Sightings Pre-1995


August-1950, Lakelse Lake BC (near Terrace): (7:29 pm)

The witness was 17 years old and out in a boat on Lakelse Lake when she suddenly heard a whirring sound. Looking up she was astonished to see a two-tone metallic, disc-shaped craft that was tilted towards her at a 45-degree angle. The object was stationary, had a dome on top and the centre part was revolving and apparently responsible for the sound she could hear. It was her feeling that she was being observed during the following two minutes that it remained in position. Then it very suddenly was gone "so fast". She never mentioned this event to her parents as they were very religious and would simply state that it was the work of the devil.

(Note: The witness stated that the local newspaper at that time (Terrace Herald?) was carrying other reports.)

Summer-1955, Vancouver BC:

"I didn't see this one but during that summer about six of my friends were sitting out in their back yard. All of a sudden they noticed a large cigar-shaped craft coming slowly up from the south. One of them ran into the house and brought out binoculars as well as his mother. They stated that the craft had numerous yellow portholes along both sides. Their mother apparently phoned the Airport and was told that there were no planes in the air at that time, they said that while she was on the phone she could hear fighter planes being scrambled in the back ground. While she was inside, the craft slowly turned round and headed back south, they watched until it was out of sight. They ranged in age from about 12 to 14."

Summer-1956, Vancouver BC:

"This summer I became interested in listening to Short Wave Radio. I was out in my back yard working on an Antenna. Because I was looking up I noticed a small circular craft quickly approaching from the west; it flew almost directly overhead and disappeared to the east. It appeared to be about the same size and colour as a dime would be, held at arm's length. When I first saw it, it was about 45 degrees to the west of me. It took about 10 sec. to pass out of sight, much faster than any aircraft that I've ever seen. When it disappeared in the east it did not appear to follow the curvature of the earth but just seemed to fly straight off into space. The weather was sunny and clear, it made no sound and left no vapor trail, it appeared to be very high, possibly over 30,000 ft."

Sept/Oct-1957, Cedar Creek BC: (near Cranbrook)

Bob (17) his brother David (15) and father went hunting at Cedar Creek, at Albert River. They were camping at a disused logging camp. They spotted a "sausage-shaped" silver craft, pulsating at both ends, about half a mile away. It was making no noise. This was in the morning and the visibility was excellent. The object moved, stopped, moved, etc. It displayed no visible acceleration. It seemed to "jump" from A to B! They estimated that the craft was 30-40 feet long and 10 feet high. They watched it for 20-30 minutes. Bob hid behind a tree and was clearly upset. David began to load his rifle at which point his father reproached him and asked what he imagined he might achieve by shooting at it? The craft finally moved out of sight behind a nearby mountain.

NOTE: The above description was by Bob. His brother David recalls that the object was a huge silver BALL, about 50 feet in diameter and 1 ½ - 2 miles away! He also remembers watching it for an hour.

1966, Richmond BC : (6:00 pm)

"My girlfriend Leigh and I had been out for a ride on my motorcycle and on the way home were north bound on Highway 99. We had just come out of the tunnel when I happened to notice a large yellowish rectangle hanging in the air above UBC, which would put it just north of the airport. At first I thought it must be some sort of reflection on my helmet visor but after shaking my head back and forth and lifting the visor, it was still there. I pointed it out to my girlfriend and she confirmed that she also could see it. We continued to keep glancing at it all the way across Richmond and I had hopes of getting home and taking a better look through binoculars but just as we approached the south end of the Oak St. bridge we could see what appeared to be the shadows of people moving about inside and the opening suddenly began to close, it was just like a door had swung shut and then it was gone. We both had the impression that we were looking through a doorway into some sort of large room but whatever we were looking at was completely invisible from the outside. What ever the door belonged to must have been huge, as we were probably 10 miles away when I first saw it. I would estimate the opening to be somewhere between 50 to 100 ft. in height, by comparing it to the size of the trees below it. I doubt that it was more than 500 ft. in altitude. The weather was clear and sunny and it was about 18:00 hrs."

August-1967, Allouette Lake BC :

"My girlfriend Leigh and our friends Tom and Lil, along with their daughter Kim, spent every weekend in August camping near Gold Creek on the west side of Allouette Lake. The last Sat. night in Aug. we were sitting around the campfire and looking out over the lake when all of a sudden Tom drew our attention to a large Orange object slowly passing across the south end of the valley. It was about the same size and colour as the full moon as it rises in the month of October. I attempted to find my binoculars for a better look but just as I got my hand on them the object went behind the mountains. I would estimate it was flying at about 1500 ft. in altitude by comparing it with the height of the surrounding mountains. The time was about 23:00 and the craft was traveling from west to east along the north side of the Fraser Valley. I read several months later in a Magazine called Canadian UFO report that it had been reported by a number of people in the Fraser Valley as far east as Hope, last seen still heading east into the mountains. We observed the full moon rise at about 01:00 directly across the lake from us. It was much whiter in colour and appeared smaller."

1968 - between Vancouver and Dawson Creek: (Easter Weekend)

"I decided to drive the about 800 miles north to see a friend of mine who'd recently moved to Dawson Creek. I left Vancouver quite late and about midnight found myself driving through the mountains near Cache Creek. As I drove along the mountain crests I noticed far off in the N. West a number of what appeared to be search lights playing on the clouds. At the time I thought there must be an airport over there somewhere. Later on when I checked my maps found nothing but bush and also realized that the lights I'd seen were not shining up at the clouds but down from somewhere above. Shortly after passing Cache Creek it began to snow and I ended up driving for 18 hours. I found my friend, booked into one of the Hotels in town and passed out. She had the weekend off, so the next few days we spend touring the area. The third day I started back to Vancouver. The snow had all melted and I was cruising along about 80 mph. At sunset I was just north of Quesnel and had a large field on my right, as I passed it I noticed what appeared at first glance to be a white bird about the size of a Herring Gull, it took off from about 150 feet away and skimmed across the field at about 3 feet in the air on an interception course with my car. I stepped on the brakes and it passed through my headlight beams about 20 feet in front of me. It then climbed at about a 45-degree angle and shot off up into the sky. As it passed I realized it was not a bird as the wings were fixed and not flapping. My foot came down a little harder and soon I was cruising at 90 mph. Hours later I was back up in the mountains, just south of Cache Creek. I'd not seen another car for hours and I was still rolling along about 90. All of a sudden a brilliant white light shone down on me from somewhere above. It was like the light from a flash bulb, so bright I couldn't even see my own headlights and from what I could make out appeared to be a perfect circle, perhaps several hundred feet in diameter. I floored the gas and went up to about 110 mph. but the light stayed right with me. After a minute or so the light went back out. I could feel all the hairs on the back of my neck standing up and sensed that whatever it was, was still directly over my car. I wanted to stop and take a look but since I was by myself and there was no other traffic I continued to keep my foot in it. About 10 minutes later the light came back on and I got the distinct impression that whoever was behind it wanted me to stop. I went even faster. Just before I reached the Kanaka Bar Restaurant the light went out again. I came around a bend and found the Restaurant right in front of me. A car had just left the Restaurant and I passed him doing about 120 mph. He must have thought I was a UFO. A few miles further on I came over the crest of a mountain and could see a long steep hill in front of me with a curve at the bottom, suddenly my car lost all power and I was flying blind down the hill. I was still doing close to 120 mph and had lost my lights, power steering, power brakes etc. I put both feet on the brake pedal and pushed as hard as I could. I couldn't see the road at all as there are tall trees on each side of the road and it was black. All I could do was try and keep the car heading straight. I kept picturing the road curving up ahead but didn't have the faintest idea how close I was or even if I could make it at the speed I was still going. Without my power assist the car didn't feel as if it was slowing the least. Just as I reached the bottom of the hill my power all of a sudden came back on. Needless to say I made the corner but didn't slow down until I reached the main Trans Canada Highway with all its traffic. I owned that car for more than five years and never before or after did I have any problems with it mechanically or electrically. The loss of power seemed to be their goodbye present as I lost that feeling that they were sitting on my roof just shortly afterwards. I often read or see programs about people losing time during incidents similar to what I went through but don't think I was stopped. I was near Quesnel at sunset which I'd guess to be about 19:00 and hit the Trans Canada near Hope at about 02:00. I was just doing some calculations and they don't work out. Quesnel is about 325 miles north of Hope and at the speed I was going I should have done it in about 3.5 hours not 7, maybe something did happen? I sure don't recall slowing."

"Years later when I first saw the movie Close Encounters it brought it all back again especially the scene where they were all up on the mountain watching the UFO approach above the clouds. When I came out of the theatre after the movie I didn't have the faintest idea where I was nothing seemed familiar and it took several minutes for me to figure out where I was. Several years later I asked some Police Officers if they might have had helicopters working in the Canyon at night and they said not to their knowledge. Too dangerous."

Summer 1970, Sparwood: (10:00 pm)  NUFORC

“My friends (RN, social worker, public health nurse and an XRay technician) took me on my first outing after the birth of my son (July 22/70) to a drive-in movie theatre between Fernie and Sparwood, B.C. We had finished seeing the movie and I was about to drive away when I saw an enormous, bright white round light coming around the side of a nearby mountain (small mountain, but bigger than hill). I pointed it out to the others and we discussed whether it was a logging truck (no roads there, besides it was to the side of the mountain) or the moon (moon was in a different position). Scared the living daylights out of us and I sped the car over to the, by now, only remaining vehicle - a family in a station wagon with kids. I yelled at them to look and they took off like bats out of hell. I was quickly on their heels.”

“What is intriguing about this is that we all lived in Fernie and gossip was a way of life in a small town. We never discussed this after. About 13 - 15 years later, I remembered it and mentioned it to one of the women who was there and she seemed to think it was a logging truck. I know what I saw and there was no logging truck that could hang off the side of a mountain and certainly no truck could've produced lights that size. (There was only one light. On the form above, I ticked off 1 craft but we never actually saw a craft - only this enormous white ball.) Whatever it was, it was moving very slowly around the mountain. It was awesome and terrifying at the same time.”

“There were a lot of UFO sightings in Fernie, witnessed by many credible people, including RCMP officers. When Cranbrook airport was called after these events, one would be told that nothing had appeared on the radar screens.”

“Since that event, I have experienced many paranormal experiences. I don't know whether there is any connection or not, but thought I should mention it. It's only now that I finally have a computer, that I'm able to find someone to report this to.”

“Eric Byler at Oregon UFO suggested I write and sends his regards.”

1973, White Lake BC :

The witness, Corlyn, arrived at her home at White Lake (20 min. from Salmon Arm) to discover a silver bell-shaped craft located about 60-100 feet away. It displayed a red light on the left, a blue light on the right and a flashing white light on the top. It was about 30 feet wide and 30 feet high, with three vertical ridges across the body. It was moving back and forth. Corlyn told it to "back off", and it did! Apart from her dog and cat howling the whole area seemed to be enveloped in a gray pallor and sound asleep. Nothing moved. After ½ hour she put the animals indoors. The object moved across the lake 100' and towards Salmon Arm. Total viewing time 1 hour.

1-Mar-1979, Victoria BC : (2:00 pm)

"While working in a Victoria office building on the corner of Douglas and Hillside I noticed a vertical dark 'smoke ring' moving from south to north out the west facing windows on the third floor. I estimate this ring to be less than a kilometer away and for some reason, though there were many people around me working, I did not mention it to anyone. Once I noticed it I became transfixed to it, watching it swirl and move at a speed that would be the width of the window in approx. 30 seconds. Less than 50 mph?? Dark in color, and appearing definitely as 'smoke' it did not diminish in any way, was translucent (a dull, grey, high cloud, no rain typical Victoria day). It moved in a straight line across my field of view not moving up or down, but it was 'swirling' much like a ring out the barrel of a naval gun or a cigarette smoker's mouth. It lasted a long time; I venture to guess at least five minutes. As this was about 25 years ago, and since I have never mentioned it to anyone, I cannot recall if it disappeared altogether or just from my view. But it WAS there, and nobody else around me saw or mentioned it."


1981, Tsawwassen BC :

"During August I was camped with friends and several hundred other people alongside the causeway to the Ferry Terminal just north of the US border. Near midnight what appeared to be a large Emerald Green Meteor flashed overhead traveling west to east. I remember glancing around as it went over and as far as the eye could see was lit up almost like a green daylight. I had never seen anything like it before and neither had anyone else we talked to. The only light I can recall being similar is burning copper."

1984, Vancouver BC : (4:00 am)

"From 1972 to 1986, I worked as a Security Guard which meant I was outside most nights. During the summer at about 04:00 I observed another of those large Green Meteors? pass overhead, once again traveling west to east. Just before it disappeared it appeared to break up into 3 or 4 pieces which shot off in different directions, it did not appear to burn up, but just seemed to shoot off into space."

Summer 1986, Burnaby: (7:00 pm)

“I have a similar sighting around the same time as the sighting marked "Make a wish" 1986.....My mother and I were driving in our car at about 7:00 pm. We were leaving a shopping mall in Burnaby, BC and as we were driving out of the parking lot we looked up and noticed that a stainless steel colour circular object with white or yellow windows or lights at the base.  It was hovering quite low and it was very large. We drove directly underneath it and noticed no sound or movement. We watched it for about 1 minute then got scared and left the scene. We never heard of anyone else seeing the object but there must have been someone else in the area who could have.  This was a busy shopping mall that didn't close until 9:00 pm that night so the parking lot was still partially full. If you hear of any similar sightings it would be great to hear back from someone.”

UFO*BC Responds:

Would you have an approximate or even an exact date for your sighting?

Witness Responds:

I don't know the exact date but I would guess it was close to summertime in 1986 - It was a very clear night with the sun just going down. The ufo was very, very low to the ground so we're not mistaking what we saw - I would guess it was less than 150 feet up and it looked huge. Sorry I can't give you an exact date but my mom and I were a little bit freaked so we left. I looked at it for about 1 minute and then drove underneath.

My mother's friend lives about 5 miles from the area in a high rise building - 20th floor...she saw a similar shaped object with lights travel past her window or balcony. Her and her husband watched it go by then disappear. That was around the same time as well.

See for updated report and picture.

Around 1989-1990, West Vancouver BC : (02:00-03:00 am)

I was sleeping at home at my parent's house. I woke up and had the feeling someone was nearby. I lifted my head slightly to look over my feet towards the doorway. When I did I saw half of a whitish face, small in the chin, bigger at the head, 1 large black eye. When I reacted to this by sitting up more the head pulled back away from the doorway (like when someone is peeking at you with half their head looking at you). This had been preceded many years before by a friend of mine and me driving to Whistler and passing Britannia Beach then suddenly seeing "Welcome to Whistler" (over 45 minutes away). The tank was still full, and we looked at each other shocked. I don't know why but we did not talk about this thing for years.

October 1991, 100 Mile House:

"In October 1991, I was moving from North Vancouver to 100 mile House, with my boyfriend. He was in one vehicle and I was in another with my 2 year old son, who was sleeping in the back in his car seat. It had gotten dark and I had lost track of my boyfriend so I drove on having had a plan that if we got separated, I would meet him at his grandmother's place in 100 mile around 10:30pm."

"I had gotten through the worst part of the Fraser Canyon and was going along a straight stretch of road. There was no cars on the road at this time, and it was pitch black other than my headlights. When I looked in my rear view mirror, I saw a very bright light behind me, it looked as if a vehicle had a burned out headlight, but it seemed much brighter than a regular car headlight, so I thought maybe it was a semi truck. When I looked again, whatever this was, was rising slowly in a vertical movement. At this point the only thing that came to my mind was a helicopter, but it was completely silent no noise whatsoever. By this time I began to feel a little panicked, so I pulled to the side of the road and looked behind me and whatever was there was gone."

"I had a very creepy feeling the rest of the way and it really frightened me, to this day I always wonder what it was."

29-Aug-1992, Burnaby BC : (12:00 pm)

The sky was clear and as I gazed at the stars I noticed some disappear. Then I realized I could quite distinctly see a triangle shape moving slowly and quietly across the sky directly above me. My guess is that this was at a very high altitude or even outside the atmosphere, therefore the object would have to be quite large as it was the size of a full moon. I jumped up in startled disbelief and curiosity to get a better view and could no longer find the object in the dark night sky.

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