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De: "BASTIDE Jean - CRNA-SE/E" <>
Fecha: Sat, 5 Mar 2011 21:56:05 +0100
Para: "Ignacio Darnaude" <>
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Undecoded Letter


Recently, UK  released UFO pages from national archives (see below). Beware of the gangplank, as it is of use to make somebody walk on it  in order to have him surely  falling  overboard.
Undivided attention is  counselled and the utmost care required when a log is positioned, as is the custom, at the head of the gangway,
specially when the vessel was alongside in port, and an unusually strong gust of wind may carry it overboard,
for example when the captain sneezes under the influence of some disinformation virus.
In case you don't understand well, you must be informed moreover that it is also of use to have precisely the archives
of the year implied destroyed, when other files from the surrounding years survive miraculously. In several cases like
Roswell and Rendlesham. But I may be bad-tempered and it's probably  just some effect of my suspicious mind.
I presume it's all in the mind, like saying there is no need for high level of radioactivity to kill you, of course. Let us read:
"Die Studie zeigt, dass das Risiko für Kinder unter 5 Jahren, an Leukämie zu erkranken, zunimmt, je näher ihr Wohnort an einem Kernkraftwerk liegt.
Die Forscher unter der Leitung der Mainzer Epidemiologin Maria Blettner stellten fest, dass zwischen 1980 und 2003 im Umkreis von fünf Kilometern
um die Reaktoren 77 Kinder an Krebs, davon 37 an Leukämie, erkrankt waren.",un-risque-accru-de-cancer-pour-les-enfants-qui-vivent-pres-d-une-centrale-nucleaire,363,21614.asp
Concerning now Rendlesham and radioactivity, just read the letter I received from the astronomer Mr Ian Ridpath on January 1st, 2010:
"You ask me if I obtained the exact date of the clearing of the trees  in Rendlesham forest. No I haven't but it must have been sometime in  
1981 or perhaps 1982. Why do you think it is important?"  I think , Mr Ridpath, it is of the utmost importance,
because the trees may bear
some physical radioactive proof on them, hence the fact that they have been immediately chopped down by the air force.
It is very strange at the least that a researcher like him seems not having thought to that by himself,
moreover asking me such a silly question. Unless he is totally blinded, subconsciously, by his anti-UFO unfair attitude.
As these trees bore the physical proof of  UFO's radioactivity ( x7) in the Rendlesham' case, hence their cutting just after the occurrence.
But I presume it's all in my mind, too. Remember:
?By the time of my visit in 1983, though, the trees in the area had been cleared and any sign of the landing site was long gone?

According to Colonel Halt:  ?I wish to make it perfectly clear that the UFOs I saw were structured machines moving under intelligent control and operating beyond the realm of anything I have ever seen before or since. I believe the objects that I saw at close quarter were extraterrestrial in origin and that the security services of both the United States and England were and have been complicit in trying to subvert the significance of what occurred at Rendlesham by use of well practiced methods of disinformation.?
But concerning the loss of archives, France is a great specialist, when you see that in 1983, almost all the meteorological
archives of the observatory from the Montsouris Park have been lost during their removal to the French Institute
of Astrophysics, near Denfert-Rochereau's lion bronze statue, very far away, exactly less than one kilometer. These archives have been
kept in the Bardo palace of the Montsouris Park, thanks to the action of the illustrious admiral Ernest Amédée Barthélemy Mouchez,
and later in the meteorological observatory just next to it. I have been able to see myself the destruction of this palace.
No doubt some foreshadowing ot the coming of the Tunisian revolution, as the Bardo palace was  named after the one in Tunis,
being its replica built for the Expo ("Exposition Universelle") of 1867 in Paris, and rebuilt  in this park on 1869, until its destruction in 1991 !
About the recent UK declassification and the now famous "gangplank syndrome":

File: MOD Rendlesham radioactivity x 7.bmp

File: radiation%20letter.gif

File: Rendlesham trees.jpg

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