Page 1 Chronology of Washington State UFO Reports January - April 1988 DATE TIME PLACE]DES

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Page 1 Chronology of Washington State UFO Reports January - April 1988 DATE TIME PLACE DESCRIPTION 1/20 Night Edmonds Woman saw a ice cream cone-shaped object for few seconds before it winked out. Neighbor reportedly saw it for several minutes but refuses to report it because of her religious beliefs. 1/21 10:45 PM Oak Harbor Multiple witness sighting by Dan MacIndoe and family. Circular-shaped object with lights made sharp turn, passed overhead. Seen for 25-40 seconds observed through telephoto lens. 1/21 11 PM Oak Harbor Navy enlisted man noticed bright light in rear view mirror. When he turned to look the light shot passed him. Engine of car stalled on the next turn, car stalls frequently since encounter, dash- board displays (outside temp. gauge, oil and radiator readouts) malfunction. 1/28 12:05 AM Oak Harbor Jerry Lang watched 3 objects--1 with structure, 2 spheres of light--over mouth of the Skagit River for 1 hour & 50 minutes, through binoculars. The 2 spheres changed to disk-shapes when they descended to the ground. No sound. 2/29 6:25 PM Seattle & Hundreds of people called TV stations Bangor and the UFO Reporting Center to report a green fireball streak across the sky from North to South. Reports were received from as far south as southern Oregon. 2/29 7:30 PM Orting A 17-year-old high school student made a one-hour videotape of the planet Venus that she mistook for a UFO. The videotape was later broadcast on KIRO-TV 3/3 Evening Seattle Police and the KMPS radio station received reports of balls of light observed over Green Lake. 3/5 9:30 PM West Seattle A couple observed a huge (225-300 foot) metallic object hovering 300 yds. over the West Seattle golf course, rock back and forth in a "falling leaf" motion, shoot off straight up. 5 blocks away another witness reported bowling ball- sized balls of light zip up and down the street. Page 2 Chronology of Washington State UFO Reports January - April 1988 DATE TIME PLACE DESCRIPTION 3/12 1:55 AM West Seattle Witness observed a plate-shaped UFO with 3 lights--red, green, and violet, move in an erratic zig-zag, up-down motion over Elliot Bay off Duawamish Head for 2-3 minutes. 3/13 3:30 PM S. Seattle A distant black object was observed by a witness while driving North on I-5. 3/21 3:45 AM Puyallup A diamond shaped UFO with a lighted opening was observed by 4 witnesses at treetop level at a distance of 300 feet. Seen for 20 seconds. 4/4 9:00 PM S. Seattle A woman driving north on Rainier Ave. S. noticed 3 small white dots of light over Lake Washington in a triangle formation. They shot off in different directions. 2 miles north at Rainier Beach she saw a gigantic object shaped like the Goodyear blimp, hovering over a house to her left. It was dark grey with dark or black lines coming up from underneath. It had a red, blue, and flashing white lights. A second witness north on Rainier Ave. reported seeing what may have been the same object with a diamond shaped lighting pattern. Both witnesses reported the UFO shot off to the West. --Donald A. Johnson, Ph.D. P.O. Box 161 Kirkland, WA 98033


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