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  • Rendelsham Forest

    The Rendlesham Forest Incident Files/British Ministry of Defence

    On November 29, 2002 the British Ministry of Defence released a five-part FOIA document regarding the famous 1980 Rendlesham Forest Incident. This has always been treated as a landmark UFO event, and now will be viewed with even more esteem. The following documents, though long and sometimes repetitive, will confirm the events described in my article on the:

    Rendlesham Forest/Bentwaters/Woodbridge UFO Landings.

    A clear, direct reference to Alien contact is made, along with many details of the UFOs which landed that night. The files are quite large, and therefore slow to load. So be patient, it is worth the wait.

    The files on this page come from the British Ministry of Defences list of files as released through the Freedom of Information Act. The files are in the .PDF format, which means they can only be viewed with an ACROBAT READER.

    Click on icon for free download

    Document # 1 Document # 2 Document # 3 Document # 4 Document # 5

    Ministry of Defence (Excerpted from File 3, Page 107

    Dear (Blacked out),

    As you know, OSI has completed a report on the landing of a craft of unknown origin crewed by several entities near RAF Bentwaters on the night of December 29/30 1980.

    Interestingly, OSI reports that the entities were approximately 1 1/2 metres tall, wore what appeared to be nylon-coated pressure suits, but no helmets. Conditions on the night were misty, giving the appearance that the entities were hovering above ground level.

    Tape recordings were made on which the entities are heard to speak in an electronically synthesized version of English, with a strong American accent. Similar transmissions intercepted (possible word omitted) irregularly by NSA since 1975.

    According to OSI, entities had claw-like hands with three digits and an opposable thumb.

    Despite original reports, OSI said the craft was not damaged but landed deliberately as part of a series of visits to SAC bases in USA and Europe. Reports that craft was repaired by US servicemen or was taken on to the base are not confirmed by OSI.

    Landing is not considered a Defence issue in view of the overt peaceful nature of the contact, but investigations by DSP (?) are to be continued on (Blacked out) authority. Precautionary plan for counter-information at a local level involving (Blacked out) and a (Blacked out) is strongly recommended.


    (Blacked out)

    B J Booth