The 1980 UFO Chronology

Cash/Landrum Case, Dec. 12, 1980
Map of sightings for 1980, courtesy of Larry Hatch's "U" Database (Pending)

Created: November 15, 2007; updated Nov. 23, 2007
This is currently an 9-page chronology of UFO incidents and events for 1980
. Our thanks for these chronologies must go to Richard Hall (the original 1980 chronology from UFOE II), Dan Wilson (archive researcher), and Jean Waskiewicz (online NICAP DBase [NSID]). You will note the many foreign reports that we are now being able to access. Our special thanks to Dan Wilson for getting those to us. As more come in, this page will be updated. Previous chronologies (1947 to 1969) involved the expertise of two other team members: William Wise (Project Blue Book Archive) and Brad Sparks (Comprehensive Catalog of Project Blue Book Unknowns).

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The 1980 UFO Chronology

Jan. or Feb.1980; Evansville, IN
10:00 PM. The lady, an RN. lives near Dress-Regional airport and was out walking her dog that extremely cold, clear evening before the 10 PM news. She said she would have seen the object even if it had no light, as it was close by and large and was shiny as aluminum and motionless. She first thought the object was some type of blimp, an airliner was on its landing approach at the time and she assumed the "blimp" was awaiting landing clearance, since the airport is nearby. She stared at the object for awhile, wondering what it could be, then returned to her living room. The object was still hovering outside. The next morning she contacted the airport to inquire what craft it was and wanted to see it since it appeared unusual. "The airport asked me many questions," she said. "So I knew then it was a UFO and was sorry that I had not watched it and not called others to see it." It looked like "a blimp with an extension on the lower surface and one row of lights or lighted portholes. Object was soundless and hovered higher than the one story house next door, but not much higher than treetop level. (Ridge files)

Jan. 12, 1980; Huayana, Boliva
Night. In the Potosi Valley, Bolivia a man saw a lenticular-shaped object over him. The UFO projected a beam of light and formed a dome shaped luminous form on the ground, not far from the witness. He then experienced strange sensations when he walked inside the light dome. He was met there by a tall, blond-haired humanoid that had tanned skin and slanted eyes with a very prominent chin. The man claimed he had sensations of love and serenity projected to him by the tall humanoid. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1980, case # 1577, citing Luis Fernando Mostajo, The Missing Link, issue # 124).

Feb. 11, 1980; Council Bluffs, IA
Brilliant orange light in field, memory loss, physiological effects. MUFON UFO Journal, February 1990, pp. 20-21; Omaha, Nebr., Morning World-Herald, Feb. 14, 1980(E,R,L) car

Feb. 11, 1980; Botafuegos, Spain
Night. Five witnesses, including Rafael Tobajas, spotted a low flying whitish-orange luminous object lifting off from some nearby woods. Minutes later the object divided into three separate luminous sections, then re-united again into one luminous spot. Using a pair of binoculars, they watched the lighted object descend in a falling leaf motion. Near the ground two huge man-like silhouettes appeared in front of the lights. They were grayish in color and over three meters in height. They made huge leaps and strides over the ground, jumping easily over obstacles, but they seemed to move in slow motion and stayed in front of the luminous orbs of lights. According to Tobajas, the humanoid forms stopped briefly by a small creek and seemed to bend down several times. The humanoids suddenly began running at witnesses, who became terrified and drove away frantically from the area. The tall gray humanoid forms persisted in chasing the witness's vehicle for several minutes. Tobajas reportedly encountered similar humanoid figures at night, one year later. (Source: Albert S. Rosales, Humanoid Contact Database 1980, citing Dr. Jimenez del Oso and J. J. Benitez).

Feb. 11, 1980; Rio Negro province, Argentina
10:00 PM.  Carlos Vommaro, age 22, was driving home from dinner at his girlfriend's house westbound on Route 22 between the towns of Ingeniero Huergo and Cervantes in Rio Negro province, Argentina when he noticed a strong glowing light over a field 200 meters away, on the left side of his truck and at about 30 meters altitude. He described the object as having two big "L" structures with a luminous rectangular form inside. The edges of the luminous "L's" seemed to be covered in a diffused vapor that seemed to reflect the light. Perplexed, Vommaro watched the object as it came parallel to him. Vommaro then decided to escape, speeding up to about 60 mph when suddenly everything around him became dark and he blacked out. When Vommaro woke up he found himself leaning over the steering wheel. The light was now on top of the vehicle, and suddenly from the area of the luminous rectangular area a beam of light shot out, which seemed to spread out in width the further away it got. The beam of light covered the vehicle, but not its interior; it seems to be stronger at the point of origin. Terrified, Vommaro jumped out of his vehicle, running for help but the road is completely deserted. A couple of minutes later he saw a car approaching from the direction of General Roca, and he frantically tried to flag down the car. The car slowed down briefly, but then sped away. Perhaps the approaching driver had seen the luminous object still hovering above the road. After coming to his senses Vommaro now realized he was outside of the town of Cervantes, located more than 15 km away from were he had been, and he has about an hour of missing time he can't account for. When he got home his dogs reacted strangely, did not seem to recognize him, and attempted to attack him. The next day he suffered from lack of appetite, weakness, lumbar back pain, and leg pain. There was also some damage to his car. There were numerous other UFO reports that evening from Argentina and Chile. (Sources: Jane Thomas, UFO News clipping Service, May 1980, p. 14, citing Rio Negro, February 16, 1980; Philip J. Imbrogno, Contact of the 5th Kind, p. 20; Alejandro Chionetti, UFO Press, issue # 12, April 1983).

March 6, 1980; Warren, AZ
1:00 PM. A disc hovered over mine tailings in Warren and then flew along the ridge of a mountain. It turned on its edge and flew off to the south. The entire sighting lasted eight minutes. (Source: George Filer, Filer's Files, volume 9, issue 30).

March 6, 1980; Hudson, NH
8:40 PM. On this night a witness reported seeing a slow flying disc-shaped UFO over the town. The object made a low, steady humming sound. A second object was seen flying toward the west. (Source: NICAP UFO Investigator, March 1980).
March 8, 1980; Wilmington, NC
Object buzzed car, jet like sound, bright illumination; dog howled as if his ears hurt (Volume II, The UFO Evidence, Section XII).

March 9, 1980; Newcastle, KY
7:00 PM. Lady said barking dogs drew her attention to a strange very bright object hovering motionless 20' away from ground near back of house. Three antenna-like sticks at slight angle pointing to ground. (MUJ-150)

March 13, 1980; east of Alcester, Warwickshire, England
7.50 PM. A 31-year-old man saw a huge cigar-shaped object with red lights at both ends fly silently south to north over the A422 highway east of Alcester, Warwickshire, England. The man's steering wheel became unbearably hot during the flyover, and it caused burns on his hands, including one that left a permanent mark on his left hand. (Source: Tony Green, FSR, January 1981, p. 32).

March 15, 1980; Bannock County, OH
8:00 PM. Huge cigar UFO in Ohio. Three witnesses for one hour. (CUFOS Associate Newsletter, Aug.980, pg. 5)

March 22, 1980; Burlington, VT
Three smaller objects were observed on airport radar joining a larger, brighter object, then separating again (Volume II, The UFO Evidence, Section VII).

April 2, 1980; Pudasjarvi, Finland
Car drove into "fog," headlights deflected upwards, driver abducted onto silvery domed object with portholes, examined on metallic table (Volume II, The UFO Evidence, Section XIII).

April 4, 1980; Charleston, SC
UFO photo.

April 6, 1980; Lodz, Poland
Three bright spheres hovered low over a house in Lodz, Poland spreading a blinding light. Frightened, the couple living in the house locked themselves in and came out only the following morning, when the three spheres had gone. (Source: E. Russo, UFO News clipping Service, April 1980, p. 8).

April 9, 1980; Bollwiller, Alsace, Germany
Late Evening. A woman driving through a forested area saw a bright light descending toward her car, first mistaking it for an aircraft landing light. The object then stopped and hovered ahead just off the road. Frightened, she turned the car around and fled, once again being confronted by the object whose light illuminated the terrain.  She stopped at the first house and roused a couple asking them for help. The couple subsequently also saw the object. The bright illumination generally concealed the shape, but at times they could see a dark form , possibly diamond-shaped, with body lights around the perimeter. (Basler Zeitung, Apr. 11, 1980, with follow-up interview report.)

April 10, 1980; Lincolnton, NC
Red disc-shaped object emitted light beam to ground; took off with intense humming sound leaving exhaust trail (Volume II, The UFO Evidence, Section IX).

April 20, 1980; San Mateo, CA
Five apparently metallic Saturn-shaped objects, high-speed flight in formation at low altitude, visible against local terrain (Volume II, The UFO Evidence, Section IV).

April 24, 1980; Lake Norman Reservoir, NC
9:00 PM. Two roofers working in the late evening sighted a bright yellow disc-shaped UFO rise vertically from Lake Norman Reservoir, not far from a nuclear power plant in Rutherford County. It made a loop in the sky and flew away. (Sources: George D. Fawcett, MUFON UFO Journal, September 1980; UFO Magazine (USA), June 1990, p. 33).

May 2, 1980; San Jose, CA
Shiny sphere flying with rapid up and down motions observed through binoculars; stopped, spinning, over Lick Observatory, accelerated rapidly and sped away (Volume II, The UFO Evidence, Section VI).
May 7, 1980; Valdese, NC
Disc with dome maneuvered near car, E-M effects on radio (Volume II, The UFO Evidence, Section XII).

May 12, 1980; Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
6:00 PM. A brilliant blue disc hovered at a low altitude for ten minutes over Bulawayo. It shot straight up, stopped, then shot up again and was gone. (Source: Cynthia Hind, UFO Afri News, July 1990).

May 14, 1980; Simpson County, MS
Glowing disc cast light beam onto road; car entered beam, headlights flickered off and on several times, afterwards worked normally (Volume II, The UFO Evidence, Sections VII, IX).

June 14, 1980; Cordoba and Rosario, Argentina
7:00 PM. Flurry of UFO sightings by numerous witnesses, including airport personnel and meteorologists, with extensive newspaper coverage. Objects appeared singly and in "fleets," and were described variously as "luminous oval-spherical"; "spinning top"; spindle-shaped; a sphere that emitted "an intense luminous ray that illuminated the surface of the river." At Cordoba Airport a UFO caused operations to be stopped for several minutes, as it was observed following the landing pattern of aircraft toward the airport. (La Cronica, Buenos Aires, June 15, 1980; Clarin, Buenos Aires, June 16, 1980; La Razon, Buenos Aires, June 16, 1980)

June 14, 1980; Santiago, Chile
5:40 PM. An LAN Chile airline pilot reported that a UFO made a head-on pass at his plane at 50,000 feet altitude. The glowing yellow object was moving faster than his aircraft and "at one time placed itself at the plane's altitude and approached it on a collision course, finally climbing abruptly and disappearing within seconds. " (La Razon, Buenos Aires, June 20, 1980)

June 20, 1980; Kuwait
9:00 PM. While descending through 15,000 feet for a landing, a senior Kuwait Airways pilot and crew observed a huge, brightly illuminated hemispherical object with a flat base moving steadily eastward at a slightly lower speed than his aircraft. "When I turned north at Wafra, the phenomenon was still clearly visible and remained so until we descended below the haze layer and started to approach the runway." The crew of another airline flight 90 miles away reported sighting the same phenomenon. Radar did not detect the object. (Confidential State Department teletype report from U.S. Embassy in Kuwait to the Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense, declassified in 1982)

July 4, 1980; Mt. Vernon, IN
12:30 PM.  11-year-old boy reported a  disc-shaped object with dome-circle on bottom. Object was moving from overhead to the south, lost the object as it moved behind his home.(Ridge files)

July 5, 1980;  Lake Navsjon north of Naveksvarn, Sweden
11:50 PM. A large silent sphere dropped to the surface of Lake Navsjon north of Naveksvarn, Sweden. It changed colors while on the surface of the lake. (Source: AFU Sweden).

July 6, 1980; Bear River, Nova Scotia
2:30 AM. A silent, fifteen-meter diameter round object hovered only 500 feet away. A dog hid in fear. A six-meter long indentation was discovered on the ground. (Source: Don Ledger, Maritime UFO Files, p. 134).

July 16, 1980; near Pecos, NM
10:30 AM. A Civil Air Patrol cadet along with several other witnesses observed a dull metallic, circular object maneuvering near Pecos, New Mexico. The cadet got closer to the object after it landed in a nearby clearing and took some photographs. He then observed a human looking figure dressed in a metallic suit emerge from the object and walk a few feet away from it. Moments later the figure returned to the object and it quickly took off and flew towards the northwest. The cadet was later approached by a mysterious man who wanted him to turn over the photographs to him. (Source: Timothy Good, Above Top Secret: The Worldwide UFO Cover-Up, p. 407).

July 18, 1980; Pine Bush, NY
10:15 PM. Seven delta-shaped objects cavorted and landed at 10:15 p.m. in Pine Bush. Ellen Crystal approached them in her car, and they in turn took off and paced her car. It was her impression that the UFOs wanted to be seen. (Source: Ellen Crystal: The Silent Invasion, p. 16).

Aug. 3, 1980; Norton AFB, San Bernardino, CA
9:00 PM. Three airmen and five civilians at separate locations sighted an object that looked like a "metallic balloon" with two flat sides, according to a base spokesman. The airmen, who observed it through binoculars, said it was a "highly reflective metallic color." It either landed or hovered just above a grassy area near a taxiway on the base. Then it took off and flew away at an estimated 30-40 m.p.h. A little later six residents of the Highland area saw an object of the same description as it flew north and eventually passed over the San Bernardino Mountains. The witnesses called the sheriff's department, and reported that the object was flying on a straight course about 200-300 feet above the ground. About an hour later  a sheriff's helicopter flew to the area to investigate, but saw nothing. No radar tracking were reported. (Riverside Enterprise, Aug. 6, 1980)

Aug. 8, 1980; near Pine Bush, NY
9:30 PM. Author Ellen Crystal was out in an isolated field near Pine Bush by herself when she noticed a large lighted object descend among some nearby trees. The object turned its lights off as it landed. She decided not to approach. However, after midnight she decided to investigate, drove near the site, and with a flashlight caught sight of a four-foot tall thin humanoid with a large head and huge yellow cat-like eyes. It was wearing a tight fitting, beige jumpsuit. The being stood there briefly and stared at the witness, who panicked and quickly drove away. (Sources: Ellen Crystal, The Silent Invasion, p. 41; Ellen Crystal, UFO Universe, Spring 1989).

Aug. 9, 1980; Kirtland AFB, Albuquerque, NM
Morning. Several security guards at the Manzano Weapons Storage Area, adjacent to Kirtland AFB, saw a bright light descend in a restricted area. A fourth guard observed a disk shaped light in the vicinity of a bunker used to store nuclear weapons. The incident resulted in a report being filed with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) at Kirtland. The incident was subsequently investigated by agent Richard Doty -- an interesting and mysterious figure who often appears in the UFO literature. Doty filed a preliminary report on the incident, which has been acknowledged and released by the Air Force. (Bruce Maccabee).

Aug. 17, 1980; Lima, OH
1:15 AM. Witness knocked back by light beam. 5-min duration and three witnesses. (Frontiers of Science, Sept.-Oct, 1980, Vol. II, 6

Aug. 21, 1980; East TX
Young woman and daughter driving home, E-M effects on car, car lifted off road onto craft, humanoids examined them on tables in room with "fog" on floor (Volume II, The UFO Evidence, Section XIII).

Aug. 31, 1980; between Ashbourne and Derby, England
12:20 AM. A witness named Lister reported seeing a disc-shaped object making a humming noise. According to the report it maneuvered in the sky, and there were other independent witnesses. (Sources: UFO News clipping Service, March 1981, p. 12; Larry Hatch, U computer database, case 13525, citing FSR).

Sept. 11, 1980; Anderson, SC
4:20 AM. Two friends saw a rounded, seamless disc-shaped UFO that made a whining noise. It hovered over trees in a yard 100 feet away from his bedroom window. It rotated and wobbled. Physiological effects included red burning eyes, swollen glands in neck, headache. (Source: MUFON UFO Journal, April 1981, p. 5.)

Sept. 11, 1980; Easley, SC
8:00 AM. L. Garrett, age 40, saw a huge gray domed blimp or ovoid UFO making a buzzing noise. It was purplish metallic gray in color. It had a pipe protruding from it, and long windows. (Source: Allan Hendry, International UFO Reporter, September 1980, p. 11-13).

Sept. 22, 1980; Caribbean Sea south of Haiti
3:43 AM. another air collision nearly occurred over the Caribbean Sea south of Haiti between Pan Am flight 440 and an unidentified bluish-green cigar-shaped object. The UFO had a horizontal row of 5-6 steady lights, which the flight crew presumed were windows. The distance between the Pan Am flight and the UFO at its closest approach was less than a mile. The estimated length of the UFO was 50 feet. It changed course when the plane flashed its landing lights. The event was witnessed independently by the crew of two other airliners in the area. (Source: Allan Hendry, International UFO Reporter, November 1980, p. 12).

Sept. 28, 1980; Boca Raton, FL
2:45 PM. Two bright yellow UFOs shaped like hamburger buns approached to within 200 feet of an airplane flying over Boca Raton, Florida near Pompano Beach. The UFOs circled the plane 8-10 times maintaining a distance of approximately 1500 feet. (Source: Richard F. Haines, Project Delta: A Study of Multiple UFO, p. 161).

Sept. 28, 1980; Boca Raton, FL
Two discs circle Aerostar PA60

Sept. 30, 1980; Rosedale, Victoria, Australia
Spinning top-shaped object with body lights, whistling sound, landed near water tank, vibrations felt, uncomfortable sound, livestock reacted. Physical traces (Volume II, The UFO Evidence, Section I).
Oct. 5, 1980; near Ta Kang, China
On this night near Ta Kang, several sailors off the coast in a ship on the Yellow Sea, including a witness named Hung, saw a reddish cone-shaped object with an intense bluish-green electric-arc glow fly overhead. It was close enough that they were able to feel heat from the object. (Source: FSR, March 1983, p. 24).

Oct. 23, 1980; bt. Clifton and Morenci, AZ
Evening. A high school band was holding practice at a playing field between Clifton and Morenci, Arizona. They sighted a string of lights shaped in a triangular pattern hovering above them. It would move and stop, then move and stop again. (Source: Philip Imbrogno, Contact of the 5th Kind, pp. 21-22).

Oct. 26, 1980; Greene County, Indiana
7:00 PM. A lopsided triangle shaped UFO was observed by a husband and wife on their farm in a close encounter. The object can be described two full moons spaced about 12 feet apart with a flashing red light in back like a lopsided triangle. Each white light could have been three feet in diameter and the white was so intense but noting around lit up. It seemed as if the light was somehow contained within itself. The object was at treetop level now and passed to the right of our security light. There was no reflection of metal anywhere. The lights were all that could be seen but I got the distinct impression that they were connected to something huge. The wife said: The object passed about twenty feet above the barn making no sound and lights making no light. When it was over the barn roof the sows with baby pigs in the barn jumped up and began wild grunting and knocking about in their pens. They settled down immediately after the object cleared the roof. The object is now coming very slowly towards the front of our house and yard. My husband had gone back into the house to watch from the front windows, my children are crying, and I am on the back porch having the time of my life.(IUR-3,5, Letter to Center for UFO Studies, John Timmerman files)

Nov. 1, 1980; Monroe City, IN
9:00 PM. Sheriff deputy involved in CE-III. Organization never provided any documentation or report. (UPRO)

Nov. 14, 1980; Heidelberg, Germany
6:30 PM. Two students saw a flat cylindrical UFO hovering over an athletic field in Heidelberg. The object had powerful headlights with a pinkish glow, and smaller red and yellow lights. It approached the witnesses and stayed over them for 10 minutes. (Source: Illobrand von Ludiger, Best UFO Cases--Europe, p. 42.)

Nov. 18, 1980; Kirksville, MO
Evening. Hundreds of people in north-central Missouri, including a dozen police officers, saw a large, triangular object over a period of more than four hours. It moved slowly back and forth over an area of nearly one hundred miles, passing over many small communities and the cities of Kirksville and Trenton, which are about sixty miles apart. At one time, the object was tracked on radar moving erratically at a speed of about forty-five miles an hour. The technician who saw this on the radar scope at a remote FAA facility north of Kirksville stepped outside and could see the lights of the object about six miles away. (NCS,191)

Nov. 19, 1980; Longmont, CO
Light beamed onto car, lights and radio failed, car levitated on board domed craft surrounded by dense cloud or mist, couple examined. Car placed back on road (Volume II, The UFO Evidence, Section XIII).

Nov. 24, 1980; Peking UFO Study
Official Chinese news agency Xinhua reported that an association to study UFOs had been established in Peking.

Nov. 28, 1980; Todmorden, West Yorkshire, UK
Constable Alan Godfrey encountered craft on road, time loss. Abduction scenario emerged under hypnosis (Volume II, The UFO Evidence, Section XIII).

Nov. 29, 1980; Littleborough, near Todmorden, West Yorkshire, England
5:10-5:50 AM. Two on duty uniformed traffic officers were parked up in a pub car park when they observed a very bright UFO low on the horizon. The object was last seen heading in the direction of Todmorden. This case links to the Alan Godfrey case. The officers contacted Alan Godfrey approximately one year after his sighting. They would not come forward publicly fearing ridicule. (PRUFOS. THE 5TH ANNUAL PRUFOS POLICE REPORT 2006 by Detective Constable 1877 HESELTINE)

Dec. 3, 1980; McLain, MS
10:30 PM. On Highway 57 in McLain, Mississippi Mr. and Mrs. Lowrey had the FM radio of their car quit, the car's headlights dim, and the car heater quit when a luminous, blue-white ball of light came briefly over the right side of the car's hood. They estimated the light to be about a foot in diameter and only a meter away. The seat belt alarm also came on during the encounter. (Source: Allan Hendry, International UFO Reporter, January 1981, p. 12).

Dec. 4, 1980; Perth, Western Australia
Radar-visual sighting of four objects at airport (Volume II, The UFO Evidence, Section VII).

Dec. 4, 1980; Foxboro, MA
6:35 PM. A young man had a close encounter with a saucer-shaped object with a row of rectangular windows around the circumference, and was struck by a light beam on the chest and felt paralyzed. Perceived communication, apparent abduction, burn marks on chest corresponding to light beam position. (Investigation report, New England UFO Newsletter, January 1981)

Dec. 12, 1980; Huffman, TX
Burns and radiation damage. Cash/Landrum incident.

Dec.15, 1980;  London, England
Over 40 people in the southeastern part of London, England saw a UFO hover, divide into pieces, re-group, dart a short distance, and then shoot straight up. (Source: Timothy Good, Above Top Secret, p. 76).

Dec. 17, 1980; Greenup County, KY
Time not given. Six witnesses of C1. No details. (MUJ-171)

Dec.18, 1980; Rio, Brazil
Cows and horses alerted, then ran as small light flew by.

Dec. 27, 1980; Greenup County, KY
No time given. No details except 5 witnesses of a C1. (MUJ-171)

Dec. 27-30, 1980; Bentwaters AFB, UK
Col. Halt case. Air Force security police encounter with landed craft in Rendlesham Forest, physical evidence (Volume II, The UFO Evidence, Section II).

Dec. 29, 1980; Huffman, TX
Diamond- or spindle-shaped object blocked vehicle; heat, sound, strong physiological effects indicating radioactivity. Mystery helicopters followed UFO (Volume II, The UFO Evidence, Section VI).


1. Volume II, The UFO Evidence, A Thirty-Year Report - Richard Hall, 2000

2. CUFOS report, Rodeghier,

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