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Esto ha aparecido en el último número de UFO ROUNDUP


Javier García Blanco


      The Portuguese military fired a ground-to-air missile
at the luminous UFO that passed over their country during
the early morning hours of Monday, June 7, 2004.
(For the original report, see UFO Roundup, volume 9,
number 23 for June 9, 2004, "Luminous UFO seen by hundreds
in Portugal," page 5.)
      Portuguese ufologist Gregorio Sao Xavier reported
that "the cigar-shaped UFO was tracked on radar. It moved
in a south-to-north direction. It was reported in the
Portuguese newspapers that 'a target on radar' was found
at three separate military bases."
      These included "Beja, south of Evora and north of the
Algarve region; Montijo, near Lisboa (the capital of
Portugal--J.T.); and Oporto, the second largest city in
Portugal. The news was released by a colonel in the
Portuguese Army."
      "That same day, only one report came from a civilian
identifying the trajectory of the unknown object as coming
from north to south, and a cigar form was described."
      "Some days later, it was reported on Spanish and
German TV that an official of the Portuguese Army
confirmed that a missile had been launched. What most
people saw trailing smoke" was the missile launched at the
      "Visual contact with the object was made at the base
in Beja," Gregorio added, "A week later, the photo of a
cigar-shaped object appeared in a popular (Portuguese)
magazine. And a few days later, the military officials
charged with the investigation of the incident closed the
case, calling it an 'unknown object.'"
      One of the most curious aspects of this case was the
multiple sightings of a radar-domed AWACS plane, provided
by NATO, which was seen flying offshore, just west of Cabo
de Sines, 120 kilometers (72 miles) south of Lisboa.
(Muito obrigado a Gregorio Sao Xavier por esas

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