Chronology of UFO Reports Received during late Summer 1987 DATE]TIME PLACE]DESCRIPTION 7/3

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Chronology of UFO Reports Received during late Summer 1987 DATE TIME PLACE DESCRIPTION 7/31/87 Fri. 1:25 PM Aberdeen, WA Object viewed in North traveling N to S; entered cloud bank, seen for 5 seconds. 7/31/87 Fri. 2:00 PM Olympia, WA Object viewed in Eastern sky, travelling N to S, came out of cloud, seen for 3 sec., exploded. 8/7/87 Fri. 11:45 PM Everett, WA Long elongated object 75 feet in length with lights, seen near ground, moved away S to N; no sound. 8/15/87 Sat. 2:15 PM Cour d'Alene, ID Two bell-shaped objects seen manuevering over lake ascended. Two witnesses. 8/21/87 Fri. 3:50 PM Kent, WA 4 lozenge shaped objects seen manuevering 7000 ft. 2 shot off to S at > 500 knots, 1 made right angle turn to East. 4 witnesses, one a pilot. 8/23/87 Sun. 9:55 PM West Seattle, WA Delta shaped formation of 3 lights plus 1 light behind third position seen travelling at high rate of speed NE to SW; 2 witnesses, one with pilot/navigator training. 8/29/87 Sat. 7:30 PM Bothell, WA Red, double-triangle shaped object seen for 5 minutes travelling S to N at speed of small plane. 8/31/87 Mon. 11:00 PM Bangor, WA 50 ft. diameter UFO with 2 occupants sighted in UFO 80 ft. over witnesses. Came from east, hovered over house, playground, departed NW. 3 witnesses, ages 8, 10, and 26. 9/2/87 Wed. 2:50 AM Bellevue, WA 6 objects (red & white) moving in fixed formation at 12,000 ft to the NE, viewed by witness with pilot training for 30 seconds. Page Two Chronology of UFO Reports Late summer 1987 DATE TIME PLACE DESCRIPTION 9/12/87 Sat. 9:10 PM Richmond Beach,WA Small red ball of light came up to window of house, quick S motion, took off. 9/13/87 Sun. 3:00 AM Richland, WA Oval shaped UFO with 4 red and 2 blue-green lights was seen moving in a down and up direction, then moved to SW. Witness 22 year-old college student. Viewed for 5 minutes. --Donald A. Johnson, Ph.D. P.O. Box 161 Kirkland, WA 98033


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