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Monday, April 25, 2005


One of our on-line friends sent the link to this report. It is apparent that the mutilations are still happening in Colorado. This corroberates our last 10 articles! Thank you for sending this link.

Cattle multilation investigated By DEL NORTE (northwest of Alamosa)

— The Rio Grande Sheriff’s Office is investigating a cattle mutilation discovered in the county Friday morning. Rio Grande County Sargent Jon Gonzales said the sheriff’s office received the report on the mutilation, which was found in a field off County Road 29, at 9:57 a.m. Friday.“The facial area of the cow was removed from the back of the jaw to the front of the nose by the eye line,” Gonzales said. Gonzales said the cut seemed precise, but there was a small amount of blood.“The manner in which it was removed is still under investigation at this point,” Gonzales said. Gonzales said no other parts of the cattle were removed.“We don’t have suspects,” Gonzales said. “If anyone has any information leading to an arrest, we’d be happy to hear it.”Gonzales said a person convicted of the mutilation could face cruelty to animal and trespassing charges.


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