 feet across X 30 feet high, glowed 
bright yellow orange and had intense lights that could be seen through the 
glowing orange color.  When the object descended behind the hill, there was 
a large glow that lit up the area (surrounding trees, etc...).  We went in 
the house and watched from our window that was facing west.  After approx.
5 minutes, the UFO ascended and hovered again for another 10 minutes.  It 
then descended again after teh 10 minutes.  

The area that the UFO landed was 
a field next to a swampy area with trees and brush.  There was a power line 
that ran along side the field so my Dad always wondered if the UFO was 
"repowering" from the electrical lines.  We then all went to bed and my Dad 
slept with a loaded rifle on his bed.  It was a very intense experience that 
I still remember today 34 years later.  I find it kind of wierd that my 
parents put us to bed and went to sleep themselves without calling anyone, 
but I think they thought others would think they were crazy. My entire family 
remembers the exereince vividly.  I visit Minnesota every summer and we drive 
by that place and talk about the experience.  My parents saw a UFO again 
about 8 years later when we lived in Illinois.  They said it was different 
shape and had lights that reminded them of a merry-go-round flying through 
the sky.  I personally have never seen another one, but have always wished 
that I would.

UFO Map.jpg 


Occurred : 7/7/1969 23:00 (Entered as : 07/07/69 23:00)
 Reported : 1/13/2001 20:07
 Posted : 2/18/2001
 Location : Brainerd, MN
 Shape : Triangle
 While picking up hay bales at night, I saw a triangular shaped object speed 
through the night sky.

 We had bales of hay to pick up on the ground, my father and I, and it was suppose 
to rain the following day so we went out at night with a tractor and wagon to pick them 
up. While there on a cloudless night a triangular shaped object sped across the sky from
 horizon to horizon at incredible speed. There was no sonic boom, no vapor trail we 
could see; no noise at all. We couldn't see the object itself, only three bright lights of 
different colors, maybe green and blue, which defined the shape as a very large triangle.
 There had been reports of an expected meteor shower that night, and at first we 
wondered if that is what we were seeing. But it flew to low to be meteors and there was 
no streaking affect like you usually see with those. Also, the color of the lights didn't change.
 We were speechless for we knew we had witnessed something highly unusual. For 
many years we talked about it. My father died in 1995. He had been in the military and 
was quite knowledgeable about planes. He was absolutely sure it was no terrestial aircraft,
 partly because of the color pattern he was. I am not quite sure of the year. It might 
have been a year or two sooner. I know I wasn't in high school yet. But I wanted to leave 
a record of this on file so at least someone would know it happened. The most important
 aspect of the sighting was the speed and size of the object. As far as I know, nothing 
can fly this fast through the atmospere without burning up. That's what I remember the 
most.  ((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))

Occurred : 8/1/1969 22:00 (Entered as : 08/01/69 22:00)
 Reported: 12/7/2002 2:27:45 PM 14:27
 Posted: 12/23/2002
 Location: Minnetonka, MN
 Shape: Light
 Duration:less than one minute
 Large bright white light hovering in minnetonka, mn, summer, 1969

 late evening I was walking to friends house three doors away to the east. It was very 
dark, while walking along I noticed that there were strong shadows from the pine trees
 growing north east of me. I looked to see a very large round bright object or light. It 
appeared to be stationary and hovering in the air no more than 300 meters away. I
 know it was close becuase it was positioned between myself and a new water tower 
under construction across a small valley from my location. It was on a heading to the
 north east of me at less than a 30 degree angle up. There was no noise at all but it was 
very oviously not any noral aircraft due to lack of noise and closeness to the ground 
no more than 100 ft or so. I ran to get my friend about whose house was fifty yards 
away but lost sight of object when I went to door. WHen we came back out it  was gone.
((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))


Sightings from the 1970's

Subject: 1970's sighting
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 13:35:33 +0200

Hi!  Some time between 1971 and 1973 I had a strange experience of the ufo kind while 
a student at Gustavus Adolphus College.  I wish I would have kept the date in memory 
but I didn't. I do know that others saw it too as it was in the newspaper.  I was walking 
with a date in the area where there was at that time a grove of pine trees behind the 
football field.  It was evening when all of a sudden we saw a strange light like I had never 
seen before and a strange sound. It was sauncer shaped and it appeared to have a 
door open.  I wanted to go towards it but was too scared.  Then the door closed and the 
saucer lifted up into the air, hovered then took off at a great speed.  So what did we see?  
I now live in Finland. 


UFO Report 7/19/71

My name is Dale Stonehouse, born 8/13/53 in Princeton, 
Minnesota, male, with a lifelong interest in what is "out there" and a desire 
to get there. On July 19, 1971, a Monday, I and two friends, Mark Jerve and 
Terry Enger, left our home town, Big Lake, MN for an overnight fishing/camping 
trip on Lake Alice, west of Walker, MN in north central MN. We had an 
uneventful trip and packed up the following evening, July 20, 1971, for the 
trip home. As we were packing we could see very large storm clouds forming 
above the treeline to the south. For the first 50 miles of our return trip 
we began to approach the storm. We reached Brainerd, MN and made a gas stop. 
As we left Brainerd our adventure began. Minnesota highway 371 is a two-lane 
road which connects Walker and Little Falls 85 miles to the south. Brainerd 
is the only major town in between. When we left the city limits we were moving 
into a major electrical storm and as a result Mark, driving a yellow-orange 
Chevy pickup, was driving slowly. The lightning interference on the AM radio 
was intense. Less than a mile out of town we saw some bright light up ahead, 
and I made the observation that there was a house on fire up ahead and wondered 
aloud if we might have to stop and help out. As we approached, not only did it 
take quite a long time to get there, but there appeared to be flares from the 
fire billowing up and out, circling down and back into the fire. This was 
puzzling but the human mind tries to make sense of anything it perceives. When 
we finally reached the "fire," there was no house and no fire. At a major curve 
in the road we observed two orange balls of light on our left (the "fire" had 
been on the right side), about 20-30 feet above on the driver's side. We could 
not see any solid object or craft associated with the lights. As we turned on 
the curve the lights crossed in front of us to the right side, where I was riding 
next to the passenger door. I was terrified but fascinated as they began to pace 
our speed not more than 20 feet away between the trees and the road. Not long 
after their appearance, we noticed that instead of intermittent radio interference 
from lightning, we now had steady radio static. And any doubt as to whether we 
were the only 3 people to see them evaporated when the vehicle behind us 
accelerated to at least 90 mph to pass us. The driver did this despite the fact 
that visibility was poor and rain was falling heavily. For the next 45 minutes 
as we drove the 35 miles from Brainerd to Little Falls, the orange balls continued 
to pace us. 

Some highlights: 
1. Not long after they appeared Mark suggested we stop and see what they were. 
Terry and I were too afraid to allow him to do so. 
2. Mark then began experimenting, speeding up and slowing down to see what they 
would do. They continued to stay next to us, except for one foray behind the trees 
which was very short.
3. When we reached the 2 small towns along this stretch, the orange balls seemed 
to go around rather than through the towns. Just when we thought they were gone they 
came right back.
4. When we reached Little Falls we were relieved that the orange balls did not 
follow us into town but by that time we did not expect that they would. And after 
stopping for a snack, when we left Little Falls they were no longer with us.
5. Our human minds tried to imagine that they were some sort of weather balloon or 
perhaps a military test but it seemed strange to be testing in such difficult weather.
6. Throughout this encounter I tried to see any sign of a solid craft associated with 
these orange balls of light. I could see none. And unfortunately, my camera was in the 
bed of the pickup, not within reach.
7. Due to my experience in my second report, my most likely explanation for the 
phenomenon would have been "ball lightning." But nowhere in any research I did was 
it suggested that ball lightning could last for 45 minutes of nearly uninterrupted 
observation. This experience has been a source of fascination to everyone we relate 
it to, even after 25 years. Around a campfire we have gotten requests to tell this 
tale again, even by people who have heard it several times before! 


Date: April 20-21, 1971
Location: Ashland and Ironwood, WI
Source: Ashland, WI Press, April 23, 1971
Strange lights have been sighted in the sky in both the Ashland 
and Ironwood areas, according to reports from both the Ashland 
and Ironwood Police Departments. Ironwood police officer officers 
reported aerial sights at 11:45 p.m. (EST) Tuesday and again at 
2:45 a.m. (EST) Wednesday. A report at the Ashland department noted 
moving lights in the sky at 1:45 a.m. Wednesday approximately the 
same time the Ironwood department reported the objects. The report 
said at 11:59 p.m. Wednesday, an Ashland officer saw double and single 
lights in the Northeast.  The officers said the lights appeared to 
change positions about six times and then went out.  Chief of Police 
Donald Tolliver said similar objects have been sighted regularly by
his men since January.  One officer said that the lights are usually 
in the north or northeast and often in formation and the speed was
"fantastic".  The lights assumed a recognizable shape for Veikko Jarvi, 
a Saxonarea dam keeper.  He saw them around the second sighting at 2:47 
a.m. he said they were half moon size, like a disk with windows.


Occurred : 7/15/1972 17:00 (Entered as : 07/15/72 17:00)
Reported: 12/26/1999 22:55
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Morton (9 miles north of), MN
Shape: Triangle
Duration:5 minutes
A triangular craft w/3 lg orange lights silently flew overhead going 
west to east. It then sped up and away.
My brother and I were changing a shifter in his car when our dog 
started going nuts. The dog ran up and down the driveway barking
wildly, as he did only when someone was coming up the driveway. I 
ran out (we had the car parked over the old cellar steps) to see
who was coming up the driveway, and saw that the dog was looking up. 
I looked up to see what he (the dog) was barking at and saw this 
grey triangular outline with orange lights against the clouds. The 
triangle was moving slowly going west to east. It had glowing orange 
lights in each angle of the triangle. I measured the size by holding 
my arm out and judging the lights to be about the size of a large pea 
at an arms length (that would be one of the three lights). The object 
was perfectly silent. On the farm at 5:00 in the middle of summer it 
is pretty quiet. There was no wind at all. It was very still and 
perfectly quiet. Absolutely no sound came from the object. It moved 
at what seemed to be a very slow steady speed as it went directly 
overhead, with the dog going nuts the whole time. I called to my 
brother to get out there to see it but he was putting something 
together on the shifter and didn't come right away. As the object 
passed over our farm and went over the feild. it began to speed up 
and raise in altitude. This change was very obvious, even to me. It 
really sped up and it cruised up right off into the clouds. At about 
this time, my brother came out and asked what I wanted. I said "man 
you missed it". The dog ran out into the feild and went probably about 
1/2 mile before he gave up and came back. Just directly West of our 
driveway was our neighbors runway. He was a crop duster and when he 
landed, he flew at pretty low altitude right over our house. Our dog 
was very used to that and could care less when it happened. This was 
very different. This is absolutely true. I have never reported this 
to anyone other than close freinds.


St.cloud, MN UFO
Sighting Date/Time: summer of  72
Sighting Location: On my dads farm

Sighting Description: Hello every one, my experience happened directly 
after supper 6(pm) on a clear day. I walked out of the garage side of 
the house,looking down between the sheds where I saw an orange ball 
approximently 6 ft. in diamenter hoovering 5 ft.off the ground. I was 
the only one that saw it,when I yelled for my brother who had an 
obstucted view,It took off just about strait up at a very high speed. 
I could not believe what I saw because it was something that did not 
appear real. Never seen anything like it since. This happened in 
summer of 72, I found this web page and looked for similar storys and 
there was one in that year north of little falls, I guess I was not 
the only one.


9/27/72 Albany, MN report

On Sept. 27, 1972 my uncle and I were driving back from Albany, 
MN to the farm where I lived when this happened.  When we got 
home, mom asked my uncle and I if we would go out to the other 
side of the farm to untangle her horses.  It was 7:00pm when 
we went out there and 9:30pm when we got back.  My mom said 
she was getting ready to come out there to see what was wrong 
because we were taking so long.  So this is what happened: 
When my uncle and I went out there he started to untangle the 
horses.  I was watching him because I was only 5 years old.  
I looked up at the horizon  and I saw this object drift over 
the trees over my great uncles pasture which is a quarter of 
a mile away from my grandpas.  The object was cigar shaped 
and dark in appearance with  round red and blue lights circling 
the craft in sequence like those chaser christmas lights.  
The object was watching us because it stopped and hovered  
and went backwards then in three seconds this craft flew 
towards us at incredible speed and hovered over our heads at 
no more 15 feet above us.  I could not hear any sound; I just 
stood there in fright.  I just kept looking up and watching 
the lights go around the craft.  I am guessing that it was 
about 50 feet in diameter.  Then my uncle said to run back 
to the house.  As we ran back I looked back to see if it was 
following us.  It rose up over my grandpa's barn, then down 
again over the pasture and slowly went north behind the trees 
on the other side of the farm.  It came from the south west 
and went north.when we got in the house I was so scared that 
I was in a panic and stuttering till I calmed down.  To this 
day I think my uncle and I have been abducted because we have 
almost 2 hours of time that we don't recall,  and I remember 
some parts, like laying down in this room with these gray 
alien-looking creatures with huge eyes looking  at me and 
one tall white alien with a white coat on like what a doctor 
wears.  This was my first sighting.  I have had other sightings 


Date: 1973
Location: Burnsville, Minnesota, United States
Date Posted: 5/10/2004
Sighting Time: 10:20 PM
Day/Night: Nighttime
Duration: Approx. 96 minutes
No. of Witnesses: Approx. 30
Urban or Rural: Suburban/Rural
No. of Object(s): Single

First spotted at high altitude. Positioned car headlights towards craft which then 
approached us and hovered approximately 100 feet directly above. Lost time.

Full Description & Details
At 10:20 to 10:25 pm, myself and two friends had just parked my car in a large field 
beside lake Elmagnet which borders Burnsville and Apple Valley Minnesota. We had 
just sat down on the hood of the car as I noticed bright multi-colored lights blinking at 
an unusually fast rate. The lights were also colored every visible color of the light 
spectrum which at once seemed strange to me and sparked my curiosity. I continued 
to watch the object and after about 10 to 15 seconds, the object moved across a 
considerable distance so fast that I did not see it actually move but saw only a red 
trail such as one would see by moving a lite cigarette in the dark as fast as possible. 
This caused me to comment, (what the He_ _ ?) My two friends asked what was 
the matter, and did I see a flying saucer or something? I didn't know if I was seeing 
things right or if my mind had just played a trick on me or what so, I asked them to 
just do me a favor and watch those fast blinking lights in the sky. They obliged and 
watched the lights which repeated the manuvers I had first witnessed alone. They 
immediately became very excited and believed without a shadow of a doubt that 
this was in fact a UFO of some kind. I still didn't want to say what it was until I 
could see it up close and suggested that it might possibly be some sort of military 
test vehicle. I hopped into my car and moved it so that it was sitting on the incline 
of a small hill or mound in the field so that the cars headlights were aimed as 
directly towards the object as possible. I then began to flash the headlights on 
and off and from bright to dim and in an iratic fashion very quickley to try to draw 
the attention of anyone in the craft. At the time of the sighting the area was mostly 
farm land and undeveloped. The only other light was from a full moon or nearly 
full so my cars headlights were likely easy to spot from whomever might be 
flying the craft. The plan worked and while I was still flashing my lights, we 
noticed that the blinking lights on the craft had disappeared and were replaced 
by a single bright white light which grew bigger and brighter by the passing 
seconds. Then we realized why the light was getting bigger and brighter it was 
headed straight towards us. The moon was directly in back of the craft during 
its last mile or so before reaching our position and hovering directly over our 
heads. As we watched the craft, we could see that it was shiny and silver 
metalic in appearence and that there seems to be different diameter layers 
making up the craft. I remember thinking that it looked just like the saucer on 
the TV series (The Invaders). One of my friends went into a panic and became 
so frightened that he wet himself. The other friend was exstatic at what he 
was witnessing and began yelling to them to come on down. I was embaraced 
to be with either of them and thought that if they were wondering if they would 
find intelligent life on this planet that they would certainly have been disapointed 
at seeing such creatures. The one who had wet himself was trying frantically
to hide himself behind the seat in my car and screaming like a woman that we 
were all going to die. I looked down for a moment at my friend in the car and 
tried to calm him down and when I looked up again, the craft was gone. I asked 
the other friend where the craft went and he pointed in a direction further into 
Burnsville. We continued to watch for what seemed like several minutes and 
finally we saw the craft rise up above the trees in the distance over the heart 
of Burnsville where it hovered for about 10 seconds or so. As we watched, the 
saucer/craft pointed what appeared to be a bright red lazer beam at an approx. 
45 degree angle out into space, moved the lazer slightly and then shot out into 
space at such a rate of speed that we could not actually see the craft move but, 
saw only a red blur or trail in the direction that it traveled which was in the 
exact direction that the lazer beam had been pointing. After all these events 
had taken place I looked at my watch and it said 11:56 pm. The two friends 
that were with me reportedly witnessed a huge comet or meteor or something 
within minutes of seeing the saucer leave the atmosphere. I did not see the 
comet/meteor because I was busy starting up my car and looking down at the 
time. Something I feel is worth mentioning is, that within days or weeks 
following the sighting of the saucer, I came up with an idea of how to build a 
free energy device of which I wound up presenting to the MN state energy 
commissioner in person in the summer of 1979. The very next day two armed 
military police were waiting for me as I reported for work that morning and told 
me to drop the whole thing and that if I ever spoke a word of any of it to anyone 
that they would make sure no-one ever found even my bones. I was never able 
to contact that particular energy commissioner again as it appeared that he 
had been replaced by a woman I had never seen or heard of. I know how this 
sounds but I have many witnesses to everything I have stated in this description 
and this is only a small part of the story so that others might have something 
to relate to. I do not believe I am the first to experience any of these situations 
and niether will I be the last.

Personal Background
DoD comuter technical operations, information specialist, publications. 
Classification: Top Secret


ABSTRACT:           	Two F-4 Phantoms chased it!!!
MONTH:              	10
DAY:                	00
YEAR:               	1973
HOUR:               	17:00
DURATION:           	11-30_minutes
COUNTY:             	Hennepin
NEAR_TOWN_OR_CITY:  	Bloomington
SITE:               	suburb
SKY:                	partly_cloudy
CLOUD_COVER:        	over_5000_feet
ELEVATION:          	25-30_degrees
LOWEST_ALTITUDE:    	over_500_feet
DISTANCE:           	over_1_mile
FLIGHT:             	path_with_direction_change
SHAPE:              	oval_or_ellipse
SURFACE:            	reflective
CHANGE_COLOR:       	no
EMISSION:           	trail
VEHICLE:            	accelerated
SURROUNDINGS:       	normal_sound_absent
SPECIES:            	bird
REACTION_TYPE:      	curiosity
PSYCH_DURING_EVENT: 	calmness, fear, phobia
PSYCH_AFTER_EVENT:  	helplessness, dreams
PHYSIO_AFTER_EVENT: 	lethargy, appetite_loss, fatigue, 
RADAR_TRACK:        	maneuvered, moved_in_formation, 

Getting a driving lesson in my brother's car on a dirt road N.
of subdivision in Bloomington, MN, ForestHaven suburb division.  
We stopped to look West to see the sunset. Lense/ovalshaped clouds 
on horizon 50 miles away, sun a 1/4 visible due to the hills a 
1/2mi away.  Seeing light cumulus and standing lenticular clouds, 
one of the clouds started moving. Before or after, a large bird 
almost condor size, launched from the woods in front of us and 
flew West.  It looked like a large bat with a beek, we heard it's 
wings flap. We were calm and standing. 

Two F4 Phantoms, full after burners with the sonic booms from 
E. to W. flew directly overhead, 1000 feet, markings and details 
easily visible, and they split to intercept. Moments after the 
F4s passed our position, the object was already moving N. to S. 
i.e. right to left within our view and then West. It appeared to 
have a distrail behind it and left our view due to hills, F4s  
also. We stood motionless and emotionless for several minutes.. 
I didn't know what to do, but wanted to continue to observe the 
rest of the sunset. My brother started his car and said 'let's 
get out of here!!  We left arrived home late for dinner. Was 
this an incursion of DEWline? A Soviet TU-144? I was a student 
pilot flying clubwise though couldn't solo 'til age 16. Bro was 
a mechanical tech at paper factory. Before after this incident,
have had recurring thoughts of what I thought was a childhood 
dream  when I was 4-5, 1964-5, this above incident happened in 
1973. I will now re-submit my thoughts/experiences from what I 
believe happened then, in another MUFON/form now.


Occurred : 10/1/1973 20:30 (Entered as : 10/01/73 20:30)
Reported: 7/29/2002 
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: North St. Paul, MN
Shape: Triangle
Duration:Two minutes
Large triangular space craft sighted above North Senior High School' football field, in 
North St. Paul, MN in early October 1, 1973

My girlfriend and I were driving on the local highway that runs through the middle of our 
town, North St. Paul, MN, and were just coming near the high school's football field. Very 
obvious in the sky, just hovering over the football field was a large triangular spacecraft, 
at least as big as the field. It did not make any obvious sounds, but we were in a car on 
the highway, so that presents noise of its own. However, above that normal highway 
noise, there was nothing unusual. There were lights on each of the triangle tips. We 
stared in awe as we continued on the highway. Though I wanted to go to my house for 
a camera to take a photo, my friend was afraid to return to the spot. We did go to a 
nearby corner store and called police to report it. No one took us seriously at either the 
store or the police. We did not return to that location again that night. There were no 
reports in the paper about the sighting, though it seems apparent that others must have 
seen it also. ((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. One of two credible reports from 
same source. PD))


Sighting Date/Time: October 1973, mid month weekend 
Sighting Location: Conver Ave., South St. Paul, MN. 
This report is the same as witnessed Charles Berlitz's Bermuda 
Triangle page 100.  I don't have book publisher nor date.  
(Sometime pre 1978) 

Sighting Description: It was one of the middle weekends 
(Saturday) in October 1973.  The time was well after dusk but 
before midnight.  My mother and I stood on 1921 Conver Avenue 
facing West.  My Aunt, Uncle, and their two children were 
seated in their car facing East.  Conver Ave is on a hill and 
the hill rises towards the west.  My aunt and uncle were 
preparing to leave and had just dropped my mother off from a 
trip from Lincoln, Nebr.  We were chatting.  I was looking at 
the sky in the Western direction.  From the Southern sky 
(while I was facing west) a red glow moved at what seem a fast 
speed considering it's altitude which I estimate 1000 feet 
above ground level.  Initially the red glow permeated through 
clouds.  I thought maybe an aircraft was on fire and trying 
to make Holman field in St. Paul.  The red glow never deviated 
from course flying due North.  I estimate the angle from 1921 
Conver to the red object to be approx 45 degrees.  I estimate 
the altitude to be 1000 feet.  I am a private pilot and was 
taking flying lessons at the time.  

My mother saw the object but now discounts it.  I've looked 
diligently for newspaper clipping in the Historical Society 
for other recounts of the siting in October 1973 but have 
only found the many sitting which took place in Mississippi.  
Ironically in the last year I came upon a UFO book at Barns 
and Nobles.  I looked at the year 1973 and a few Mississippi 
sitings had pictures of the object I had seen. 


Sighting Date/Time: Oct. '73, sunset
Sighting Location: North of the then Forest Haven subdivision, 
Bloomington,  MN on a dirt road  N. of the Mt Normandale Dr. 
homes west of Normandale Blvd. The dirt road there ran 
approximately east to west in the field area North of the 
homes located off Mt.  Normandale Dr. Dirt road connected with 
the then dirt road to the  Highland Hills Ski area. 

Sighting Description: At age 13, my 19yr old brother was giving 
me some driving instruction in his car. I at the time had 
previously taken pilot training in the flying club and new my 
aircraft. We stopped the car to observe the sunset, 1/4 to 1/2 
visible sun. Light cumulus and standing lenticular clouds visible 
to the west.We observe at about 25-35 degrees up one of the 
lenticular, lens shaped clouds moving.. Silver, reflecting the 
sun, holding my arm straight out the oval cylindrical shaped 
object would have a length of about 1 1/2 to 2inches long. If 
an airplane, airliner size, it would've been 50 miles away at 
most, more like 30 miles. It went from moving east to northeast 
to movingsowthwest, then west. During the incident a large black 
condor size bird, though it looked more bat like with pointed 
beek, launched from the trees just west of us and flew west. 
We heard it's wings, conditions calm. As the object turned to 
the sothwest from it's northeasterly heading, two F4 Phantom 
jets with full afterburners flew directly overhead at 1000' or 
so including sonic booms. Just after passing our position, they 
split into the standard interception position, heading west 
towards the object.the object had a slight distrail behind it 
and was accelerating to the west as the 2 military jets moved 
to intercept.Jets were camo paint, with stars and bars insignia 
but were going too fast to determine svc branch and numbers. 
Both jets and the object left our view due to the terrain/hills 
west of us. Note that the other lens shaped clouds stood still 
as would be the case with the aforementioned cloud formation.
We stood there, amazed, I wanted to stay for a while longer 
and observe but my brother was so startled he just wanted to 
get out of there!! I can attempt to draw the area, or if I get 
to MN, show the area though there's more houses there now. 
Call to leave a message, e-mail or send info in mailing address. 
Other things happened in  that area in the '60s I'd be interested 
in hearing from other's experiences during that time!


MUFON Initial UFO Report
Sighting Date/Time: October 1973, mid month weekend 
Sighting Location: Siting occured at 1921 Conver Ave., South 
St. Paul, MN. 
This report is the same as witnessed Charles Berlitz's Bermuda 
Triangle page 100.  I don't have book publisher nor date.  
(Sometime pre 1978) 

Sighting Description: It was one of the middle weekends 
(Saturday) in October 1973.  The time was well after dusk but 
before midnight.  My mother and I stood on 1921 Conver Avenue 
facing West.  My Aunt, Uncle, and their two children were 
seated in their car facing East.  Conver Ave is on a hill and 
the hill rises towards the west.  My aunt and uncle were 
preparing to leave and had just dropped my mother off from a 
trip from Lincoln, Nebr.  We were chatting.  I was looking at 
the sky in the Western direction.  From the Southern sky 
(while I was facing west) a red glow moved at what seem a fast 
speed considering it's altitude which I estimate 1000 feet 
above ground level.  Initially the red glow permeated through 
clouds.  I thought maybe an aircraft was on fire and trying 
to make Holman field in St. Paul.  The red glow never deviated 
from course flying due North.  I estimate the angle from 1921 
Conver to the red object to be approx 45 degrees.  I estimate 
the altitude to be 1000 feet.  I am a private pilot and was 
taking flying lessons at the time.  

My mother saw the object but now discounts it.  I've looked 
diligently for newspaper clipping in the Historical Society 
for other recounts of the siting in October 1973 but have 
only found the many sitting which took place in Mississippi.  
Ironically in the last year I came upon a UFO book at Barns 
and Nobles.  I looked at the year 1973 and a few Mississippi 
sitings had pictures of the object I had seen. 


Transcript of a talk by Sandy Bartsh - Belle Fourche, SD, 1974

      This happened about 20 years ago, around 1974, I must have been 18 or
19. Our family had land 12 miles south of Alzada, Montana towards Hulett,
Wyoming. (This is about 20 miles from the South Dakota border.) My dad was
raised in a little cabin out there, it was the original homestead. The cabin
is very small with one door and one window. I used to go there when I was a
little girl and play house.

      The cabin is positioned on the edge of a ravine that is filled with
trees. One day a friend, Kenny, and I drove out there to look at Indian
caves near the cabin, we just wanted to explore around. Towards evening we
heard a “clatter - bang - bang,” like pots and pans being hit together. At
that time we were up on the plateau east of the cabin. We could see the
cabin, it was a couple of miles away and the banging was coming from that
direction. Dusk was coming and I thought it was my mom trying to get our
attention by banging on something.

      When we finally got down to the cabin, it was getting dark and we didn
’t see anyone there. My car was parked behind the cabin. We saw lights
flashing on the other side of the ravine. We decided to go through the trees
in the ravine where it wasn’t deep to get to the other side where the lights
were. When we started going down through the trees, we saw what looked like
a set of drums, the kind of drums you play, they were made of shiny stuff.
Now we’re out in the middle of nowhere, we’re looking at these drums and
then we see sandbags or bodies, I really don’t know what they were, all
lined up by these drums. We’re out in the middle of nowhere and we know this
stuff shouldn’t be there. I had the fleeting thought of a drug deal going
on, I don’t know why. Perhaps because of the things that looked like body
bags. We both decided to get out of there so we ran back to get in the car
to leave. In the car there were these big eyes, like the ones on Communion,
just floating around. They were big, tear-shaped, and they were gold, like
animal eyes in the night. Big and shiny. They were moving around in my car.
We were both really scared by now and decided that the only way to get out
of there was to run towards the old house which was 2 miles away. We took
off running and when we got to a hay stack that was in the direction we were
going, we saw this big, I call it a monkey spider, I don’t know what it was.
(Sandy described it as being about 3 ½ foot tall and about 2 ½ foot wide
with 6 legs.) It was jumping up and down, on and off the haystack, back and
forth. We were scared, we were yelling, what is this thing? We ran back to
the cabin and shut ourselves in. It was hot, the cabin is real small, it was
sometime during the summer, maybe July or August.

      We looked out the window towards where the lights were, across the
ravine, they were blinking off and on. We looked out the window and out the
door and we could see this furry thing, it was crouched right underneath the
edge of the cabin window. We didn’t know what to do, we were in the cabin, I
don’t know how long.

Then we saw these little guys in white coveralls. They were 3 to 4 feet tall
with white coveralls on and they started coming down the edge of the ravine,
from the directions of the lights on the other side of the ravine. Coming
single file, marching, down through the deep part of the ravine, through the
trees, the grass was maybe 2 foot tall. These little guys in the white suits
marched up the side of the ravine towards us and got to the edge of the
trees, a couple of them got down and crawled closer to the cabin. We were
looking out the window at them. Finally I decided if they were going to get
us, they would have already done so. I wanted to know what they were. So we
went outside, nobody attacked us, so we tried to get closer.

      Down in the trees we saw eyes like the ones in the car, they were
moving around down in the trees, all you could see were the eyes. The little
guys in the white coveralls were still there and I wanted the courage to get
closer to them. All this time you could still hear the “clatter - bang -

      I thought it was a broken down space ship or something. You could see
the shiny metal through the trees, it looked like a puzzle, it was put
together like this. (Sandy showed her hands at different angles, like a
three dimensional puzzle) I wanted to know what was over there and what all
these creatures were. I decided to go up to these little guys in the white
coveralls. I could only get so close to them and they would back up. I tried
to talk to them but they wouldn’t say anything. I’d back up and they’d come
closer, I’d get closer and they’d back up. I was loosing my nerve, I thought
that if I followed them down in to the ravine, I might be able to see what
they were doing. Then I thought that maybe they don’t want me to see what
they’re doing, if I don’t see what they’re doing they’ll leave me alone. So
I decided to forget it, I didn’t want to see that bad.

      This lasted through the whole night. All during this time there were
little trains, at least that’s what I call them, I don’t know what they
really were, swishing around us above the ground. (Sandy described them as
about 1 ½ feet by 2 feet) All of a sudden they would come by us with a
whoosh, they had little flashing lights on them that would flicker on and
off, with no definite pattern, just blink-blink, blink-blink-blink. They’d
swoosh by you, it looked like they were traveling on air. I really don’t
know what they were doing.

      This took place all night long, we would spend time in and out of the
cabin, we wanted to leave but that monkey spider thing was bouncing around
out there so we’d loose our nerve every time. We would stay in the cabin for
awhile and then we’d get hot so we would go outside. We thought about going
into the ravine but then we would remember those dead bodies or what ever
they were in the ravine and we’d loose our nerve.

      Sometime during the night, way off into the distance down a valley, we
saw what first looked like a bright star. We saw a light coming out of it
every once in awhile, I don’t know how many times it did this. The bright
light would come closer, then it would shine down a light and another light
would go up into it, like it was sucking up a light. I know this sounds so
strange but that’s what happened.

      Farther into the night, we saw red lights flashing on the side of the
bright light. The closer it got, the more distinctly we could see the bright
white light with the flashing red lights on it, every once in a while it
would flash down a beam of light and another light would go up the beam.
Somehow I got the impression that there were space ships down the way, that
they had been dropped off and that someone was coming back and sucking them
up before daylight.

      By morning, when the light was coming up, we were really, really
tired, we had been going on adrenaline all night. At one point we went into
the cabin and heard a whoosh noise, ran back out and everything was gone.
There was a light associated with this whoosh.

      After the sun came up enough that we could see, we went out and looked
around the cabin and found areas of flattened grass. I know the grass had
been undisturbed when we arrived there, you could see where things had moved
through the grass and there was an area of flattened grass on the other side
of the ravine where the craft or whatever had been. The grass was trampled
all around the cabin.

(The aliens in coveralls had walked normally. They were about 4 feet tall,
Sandy could not see a face shape or eyes on the beings in the overalls.
The monkey spider had frightened Sandy at first but then it became almost
comical to her. Sandy got within 15 feet of the beings in the coveralls.
The beings in the coveralls would always stay close to or in the trees.

Sandy described the beings in the coveralls as being like an army, they came
down in single file, she guesses that there were at least 20 or more of
these beings. She could hear and see them moving around down in the ravine
during the night. Sandy cannot remember the color of the trains.

No burn marks on the ground, no apparent physical marks or changes to Sandy
or Kenny. Sandy does not feel that she has any missing time.

Everything that Sandy remembers is through conscious recall.
Later upon coming back to Belle Fourche, she told her friends about this
incident but they did not believe her.

It took over 2 months of extensive searching before I found her friend,
Kenny, in Texas. He collaborated her story and added a few details of his
own. He said the object across the ravine that was banging and clanging
reminded him of an old threshing machine. He remembered more than one monkey
spider and thought they were wearing some sort of clothing. He said he
thinks back to this time often but refuses to go public with his name or
make further statements because of his upper management position with a
large, well-known corporation. He and Sandy have communicated only once
since this occurrence, they spoke to each other by phone 4 months after I
started this investigation. Sandy is now a mining engineer at a large gold
mine in the Black Hills.)


UFO Sighting Report
Date: 1974
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Date Posted: 5/23/2004 
Sighting Time: 6:00pm
Day/Night: Dusk/Evening
Duration: 10 minutes
No. of Witnesses: 7
Urban or Rural: urban
No. of Object(s): Single
Size of Object(s): full moon size
Distance to Object(s): 20,000
Shape of Object(s): imperfect oval
Color of Object(s): orange-bright white
My entire family watched a UFO seemingly intelligently make it's way slowly 
over the HWY and over our South Minneapolis home.

Full Description & Details
My childhood home was situated facing a chain link fence that bordered the HWY 
35 W north , just south of the Diamond Lake Road exit. We had two largish windows 
facing the HWY. At dusk one evening as the family was gathered in the livingroom, 
my mother noticed something out of the window that scared her more then I had 
ever seen fear in her either before the incident , or since. When we all went over to 
the windows to see for ourselves what it was , this is what we saw. It looked like 
the moon and took up about the same amount in the sky , but the light from it was 
different than that of the moon. It was an ultra bright , orangish, white light that was 
slightly obscurred by clouds. It did not have a perfect oval , disc , or round shape 
to it. It traveled quite slow , maybe 15 mph , but very hard to determine exactly of 
course. It is impossible for me to know how high up it was because at the time of 
the sighting I was about 4 or 5 years of age. Everything in the sky seemed like a 
million miles away to me. As this was one of my first memories that has stuck 
with me due to my mothers reaction to seeing this thing, I still believe my perception 
is a valid one.

From what I recall it came from the north west and veered due east which took this 
craft over the HWY and directly over our home. As it floated over our house, the 
power went out and watches stopped and a great feeling of a sort of "vacuum" or 
energy of some kind was in the air. Once this thing cleared our roof and floated 
beyond our backyard , we lost sight of it. Immediately after the disappearance of the 
craft , our power was restored. We watched this thing in all for about 10 or so 
minutes. It was most eerie and there was a strange feeling in the air. I know what 
our family saw was not man made by any stretch of the imagination, therefore 
that confirms ( to me anyway) that I am not in my assessment, stretching mine.

Personal Background
I work for the corporate office of a General Motors company. I have had a few 
other paranormal or unexplained experiences in my life time. I believe in life on 
other planets, ghosts, aliens and otherwordly and other dimensional creatures.


Occurred : 6/20/1974 16:00 (Entered as : 06/20/2074 16:00)
Reported: 11/1/2003 12:02:33 AM 00:02
Posted: 11/8/2003
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Shape: Light
Duration:2 to 3 minutes
It was a beautiful summer day and me and my close friend were walking my girlfriend 
home from school we were about 15 years old at the time, we got there and hung 
around her house and talked about what we would do this summer, her parents were 
not home from work yet,then we decided to go outside and smoke a cigarette,and 
we layed out on her lawn and i distinctley remember what a beautiful clear day it was.
She lived in an older type house and all of the streets had big oak trees next to the 
sidewalk, well I told my girlfriend that we had to get going home so we all stood up 
and were making small talk next to one of the big oak trees facing her house and i 
remember looking up and this big glowing light was just pulsating at what seemed to 
be about tree top level we all asked each other do you see what i see and as we were 
looking at this thing glowing or pulsating it just wisked up in to the clear blue sky and 
disappeared.  ((NUFORC Note: The date is approximate. We presume that the year 
of the sighting was 1974, and we have amended the date above, even though that is 
a guess. PD))


Occurred : 7/15/1974 13:00 (Entered as : 7/15/74 13:00)
Reported: 5/11/2003 3:34:44 AM 03:34
Posted: 5/13/2003
Location: Vining, MN
Shape: Other
Duration:5 minutes
The date is approximate as it was long ago, but I'll never forget. I was about 12 
years old riding a minibike on a gravel road when an object caught my eye moving 
in the sky. This is a rural area, so there are not too many aircraft to be seen. The 
object I saw was a tapered curved cylindrical object with a sphere on the narrow 
end. The object appeared to be metallic. I immediately stopped the minike and 
shut off the engine to observe the craft move to the west in a slow but steady 
manner and without making a sound. The distance and size of the object were 
hard to determine, but I'd guess it was at 3 to 5 thousand feet and approximately 
50 feet long. I immediately rushed home approx a quarter mile and tried to locate 
the object with a telescope but it already disappeared.   (NUFORC Note: Date is 
approximate. PD))


Occurred : 7/21/1974 22:30 (Entered as : 07/21/1974 22:30)
Reported: 10/18/2003 3:49:08 AM 03:49
Posted: 10/31/2003
Location: Apple Valley/Burnsville, MN
Shape: Disk
My background is with the Department of Defense Special Technical Operations. 
I do not wish to mention which company or location for obvious reasons but all 
information can be verified by numerous witnesses that my statements are true 
and accurate.

At approximately 10:30pm in the summer of 1973 myself and two other friends 
had just parked my car in a large field to have a few beers and talk and just 
basically enjoy the pleasant summer evening. There was a full moon that night 
and it seemed to be bigger and brighter than I had ever seen. The moon was 
so bright that even though we were parked in the middle of a large field where 
there were no lights anywhere for perhaps a mile or more, we could see well 
enough to read by. While passing out our first beers to my buddies I happened 
to notice an object in the night sky which I estimated to be at an altitude of 
between 2500 and 3500 ft. I thought that I had seen the object move in a 
triangular pattern at such a speed that I was not sure if I had actually been 
correct in my initial observation. Without mentioning what I thought I had seen 
to the other two people who were present with me, I continued to keep my 
eyes on the object. After about fifteen or twenty seconds it did it again. After 
seeing this happen a second time, I pointed the object out to the others and 
asked them to keep their eyes on it. They both laughed and started joking 
about how it was probably a flying saucer. Because none of us had ever before 
seen anything of the sort and didn't actually believe the stories of such reports, 
I suggested that it might be a new military heliocopter or something of the sort 
because it did not appear to have a comparable lighting arrangement to 
anything that I had seen before. As the three of us kept our collective eyes on 
the object the craft made similar movements to the first that I had witnessed 
by myself. After seeing the speed at which this craft moved and the sharp 
angles at which it changed direction in mid flight, the two others who were 
with me became very excited and immediately decided that it was indeed a 
UFO. After the three of us had witnessed seeing the same such movements 
of the object, I decided to move my car so that my headlights would be 
pointing directly at it. I did not turn the headlights on until I was sure that they 
were pointing directly at the object after which, I began to flash them on and 
off and from high to low beam in a fashion similar to the old light signaling 
technics used by the navy. After flashing my lights in this fashion for about 
fifteen seconds or so, I turned them off and waited to see what would 
happen. At first I did not think that anything would come of it but, after about 
twenty or so seconds, we all noticed that the object had stopped flashing in 
the mannor that it had been and that instead it now appeared as a white light 
which remained on and didnot flash at all. As we continued to watch this 
object we noticed that it now appeared to be getting bigger and within a few 
more seconds it became obvious that it was heading in our direction at a fair 
rate of speed. The object had dropped in altitude and was now comming in 
just over tree top level. As the object moved closer to us it turned off it's lights 
or light and as it came within the last quarter mile or so it passed directly in 
front of the full moon which showed a very precise silouette of what was 
indeed a saucer shaped craft. The moonlight was being refracted off of the 
craft and it was now very clear that the craft was polished silver in color. As 
we continued to observe this craft during the last one hundred yards or so of 
it's approach, one of my friends became so terrified by the sight that he wet 
his pants and began to panic. This person is a large man and usually afraid 
of nothing. The friend of mine who became terrified was attempting to hide 
himself behind the back seat of my car and screaming that we were all going 
to die and that they were going to take us and disect us. As I stood there and 
watched this craft, it came directly over our heads at approximately 100 to 
120 feet at which time it stopped moving and just hovered in mid air. There 
was no sound emitted from the craft at all and there was no wind being 
generated such as would be from a turbine or rotor blades. The craft was so 
close and the light from the moon was so bright that I could make out certain 
details of the saucer which struck me as interesting such as, rivots along 
where the apparent metal panels or sections of the craft were fitted together. 
I could also see that the lights which were around the entire outer edge of 
the craft rectangular shaped and were raised somewhat from the rest of the 
saucers surface area perhaps as much as two inches. The lights or light 
covers appeared to be somewhat opaque or semi-transparent and appeared 
to be fairly thick. The closest thing that I have seen to describe this craft would 
be the saucer that was shown on the beginning of the old TV serial called 
THE INVADERS which was aired back around 1969 or 1970. The saucer 
continued to hover directly over head for approximately 30 seconds and then 
shot off towards the west so fast that all I could see was a red trail leading to 
where it now hovered somewhere near HWY 5 which is also in burnsville, MN. 
As we continued to watch the saucer dropped down below the tree line for 
about another 30 seconds and then lifted up to it's original altitude of about 
100 to 120 feet. It then hovered for about 15 seconds in a stationary position 
after which it shined what appeared to be a red lazer beam aimed at an 
approximate 45 degree angle into space for about 2 to 3 seconds before 
taking off at the same extreme rate of speed previously witnessed. As it exited 
our atmosphere, it followed the same precise angle and direction as the red 
lazer that it had projected into space. About five minutes after the exit of this 
craft from our atmosphere, the other two friends who were with me said they 
saw what they described as a giant meteor or comet shooting directly in front 
of the moon. I did not see this other object but did make a note of the time. 
When I looked at my watch it was now 11:55pm. I cannot explain the missing 
time. Since this experience I have discovered many new technologies and 
have had many experiences which have opened my eyes to what actually 
happened that night. I cannot get into the details at this point and it would take 
volumes to tell it all. Also, the truth is now out there and it will soon be widely 
known to the rest of the world no matter what happens to me. I have given 
the description of this particular event simply because it is past time to bring 
this subject into the light of truth. Also, there is now to much that is becomming 
common knowledge for my past to continue to be a threat to the extent that 
it has for the last thirty years.  ((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))


From: Rob Sh.

Subject: Sighting-Falconbridge, Ontario, Canada

In the mid 70`s I had a excellent look (less than a 1/2 mile) at a long 
cylindrical segmented flying something!It made no noise...it 
stopped,turned 90 degrees and then carried right on by a NORAD(Pine Tree) 
radar station.That happened in broad daylight I`ll never forget it. If it would 
be at all possible could some information be obtained from your sources?!.
I think I Need It.                                     
Thank you                        


Special thanks to Jim Burnett and Carol Cherry for relaying the 
following article.

Picture this idyllic setting: A small town nestled in a serene valley, 
cows grazing peacefully on farmland, streams filled with trout, and 
friendly, compassionate neighbors everywhere. Hardly the setting for 
UFO Sightings.


The sightings began in 1975 and would change the life of Police
Officer George Wheeler forever. His first UFO sightings was
described as a "flaming ball the size of a football field." He
was shaken, but he wouldn't be caught unprepared if another
chance encounter came his way. He equipped his squad car with
field glasses and two types of cameras, one specially adapted to
night photography. "I'm dying to get another chance at seeing
one," said George. His second chance came in April 1976.

George was on duty when he noticed what "looked like a fire
broken out" on the top of the quarry hill. What George found was
a UFO about 250 feet across and as large as a two-story building.
He explained to the interviewers that he believed a blue light
from the UFO struck his body and squad car. Upon inspection, the
squad car needed a complete change of plugs and points; both had
been burned out. His health suffered from that point on.

Later, George would say, "I don't know what I saw, but all I know
is that I don't want that experience repeated over again." At
least he had the satisfaction of knowing that many others saw the
same flaming ball he did in April.


Another well documented sighting occurred on the evening of March
2, 1975, when Carol Forster and her three children noticed a
particularly bright "star" while driving home. The object stayed
alongside their car as they drove, at one point dipping down to
hover above the tree tops. Carol stopped the card and considered
driving to a nearby farm house but felt foolish doing so. As the
object came closer further down the road, she felt compelled to
stop at the Weber home. Roger Weber observed the object as well,
but they all determined it must be some kind of satellite.
Feeling somewhat relieved, Carol continued on toward home.

As they traveled on, the object attempted to settle down in front
of her car and appeared to be landing. Carol reported the
children were very frightened and screaming and crying. She put
the car in reverse and backed up to the Weber farm, honking as
she drove. the object rose in the air above the trees but was
still visible to the Webers when they came out of the house to

In an attempt to get them home safely, Roger drove his car in front 
of the Forsters. The object did not come down again but was still 
visible and, reportedly, the lights glowed an orange color.

Numerous other sightings by other residents occurred for several
more years, but none as well documented as Wheeler's and Forster's.


As the word of the sightings spread and a landing pad project was
unveiled by Tom Weber from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, Elmwood gained
worldwide attention. Not only were the UFO sightings retold on the
Geraldo Show, but articles appeared in the Chicago Tribune and Oui
magazine, to name just a few. Sidney Sheldon's book The Doomsday
Conspiracy has a footnote pertaining to Elmwood and the sightings.


The village decided to get some mileage out of the publicity and 
created a theme for parades and community celebrations from the 
sightings. Hence, the first "UFO Days" were held in 1978 and continue 
to be held the last weekend of July every year. The serene, peaceful 
surroundings are set aside for one weekend of the year as area 
residents and other curious folk enjoy local camaraderie and 
entertainment and, of course, gaze upward for the annual group 
"UFO Watch."

     Compiled by the Elmwood Public Library in cooperation with the
     Indianhead Federated Library System and the Pierce County Library
     Service. Sources: Pierce County Herald, Elmwood Argus and the Eau
     Claire Leader-Telegram.


1975 Triangle over Albany, MN

In 1975 my mother and I had a UFO sighting. I looked outside 
of our dining room window and over Albany, MN. I saw this 
object hovering in day light at about 5:00pm. I could not 
make out what it was so my mom and I drove into town to see 
what it was. It was just starting to get dark but we could 
see the object, it was a black triangle craft with red and 
yellow lights flashing two at each corner underneath. It was 
hovering over the overpass of HWY I94 that goes into Albany.
People were pulling off the side of the road looking at it.
There is always a lot of traffic on the interstate, so I know 
a lot of people would have seen it. What is really strange 
to me is why in the 70-80's were there alot of UFO sightings  
in Albany whether they were reported or not and then suddenly 
just stopped. And now when I look at reports other areas in 
Minnesota are getting sightings.


National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
 Occurred : 4/15/1975 02:00 (Entered as : 4/?/75 ~2:00)
 Posted : 1/28/1999
 Location : Onalaska, WI
 Shape : Disk
 I saw it in the night sky after coming home with my parents from a late party at my uncle's 
house. The craft was just hovering there for a few minutes, and then shot off at an 
astounding rate (must have been >MACH 5) towards the western horizon and disappeared 
from view without a peep.
The object was a bronze saucer/dome shape with a white glowing 'portals' around the 
mid/upper circumferance of the hull. Smaller, blinking, multi- colored lights were present 
around the lower edge of the hull. On the bottom was a large, white glowing hemisphere.
(NUFORC NOTE: Date and time approximate.) 


Occurred : 6/20/1975 02:00 
Location : Near Brainard, MN
Shape : Circle
Duration:15 minutes
Witnessed three circle of lights, pulsating at times and stationary 
at first, when moving moved at tremendeous speed and erratic movements.
Serving as Officer of the Day at US Army NG camp in MN in 1975. 
Guards asked for OD to go to their location in the North part of
base. They pointed out over the northern sky three brigthly lit 
white circles that pulsated slightly. They were stationary at first 
and then moved at fantastic speeds, movements and speeds that I have 
never seen nor can I explain, moved in triangle type patterns. No 
noise, altitude was very high, in sky 1/2 distance from horizon  
to straight ahead. Left area by shooting straight away from us in
an instant. Lights moved independant of each other, they were not 
attached and appeared to be three separate vehicles.


National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/15/1975 18:30 (Entered as : 07/15/1975 18:30)
Reported: 8/19/2004 
Posted: 8/24/2004
Location: Ramsey, MN
Shape: Disk
Duration:1-2 Minutes
Disk Shaped Craft Hovering over Farm
((name deleted/male)) sighting occurred during the summer of 1975 within
a few miles of his home in Ramsey, MN (25 miles Northwest of
Minneapolis.) He was 13 years old at the time and was on his way to the
((deleted)) Church with his two sisters around 6:30PM. As his oldest
sister was driving North on Anoka County Road 5 they all noticed cars
pulled over to the shoulder on each side of the road near the 167th
Avenue NW intersection. Fearing an accident had occurred she slowed the
vehicle down as they neared the intersection. However, to their
surprise, no cars seemed to be damaged and the occupants of the parked
vehicles were standing outside gazing up into the Western sky.
Just about the time they passed the crossing, ((witness)) looked out his
passenger window and saw what appeared to be a large disk shaped craft
which he estimated to be around the size of 2 Rambler homes (250-300' in
diameter.) It appeared to be about a half mile away near a farm and
estimated about 160' in the air. He became very afraid and began
screaming at his sister to turn around, get out of there and head back
home. His sister obliged when they also saw the craft and turned around
the vehicle. To his dismay however, they stopped the vehicle and got out
to get a better look along with the 5-10 other vehicles now lining the
shoulder. As they watched, the craft hovered for what seemed like 1-2
minutes and made no sound. Suddenly in an instant it moved about 2 miles
South and stopped for a few more seconds before disappearing out of
sight toward the Anoka area.

After the object departed, ((name delted)) again begged his sisters to
get back into the car and go home. They did and upon entering their
house, told their parents the story. After calming ((witness)) down and
discussing the object, the eldest sister called the Ramsey Police
Department to see if any one had reported the sighting. The dispatcher
confirmed that other callers had also reported seeing the unusual craft
in the same area during the same time frame.
((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))


Location: Minnetonka/Minneapolis/Minnesota/USA
Date: 1975. Evening aproximately 8-9pm Central Time
Approach Direction: From the East
Departure Direction: Into the West
Witness Direction: First toward East, then turned to the West

Description: My friend and I were just kids, maybe 10 years of age? I was hanging 
out at his house one Winter night. We were watching T.V. and decided to go to the 
local Tom Thumb (Conv store) to get some snacks.
We walked from the front of his house, around to the back. There was about 2-3 
inches of old snow on the ground. We walked (South)toward the creek behind his 
house (Minnehaha Creek) and toward a small wooden bridge that arched over the 
frozen creek. As we reached the center of the bridge, we saw lights to our left 
(East) withoout a word we stopped on top of the little wooden bridge. My first 
thought was that the lights (Two white lights) were head beams from a snow 
mobile coming down the creek. I quickly realized the two lights were "Criss-
crossing" and came down from a source (Not visible) just above the treetops, 
like search lights. My next thought was that some kid fell through the ice, and 
they were searching for him.

Being a huge fan of aircraft, I was aware of all (non-secret) aircraft. I knew it 
wasn't a helicopter, as there was no real sound (I seem to remember a low 
vibration, a hum as it passed over us) and it did not kick up and snow dust. I 
knew it couldn't be a balloon, as there was never the tell-tale burst of flame, 
needed to keep it afloat. The lights move at a leisurely pace, about the speed 
of a jogger. As the lights passed over us, that's when I detected a vibration in 
the air. At this point I strained to see a shape, or vehicle. But we saw nothing, 
just black displacing the stars. Once it passed over us my friend was the first 
to speak, he said "Buddy, we can't tell anyone about this!" I realized right away 
what he meant, we were just two stupid kids, no one would ever believe us. We 
stood there for a couple minutes more, watching the lights slowly criss-cross 
off into the distance. I never spoke to anyone about it for over 16 years.

*Note* Ran into my friend 15 years later (We had gone seperate ways in life) in 
Uptown Minneapolis, after we exchanged phone numbers, we parted ways again. 
I was dying to ask him what he recalled about that night. After a couple days, I 
got up the nerve and called him. I was carefull not to open with any of my own 
impressions, as I wanted his unaltered recollection. With only one small 
exception, he recounted the same event in identical detail. The only exception 
being that he claims we were coming "Back" from the store. I know that this is 
incorrect, but considering the amount of time that had passed, I consider it a 
trivial difference. I have since logged an official report with a member of MUFON.

Color/Shape: No visible shape to the source. The lights themselves were 
unremarkable, just like standard search lights. Height & Speed: 5mph about the 
speed of a person jogging
TV/Radio/Press: I have searched for other reports that coincide with this event, 
I have found none. Though I find that unbelievable, as this was right smack in 
the middle of a well populated suburb. Somone else had to have seen it.


Date: Approx. November, 1975
Location: Medford, MN 
A UFO was seen by 20 people on a high school football field.  Said one witness: “It was 
really big!”  It was said to be a bright red-orange inside.  It was visible for one minute, 
displayed rotating lights, then “just disappeared”.  Police were among the witnesses, 
and at first thought it was a hoax, perhaps a balloon with a flare.  But it left a circle of 
burnt grass where it hovered low over the field.  The incident was investigated by Dr. 
J. Allen Hynek, the Air Force’s chief scientific consultant on UFOs, and Ted Phillips, long 
time UFO investigator specializing in physical trace cases.  Dr. Hynek said, “Samples of 
the grass were found to have been subjected to considerable heat.  This is similar to 
hundreds of other cases.”  Phillips took samples of the grass and soil both inside and 
outside of the circle.  Laboratory tests showed that soil samples from inside the circle 
fluoresced, while those from outside did not.  (We will attempt to obtain additional details 
about this case.)


Dear Sir:
   The sighting at Medford, Minnesota, took place on Sunday, 
November 2, 1975. I happen to remember that day for other reasons, 
and recall that the weather in southern Minnesota was very dank 
and foggy with poor visibility throughout the afternoon.

    Only recently, an older gentleman who was residing in Medford 
at the time of the incident shared some information with me of 
which I was previously unaware.  If you're interested, I'll pass 
it along to you.
Thanks, xxxx
(Note: In Search of... did a report on this with video of the
burned spot on the football field and witness interviews.)


Date: Late May, 1976 
Location: Algoma, WI
Source: Luxemburg, WI News, June 3, 1976
Algoma Resident Sights Saucer Sometime during the latter part 
of last week an Algoma resident of the CedarCorners area reported the 
sighting of an unidentified flying object, circular in shape. The man 
took several poloroid photographs of the UFO which will be in this 
week's issue of the Algoma Record Herald.


From the Cannon Falls Beacon, May 6, 1976:

About two years ago, while driving from Stanton around 4 AM 
[xxx xxxx] noticed a bright light in the sky. Going 
south on Hwy. 56 he became curious and decided to take the 
Dennison Turnoff at Wangs Corners, heading up C.R. 9 through 
the Sogn valley. Coming over the hill where C.R. s 9 and 1 
connect, the snow started to blow around. It got worse as 
he got nearer the "light", now hovering about 20 feet off 
the ground and 100 yards away. He stopped and got out of 
the car. It made no noise. As he started toward it, the 
object came flying across the plowed field "with the speed 
of a snap of your fingers" and the sound of a "whoosh". xxxx 
chuckled as he remembered jumping back in the car! He drove 
to the gas station in Sogn and tried to wake up the owner. 
But he couldn t rouse anyone. And he noticed the "light" 
had disappeared. As he headed back to his car, the "light" 
came back over the trees and followed him as he went to 
his home near Wangs Corners.  [He woke up his wife xxxx 
and she saw it too.]

After calling the sheriff, xxxx understood the Air Force 
had been alerted. He also remembers his response when told 
that radar had been used and he was seeing a "low, slow-
moving star"! The UFO stayed in the area until 8 AM. They 
remembered other neighbors mentioning it.

Doug tried to take pictures as it hovered out back over their 
chicken coop. Using Instamatic and Polaroid cameras, with 
and without flash, he took several shots. But none turned 
out. The films in both were completely black. This included 
pictures previously taken on the film in the Instamatic!

Another unusual incident happened four days later. All the 
hens in his chicken coop went bald!"


Sighting Date: May 11, 1976
Sighting Location: Algoma, WI

In 1976, my friend and I lived in Door County.  I was just beginning to do
speaking and singing engagements and my friend Gary and I were on our way
home from one such engagement in Southern Wisconsin.  It was about 11:00
p.m. on May 11th.  It was a very clear, cool night and you could see the
stars for miles and miles - especially over Lake Michigan.
We had just passed through the small city of Algoma and were headed North
on County Highway 'S'.  I had fallen asleep in the back of the car.  Gary
was driving and watching the stars and the road of course.  About 2 or 3
miles North of Algoma, Gary saw something weird in the sky.  He woke me by
telling me that he had just seen the coolest falling stars he had ever
seen.  He said that they were green in color rather than the normal white
you would see on a normal falling star or meteor.  I couldn't sleep after
that.  I was bummed out that I had missed something so cool.  He explained
that they were identical in size and fell right next to each other into
Lake Michigan.  I thought that maybe there was some kind of meteor shower
happening, so I crawled into the front seat to watch for anything else cool
that might occur.  Who could sleep after that, right?
I was sitting there, staring out the window when we both saw something at
the same time.  Two green lights headed toward us from the Northeast.  They
looked just like the headlights from an airplane, but they were green.  As
we continued to move North, they continued to head South - getting closer
and closer.  After a few minutes of this, we decided to stop the car and
get out for a better look.
The lights were directly to the right of us (east) when we stopped.  It
appeared that the object the lights were coming from was only a thousand
feet or so up and only about 1/4 mile away from us.  It was traveling
directly over the surface of Lake Michigan.  They continued to move very
slowly until it was just a little Southeast of us and then stopped.  They
circled around and headed toward us like they wanted to check us out. 
There was absolutely no noise - just an erie quiet and the brightness of
the lights.  We couldn't see that there was any kind of craft or anything
as the lights were too bright.
Well, we are only wanna-be adventures and our courage reflects this.  We
got scared.  We were curious about what this thing was, but we weren't
interested in an encounter.  We hopped in the car and continued North -
FAST.  Well, this thing decided to give chase.  The faster we traveled, the
closer it got and acted to us like it was pursuing us.  I would guess that
it followed us for a couple of miles.  I was turned around in the seat
watching the thing carefully.  I was yelling that it was chasing us and
Gary was yelling that he knew and said he was going as fast as he could.
All of a sudden, the thing just flew up into the sky and disappeared! 
Nothing.  It was just gone.  Needless to say, we were shaken quite a bit. 
When we got to our apartment, I called the police.  When I began to
describe the sighting to them, they told me that I was not the only one who
had called about such an experience that night, and that we had described
it exactly as the other callers had done.
Here is the actual entry from my journal.  It isn't very detailed, but I
thought that I would include it anyway:
May 11, 1976
"Tonight has really been one of the weirdest evenings I have ever had!  I
saw and reported a UFO.  The police said that we described it exactly as
others had, including two deputies."
I might have added more about the UFO  to the entry, but our neighbors home
had caught fire and the mother of the family died.  We ran to watch the
fire.  The next section of the entry speaks about the fire and how it was
effecting my emotions.


Occurred : 6/15/1976 03:00 (Entered as : 06/15/76 3:00)
Reported: 7/13/2003 2:44:39 PM 14:44
Posted: 7/16/2003
Location: Greenbush, MN
Shape: Circle
Duration:15 min
was wakened to a slowly rotating circular object that changed colors. Seen by 
my neighbor at the same time.

It started as a bright light that flew through our trees at a very high rate of speed, 
then a couple of hours later I was waken from a sound sleep and I felt compelled 
to look out the window of my bedroom. There in thenorthern sky approx. 500 ft in 
the air was a circular object that slowly rotated and changed colors. This happened 
every night for 3 nights in a row at the very same time. A Neighbor 1/2 mile away 
also saw it. He was North of our house and it was south of his location which 
placed right between our homes.  ((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))


Occurred : 7/15/1976 22:00 (Entered as : 07/15/76-76 22:00)
Reported: 4/2/1999 
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Pine City, MN
Shape: Oval
Duration:2 hours
stargazers looking at a beautiful sky full of stars on a perfectly clear night, wittness 
several craft buzzing over Cross lake. One craft approached and observed the group 
shined lights on us, windows appeared and we were able to see two creatures gazing 
at us.

A group of five people were star gazing on a beautiful clear Minnisota night, after 
15-20 minutes of sky watching, we noticed a cloud cover converging over the lake 
from the left and the right (simultaniously) we thought this strange since clouds seem 
to usually come from one direction We were sitting lake level at a friends farm (away 
from it all,out of town on dirt roads the farm house itself was about 50 yards away), we 
were at the boat landing area and talking and visiting. Earlier we had commented on the 
sounds of the night, crickits, frogs, dogs night birds etc. As the clouds closed up the 
entire view of the sky, we noticed a dim light which appeared to be about 20 yards out 
on the lake. The only thing I could think of that this might be was someone night fishing 
with a lantern or some kind of light source in a rowboat with that source being below 
the rim of the boat, thus giving of a weird glow.We could make no lines out so we had 
no idea of shape or distance, out in the country on a lake it gets very very dark. It was 
myself and 4 lady friends there that night,heres where it gets strange. From the lenght 
of the light and the size of a row boat I figured it must be about 20 yards out, I called 
out,..hey are you catching anything? No response ..I repeated myself again.. no 
response. While listening for a response I noticed that all of the night sounds had 
vanisher and there was no sounds at all, except.... the sound of a finely tuned engine,
barely detectable, but every thing else seemed oddly still. Since there was no response 
and knowing a person would usually respond to a call out, I picked up my flashlight a 
shinned it toward the light...it illuminated nothing, thats strange, I decided to walk up 
the hill towards the farm and get an elevated view. Walking up the incline with the 4 girls 
close behind.(inches) I got a veiw of a good portion of this good sized lake, to my 
surprise ai saw 4 other light buzzing around the lake also at a foot or two above the 
water it seemed. I turned to the girls and asked them if they saw what I saw and they 
said what do you see? Anyway we all saw these lights moving around on the lake. By 
this time the hair on the back of my neck was standing on end.We ruled out all 
possibilities except UFO'S. As we stood there with our jaws dropped the light that we 
had first thought to be a fishing boat, began to levitate to our eye level,about 30 feet 
above water level. Now I always said if I had an encounter, I would make friends, forget 
it, as the light followed us up the hill to the stairs of the farmhouse I along with the girls 
were fearful of the light. My friends family was sleeping in the house (father and 
grandmother) we noticed that the trusty dog that lives on the front steps that was there 
earlier was gone, we were there to camp by the lake and were set up there. I didn't 
want to go into the farmhouse out of respect, and I still was in a state of disbelief over 
all this trying to convince myself it wasn't happining. So I told the girls, lets just sit on 
the steps for a moment and see what happens. The length of yard was about 35 feet 
before a small 20 foot incline down to the shore, we sat down, the light now out over 
the water directly in front of us glowing like a light with a dimmer on it at a very low 
level. We sat in disbelief as the light at once became brighter, we could now make 
out some kind of shape, it was like a coffee saucer was upside down, wider at the 
bottom than top,there appeared to be a pattern within that light(window)and that was 
like those iron grates you see on sidewalk accesses for sewer systems, kind of honey 
combed. Behind the grate and in front of the light source were two silhouett figures. 
I was unable to make out any features since it seemed the light source was behind 
them. They had triangular type bodies with the shoulders being the wide point, same 
with their heads shaped like drawings of Greys. These two seemed to be observing 
us, moving side to side, we were mesmerized. After a few minutes the light once 
again dimmed, this scared us enough to get inside the house. I decided it was time to 
wake up my friends father, I went into his bedroom and woke him saying that there 
were flying saucers outside, he'd been drinking and mumbled we must be on drugs 
and drifted back to sleep, I then tried Grandma ..same thing. I grabbed a shotgun 
out of the closet and went back to the kitchen with the girls who immediatley 
convinced me to put the gun away, that it would only make things worse if they felt 
provoked...I listened. We then not knowing what else we could do and driven be fear 
as well as curiosity we went back to the steps sat down and watched the low 
glowing light in front of us. We werent sure how big this thing was because as I 
stated it was dark out there and it was just a light and we couldn't see the whole 
thing,anyway after a minute the light got a bit brighter and from underneath three 
laser type lights popped on and started scanning very quickly the house the trees,
us etc. The lights were straight beams about 6 inches acroos that were very strong 
and as I said in a laser type beam, it scanned everything in a very deliberate fasion 
this went on for mayby 15 seconds then the lights went out and the saucer lights 
also got very weak and we heard about 6 very loud splashes in the lake, I imagined 
that beings were jumping into the water (like frog men) and would be comming up 
over the hill any second, we all got very scared at the thought of this and ran back 
in the house to the upstaires, where the family had some extra beds for company. 

The upstairs was unfinished, the farmhouse was over 100 years old and didn'y 
have a ceiling just the roof then a few wooden cross beams or rafters. this was a 
summer getaway and was not insulated upstairs. On the center beam going 
across the ceiling there was an old ceramic light fixture with a bulb and a string to 
turn it on and off, there was an open window with a screen on it on one wall. We 
were all very frightened so told every one to pair up and take one of the three beds. 
This put us two to a bed all staring at the window. I said mayby it will just go away, 
we sat there for maybe 2 minutes which seemed like forever, then suddenly it got 
very bright above the house it seemed as if the sun were shinning we could see 
dust particles and light comming through cracks and nailholes and it was like 
daytime outside the window, then suddenly two little balls of light the size of say 
handballs came through the screen without making a hole! These things were 
circling around each other at a very fast rate, they zoomed around us and the 
room and went to the hanging light bulb fixture on the ceiling beam they seemed 
drawn to it for 5 seconds or so then thew swooshed back out the screen as fast 
as they had come. Two seconds later it was dark again. We all sat there virtually 
paralized! Soon I guess our senses came back and we could hear in the distance 
the sound of a car comming down the dirt road, the sound got closer and closer 
we heard the car pull into the long driveway and a car door slam (we realized it 
was my friend whos farm we were at that we had split up from earlier in the 
evening finally returning home) I ran to the window and saw it was our friend, I 
then shouted to him to stay there!! We all ran outside to save him! As we ran 
up the driveway to warn him we must have seemed histerical, trying to explain 
we looked around, the sky was clear , the night sounds back, the old trusty dog 
was back and it seemed like every thing was back to normal. The local town 
paper reported several people seeing funny lights and passed them off as 
meteors. NO WAY The next thing is I looked at my watch and noticed it was 
about 12:15 am, this started around 10:pm it didn't seem possible that 2 hours 
could have passed...maybe 21-30 minutes.


National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/20/1976 05:30 (Entered as : 07/20/1976 05:30)
Reported: 8/28/2004
Posted: 9/1/2004
Location: Roseville, MN
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:15 seconds
Saw something extraordinary
I was walking to work, took a shortcut through a wooded area adjacent to
a cemetary. I walked down a dirt track towards the cemetary, there was a
large alfalfa field to my left forming a gradual downward slope. It was
still dark, just a hint of light on the horizon. I sensed, or heard
something, like a strong breeze moving the trees in the woodline to my
left, as I turned to the left, looking downhill, the hairs on the back
of my neck stood up. Feeling spooked, I turned to keep walking. A dark
moving shape came from my left side, rising quickly, traveling to the
right. I saw it best when it was about at my ten o'clock high position.
It looked like a Huey helicopter, with a similar style windscreen,
towards the front, the rest of the craft reminded me most of a Star Trek
shuttle craft, but it was very dark in color, and I only caught a
glimpse. It hung in the air with a nose down attitude, like a helicopter
taking off, then, was gone. I saw it only for in instant, it made
absolutely no sound. I didn't really see it fly in any direction. It was
just there for an instant, then gone.It just seemed to "flash" away,
although it emitted no light. My heart was racing, though I did not feel
afraid, just excited. After I walked the 2 miles to work, where at the
time I was a clean up boy at a bakery, I remember telling a co-worker, I
saw something really strange this morning...
((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))


Occurred : 9/2/1976 03:00 (Entered as : 9/2/76 03:00)
Reported: 4/30/2001 11:29
Posted: 8/5/2001
Location: Moose Lake, MN
Shape: Disk
Duration:5 minutes?
Floating down the light beam

I woke up hearing the phone ringing & saw that I was floating down from the 
eiling in a beam of light, then I was in the bed & sat up to answer the phone, 
which was continuing to ring. I saw that the light beam was still streaming 
through the ceiling and looked up to see my friend floating down. She landed 
on the bed and sat straight up and gaped back at me. We just looked at each 
other, flabergasted, and then both looked up just as the light blinked out. I 
immediately got up & went into the other room to answer the phone which was 
placed next to the picture window in the living room. As I picked up the reciever 
I was that there was a disc shaped craft hovering about 50 feet over the house. 
At first I could see the edge of a dark circular shape with an extremely bright 
circle of light coming out of the middle of the bottom. As I said 'Hello" it was 
slowly traveling northeast away from the house and when it got about 500 
yards away the light blinked off and the disc zoomed away into the horizon. 
I have no other memories of the event.


Date: 9/15/1976
Location: Between Ringle and Callon, WI
Source: Wausau, WI Record-Herald, September 15,1976
Report UFO sighting A pair of men on their way to work at Drott 
Manufacturing in Wausau saw what they believed to be an unidentified 
flying object between Ringle and Callon this morning.  Fred Wanta, 
Eland Route 1, and Charles J. Kurzsewski, Wittenberg Route 1, were
traveling on Highway 29 at 6:30 a.m. today when they saw an object 
with blue lights hovering above a wooded area.  Wanta told The Daily 
Herald that the object "Took off like a shot over the woods." Wanta 
couldn't describe the object but said "It was something like I've 
never seen before."  The Marathon County Sheriff's Department received 
no reports of UFO sightings in the area.


Occurred : 9/27/1976 03:00  (Entered as : 09/27/1976 3:00)
Reported: 4/13/2004
Posted: 4/27/2004
Location: St. Paul, MN
Shape: Unknown
Duration:1 hour or so
Their was a green fog. I saw what appeared to be an oval shaped object wrapped or 
swaddled in a somewhat goldish, metallic material.It was a week night in September 
of 1976. My Daughter M had just started kindergarten. I was married to B. We were 
living in a little house on Seminary Dr. in St. Paul, MN. We had gone to bed about 9:30, 
as we usually did on week nights. It was probably several hours later when I woke 
with a start to find that B was not in bed with me. This would not have been unusual 
except that he had to work the next morning.I walked through the house stopping to 
check on M, who, was missing from her bed. While B being gone was not much 
cause for concern, he would never, on the longest day of his life, have taken a 5 year 
old with him.I began to panic. I ran to the back door with the intention of looking to 
see if our van or car were gone, when I opened it there was a green haze or fog 
which was quite thick. My dog ran out into the yard, I screamed for him to come 
back which he did.My panic turning into terror, I picked up the phone but put it back 
down. Who would I call, and what would I tell them? That my Daughter and Husband 
were missing, and my house was enveloped in a green fog? Right.I went to the kitchen 
sink, which was clear of dishes, and splashed my face with cold water in a vane 
attempt to compose myself. I got a glass of water, drank it and put the glass down on 
the right side of the sink. At this point I was snot nosed and sniveling. I paced the length 
of our small house repeatedly, stopping to look in M's room. Was I having some sort 
of bizarre psychotic episode, or was this just a terrible nightmare? Yes, the 
Granddaddy of all nightmares. With this in mind I went back to bed. I lay there in a 
sweat, with my eyes tightly shut, saying to myself, between heaving sobs, This is 
just a bad dream, this is just a bad dream.  At some point I noticed that the lights 
were on in my bedroom. I didn't recall turning them on. Our security light and the 
corner street lamp provided more than enough illumination to see most everywhere 
in the house.I looked down toward the end of the bed and to my horror saw what 
appeared to be an oval shaped object wrapped or swaddled in a somewhat 
goldish, metallic material.I opened my mouth to scream. Nothing but a wheezing 
whimper would pass my lips. Truly frozen with fear, I was pumping adrenaline at 
a rate I thought might kill me. My heart wasn't beating, it was buzzing.Some time 
passed before I was able to move one of my feet, very slowly, out of the fetal 
position to push this object further away from me.I don't remember a thing after 
that until daylight when I awoke to find that B was in bed beside me. I raced to M's 
Room where she lay sleeping peacefully. As I walked back to the bedroom I 
glanced at the sink. There was my glass, on the right side. The light in the bedroom 
was off. I glanced in a mirror and noticed my face appeared sunburnt. At breakfast 
I could see that M and B looked sunburnt too. I recall thinking to myself that it had 
been cloudy and cold all week. I pushed this incident to the back of my mind in a 
category all it's own labeled  Nightmare like no other and went on with my life. A 
few years later as I sat in a Dentist's waiting room (in San Diego) paging through 
a magazine, I noticed an article that pretty nearly described my ordeal. Intrigued, 
I stopped at a book store on my way home. As I looked through the books 
on UFO's and the like I came across some drawings of odd looking, supposed, 
human/alien infants. One was of a red haired baby wrapped in an oval shaped 
goldish colored blanket. Looking back on the events of that night, I wish that I hadn't 
been so fearful and that I would have closely examined that oval shaped object.
Anyone out there had a similar experience? If so I would like to hear from you.
Thanks, R             ((NUFORC Note:  Date is approximate.  PD))


Occurred : 10/15/1976 21:00 (Entered as : 10/15/76 21:00)
 Reported: 1/19/2003 7:31:47 PM 19:31
 Posted: 1/20/2003
 Location: Eveleth, MN
 Shape: Light
 Duration:10-15 minutes
 Lights above Eveleth Mn in mid 70's

 I do not remember the exact date as asked. I was 15-16 yrs old at the time, which 
would make it fall of 1975 -1976. I believe it was a weekend since I was out late. I had
 left Sib's, a place kids hung out and bought candy at, had spent time plaing pinball, 
and rode my bike up Jones St. in Eveleth, MN which would be an easternly direction.
 A couple blocks away I had noticed a red light above the roof tops of the houses 
across the street which would be too the north. I cannot say how far the light was but 
it had to have been many miles. I realized it was moving slowly in a back and forth 
up and down fashion. For a while I rode back and forth on the street and finnally stopped
to watch from the corner. If I remember correctly, the street corner was Jones and B 
Street. As I watched, a green Light emerged from the red and shot off to the east and
soon after an orange light appeared and shot to the west. All I could do was sit there 
and watch it. About five or so minutes later, perhaps less, the lights came back. The
green from the west and the orange from the east, not from where they shot to in the 
first place. The crafts then merged with the red light and the light shot quckly into the
sky and disappeared. My experience with these things, ufo's and such, is emmence 
but for he most part I have kept it inside. My experiences began long before this and
continue to this day even wih my moves to the Twin Cities and eventually to Pittsburgh


*This sighting is an oldie, but weird. From Canada. (approx. 1977).*

The person involved requests some kind of identification or perhaps someone
else saw it or has seen one like it. E-mail me at address at bottom of page if
you know anything about it. Thanks.

Note: This is the actual message received (w/grammatical corrections).

I would like to report on a very strange event I and a friend saw
back in the 70s. It has been so many years now and I want an answer. A friend
and I were walking to the arena in Kanata, Ontario, Canada. I think I was
around 16 or 17 at the time so it was around 1977 ok. I am deaf and my friend
is hearing we were walking through a field where there was a line of tall
trees to our left. While I was lipreading my friend, I saw a light blink
behind the trees. I thought it was the moon. After walking about a qaurter of
a mile till we got to the end of the tree line to the road, we stopped,
frozen, (stunned at what we saw). At first we thought it was a missile
ejecting fuel I dont know what the hell it was. All I can say we saw this
weird looking shape with one colour like a bright white-yellow uniform
throughout. It was shaped like a spiraled unicorn horn. We wathched this
"thing" move very slowly in the sky. The shape was uniform for the whole
15-20 minutes we saw this thing. My hearing friend said there was no sound.
We got paranoid and ran back home the same way we came. I glanced once in a
while through the trees. The light was still there. But once we got back to
the houses and saw a friend outside, we tried to show her the light. But when
we turned back to look at it, it was gone. My friend ran home saying nothing
and never came out of the house for two weeks.

What the hell was this thing? A UFO????
(Witness identity withheld pending permission). Note: This report is not as
yet confirmed.


Occurred : 8/10/1977 21:10 (Entered as : 08/10/1977 21:10)
Reported: 10/18/2003 12:26:56 AM 00:26
Posted: 10/31/2003
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Shape: Disk
Duration:1 minute
Saucer Shaped Craft, Late 70's in suburban Minneapolis, around 9pm. seen 
at extremely close range of 40 feet

1 Saucer shaped object only 40 - 60 feet away at its closest, seen from large 
picture window from a home on a hillside. it was traveling about 3 miles per
hour (slow) took about 45 seconds to disapear over trees in small forest area 
across the street. at its closest you could see circular lights all around the craft, 
the craft was metalic, you could actually see seems, etc. no top dome as you 
see on typical drawings. the circular lights seemed to be moving slowly (rotating) 
around the craft. the seams etc. gave the contrast to notice it was a ring that 
rotated independantly, NO sound at all! this craft was witnessed by 4 people 
including my Grandmother, Aunt, first cousin and myself. I was 13 or 14 years 
old, visiting mineapolis from california for the summer. the year was 1976 - 78, 
can pinpoint the year by talking to relatives if needed. the month was July or 
August and the day was a tuesday. my favorite show baa baa black sheep was 
on tv at the time. we reported it to the police dept. they laughed? I had vivid 
nightmares of Large eyed aliens for some time - a truly frightning experience.
((NUFORC Note: Date of incident may be approximate, although the witness 
does not indicate that fact. PD))


Date: 10/12/1977 at 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm
Location: Neillsville, Auburndale and Wood County, WI
Source: Stevens Point, WI Daily Journal, October19, 1977
NEILLSVILLE, WI. (AP) - Clark County authorities reported Wednesday 
night they were investigating what one man called his second encounter 
in a week with an unidentified flying object. The sheriff's office 
said it had statements from 11 persons who provided virtually identical 
descriptions of an object with white, green and yellow lights, ports 
that looked like windows, and a red light on a pointed tail.  Mark 
Grop, who said he saw the object a week ago while returning home from 
choir practice, reported having been among several frightened persons 
who saw it for about five minutes Wednesday about 8 p.m. at tree-top 
level west of Neillsville. The sheriff's office said it thought at first 
it might have had something to do with military exercises underway at 
Fort McCoy about 40 miles to the south.  But inquiries failed to link
the Neillsville account to the Army installation, a deputy sheriff said.  
In Wood County, the neighboring county to the east, a flashing light 
described as a possible unidentified flying object was reported to have 
been sighted about 7 p.m. Wednesday.  Cliff Borden, news director for
Wisconsin Rapids radio station WFHR, said he and WFHR sports director 
Terry Stake were leaving a marsh at the Mead Wildlife Area seven miles 
northeast of Auburndale after duck hunting when they saw the light.  He 
said the light, spotted to the east, was high in the sky but not high 
enough to be a satellite.  It was flashing similarly to a strobe light, 
standing still and then moving erratically, unlike either an airplane or 
a helicopter, he added.  Borden said that the light moved out of sight 
to the east after several minutes.  He said it was the first time he had 
sighted a possible UFO.


Jan., 1978 AN5 (Douglas County, WI):
The witness and two friends were in a car, skywatching, on a side road 
in Douglas Co. WI, near the reported location of previous UFO sightings.  
During the wee hours of the night, they observed a pattern of lights 
on the rear window of the car. Suddenly the primary witness, who was 
in the drivers seat, suddenly experienced a severe "Electric" shock 
("Like 440 Volts was wired directly to my head").  The witness was 
immobilized ("scrambled") for several minutes, until finally being 
able to function and speak.  Some time later, the three returned to 
their homes in Superior, WI. The next event occurred later that day.

Jan., 1978 AN4 (if non-physical) or CE1 (if a physical event):
After the AN5 incident (described above) the witness slept until well 
into the following day.  At that time he awoke to observe an extremely 
large object to the south of the city.  The object was drifting at 
a moderate pace north. The witness ran outside to observe an EXTREMELY 
large UFO (nearly covering the sky) approach the city.  [CL Note: to 
date, no other reports of a large UFO in far northern Wisconsin in 
early 1978 have been located].  The witness indicates that he then 
remembers nothing more.

Jan., 1978 Douglas County "Earthlight":
The primary witness and one of his friends (a witness to the "shock" 
AN5 incident described above) went back out to this same location.  
At about 1:30 AM, they observed a red luminous sphere approximately 
2 feet in diameter rise from the road, about 50 feet to the south, 
behind their car.  The ball rose to about 12 feet in elevation in 
two seconds. It hung there for three to five seconds, then descended 
in about two seconds.  The event repeated itself approximately three 
seconds later. The witnesses closely examined the location where 
the object had appeared, with the aid of a powerful spotlight.  
They were unable to find any marks in the snow covered road.

[CL Note: If anyone has reports of a UFO events in the Douglas 
County/Superior, WI area in 1978, especially of "earthlights" or 
of a GIGANTIC UFO (filling the sky) near the city of Superior, WI, 
please contact the investigator, Craig R. Lang at crlang@mm.com, 
or (612)560-1532].


Occurred : 6/15/1978 00:30 (Entered as : summer 1978 after mindight)
Reported: 7/14/1999 14:54
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Appleton, MN
Shape: Light
Duration:1 hour
I woke up and saw it hovering noiseless over the neighbors horses and the 
highway. I awoke the whole family
I was a young teen, and awoke in the middle of the night and looked out my 
window. It was noiseless. it was right above the highway only about 50 feet 
up. The neighbors horses were running and rearing. I awoke everyone in the 
house so that they could see it. I was sure glad that it was still there. My family 
acted so strange. They were mad for being awoken. Everyone got extemely 
tired and went back to bed. I stayed up and watched it for as long as I could. I fell 
asleep at the window. I woke up before daylight and it was gone. Years later as 
an adult it haunts me. I saw the neighbor lady one time while taking the kids to 
visit my mom. I risked humiliation by telling her that I saw it. She lit up like a 
switch and told me that I was not crazy.  ((NUFORC Note: Time and date are 
approximate. We have assigned an arbitrary time and date so that the report 
sorts to the summer of 1978. PD))


Occurred : 6/15/1978 18:00 (Entered as : 1978 6pm)
Reported: 3/12/2003 3:09:34 AM 03:09
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Zimmerman (3 miles east of), MN
Shape: Teardrop
Duration:10 minutes
Was it childhood imagination or real?
I was 11, and on the deck of our home playing with toys when I noticed a spot in the sky 
that was becoming bigger. There was no sound. It was quickly above my home. A 
rounded triangular shape that hovered above my home, almost as if it knew that I had 
seen it. I yelled for my grandmother to come out and see it, though I was paralized 
with fear. She was washing dishes and thought I was seeing a low flying jet but I knew 
that jets just didn't hover and were not as huge. I watched the objet move over an 
island on the lake that we lived on. It paused over that land and then went off into 
space in a blink.  ((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))


National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
 Occurred : 7/15/1978 23:00 (Entered as : 07/xx/78 23:00)
 Posted : 1/28/1999
 Location : Fargo, ND
 Shape : Triangle
 Glowing triangular object, composed of smaller triangles, floated 
 silently across sky from NE to SW.
 Summer night in Fargo, ND. Wind unusually calm. Cloudless sky. Year 
 was approximately 1978. Sitting alone on the deck about 11 pm, I saw 
 a triangular-shaped glowing object, composed of smaller triangles, 
 floated silently from NE to SW over the roof of my house. It went in 
 the direction of the triangle's point. I ran to the SE corner of the 
 house to see it emerge from the other side of the house but did not 
 see it again. Could not tell how high it was; if it was within 50 
 yards of the roof, it was about 30-50 feet long; if it was higher, 
 it was much bigger. My background: college graduate, never have done 
 any drugs, never smoked anything, very light drinker. Always have 
 been interested in aviation/ aerospace. At the time I was in my mid 
 30s with a husband and two young children. My son, also always 
 interested in aviation/aerospace, is now a pilot for a regional 


Sighting Date/Time: July 1978 about 3 a.m. in N.D.
Sighting Location: West of Minot, N.D. about 30mi. or so in the country.
Sighting Description: I was riding a 10 speed bicycle home from Minot 
N.D. through the country to a farm house I rented with my cousin. Was 
at that time stationed at Minot A.F.B....correction had recently been 
discharged. It was late in the morning about 2 or 3 a.m. I stopped by 
this church and farmhouse on a lonely dirt road to take a breather, 
as I looked out across the farmland my sight became focused on a yard 
light in the distance north of my location. For some reason I became 
transfixed with this light and watched it for a long time, and it 
seemed to be rising, but I thought that my eyes were playing tricks 
on me at the time by staring at it so long. As I stood there it slowly 
rose in the air, the one white light. Suddenly, there was a ring lof 
lights both dull yellow and two headlights like a car that became very 
visible to me. It made absolutely no sound. As it glided silently in 
front of me it mades off towards Minot AFB, it could not have been 
higher than about 1000 ft. I stood transfixed in the center of the 
road watching and not being able to move my eyes from it while every 
hair on my head stood on end. It moved off southwest towards the base 
and made a figure eight back towards my direction and then sped off 
towards the southwest once more without a sound. It moved faster than 
anything I have ever seen and absolutely silent. I broke into the back 
of a small church and stayed until sunrise as I was extremely nervous. 
I can locate where on a map that this was seen and am willing to go 
under hypnosis or whatever means is available to prove this is true. 
The small church if still there I should be able to locate and show 
where I broke the window to get in. This is no joke I assure you.


Occurred : 8/15/1978 13:00 (Entered as : 08/15/78 13:00)
Reported: 9/29/2002 
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Rochester, MN
Shape: Unknown
Duration:30 minutes
Streaking white dots
I was sunbathing in the mid-afternoon on the back deck of my family's home looking 
straight up into the blue sky. Suddenly I saw 3 or 4 white dots, in a straight line, streak 
across the sky from west to east. The streaking white dots appeared to be at very high 
altitude and moving incredibly fast. Within in one to two seconds they had crossed the 
sky. My first impression were that they were high flying jets. It was hard to comprehend...
to cross the sky that high that fast. Then within 30 seconds, the event repeated. White 
dots streaking across the sky in a straight line, west to east. I continued to see white 
dots streak across the sky, in the same line of path, every 30 seconds or so. Now I 
thought they must be satellites, but how could they circumnavigate the globe that fast 
to re-appear within 30 seconds? Just wondering what I saw?  ((NUFORC Note: Date 
is approximate. Source is anonymous. Satellites do not circumnavigate the Earth in 
30 seconds. PD))


9/15/78 Spring Lake Park CE1 (W/Casey Holt)  
Note: Related to other 1978/79 Minnesota events (?)

This sighting was originally brought to our attention by Bob Engberg, who knows the 
primary witness.  There are a possible 10 (plus) witnesses to the event.  We have 
interviewed five of them, with form1 reports from three. The event began when daughter 
of the primary witness ran into the house shouting something like "there's a flying 
saucer over the house...".  The primary witness and his son, who had been watching 
a boxing match on TV, went outside to look, and saw that what she was describing was, 
indeed a "flying saucer".  

A number of witnesses observed this object at the same time.  These include a group 
of about five children, including the primary witness's kids, and their friends, and 
an unknown number of neighbors (Note: we are attempting to follow up with some 
neighbors who may have been witnesses). In addition, a mother and son, who were 
acquaintences of the primary witness family, were in a car nearby, and observed 
the object.  They pulled off to the side of the road briefly, to watch it, then 
continued on their way.  Their descriptions approximately match that of the other 

All witnesses describe a large lenticular disk (on the order of 50 feet in diameter), 
with a dome.  A ring of approximately 20 +/- 10 lights appeared to be on the rim of 
the craft, rotating from right to left, as viewed edge on.  (Note: one description 
of the object places the lights on the base of the dome, rather than on the rim).

Casey began the initial investigation work on it in 1997.  The prelimiary report 
based upon the five known witnesses, is in progress and should be submitted in April 
or May of 1998.  Further investigation on this and all other regional sightings of 
that time, is ongoing.  See Craig Lang or Casey Holt if you have any additional 


Sighting Date/Time: Fall of 1978 or 1979, dusk
Sighting Location: Brooklyn Center, MN 
I beleive my sighting may be related to the New Brighton ufo sighting 
you have on your webpage but what I saw was triangular and not disk 
shaped so it could be different.

Sighting Description: Me and about 15 friends were playing football 
on a cool clear Fall night at dusk in either 1978 or 1979. I can't 
remember, but I know it was before I entered Brooklyn Center high 
school in 1980. We were all playing football, when I noticed a large 
black triangle shaped object heading directly over my apartment 
building in a east to west direction.  We all stopped playing and 
just stood there and watched it as it moved exactly directly over us 
at about 5 - 10 mph with absolutely no sound whatsoever. When it got 
directly overhead, we all noticed that it wasn't one craft at all, 
but about 7 - 10 small black triangular cratfs flying in a triangular-
diamond shaped formation. Each craft had reddish-orange lights at the 
corners on the triangles and one directly in the center of each craft. 
We all knew that these cratfs were not airplanes or helicopters and as 
they approached the highway 694 North and 252 by the Mississippi river 
crossing, I noticed that trafiic came to a complete halt and there 
were at least 20 to 30 cars that pulled over and were watching this 
thing if not more, so it wasn't just us who seen it. The whole encounter 
lasted at least 10 minutes because they were moving so slow and they 
did not vanish or take off at high speeds either, they just kept flying 
west at about 5 - 10 mph until we could not see them anymore. I have 
always been fascinated by my encounter and never told too many people 
about it until the web came around and I could go online and learn I 
am not alone. The Minnesota MUFON web page talked about the New Brighton 
1978 UFO but they all report it as being disk shaped, but then again, 
they only seen the side view and not the underneath like we all seen, so 
maybe it is the same one, I don't know. I do know that I was so excited 
because I was sure it would be on the news that night and I could watch 
it. Much to my dissappointment, it was on the news, but they said many 
people saw them and that they were a band of army helicopters heading 
east to a base in Wisconsin. "BULLSHIT!!!!" These things were not 
helicopters and were flying west anyways... I was so pissed off, I 
remember, I have never trusted the media since. The closest thing these 
things looked like was when I seen the Stealth fighter for the first time 
but even the stealth is not what I seen. I thought I would never see them 
again untill I was searching the Internet and stumbled across the EXACT 
picture of one and here it is: http://www.ufoworld.co.uk/triangle.htm

I am certain these are what we saw that night, only about 7 - 10 of them or so. They were so close to us too. about 50 - 100 feet over our 3 story apartment building so not that high so we could see everything. They were flying in the direction of their trianlge formation also. (WEST!!) I have always been fascinated by my experience and know exaclty what I saw and it was real! They were definatly objects. Not just flashing lights and stuff like other ufo reports. These things were very strange and we all had a weird feeling I remember after seeing them. The creepy thing is that years afterwards, I talked to a couple of the friends I was with that night and they don't seem to remember it at all or don't want to talk about it... I don't know... All I know is what I saw. Shorlty afterwards I noticed a small ball in my right foot that is big now. The Doctor said it was a cist but I have never had it examined thouroghly yet to determine that. I am getting goosebumps just typing this down. I have always wanted to go under hypnosis to see if I can remember the images and events any clearer but I don't think I am one who can be hypnotized. I have strong willpower. Anyways, that's my story and I'm sticking to it because I really don't care who believes me as long as I do and I know what I saw that night. We are definatly not alone. *** I 3-102 Submitted On: 2004/01/29,11:53:07 ABSTRACT: lighter than air craft in IGH, MN MONTH: 00/00/1979 00:00 DURATION: under_1_minute COUNTY: Dakota NEAR_TOWN_OR_CITY: Inver Grove Heights, MN USA SITE: suburb CLOUD_COVER: over_5000_feet TOTAL_WITNESSES: 2 WITNESS_LOCATION: grouped WITNESS1_EXACT_AGE: 18 WITNESS1_GENDER: female WITNESS2_EXACT_AGE: 40 WITNESS2_GENDER: male WITNESS2_OCCUPATION: licensed_professional NUMBER_OBSERVED: 1 LOWEST_ALTITUDE: 500_feet_or_less FLIGHT: straight_line_path, path_with_direction_change DIRECT_FIRST_OBSVED: SE DIRECT_LAST_OBSVED: NW SHAPE: oval_or_ellipse SURFACE: reflective APPARENT_SIZE: larger ACTUAL_SIZE: over_300_feet SURFACE_COLOR: grey_lead_silver EXT_LIGHTS: steady EXT_LIGHTS_COLOR: yellow CHANGE_COLOR: no EMISSION: beam DEVICE_AFFECTED: radio PSYCH_DURING_EVENT: calmness PSYCH_AFTER_EVENT: elation I worked at a department store in W. St. Paul. I didn't have a car, so my dad was driving me home when the sighting occurred. It was about 2:00a.m. or a little earlier. I can't recall the exact date. I know it was before Christmas because we worked unusually late due to the season. We drove East on 55th Street, then turned South onto Cahill. We noticed bright lights like daylight shining into our car. I commented to my dad that these street lights were really bright. I looked out the window to look at the street lights and I saw the bottom of this huge oval shaped craft. It was quiet and floating about 200 feet above ground. I asked my dad what it was. He said he didn't know. I looked at the underside of it for any airforce or military markings. I commented to Dad that I hope its not a Russian spy blimp. There werent any markings like a tail number. We discussed that it could be a UFO, and laughed about the odds of us seeing a UFO. Lights were shining down from the bottom of it, almost like search lights, but they illuminated the entire area under it. When it passed over our car, it seemed like we were in the dark even though there were street lights. I watched it continue to float Northwest and I noticed how bright the ground below it was illuminated. It disappeared over the horizon we were at the bottom of a hill so it went out of sight. I think our radio stopped when we were under the thing. We were waiting to hear the news about what we had just seen and I recall dad punching different stations trying to find news. We concluded that it was some sort of experimental military craft, but that was over 20 years ago, and Ive never heard anything more about it. Its hard to recall exactly what it looked like because it was so long ago. I am quite clear about the bright lights shining down on us and that it was huge -- probably 4 football fields. When I told a friend about it, she made fun of me, so I have kept quiet about it. Dad and I havent discussed it for years other than when we decided it was probably a secret military aircraft. Did anyone else see it Id like to remain anonymous and keep this private, but Im really curious to see if anyone else saw this. Ive never seen anything like it before or since then. *** 1978-1979 Subject: ufo report Date submitted: Sun, 18 Jun 2000 08:32:33 CDT hi just an ordinary guy from mn. I saw a very odd thing in the sky back around 1978-1979 on my way to see my girlfriend. i noticed it several miles away and approached it as it was actually on my way to her home. as i watched it, i realized soon that it was not moving. as soon as i got to where it hovered, i turned left on a gravel road and traveled just a few feet. i turned off the car and jumped out fast and looked up. i bet it was no more than several seconds that i was able to look at the object, before it took off at a high rate of speed to the north east. its hard to estimate altitude, but it seemed to be only a few hundred feet up. it was triangular in shape. it had lights, but i dont remember much about them now. what i really remember is that it made no sound until it took off. it did not sound like a plane and it made no chopping sound like the helicopter i fiqure it was at the beginning. it made a steady sound. anyways it has always been in the back of my mind.ive heard of people going under hypnosis to recall sightings etc. i am considering this, as i am interested in seeing if i am able to recall more about the sighting i saw years ago. do you know of any hypotists in mn. that are in tune to this type of thing? please donot list this story on your site.. thanks and hope to hear back soon! *** Sighting Date/Time: 1979 Sighting Location: andover, minnesota Sighting Description: Was on the phone with my boyfriend, and heard a humm. Looked out the window and saw a round cylinder hovering 100 yards away. Yelled for my dad. My dad and brother went outside to look at it. It hovered for about 1 minute then shot back, extremely fast. Hovered a couple more seconds farther away then took off. **** Occurred : 6/29/1979 22:45 (Entered as : 06/29/79 22:45) Reported: 7/26/1999 16:46 Posted: 3/21/2003 Location: St. Paul, MN Shape: Light Duration:10 seconds watched a yellow pt of light drop strt down, it stopped at roughly 45 deg l.o.s. to hor. it stopped, hovered a sec or two, then apparently divided in 4 pcs, departed in 4 dir, 90 deg from each other. I was on the way home from work, and saw what i thought might be a meteor. but it was the wrong color (yellow), and moving too slowly, and in the wrong direction (straight down, as opposed to horizontally). It was a little larger than the other stars, and bright yellow, it was the movement and color that caught my eye. It dropped to a point in front of me, and about 45 deg from the horizon, stopped, then apparently divided into 4 sections (as it was just a point of light, i say apparently), then each section made a bit of an s-curve away from each other, and departed in 4 different directions, roughly 90 deg from each other. At the time i thought it interesting, and didn't mention it to anyone. Could this be a ufo sighting? please resopnd via e-mail. *** Minnesota's close encounter of another kind In 1979, David Olson played a practical joke near Lake City. His crop circles were the first in the U.S. Published on August 10, 2002, Mpls Star Tribune By Terry Collins, Staff Writer David Olson is still laughing, nearly 23 years later. At a family reunion, Olson's nephew, Curtis, and his friends were wondering what would happen if they came across a UFO. David Olson decided to play a little practical joke that became a close encounter of another kind. On a steamy September night in 1979, Olson, equipped with a propane torch and burlap sacks on his feet, spent five hours creating two huge circles simulating UFO landings in his nephew's *** MARSHALL COUNTY, MN 8/79 (UFO Encyclopedia) Deputy Val Johnson of Marshall County, Minnesota was involved in an encounter while driving at night. He encountered a light ahead of him which suddenly engulfed the car. Apparently the alarmed officer crashed his vehicle. He recovered some time later with the car slewed across the road. He was suffering from severe soreness in his eyes. Sheriff Denis Brekke investigated the crash site and noted considerable damage to Johnson's vehicle although he could not account for it from objects in the immediate vicinity. There was also the starnge fact that the car clock and Johnson's watch agreed with each other but were both fourteen minutes slow. Investigation of the vehicle by the Ford Motor Company Glass Division suggested that the damage caused to the windscreen required the simultaneous raising of pressure inside the patrol car and the lowering of it outside. This case may not even be a UFO incident. No one knows what happened, and Johnson cannot recall what happened after the lightblinded him. The case remains unsolved. *** SUBJECT: UFO DAMAGED CAR IN MINNESOTA Studying the brilliant light in the stand of trees two and a half miles south of him, Marshall County Deputy Sheriff Val Johnson wondered if drug smugglers had flown over the Canadian border into the flat, isolated terrain of far northwestern Minnesota. The light was close to the ground, suggesting that the plane had either landed or crashed. Or maybe there was some simpler explanation. Johnson headed down the county highway to investigate. It was 1:40 A.M. on August 27, 1979. The next thing Johnson knew, the light was shooting directly toward him, moving so fast that its passage seemed almost instantaneous. The last thing he heard was the sound of breaking glass. At 2:19 A.M. a weak voice crackled over the radio in the sheriff's despatcher's office at Warren, Minnesota. It was Johnson, who had just regained consciousness. His car had skidded sideways and now was stretched at an angle across the northbound lane, its front tilting toward the ditch. Asked what happened, Johnson could only reply, "I don't know. Something just hit my car." Officers who arrived on the scene found the car had sustained strange damage, including a seriously cracked windshield, a bent antenna, smashed lights, and other damage. Both the car clock and Johnson's wristwatch were running 14 minutes slow, through both had been keeping correct time until the UFO incident. Johnson's eyes hurt badly as if, and examining physician declared, from "welding burns." Allan Hendry of the Center for UFO Studies along with experts from Ford and Honeywell conducted an extensive investigation. Their conclusion: The windshield damage was caused by stones apparently carried in the wake of the unknown object. The Honeywell expert thought the bent antenna probably resulted from a "highvelocity air blast superimposed on the air movement over the fast-moving car." Click here for more info. *** Sighting Date: 8/27/79 Sheriff Dennis G. Brekke of Marshall County, Minnesota has released a final report on the UFO incident involving Deputy Val Johnson on August 27, 1979. The report was based on research conducted by Roland D. Wardell of Edina, Minnesota, who is a registered professional metallurgical engineer. As reported in the August, 1979 issue of the APRO Bulletin, Deputy Johnson was on patrol about 1:40a.m. when he spotted a bright light. As he headed toward it, the light swooped in on him and his last recollection was the sound of breaking glass. The encounter resulted in extensive damage to the squad car and irritation to Johnson's eyes. Wardell emphasized that he conducted his research on his own and that his expertise was in material rather than UFOs. He examined the car's antennas and fragments of glass from the headlights and top flasher light. In his report to Brekke, Wardell said his inspection points to a highly charged electrical "thing" with enough mass and momentum to break the left head-light, crack the windshield, bend two antennas, dis-rupt the car's electrical system and stop both the car clock and Johnson's wristwatch for 14 minutes. "I found no earthly explanation that could cause all of those things", Wardell said. "You cou~ pick out all sorts of earthly explanations to cause single portions of it, but to cause all of those things, that makes it very interesting." Two factors discount a natural phenomenon such as lightning, Wardell said. He cited the sustained, hori-zontal, beam-like appearance of the light, and the need for mass to accomplish what happened to the patrol car. The disruption of the car's electrical system "points heavily to something electrical in nature, with enough force to bend the antennas," Wardell said. But with a man-made charge, he added, he would have expected to see more evidence that the light arced from one point to another. In concluding his report, Wardell said any statement as to what damaged the car would be speculation. But he did not rule out the possibility of some kind of vehicle from outer space. A.P.R.O. Bulletin (Feb. '80) **** location: Lino Lakes, MN (on Lois Lane) date of event: Aug/Sept. 1979 time of event: PM (between 10:00pm & midnight) event duration: 3-4 minutes weather conditions: no wind, rain, etc. reported: Yes. U of M, the very next morning previous UFO experience: no additional witnesses: my daughters were asleep. They were very young at the time ages 1 and 3) number of UFOs: sound: from faint humming to extremely loud. Have never heard anything like it since. lights: Blindingly bright altitude: Extremely close hovering over the top of my home how UFO left your view: Upward motion and hummng became extrmely faint and then gone movement: facing direction: I was in my home in bed at the time. photo/video/sketch: c1: Lights only c6: Psychological effects c8: Electromagnetic effects c11: Time loss/Memory loss c13: Within 500 feet of ground your report: For twenty-four years I have thought about this experience and have mentioned it to only four people since. It was as though it happened yesterday. To make the time-frame as close to exact. . . My second daughter was born in March of 1978 and we were building a house on Lois Lane in Lino Lakes. Our home was the first to go in and the development still extremely new. We moved in on Christmas eve in 1978. I know this because we celebrated her first birthday the next spring in that house. Summer went by and I didn't have Halloween costumes purchased yet, so I know it wasn't Sept. or Oct. It was definitely fall, and all these years I have remembered August for some reason. That evening I was alone with my two young daughters, had gotten them off to bed and remember watching the news. My home was a two story home and our bedrooms on the top floor. I don't think I was in bed very long before I heard a "humming/whirring" sound that got louder and louder. At that time, I still hadn't had curtains on the sliding glass doors that were in my master bedroom. Those glass doors within the master bedroom looked out into our very unfinished and quite "naturally, woodsy" backyard. The entire backyard, and for quite some distance, lit up and was brighter than any Minnesota daylight I have ever seen. There was not a doubt in my mind that something extremely large was "hovering" directly over my home. The sound it made is unlike anything I had ever heard prior or since then. But it has remained with me for 24 years. It went from faint to extremely loud. I know it came and went in the same fashion. As if lowering itself from extreme heighth to low without going side-to-side. I remember staring out the sliding glass doors from my bed and the huge trees out back did not show one sign of wind. . . no a leaf was moving. I have never been so afraid for my safety. I literally broke out in "sweat". My heart beat so fast and I could not move. I remember trying to get out of bed to run to my girls, and couldn't. Most likely out of fear, but I wasn't sure. The sound was so close over my home, that I vividly remember waiting for sounds on the roof of my home. What seemed like forever most likely was not. I am guessing that this hovering, "humming", and light in over my home was more like 3-4 minutes. Then, the same way it showed up, it left. The sound this "craft" made went from extremely loud to very faint (a definite slow process) and then the light was gone, as was the sound. It took me a while to get my bearings and for a long time I couldn't move. When I went in to check on the girls, I looked out their window (on the opposite side of the hall from my room). I don't even know what I was looking for. It seemed like it took me forever to walk down the stairs and go outside. I don't really know what I was looking for, but things outside were normal. When I went back into the house, the clock was almost at midnight. I did not go to sleep that night. The very next morning (and I remember I was not working that day. I don't know if I had the day off or it was the weekend), I called information for the University of Minnesota and sheepishly asked if any department at the U studied UFO's. I was transferred to some department and asked if there had been any change reports of "odd" things happening. Much to my surprise, a woman had said "yes" and mentioned something about a police car with an unexplained bent antenna. Nobody asked me anything further, nobody took my name or number. It was like no big deal. I remember hanging up the phone and feeling rather stupid about calling in the first place. I called my brother next and told him what had happened during the night. I Specifically remember him saying "I heard something about that." While my daughters ate breakfast, I walked outside and around and around the house. I felt like an idiot. I don't know what I was looking for. Some validation I guess, but I knew I didn't really need one. No marks anywhere, not trees down, no burnt leafs. Though I spoke very little about it over the next 24 years, it was as though it happened yesterday. The sound and light I saw and heard, have not been dulicated to this day. Over the years, I have filed it away. However silly some people may find this, from that day forward I know that what I experienced was not from this planet. It was not a dream, it was not my imagination, it was what it was. . . a UFO phenomenon. It made me a believer, but not a fanatic. I never really needed validation that it happened, but after 24 years (and finally getting the internet), you can't know the feeling I had when I typed in"UFO sightings Minnesota 1979" and saw the number of websites, pieces of information, and reports" on the exact time frame within a close proximity of where I lived at the time. I think the only thing that has left wonderment in mind all these years from that night, is the loss of time from going to bed following the news, to almost midnight. I want to take this time to thank you for allowing me to finally put this on paper and share it with those who know something out of this "world" actually happened that night. Why, after all this time, I thought it only happened to me, I can't tell you. (I should have been a suscriber to the paper at the time, maybe questions years ago would have been answered for me back then). A funny thought also, has cropped up every know and then. . . I wondered if those trees ever died or if they could ever get flowers to grow?). I moved out of that house in 1980. *** 1_Sighting_State: minnesota 2_Sighting_County: beltrami 3_Sighting_City/Town: cass lake 5_Sighting_Time: 9:30pm 8_Duration: 2 min 10_Sighting_Day: fri/sat 11_Sighting_Date: unknown 12_Sighting_Month: sept 13_Sighting_Year: 1979 14_Temp: 70s 17_Visibility: clear 38_Wit_Account: I was a child at the time, about 12 years old. I was riding my bike down a dirt road when I saw lights above me. I looked up and there was a oval object with light green lights about 50 feet across and about 100 feet long. Which hoovered above me for about a minute. It made a V-line over Lake Andursia. Which is about a half mile. From there it headed towards Bemidji. That is when the police and everyone else had seen it. Last happened around the first part of September in 1979. 57_Location: Rural 62_Terrain: Woods 67_Terrain: Lake 72_Technical: woods jackpines 73_Sky_Cond: Clear 77_Sky_Cond: Light 78_Precipitation: None 94_Closest_Distance: 30 feet 96_DistanceGround: 30 feet 110_Observed: Object 111_Observed_Number: one 112_Observed_Shape: oval 113_Observed-Color: light green silver 118_Sound: low hmmmm 120_Speed: very fast 121_Real_Size: Larger than doublewide trailer house 124_Apparent_Size: Larger 127_Brightness: Star 129_Action: ChangeDirection, Hover, TurnAbruptly, Descend, Overbuilding, CastLight, ReflectLight, Blink, Pulsate, AppearSolid, Haveoutline, AppearTransparent, Glow 174_Witnesses_Number: 15/20 *** September 1979 sightings at the National Steel mine in Keewatin, MN Hi I stumbled upon your website tonight and thought it curious that the September 1979 sightings at the National Steel mine in Keewatin were not included. It was a week before the cop had his car hit by a so-called UFO, I think in Warren, MN. At the tiime, I was running heavy equipment in the pit on midnight shift. I remember hearing people going crazy on the radio, the no nonsense forman was screaming about the UFO above the power shovel. This went on for 15 minutes or so. The high voltage lights in the pit went off and there were reports the net day that the PUC in Hibbing had experienced a huge power surge concurrently with the reports. People also saw the "craft" several miles away independantly of the rest. I talked to and counted over 20 people who saw it (I didn't see it but I've always been interested) The Duluth Trib came up and did a front page article and interviewed workers. I am sure that you could find the report in their archives. One described it as looking like a huge submarine sandwich! That tended to discount the report with a lot of people as you can imagine. Well, thought I would share this... I never have been able to learn anything else about this but always wondered about it or if it had ever been investigated. Let me know if you ever hear anything about it please... thanks *** Sighting Date: 9/1/79 A pair of UFOs were reported by three Green County sheriff's deputies over New Glarus Woods, Wisconsin . . . the deputies, who remain anonymous, said they saw two bright lights below cylinder-shaped objects for a 25 minute period. The deputies, who made their sightings from the intersection of Legler Road and Wis .39, said that the objects appeared to be 150 - 200 feet over the woods. They said one of the two sources of light moved quite a bit, while the other did not appear to move. The objects were reported to have disappeared when clouds and rain moved in. A.P.R.O. Bulletin (Nov. '79) *** Sighting Date: 9/5/79 Larry Hogan sighted an object in the sky which made the dark green foliage of the woods an excellent background for defining the lines of the metallic silvery craft......... In Dresser, Wisconsin, the object made absolutely no noise as it hovered over the Louis Kloce bean field about 10 feet above the vegetation. There were no external features to the craft, no lights or appendages and, at that point, it seemed to be moving about 30-40 mph. Hogan was joined by a man from Yellow River Supply. The two saw the silvery object rise slowly and move to the southeast over East Lake where it again seemed to hover at an altitude which witnesses estimated at 200 feet. Common observations of the witnesses were that the vehicle moved in a deliberate manner and that it was intelligently controlled, possibly by remote control. It seemed to have a purpose - 'like one of our space probes', the men said. The size was estimated at 6 to 8 feet with a 2 to 4 foot thickness and silvery to reddish metallic coloring. A.P.R.O. Bulletin (Dec. '79) **** Sighting Date: 9/7/79 Two south Milwaukee, Wisconsin men claim to have observed a pointed mushroom-shaped UFO hovering over trees at the end of Drexel Boulevard ... Bruce Szewcrugs and Randall Proschheuser claim they saw what appeared to be a large UFO hovering over some trees. The object was in the shape of a mushroom with a pointed top bent to the right. Szewcrugs described the object as 'very bright orange in color, glowing with different shades of orange.' It kept appearing and fading as his truck continued its eastbound direction. it appeared as though it was partially behind some trees as branches could be seen along the bottom of the UFO. A.P.R.O. Bulletin (Nov. '79) **** Sighting Date: 9/16/79 COOPERSTOWN, NORTH DAKOTA... at least 16 people saw a bright flame- colored object on September 16, 1979. Mr. and Mrs. Don Loder, Jim Scott and Ethel Painter made the original report at approximately 8:30 p.m. Shortly after, Ethel's grandson Todd Painter and his companion Gary Vareberg, who had been hunting doves about five miles west of town were about to go home when they saw a bright orange object overhead. Todd said it was big, round and had a tail that pointed downward. They got into their pickup truck and watched the object move back and forth before it headed west. Esther Larson was leaving the hospital, where she had been doing some work in the Laboratory. She left by the west door at approx. 8:30 p.m., and over the trees she saw a bright orange object that seemed to have flashing lights. She reported that it was partly cone-shaped and partly round. The Arnold Saxberg family reported sighting the object over their farm. Mr. Saxberg described it as oblong or oval, and when it turned it looked like two tails or flames went straight up from the base. "It was red, like fire, and moved slowly," said Mrs. Saxberg, who estimated they watched it for 15 - 20 minutes. She noticed that the object was traveling northwest against the wind, which was from the southwest. A.P.R.O. Bulletin (Jan. '80) **** Sighting Date: 9/18/79 CANNON FALLS, MINNESOTA... at least nine people at two different locations had the same experience on September 18, at about 4:15 p.m. All nine saw what they believe to be the same object, "A SHINY, ROUND DISC," described by one as "chrome-colored" that looked like an upside down hubcap - Four of the nine: 11-year-old Tanya Weber, her 9-year- old brother Tony, 11-year-old Kevin Molstrom, and 9-year-old Jody Foregien, were tumbling in the backyard of the Tom and Linda Weber home. The other five, Arnie Hjermstad, Dennie Felton, Jerry Ratlaff, Jerry Schanink, and Allen Barsness, were working on the Hjermstad house, only a block away.Relatives of the Webers own a hot air balloon and the children have ridden in one. They are also familar with airplanes and don't believe that this object was either a plane or a balloon. The children said the object was moving from northwest to southeast. Workers at the Hjermstad house said the same. "The object was sighted at 11 o'clock in the sky moving from northwest to southeast," said Arnie Hjermstad. "We're sure it was the same sighting (as the Weber children)." According to Hjermstad, air currents that day were moving from west to east, but this object "was going faster than air currents. It was flying as fast as a jet, or faster. I'm guessing." Hjermstad did comment that when a jet goes over the horizon it appears to be going down, because of the curvature of the earth. "This thing stayed the same or got even higher," said Hjermstad. A.P.R.O. Bulletin (Jan. '80) **** Sighting Date: 9/25/79 Two men fishing on Lake George in southwest Rochester, Minnesota reported they saw a silvery UFO following a leisurely course from southeast to northwest. The two men, Tim Thorndale, of Zumbro Falls, and David Hinrichs, of Zumbrota, described the object as chrome-colored, highly reflective and spherical in shape, though flat on the top and bottom Thorndale, who called the Rochester Airport, the National Weather Service, Rochester police, and the Rochester Post-Bulletin, gave this account: While fishing on the artificial lake in Green Meadows Subdivision with friends, he said they spotted the object about 5 p.m., and continued watching it until the object, moving higher as it traveled northeast, rose out of sight. He described it as round, flat on the bottom, 'like a frisbee', without wings, having no lights, making no sound and leaving no visible trail. A.P.R.O. Bulletin (Dec. '79) **** Date: 10/19/1979 at 10:30 pm Location: Baldwin , WI Source: Eau Claire, WI Leader-Telegram, October 31, 1979 Unexplained night lights near Baldwin part of increasing UFO activity in area (First of two parts) Scott Sieracki was watching the 10:30 movie Oct. 19 at his farm home 8 miles south of Baldwin, a 1973 film called "Westworld". He was alone in the living room. His brother was asleep upstairs. The movie wore on, and Sieracki, an average ninth grader at Baldwin-Woodville High School, felt hungry. He got up from his chair and headed through the archway into the dining room, on his way to the kitchen to get something to eat. But as he passed by the window on the north wall, something shining above a pasture caught his eye. Sieracki stopped and looked closer. It was a light, but not from a late-working tractor in a neighbor's field as he had supposed. He sat on a chair by the window and watched. Two Shining Lights. There were two of them, one a little larger than the other, bright and uncolored, hovering above the ground. They appeared to be about 1,000 feet away, at the corner of an unharvested sunflower field, flashing on and off as if they were pivoting around an axis, first shining and then hidden from view. Sieracki watched a few seconds, then ran up the steep steps to wake his brother. He couldn't raise him. He ran back downstairs and looked out the window again. The lights were still there. Sieracki went to the back door, opened it and looked out. He heard only the crickets chirping in the darkness and the wind rustling the leaves, no sound of an airplane or motor. The lights continued to rotate, and Sieracki saw that they cast beams, like a spotlight in a war movie, as they went around. At times, they even illuminated the granary in the yard. Locked The Door Sieracki closed the door and locked it. Going back to the window, he watched the beams a short time more. Then they were gone. Sieracki finally made it to the kitchen to get his snack, then went up to bed. He didn't tell anyone of what he'd seen until the following Sunday, when he mentioned it to his mother. But he did go out to the spot the lights seemed to be above, and the grass was a little browner in the shape of a circle in one place. The next Wednesday, although the lights weren't seen again, the family collie howled all night, and one of two pet hamsters in a cage attacked and killed the other. Called UFO Center Mrs. Sieracki told some of her friends at work what her son had seen. They told her she should report it. That's when Mrs. Sieracki called Bradley E. Ayers. Ayers is not a man with a mundane profession. He's a field investigator for the Center for UFO Studies in Evanston, Ill., and works out of his Lakeland, Minn., home. He's investigated nearly 200 reports of unidentified flying objects in the past five years in western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota, many involving nocturnal lights such as Scott Sieracki saw. Ordinarily, a sighting such as Sieracki's with just one witness seeing distant lights at night wouldn't get detailed attention from Ayers, but the incident south of Baldwin two Fridays ago occurred in an area of high UFO activity this fall, so Ayers decided to investigate personally. Last Saturday, Ayers drove from his home on the bluffs overlooking the St. Croix Valley to the Sieracki home. Equipped with note pad and tape recorder, he sat down at the dining room table with young Sieracki and his mother. Youth Hesitant Ayers reassures Sieracki, telling him to relax and not be afraid because many others have had the same experience. He asks Sieracki questions about what he was doing that night, why he walked past the window and what he saw. Sieracki's mother shows Ayers a pencil sketch her son made of the twin lights, and they talk for more than an hour. The youth is hesitant to speak of what happened, but Ayers presses on. Sieracki sits at the chair in front of the window recreating his actions the night of the sighting. He tells Ayers how the lights hovered above the pasture below the top of the distant treeline. Then Sieracki retraces his steps to the door and tells Ayers how the lights beams hit the side of the building. He holds an ink pen at arm's length to show the lights were about the size of the tip of the pen held that distance from the eye. Not First Sighting Mrs. Sieracki tells Ayers that Scott's sighting was not the first made from the farm. She relates how in 1974, driving home in her pickup, she spotted a light above the horizon. She dismissed it as being a helicopter, but later it was still there. Then it began gliding in her direction. The craft was crescent shaped with a beam in front and in the rear was what appeared to be exhaust in the colors of the spectrum. The craft passed into the distance. Ayers, Sieracki and his mother then drive through the pasture to the point over which the October 19 UFO appeared to hover. As the Sierackis said, the grass at the spot is a little browner than the rest of the surrounding pasture. Is there a connection between the dryness and the lights? To say yes would be speculation, Aters says, so he takes a kit from the trunk of his car and fills sample bags with bits of vegetation from the spot and another area. The samples are later sent to the Center for UFO Studies and analyzed in laboratories to see if they have been subjected to unusual amounts of light or chemicals. Ayers drives back to the Sieracki house with the woman and her son. He tells them he will contact them he will contact them before he sends his report to the center. Then he asks Sieracki what one detail of the sighting stands out most in his mind. "The beams like a spotlight," he replies. Part two of this article will run on Friday's regional page. NOTE: I do not have part two of the article. If anyone does have it, please "wfiles @juno.com" send it in. UFOSSI **** UFO SIGHTING 2200 hours, October 29, 1979 My name is Steven M. Shoemaker, and this is a statement on the events that took place at approximately 2200 hours, on October 29, 1979. At the time of this incident, I was 25 years old, and was a Sergeant (E-5) Military Police Officer, on active duty in the US Army. I had departed Fort Wainwright, Alaska a few days earlier, and was driving to my next duty station which was Fort Snelling, Minnesota (AWOL Apprehension). We had turned off Hwy 29 in North Dakota, and were headed East on Hwy 1 in Marshall County, Minnesota. We were enroute to my sisters apartment in Thief River Falls, where we were going to spend the night prior to continuing on to the Twin Cities. I was driving a 1977 Chevrolet Nova (V-8, 305 engine, Speedometer only went to 80 MPH on this model). My wife Susan (3 months pregnant) was in the car with me, and we were just past the town of Alvarado when we observed an extremely bright light on the road approximately ¾ to 1 mile ahead. We wondered what the bright light was, thinking maybe an accident or a road construction site. We figured that we would see what it was in a few moments when we got there. After about a minute or so we determined that whatever it was, it was moving because we were not closing on it. Now being the cocky young Military Policeman that I was, I decided that I was going to find out what this light was. I accelerated to a high speed (I'm guessing close to 100 MPH because the needle was buried past the 80 MPH limit). I'll describe what happened next. As I started closing on the light, I observed that the light was an extremely bright yellowish light, which appeared to be approximately 4 to 6 feet in diameter. It was above the centerlines in the road, and was about 3 to 4 feet above the road surface. As I got to within approximately 100 yards of the light (traveling at about 100 MPH) it suddenly came off the center lines into the middle of my lane and was coming right at me. I immediately locked up the brakes and swerved onto the shoulder of the roadway (everything in the car was flying into the front seat). Instantly the light was back to approximately ¾ to 1 mile ahead of us again. Now I was a pissed off, cocky young Military Policeman. I took off after it again, determined to see what the light was. Again, as I got to within approximately 100 yards of the light (traveling at about 100 MPH) it suddenly came off the center lines into the middle of my lane and was coming right at me. I again immediately locked up the brakes and swerved onto the shoulder of the roadway, and instantly the light was back to approximately ¾ to 1 mile ahead of us once again. This time I was able to observe that the bottom (approx. ¼) portion of the light merged into a brighter whiter light than the rest of it. It was so bright that we had to squint our eyes when we were closing in on it. Now I was really ticked off. So off I went after it for the third time, with about the same results, however this time I estimated that we came within 30 to 50 feet of the object (we almost hit it). At that point we decided not to try that anymore. We followed it (at a safe distance) for a couple more minutes, I turned my lights off & on, and flashed my Brights at it a few times, but it just kept heading down the road. Then it just disappeared. I thought that maybe it had gone out of sight down a hill, but there was no hill. About 1 mile later we entered the town of Warren, MN. As we continued past the town, we observed a bright light in our rear view mirror. We watched it for about a minute then it disappeared (I don't know if it was what we chased, or if it was just a car that was behind us). We talked about what had just happened, trying to figure out what the heck that object was. I don't think a UFO was high on our list because one would think of UFO's as flying away, not playing a dangerous game of Cat & Mouse in Northwest Minnesota. (What really ticks me off is that I had a good 35-MM camera in the car, but didn't think about it at all during this incident) When we got to my sister's apartment, she was asking us about the kinds of animals we saw on our trip down the Alaskan Highway, and while I was telling her, my wife said "and we saw a UFO too ". My sister immediately said, " It wasn't in Warren was it ? " At that point I got a knot in my stomach, and the hair on the back of my neck rose with that goose bump chill thing. I said " what do you mean, it wasn't in Warren ! " (Since we had just drove about 3000 miles, and she nails this sighting to within a few miles). She said, " tell me what you saw ". So I told her what we had seen, and she stated that a Marshall County deputy sheriff was hit by the UFO about 2 months ago. Now I was heading for my new Military Police Unit at Fort Sheridan, IL (with duty at Fort Snelling), and I didn't want to get labeled as a loony so I only told my friends and relatives about the UFO that I chased. A few months later I heard the Deputy Sheriff (Val Johnson) being interviewed on a radio talk show, and I made up my mind that I would call him and talk with him. I called up to Marshall County and they said he worked at the Oslo Police Dept. I called the Oslo Police Dept and stated why I was calling. They called Val Johnson at home and he Okayed them to give me his home phone number. I then called Val and stated that I believe that I had chased the object that had hit him. I described to him what had happened. He stated that of all the people that had reported UFO sightings up there, he was sure that I had chased the object that had hit him. He stated that as I was describing the incident he was remembering the small details about the light (such as: it being above the centerline, and it having a brighter whiter lower portion) that he had never reported in his statements. In January 1997, my son had a hockey tournament up at Thief River Falls. We had just gotten a computer with access to the Internet, so I started contacting people from the Warren, MN area to find out how to see the sheriff's vehicle (I had heard it was on display). I found out that it was in a museum building on the county fairgrounds, but that the museum was closed during the winter months. One of the people I talked to ended up being the editor of the local paper up there. He stated that he had covered the story back in 1979 and also stated that he thought it was just a hoax since there was no other witnesses or evidence. I told him that I had chased that hoax 2 months later with my wife also seeing it. I told him that I was not some kind of nut, that at the time we chased it I was a Policeman also, and that I was now an Officer in the US Army National Guard (a helicopter pilot). He stated that he might have to rethink his position. Anyway I finally tracked down the lady who was in charge of the museum. She lived in Thief River Falls (about 30 miles away) I told her my story and she stated that when I got up to Warren, to call her and she would drive over and open it up for me to see the car. When we got to the museum, we had to track through about 3 feet of snow, and dig out the front door so we could get in. I got to see the police car, I took pictures of it and all of the investigative reports. She even opened the chicken wire cage it is in and I got to look inside of the car. It was chilling to see the unusual damages to the car, and reliving that night when reading the reports that described what had happened to Val Johnson, and how exact the situation was that had happened to us that night. I feel real fortunate that I was able to avoid colliding with the object that night. I have often thought about what it was, and why it would be playing cat & mouse with a car in northern Minnesota. The only theory I can come up with is as follows: If it was some kind of extraterrestrial or extra-dimensional beings that were observing our civilization, they would surely be interested in what could hurt them. The Grand Forks AFB (and ICBM missile silos) is not to far from there . Could it be possible that the object was monitoring the military base from that area ? It being about 3 to 4 feet above the road surface would give it vertical obstacle clearance and keep it below the Radar screens. It being above the centerline in the road would give it left and right side obstacle clearance. Vehicles like the sheriff's squad car and my car were probably minor inconveniences to its mission, requiring throwing a scare into the occupants if they got to close. To this day I only wish I could go back in time to that night and shoot the damn thing down to see what it really was. Steve Shoemaker *** Subject: Minnesota MUFON Initial UFO Report Sighting Date/Time: 1979-80 Sighting Location: As a child I remember one summer night staring into the clear night skies when looking at all the stars. Sighting Description: It was either the summer of 1979 or 80 as I child I do not exactly remember the year. But what I did see has kepted me looking into the night skies ever since. What I saw, was in fact a small star (object) going from one star to the next in a slow zig zag motion. It would spend about 5-10 seconds and then move onto the next star. This happened for about 3 or 4 minutes. Then it went towards another star and I didn't see it anymore. What was it? I do not know but whatever it was it was not from this earth. Do I believe in UFO's yes - do I think the Gov't is hiding evidence? yes. Perhaps one day I will be able to see the same thing again. ***

Posted on Wed, Jul. 31, 2002

On the silver screen this summer, eye-popping aliens soar to Earth
and battle "Men in Black" stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.
Far-fetched, sure. All in good fun. You betcha.

But the Hollywood humor and hijinks don't actually strike too from
home. Believe it. Duluth's own history sizzles with tales of close
encounters, unexplained shooting lights, accusations of government
coverups and even a Central Hillside observatory curator who
believed passionately that intelligent life existed beyond Earth.
"We have had visitors from space," former Darling Observatory
curator Frank Halstead said in 1961. "In the universe we are not

What's more, Duluth's tales of UFOs, especially when viewed
through the filter of time, share a chilling similarity. Nearly every one
has a nuance, a curiosity or something that just can't be explained.
The freaky. Read through these bizarre tales and see if you don't
come up with a similar word. Then see if you don't take a glance 

'Definitely something... I don't know what' 
The Date: Early 1950s
The Incident: Retired Maj. Gen. Wayne Gatlin of Duluth's Air
National Guard base was flying a routine training mission when he
and another fighter pilot saw something that furrowed their brows.
"A light. A super bright light," Gatlin recalled this month. "We were
on this side of (Lake Superior). It was on the other side. We took off
after it."

Gatlin knows many UFO sightings are actually meteors, the planet
Venus, weather balloons, satellites and other things. But he flew
fighter jets long enough to know the difference, he said. "That thing 
wasn't a star or a meteor or anything," Gatlin said. "It was just this big 
bright light. It started to move away from us when we gave chase. It 
was definitely something. I don't know what."

The Freaky: "We never could catch it," said Gatlin, who was flying
an F-51D Mustang, one of the fastest aircraft of its era. "We didn't
tell anyone what happened for the longest time afterward, either.
We figured they'd think we were crazy. I probably shouldn't even be
talking about it now."

'Weird Calls Plague Area' 
The Date: July 13, 1961
The Incident: Telephones rang across Duluth and at the offices of
the News-Tribune and Herald. Beeps and high-pitched sounds were 
heard on the other end of the line. There also was a lone voice with 
an eerie message. "On July 14 at 9:30 p.m.," the voice droned, "we 
will land our spaceship on (U.S.) Highway 2 about seven miles west 
of Proctor. If you understand this message, repeat it." Folks repeated 
the message. Baffled telephone company officials launched an 
investigation. And the morning News-Tribune carried a story under the 
headline, "Weird Calls Plague Area Residents."

The Freaky: Precisely seven miles west of Proctor on U.S. Highway 2
sits Munger Tavern. There's no evidence there that any spaceship
ever landed. And 41 years later, to the day, patrons remain baffled.
"Some of the people in here are probably from that spaceship,"
current tavern owner Cyndy Liupakka joked this month.

'Bright Flash... Proves Puzzler' 
The Date: Sept. 17, 1961
The Incident: A blinding bluish flash filled the skies over Duluth,
touching off speculation an aircraft exploded in flight. Duluth Air Guard 
officials quickly discounted the speculation, leaving witnesses to wonder 
just what they had seen.

Picnickers near Lake Superior and others reported an object in the
sky in the wake of the flash. It soared to the northwest, then made
two right-angle turns, first to the southwest and then to the
southeast. David Claypool of Duluth told a newspaper reporter the 
resulting vapor trail formed a "kind of square C in the sky." Roy Peterson 
of the Morris Thomas Road said the initial flash was so bright he was 
forced to slow down his car. 

Halstead, the former Darling Observatory curator, quickly discounted
notions the flash was caused by a meteor. A meteor wouldn't move
in a C-shape, he said. And the flash's blue-white color indicated a
high rate of speed.

"The descriptions of the object by persons to whom I talked has
convinced me, without a doubt, that the object was either
controlled by intelligent beings within the craft or by remote
control," Halstead said in a News-Tribune story headlined, "Bright
Flash in Sky Proves Puzzler." Halstead was a member of the
National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena.

The Freaky: Similar blinding bluish flashes were reported at the
exact same moment in Chicago and in Fort Wayne, Ind., but in no
other cities in between. Skies over all three locations were clear
that day.

UFO about 100 feet across
The Date: Feb. 13, 1965
The Incident: University of Minnesota Duluth instructors Donald
Jackson and Bill McEwen, as well as McEwen's wife, were on their
way to the state curling matches in Hibbing when they saw an
unidentified flying object in the night sky.

About 100 feet across and descending, the object was about five
miles east of the Hibbing-Chisholm municipal airport, off Minnesota
Highway 37. The Duluthians reported what they saw to the airport's 
flight service station, which notified the air base in Duluth.

The Freaky: A highway patrol officer from Walker reported a similar
object within half a minute of the instructors' report.

Boy spots buzzing red ball 
The Date: Aug. 4, 1965
The Incident: Already in bed, 8-year-old Dennis Johnson of 
Duluth suddenly bolted upright at the sound of a loud buzzing.
"I went to the window and saw a red-ball-like thing over the
neighbor's house," the boy told a News-Tribune reporter. The object
made a whirring sound and headed toward Superior Street.
"On the back of the red ball was a flap-like tail that was silver and
glowed," the boy said.

He called for his father to look out the family's front window, at
1722 Jefferson St. James Johnson told reporters he didn't see
anything but said he heard a car "with a different kind of muffler."

The Freaky: More than 50 Minneapolis police and Hennepin County
sheriff's officers reported UFOs over the Twin Cities the same night,
according to Associated Press reports. The next day, an Air Force
spokesman in Washington, D.C., said a variety of meteoric showers
were probably to blame for the rash of sightings.

An official denial 
The Date: Aug. 5, 1965
The Incident: Duluth Air Base officials publicly denied their planes
had taken off to look for flying saucers.

The Freaky: Although sightings had been reported in the Midwest
and in the Southwest, reports of UFOs in the Duluth area hadn't
been recorded until after the air base's official public statement.
Retired Brig. Gen. Raymond T. Klosowski, the former commander of
Duluth's 148th Fighter Wing, said this month that such denials were
common for the air base back then.

"There was no standard policy, but it happened often enough," he
said. Aircraft from the base were scrambled, or sent into the air, on UFO
calls one or two times every three or four years, Klosowski said.
"Most of the time the calls could be explained," he said. "One time
we chased a weather balloon. The sun was reflecting off it. But it
was moving so slow, it was easy to catch.

"I only had one scramble like that myself," Klosowski said. "That
turned out to be a goofy reflection off a lighthouse in Ashland.
"A lot of pilots, when they went on calls like that, they were real
reluctant to get into the newspaper," he said. "No one wants to be
in the paper for something like that."

'There it is!' 
The Date: Aug. 6, 1965
The Incident: Breathless, a Superior man called Coast Guard
officials just after midnight.

He had seen a UFO splash into the water near the former Interstate
Bridge. The craft was underwater, the man said. He could see it. He
offered to take authorities to the exact spot.

They went, according to reports in the morning News-Tribune.
"There it is!" The unidentified Superiorite shouted, pointing at the

The Freaky: "He was the only one who could see anything," a
Coast Guardsman said.

Later in the day, Duluth air base officials termed recent reports of
UFOs "unqualified." They denied Air Force planes were scrambled to
look for saucers. Temperature inversions reflect radar beams and
produce radar returns similar to an actual object, one air base
official said, explaining blips that had been spotted on radar screens
and reported.

News pages now missing 
The Date: Aug. 7, 1965
The Incident: Thousands of Duluthians stood in the streets and
gawked as air base planes vainly chased unidentified flying objects
across Lake Superior, according to newsman Frank Edwards's 1966
book "Flying Saucers -- Serious Business."

The UFOs, as many as 10 of them, flew in a V-formation at about
9,000 mph, according to United Press International, which cited the
Air Force Radar Base in the Keewenaw Peninsula of Michigan as its
source. The Air Force planes couldn't keep up and were easily 
outdistanced, the reports said.

The next morning, news of the UFOs and of the Air Force's
unsuccessful chase dominated the front page of the Duluth
News-Tribune. A headline screamed, 'Thousands See Flying Objects
-- Jets Chase UFOs Over Duluth Area.'

The Freaky: That front page of the News-Tribune is now missing
from the microfilm archives not only in the newspaper's library, but
in the main Duluth Public Library and at the library at the University
of Minnesota Duluth. But that happens from time to time, right?
"That's the first time I've ever seen it," UMD business reference
librarian Jim Vileta said. "The men in black are probably involved
here. They must have taken the page."

There's probably a more logical explanation. The microfilm reels at
all three libraries were produced by the same ProQuest Co. of Ann
Arbor, Mich. A ProQuest spokesman said it's rare for a page to be
missed, but does happen. In this instance, the mistake was likely
reproduced for all three customers.

The coincidence that the missing page just happens to be the one
containing the story of the UFO sighting fuels suspicions of
conspiracy. Duluth video producer Don Hansen searched for the
front page back in 1987.

"From what I can gather, this was a major sighting. But it appears
to have been expunged from the record," Hansen said. "That page
is gone from every single source I could think of. They were
thorough, whoever 'they' are."

'UFO Terrifies Duluthians'
The Date: Aug. 17, 1966
The Incident: The light in the sky looked like a small moon at first,
or perhaps like the spotlights on the front of an airplane. It dimmed, 
but remained visible, as Jimmy Luhm and three passengers turned 
off Minnesota Highway 61 and onto Lakewood Road toward home.
"I think 'the blob' is going to get us," Luhm joked, referring to a
classic horror film of the time. But the light turned out to be no joke.
"I'm driving along and I'm looking at that thing and all of a sudden it
jumps like a basketball and then it comes down toward the Earth
like it was shooting down a ski hill," Luhm recalled this month. "It
was about the size of a football field. It hovered right over our car
and caused so much wind and it lit up the sky like daytime."
His windows steaming up inexplicably, Luhm slammed the car in
reverse and fled.

"I must have set speed records for driving backwards," he said.
"The thing started to spin and then it took off over the lake toward
Two Harbors. All it left was a vapor trail. That thing looked just like a
moon on fire. You never forget something like that." Luhm said he 
saw blue, green and faint red whirling lights on the object. When it 
drew closer, it gave off a blue-green hue.

The Freaky: Luhm immediately called authorities. But while his
report was the only one in the Duluth area that night, it wasn't the
only one in Minnesota. Not by a long shot.

Similar glowing objects were reported in the Minnesota cities of
Plymouth, Crystal, Coon Rapids, Waconia and Ponsford. Twin Cities
radio stations and the Twin Cities weather bureau took more than
75 overnight calls about sightings, according to the Associated Press.
At the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, control tower
employees reported a glowing object. At the Flying Cloud Airport
southwest of Minneapolis, pilots said a glowing object settled down
on an east-west runway that night before it zoomed up and away.
Luhm said officials tried to talk him out of filing his report. His name
and sometimes-controversial opinions were common on editorial
pages. "No one will believe you," he said he was told. But he stuck to 
his story.

A UFO expert read about the sighting -- "UFO Terrifies Duluthians,"
the headline read the next morning -- and called Luhm for an
interview. After an hour of questioning, the expert determined Luhm
had seen static from power lines. "Boy, that teed me off," said Luhm, 
who lives near Twig. "There were no power lines around there back 

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