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"They Never Went Away"
by Oscar De Los Santos and J.J. Sargent
FATE Magazine :: June 2008

Over four decades have passed since an immense unidentified flying object terrified Norman Muscarello as he walked the dozen miles from Amesbury, Massachusetts, to his home in Exeter, New Hampshire, on the night of September 3, 1965. Muscarello tried to hitchhike on Route 150 in the wee hours as he walked to Exeter, but drew no luck as he trekked north. He was scheduled to go into the Navy in three weeks. It wasn’t soon enough to keep him from becoming a part of UFO history.

John G. Fuller chronicled Muscarello’s incredible encounter in Incident at Exeter (1966). Fuller’s book remains a fine example of excellent research in the field. He did his homework and legwork, uncovering over 60 other witnesses who came forward to tell about their own UFO sightings in the Exeter area. None had as startling a tale as the one experienced by Norman Muscarello.

Muscarello made it from Amesbury to Kensington, New Hampshire, without incident. Then, as he reached a stretch of open fields about three miles south of Exeter, an enormous glowing object drifted out from behind a wooded area and glided toward the terrified young man. The object oscillated as it moved across the field toward Muscarello. He ducked into the brush. Soon after, he managed to flag down a passing car. The couple within it drove him the remaining three miles into town.

The Exeter Police and Fire Station is located in a building close to the southern entrance of town. Muscarello burst into the station and told his story to the deskman on duty, Patrolman Reginald “Scratch” Toland. The officer was skeptical, but found it almost impossible to calm the young man down. Then Patrolman Eugene Bertrand arrived at the station. He told a bizarre tale about finding a frightened woman in a car parked haphazardly on the highway. The woman claimed to have been followed for miles by a huge UFO.

Two such tales within minutes of each other changed Toland’s mind. He dispatched Patrolman Bertrand to the scene of Muscarello’s encounter. The agitated man accompanied Officer Bertrand.

It didn’t take them long to drive the three miles back to the site. Bertrand parked his car, and, incredibly, the object loomed up again from the woods and glided toward Bertrand and Muscarello! Officer Bertrand mimicked Muscarello’s earlier move and tossed himself on the ground as the object drew close. He almost drew his gun, then thought against it. He raced to his cruiser and called in the sighting. Patrolman David Hunt heard Bertrand’s call and drove to the area. He arrived in time to join Bertrand and Muscarello watching the object move slowly across a field and vanish in the southeastern horizon.

We thought it would be interesting to trace Muscarello’s journey and locate the exact spot that launched a wave of New England UFO sightings in the mid-1960s. We studied Fuller’s text and other articles on the subject, armed ourselves with maps and a GPS mobile tracker, and left our homes in Connecticut for what we hoped would be a fruitful investigation. We were not disappointed.....

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