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  1. ufo - UFOS at close sight: AIRSHIPCAT, Bakersfield, California ...

    24 Jan 2006 ... [2] "The 19th century airship mystery", article by Don Berliner, in "INFO
    Journal", #29, pp 2-6, May-June 1978. [3] ""The 1896-97 Airship ... - En caché - Similares
  2. ufo - UFOS at close sight: AIRSHIPCAT, Fresno, Californie ...

    [2] "The Amazing Airship of 1896", article by James L. Cambias. [3] "The ... - En caché - Similares
  3. ufo - UFOS at close sight: AIRSHIPCAT, Chico, California, November ...

    [1] "The 19th century airship mystery", article by Don Berliner, in "INFO ... - En caché - Similares
  4. Mysterious 1897 UFO Crash at Aurora, Texas

    Sorry for the extra step, but I don't want this board full of spam. .... of
    David Schwarz built a similar oval shaped airship and flew over Berlin in 1896.
    ... The well also was dated to come from the late 19th Century. ..... The second
    article is a great read on the whole 1890's Airship Mystery. ... - En caché - Similares
  5. The Milwaukee airship sightings of 1897 | Kevin A. Barnes

    29 Aug 2010 ... The Milwaukee portion of the 1897 airship mystery was ... A Newspaper Hoax —
    Newspapers of the late nineteenth century were ... The bottom line is that we
    don't know — or even have a reliable ... Most historians date the first
    successful dirigible flight to November 3, 1897 near Berlin, Germany. ... - En caché - Similares
  6. World Mysteries - Guest Authors - J.Allan Danelek: The Great ...

    The Great Airship of 1897: A Provocative look at the most mysterious aviation
    event in history .... test flying it over Templehoff airfield in Berlin on
    November 3, 1897. ... The last half of the nineteenth century was a time not
    only of ..... of its own making and why aliens don't land on the White House
    lawn. ... - En caché - Similares
  7. Damn Data ¦ The phantom airships in context | Cabinet of Wonders

    ... field – which became one of Berlin's three airports – in a rigid airship
    that was ... These are but a few samplings what took place in the 19th century
    in regards ... I just finished reading Chariton's book "The Great Texas Airship
    Mystery" and in the final .... hope it doesn't give her any problems.Comments ()
    ... - En caché - Similares
  8. Ufology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    ... the late 19th century "mystery airships" reported in the newspapers of
    ...... 239; ^ Friedman, Stanton T.;Berliner, Don (1992). Crash at Corona: The
    ... - En caché - Similares
  9. Airship - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The 19th century saw continued attempts at adding propulsion to balloons. ... - En caché - Similares
  10. Irving Berlin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    ... as did many other Jewish families in late 19th century. ... - Similares
  11. Jae Kay's Moonlight Investigation: November 2008

    Don't get me wrong, I believe most reports of such cats are simply ..... Mystery
    Airships: The Steampunk UFOs Part Two Further Reading .... Berlin: The Downfall
    1945 , the best non fiction book I've ever read. .... A tribe of supposed giants
    managed to survive in the 19th Century if some reports are to be believed. ... - En caché - Similares
  12. Jae Kay's Moonlight Investigation: Black Triangle UFOs

    8 May 2009 ... In fact they are almost as old as our favourite phantom airships, dating back to
    the 19th Century. ... 1953: Cleveland, Ohio; Don P. Hollister, a technical
    writer for ... True Mysteries of Triangles and Hidden Lights - Margaret A. ...
    armenia (1) asia (2) australia (3) belgium (1) berlin (1) bible ... - En caché - Similares
  13. German Culture Articles

    One of the most popular German authors of the 20th century. .... German women
    used to wear Tracht and Dirndl as festive and work clothes in the 16th-19th
    centuries. ... 300 years after this event, government heads of Berlin and
    Brandenburg ... Zeppelins - the majestic German airships - celebrate their
    centennial ... - En caché - Similares
  14. The Airships of (1897 - :: Galeón : Crea tus páginas web gratis ::

    while they still don't have answers to what they saw, the more they hear these
    .... The last half of the 19th century was a time of remarkable technological
    ... - En caché - Similares
  15. Peter Milton's Hidden Cities Suite at Davidson Galleries

    30 Apr 2009 ... But this time the airship has become a spectacle of such ... On top, a 19th
    century villa in Dresden which survived the 1945 fire ... Orpheus can only bring
    Eurydice out of Hades if she follows behind him and he doesn't look back. ...
    one from the late 20th century. 2. Kaisergalerie, Berlin, 1873. ... - En caché - Similares
  16. Chrononauts: Mysteries of the Timeline

    So, what if the airship industry had not been wiped out, and Zeppelins instead
    ..... so rapidly in 1991 if it weren't for the fall of the Berlin Wall in '89,
    .... Personally, I don't believe that banning guns would end the problem of gun
    ..... This 19th century TimeLine will be designed to function standalone or in
    ... - En caché - Similares
  17. Airship

    The 19th century saw continued attempts at adding propulsion to balloons. ...
    Croatian engineer David Schwarz made its first flight at Tempelhof field in
    Berlin. ...... List of airship accidents · List of Zeppelins · Mystery airship
    .... the Top Gear YouTube channel and don't forget to visit for
    all ... - En caché - Similares
  18. Airship One

    The 19th century saw continued attempts at adding propulsion to balloons. ... - En caché - Similares
  19. Dezeen » Blog Archive » Manned Cloud by Jean-Marie Massaud

    10 Jan 2008 ... Just keep me in mind as the staff Mystery Entertainer when it's up and flying.
    .... Most people don't realize that 90% of the fuel used by airships is used to
    .... January 19th, 2009 at 1:27 am. THAR SHE BLOWS!! MAN THE HARPOONS! .....
    Century? Ecology being a given versus an option, do the time ... - En caché - Similares
  20. Been There | Tips | Berlin | historic site

    Bar/restaurant in heart of Kreuzberg since mid 19th century. ... so much so that
    cakes were sent to New York in the 1920s via the Hindenburg airship. ... - En caché - Similares
  21. Been There | Tips | Berlin

    Bar/restaurant in heart of Kreuzberg since mid 19th century. ... - En caché - Similares
  22. ufology: Definition from

    ... three traceable roots: the late 19th century "mystery airships" reported
    ...... 239; ^ Friedman, Stanton T.;Berliner, Don (1992). Crash at Corona: The
    ... - En caché - Similares
  23. airship: Definition from

    The 19th century saw continued attempts at adding propulsion to balloons. ... - En caché - Similares
  24. 7th grade summer reading list 2010

    Bored and lonely after his family moves from Berlin to a place called "Out-With"
    ... Cover Up: Mystery at the Super Bowl; Change-Up: Mystery at the World Series)
    ... Matt, a young cabin boy aboard an airship, and Kate, a wealthy young girl
    ... A 19th-century science fiction tale in which a French professor and his ... - En caché - Similares
  25. L.A.Times Crossword Corner

    5 Jan 2011 ... Hawaiian crooner : DON HO - Okay, forget "If I were a Rich Man"; now I am
    humming "Tiny Bubbles" for the rest of the day. ... - Similares
  26. Nazis in Antarctica??, page 1

    [Edited by Don W]. Uh, Mr Knight, since the mid-19th century, ... of them stayed
    in Germany as Hitler escaped before the encirclement of Berlin . ... Pole in an
    airship piloted by the Italian Umberto Nobile, on May 12. ... - En caché - Similares
  27. NAKAMACON - Programming Section

    In a world that looks like the 19th century with anti-gravity devices, ... can
    let loose and have fun as DJ oAz spins the music from Tokyo to Berlin. .... Set
    down your leash, put up your feet but please don't have anyone lick them until
    ... similar to the airship, paralleling the 1896-1897 mystery-airship flap. ... - En caché - Similares
  28. Zeppelin's Airship

    The bravest, like another Don Quixote, approached the dying beast, ...
    Throughout the 19th Century, ballooning moved from novelty to science, but
    simply ..... to the funds were the likes of the Berlin aristocracy, Senator
    Pooseld of ... - En caché - Similares
  29. Zeppelin's Airship

    Throughout the 19th Century, ballooning moved from novelty to science, but ... - En caché - Similares
  30. Special Reunion Issue Special Reunion Issue

    Unfortunately, airships don't fly in wind-tunnels, and the Navy's two “flying
    ...... the 2nd half of the 19th century, observers longed for some ... - En caché - Similares
  31. The Sky People

    Writing during the Second World War (at the University of Berlin), Schmitt
    argued ... miles of trackless jungle in an airship made of almost-bamboo and
    dinosaur guts. ... similarly inspired to retain the tie with the US is something
    of a mystery. ... harmonious European state system of the 18th and 19th
    centuries. ... - En caché - Similares
  32. Bargain Travel Europe - Museums and Exhibitions

    Literature's greatest mystery - Did He or Didn't He? Museum and display of the
    Shakespeare .... Go aboard a replica of the ill-fated Hindenburg or fly in a
    real airship over the Bodensee. ... The centerpiece of Berlin Museums Island Re-
    opens ... One of Europe's Largest Collections of 19th Century and WWI Artifacts
    ... - En caché - Similares
  33. Yakutsk: Journey to the coldest city on earth - Europe, Travel ...

    21 Jan 2008 ... In the 19th century it was used, like many Siberian towns, .... But most Yakutsk
    residents don't plan on going anywhere soon – and don't ... - Similares
  34. Unidentified Flying Objects: An Historical Perspective

    It is an expression of our hunger for mystery...our hope for .... Reports of UFO
    -like sights can be traced back into the middle of the 19th Century and earlier.
    ... there was a great flurry of sightings of what became known as "mystery
    airships". ..... In 1993, a roll of film was sent anonymously to Don Berliner,
    ... - En caché - Similares
  35. Tibor Frank - Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Berlin Junction ...

    Soon after Fermi's pioneering venture, Donald Fleming and Bernard Bailyn ... she
    termed the «Hungarian mystery», referring to the unprecedented number of
    especially .... In much of the 18th and 19th centuries, German novels and poetry
    , ...... Von Kármán also had additional responsibility for the Guggenheim
    Airship ... - En caché - Similares
  36. Zeitgeist Multi- Disciplinary Arts Center

    30 Oct 2009 ... A film for those who think they don't believe in Santa Claus anymore. ....
    Audience Award for Best Film, Panorama, Berlin Film Festival 2010; ... Airships,
    submarines, typewriters and others objects were re-imagined as mechanical ... In
    an alternate 19th Century, dust bowl Kansas, a young boy (the ... - En caché - Similares
  37. Keywords for the Engines scripts

    49 Some technology that we don't see when we first look [horn, gears, 3-M,
    invention] 50 Mark Twain and the Paige Compositor ... [design, Ford, Berlin,
    General Motors, Loren, flight] ... 76 The alchemists and chemistry before the
    middle 19th century ..... 322 Marriot's Avitor airship and the California Gold
    Rush ... - En caché - Similares
  38. Airship - Reference

    The 19th century saw continued attempts at adding propulsion to balloons. ... by
    Croatian engineer David Schwarz made its first flight at Tempelhof field in
    Berlin. ...... List of airship accidents · List of Zeppelins · Mystery airship
    ... 43, ISBN 0-9711637-0-7; ^ Kaiser, Don,Blimp Squadron 14,,
    ... - En caché - Similares
  39. Family games - Award winning strategy board games

    In the end they will have created an impressive fleet of airships. ... It's the
    end of the 19th Century, this was the age of the large, fast, .... Stonehenge
    has always been a mystery, its original purpose lost in time. ... From Pamplone
    to Berlin. Tiket to Ride now takes you on a new train adventure through the ... - En caché - Similares
  40. Johannes Fiebag, UFO Abductions In Germany, Austria and Switzerland

    I don't know how much time passed until I finally got up and went to the kitchen
    to ... For example, Eva-Maria from Berlin, remembers an event that occurred when
    she .... At the end of the 19th Century we believed in the coming of Jules ....
    Sometimes they see airships in the clouds above them and believe the ships ... - En caché - Similares
  41. Nazi Dieselpunk

    ... airships that made headlines across the United States in the late 19th
    century. ... Whether Sitchin interpreted his research findings accurately, I don
    't know. ... By Allan Hall in Berlin. The Finnish sci-fi comedy 'Iron Sky'
    centres on ... At the time the New York Times wrote about a "mysterious flying
    disc" ... - En caché - Similares
  42. Blog Archives for 2010/12

    ... mention the ghost aircraft of WWI or even the phantom airships that made ... - En caché - Similares
  43. UFO Crash 1941,William Hoffman,Stanton Friedman - Buscar con Google

    31 Jul 2010 ... David A. Cam Jansen : the mystery of the U.F.O. Adler, ..... airplane crash(1)
    airplane crashes(2) airplanes(2) airships(2) ..... 1900, 1941, 1970s Rolling
    Stone Maga, 1990s Rolling Stone Maga, 19th Century, 2000s Rolling Stone Maga .
    .... and Cover-Up of UFO : Berliner, Don & Friedman, Stanton T .. ... - En caché - Similares
  44. Originz

    America the Airship - the First Transatlantic Crossing Making Things Hard to
    Read ... the Bones of John the Baptist From Episode 87 - The Mystery Airship of
    1896 ..... A New Exhibition Reveals The Extent of Darwinâ??s Impact on 19th
    Century .... Mediterranean Be Dammed, Remembering the Berlin Airlift, Pavarotti
    for ... - En caché - Similares
  45. Kirjallisuutta

    Ardell, Donald B.: The Book of Wellness: A Secular Approach to Spirituality,
    Meaning & Purpose. .... Berlin, Isaiah: Vapaus, ihmisyys ja historia: Valikoima
    esseitä. ..... Chadwick, Owen: The Secularization of the European Mind in the
    19th Century. ... Cohen, Daniel: The Great Airship Mystery: A UFO of the 1890s.
    ... - En caché - Similares
  46. Don McGuire Filmography

    Filmography of Don McGuire. ... Joe Palooka comic strip, Joe's pal Humphrey
    Pennyworth was a blimp of a man. ... Action and mystery Read More ... to tell
    the life story of popular 19th century balladeer Chauncey Olcott-or at least,
    ... Synopsis: This little-known Warner Bros. melodrama reteams Hotel Berlin co-
    stars ... - En caché - Similares
  47. Adolph Hitler: War Hero, Street Cleaner, Prostitute or Secret ...

    5 Jul 2010 ... I don't know what was in them nor exactly where they came from." (pp. .....
    Hitler staged a water sacrifice and gave orders of the Berlin .... The 19th
    Century Occult Revival: ... - Similares
  48. Jules Verne : SFFaudio

    ... cocaine usage in the 19th century, Markheim by Robert Louis Stevenson, ....
    But after a half century of scanning the skies, astronomers have little to
    report but an .... Despite its having William Dufris as a narrator, and its
    having airships, ... Gorky Park, North Korea, the North Korea embassy in East
    Berlin. ... - En caché - Similares
  49. Grasping for the Wind: Describe the Truth, Leave Elegance to the ...

    3 Jun 2008 ... The late 18th/early 19th century was a time of enormous political worries and
    contrasts. ... Book four is a murder mystery set on the island of Jago, ... this
    is the book where their differences get sorted out – airship-on-airship, ... Its
    sensibility is far more Funeral in Berlin or Callan than the ... - En caché - Similares
  50. Cigar - Composition

    The book was quite popular in the late 19th century, and for a time the word "
    Vril" ... An airship is a buoyant aircraft that can be steered and propelled
    through the air. ..... was a secret community of occultists in pre-Nazi Berlin.
    ... revisited in another Lennon tune, "I Don't Want to Spoil the Party", which,
    ... - En caché - Similares
  51. The De Valera Deception by Michael & Patrick McMenamin - The Big ...

    ... round the world airship flight sponsored by the Hearst media empire. .... a
    common term in the late 19th century, one he probably first heard from his nanny
    . .... MICHAEL: Yes, don't forget her. Patrick hates it when I do this but I ...
    attempt (rumors of one were circulating then in Berlin) staged by the SS is ... - En caché - Similares
  52. Top 100 Films (Centenary) from Time Out

    Trace his rise from white sheep of the family to budding don and fully-fledged
    bad guy. .... home of Parisian popular theatre in the early 19th century, ....
    enigma lies as much within the people he encounters as within the mystery itself
    . ... War Berlin, then becoming the latter's lifelong friend and protector. ... - En caché - Similares
  53. Berlin-Tempelhof » Taylor Empire Airways

    30 Sep 2009 ... By the late 19th century some daring pioneers used the broad space ... They said
    , “When the weather gets so bad you can't land don't worry ... - En caché - Similares
  54. Alternate History - Television Tropes & Idioms

    Please don't bother to do this without saying what the issue is in the box above
    . ..... Gun crime is unheard of, Los Angeles is "New Liverpool", airships are
    the ... where Berlin is built to Speer's designs and the main character is
    trying to ..... Socially it's in the 19th century, non-universal suffrage, the
    King ... - En caché - Similares
  55. Cardington Airship Hangers - Google Sightseeing

    20 Apr 2006 ... The Cardington Airship Hangers were originally built to house the ... Monday,
    19th May 2008 at 7:31 am. OMG i hate those i am at the ... i work in the right
    one and i don't know what you are on about any .....Berlin, on the other hand,
    has not restored its Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church ” Fred ... - En caché - Similares
  56. Chrononaut: San Diego's Steampunk Party

    Unknown Artist (1904) - "Come Take a Trip in my Airship" ... Doop - "Doop -
    Sidney Berlin Ragtime Band" Loved Ones - "Hightone Hop" .... Baba Zula - "If I
    Love They Kill Me If I Don't I'm Dead" ... Pyrate Daze September 19th 2009.
    Pyrate Daze was a pirate reenactor convention on the Queen Mary. ... - En caché - Similares
  57. USS Shenandoah's Last Flight » HistoryNet

    25 Oct 2006 ... If we don't, we'll break up sure.' Overhead the aluminum girders inside the
    airship's frame had already started to twist out of shape from ... - En caché - Similares
  58. to Feel Weightless Again: The Cargo ...

    5 Jan 2007 ... It was intended to house the huge airships, though they never ... Its volume is
    eerie: a deep mystery manufactured by super sized .... The lengthy 18th and 19th
    century narratives of Tropical Islands have ... The scene is the world's largest
    self-supporting hall in a small village close to Berlin. ... - Similares
  59. Time Mysteries: Inheritance

    2 Oct 2010 ... Through the 19th century door, to watch the second film, the blue one, I need
    screws and a copper wire. ... It sounds like another game and it doesn't have a
    walkthrough. .... Baby Blimp, Baby Drive, Babylonia, Babysitting Mania .....
    Mystery Solitaire: Secret Island, Mystery Stories: Berlin Nights ... - En caché - Similares
  60. A list of major inventions created by men

    16 Jan 2008 ... 20th century: # 1900: Rigid dirigible airship: Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin ....
    1960s: Packet switching: Donald Davies and Paul Baran, video games # 1960:
    lasers: Theodore Maiman, ... 19th century # 1800: Electric battery: Alessandro
    Volta .... 1887: Gramophone record: Emile Berliner ... - En caché - Similares
  61. Winter by Len Deighton | LibraryThing

    23 Aug 2010 ... The lack of character development is painfully obvious in this updating of a
    19th century family chronicle; the characters are stock, pat, ... - En caché - Similares
  62. Hidden Objects | Mac games - Part 4

    5 Nov 2010 ... I rather play a fictional mystery story than something that happens every day in
    real life. ... Your game will save after each chapter so don't leave in the
    middle ... By the 19th century steam power was well underway and may have been
    ... Miranda boards the first available airship to New Coventry, ... - En caché - Similares
  63. Originz - Download free podcast episodes by Paulrex on iTunes.

    CleanEPISODE 95 - Carrots Used to Be Purple Before the 17th Century .... The
    early visitor, The Mystery airship of 1896, Haunted by Shadow Man, Futility
    closet, .... A New Exhibition Reveals The Extent of Darwinâ??s Impact on 19th
    Century ..... Live in Cities By Yearâ??s End, How Hitler Would Have Rebuilt
    Berlin, ... - En caché - Similares

    Don't want to spend a lonely night off the cold, rough Yemeni shore? .....
    BERLIN — Lepht Anonym wants everyone to know the door to transcending .... a
    considerably more obscure reference point: 19th century firefighters. ...
    There's no mystery about who the villains are in Steven Spielberg's ... - Similares
  65. New Statesman - Our critics choose their Books of the Year

    28 Nov 2005... examine the social history of late 19th-century Britain, its religion, ....
    It walks a kind of tonal tightrope and manages, I don't quite know how, ...
    Finally, Robert Goddard has surpassed even himself in his latest mystery ... of
    one of the greatest thinkers of Islam: the 11th-century Muslim ... - Similares
  66. UFOS: The Case History By Star-Gazers - Unexplained Mysteries ...

    16 Sep 2007... seeing zeppelins in the First World War, he linked it in shape to these
    airships. ... (L'Astronomie 6) Complete report is in 19th Century sightings
    ..... We don't know." / Meanwhile, dozens of reports of flying saucers poured
    into ... March 27th, 1950: Berlin, Germany - An inexplicable body of a ... - En caché - Similares

    STAVROPOL, RUSSIA, LATE 19TH CENTURY ...........................................
    .........33 ..... Now, early in the 21st century, we are even more sophisticated
    . The question .... airship 24-28, 31, 32, 55. Alamogordo Army Air Field 5, 77
    ... Berliner, Don 6, 23, 69, 78, 264. Berlitz, Charles 72, 78, 88, 91, 103 ... - En caché - Similares
  68. Time-line: History and Arts

    TIME-LINE:19th and 20th CENTURY EVENTS AND ARTS. Information from. Donald J.
    Grout, A History of Western Music, Third Edition. New York: W. W. Norton. 1980
    .... de Chirico, Mystery and Melancholy of a Street .... Berlin Wall erected.
    First manned space flights, 1961, Oldenburg, "Store" "Art of Assemblage" show at
    ... - En caché - Similares
  69. Guest Op: The Case for Steampunk Romance | Dear Author

    1 Sep 2009 ... Would flying airships be too much in a Western Steampunk? .... For example,
    Wicked Gentlemen is set in a 19th-century based fantasy world, ... And I don't
    think it has devices that are ahead of that time. ...... Berkley, Berkley Books,
    Berkley-Heat, Berlin-Germany, Bermuda, Bernita Harris ... - En caché - Similares
  70. German Loan Words in English M-Z

    poltergeist, poltern + Geist, a ghost that makes mysterious noises, ... that now
    houses the Bundestag (federal parliament) in Berlin. ... waltz music of Johann
    Strauss, Jr. helped popularize the waltz in the 19th century. ... zeppelin*, r
    Zeppelin, rigid airship named for its inventor, Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin ... - En caché - Similares
  71. Duflon and Konstantynowicz Company in Zaporozhye and St Petersburg ...

    Only five of airships had been built in Russia before 1914 and we exactly
    constructed ..... The Junkers company activated its branches in Rostov by Don
    and Turkestan in ... which the German engineers - from Technische Hochschule in
    Berlin ... Zarakowski family in the second half of 19th cent. and in the 20th
    cent.; ... - En caché - Similares
  72. Airminded · Search results for zeppelin

    From various telegrams received in Berlin from different towns along the route
    ... I don't believe that there were actual airships involved in these cases,
    .... AERIAL MYSTERY. FLIGHTS OF MIDNIGHT AIRSHIP / Standard, 17 May 1909, 9.
    .... Publications: Endowment by Increment; contributor to Nineteenth Century,
    ... - En caché - Similares
  73. The Great Canadian Guide to the Movies and TV:Scr-Sg

    Science fiction/fantasy set in the 19th Century postulating the (fictional) idea
    ... The four of them travel about in a private airship getting involved in
    various ... American (Dillon) arrives in Berlin only to learn his brother died
    in an .... series (rather than necessarily a comedy set in the mystery milieu).
    ... - En caché - Similares
  74. Receding Horizons | Commentary | Fortean Times

    Frankly, I don't have the slightest interest in what the carbuncle might ...
    Again, the phantom airships at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries ... more
    particularly, the mysterious, cloud-enshrouded Venus, both of which ... The
    Ghosts of East Berlin · Central Park in the Dark · Devil Museum, Kaunas,
    Lithuania ... - En caché - Similares
  75. Download Adventure Movies. More than 1700 Movies Available - Page 4.

    They don't want only their freedom, but they also seek for an ineffable treasure
    ... The world in the late 19th century: A scientist and his team are held as "
    guests" of Robur on his airship, that he want to use to ensure peace on earth.
    ... Post WWII yarn about a young GI abducted by the Soviets in West Berlin and
    ... - En caché - Similares
  76. Future Vision - Dramatis Personae Bruce ...

    system in the latter part of the 21st century for transporting people, payloads,
    ..... air nano machines/buildings/airships- see Neal Stephensons' The Diamond
    Age). .... in the 19th century; the Trans Canada pipeline in the 20th century,
    ... The Berlin Wall came down. Nazism lasted 12 years, the Berlin Wall 28 and
    ... - En caché - Similares
  77. Tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1899 | Music | The Guardian

    17 Oct 2008 ... But what sort of music do these 'airship pirates' make - and why? ... ability to
    make 19th-century-style clothes and gadgets from found objects, ... "I don't
    mind being known as a steampunk, because it represents things I have a .... Bach
    : The Art of Fugue, Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin – review ... - En caché - Similares
  78. Channel 4 - History - 1900-2000

    Snapshots of the century – how people around the world fought, played, thought,
    worked, ... The Nazi leader from his birth in Austria to his suicide in Berlin.
    ... Mystery of the Missing U-Boat In 1991, 60 miles off the New Jersey coast,
    ... mysticism and late 19th-century anthropology lay at the heart of the SS. ... - En caché - Similares
  79. Children's Books: Fall 2010 Sneak Previews

    15 Feb 2010 ... Harcourt Books has a tasty recipe for fall with Piggy Pie Po by Don and Audrey
    Wood, a collection of ..... a murder mystery set in 19th century Philadelphia.
    ... Moon Stone Mystery by Bob Kolar, new to an early reader series that ... in
    which the team charters an airship to search for the lost city ... - En caché - Similares
  80. What are you looking forward to in October - upcoming DS releases ...

    9 Oct 2009 ... Set in the 19th century — “The Age of Adventure” — Nostalgia immerses gamers
    into a world filled with treacherous airship battles, elusive treasure hunts,
    ... Uncover new chapters in the immersive Pokémon Mystery Dungeon storyline
    ..... Fortunately I don't bus and I sure as hell find it dangerous to ... - En caché - Similares
  81. Why are the globalists rolling out the Rockefeller UFOs and fake ...

    In 19th century USA and UK ..they reported seeing "ghost ships(boats) with ....
    I usually don't even remember the compass-thing, ... “All I have to say on that
    point is that my airship will have neither gas ..... the ruins of Berlin and
    continue with their plans for world domination from some hidden ... - En caché - Similares
  82. The Ian Fleming Collection of 19th-20th Century Source Material ...

    Brigadier General E.H. Maitland gives details of the airship R-34's crossing of
    the ..... Up to the beginning of the 19th century the taking of a census was ... - En caché - Similares
  83. Khin Tun's blog on Netlog

    I am not afraid of death, I just don't want to be there when it happens. ... I'
    ve read short stories that are as dense as a 19th century novel and novels .....
    through German archives in Berlin unearthed the full details of the story. ... - Similares
  84. Zero hour - The truth about the Arab Israeli conflict

    "If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry ....
    The Nazi counteroffensive was launched at a secret meeting in Berlin, ... 95% of
    the population of the land that is now Israel was Arab in the 19th century. ... - En caché - Similares
  85. Adventure, Mystery & Noir: N to Z

    Starring Barry Fitzgerald, Howard Duff, Don Taylor, Dorothy Hart & Ted de Corsia
    ... In the bush country of South Africa in the late 19th century, chauvinistic
    hunter ...... goes to Berlin to "give that blooming Mr. Hitler what for. ... - En caché - Similares
  86. Airship - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The 19th century saw continued attempts at adding propulsion to balloons. ......
    21st century Airships Inc., has developed a spherical-shaped airship, ... - En caché - Similares
  87. American Philatelic Congress

    The 1¢ Z Grill Mystery by Ken Lawrence, An American relation between the ...
    California Pre-statehood Mails from Sacramento, The 19th Century Postal History
    ... - En caché - Similares
  88. Review of Realm Antique - RPGnet

    6 Feb 2009 ... In essence, the 18th and early 19th centuries—a time of sailing ships, ... Added
    onto this is a sense of some minor fantastic elements—airships being the most
    obvious. ... However, this doesn't have quite as lethal or dirty of a world. ...
    Why in a world with a Berlin did we have to change England? ... - En caché - Similares
  89. BBC Radio 4 - Making History - Archive

    An English Wife In Berlin ... Cartography Of 18th And 19th Century Sealers And
    Whalers ... Daily Express Dragonfly Air Crash, 1937 - An Aeronautical Mystery,
    The .... R38 Crash, 1921 - The Giant Airship Which Split In Two Over Hull, The
    .... Don't Miss. In Our Time. Melvyn Bragg. Thursday, 9.00 - 9.45am, rpt 9.30pm
    ... - En caché - Similares
  90. November 2009 - History News Network

    Cheating bankers nothing new, 19th century 'Madoff medal' shows .... Hindenburg
    airship beer auctioned. For Taliban Fighters, a Fading Memorial ... Digging for
    Clues in Mystery of 16th Century Calusa People (Florida) ... Celebrations to
    mark the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall are under way ... - Similares
  91. S - Thomas Pynchon Wiki | Against the Day

    13 Jun 2007 ... St. Barbara was venerated as early as the seventh century. .... Island of La
    Grande Jatte is one of the icons of 19th century painting; 587; Wikipedia entry
    ... and as the world's preeminent dramatist (although some don't buy it! .... or
    , The Rivals of Lake Carlopa; Tom Swift and His Airship; or, ... - En caché - Similares
  92. the pyramid beach roadhouse

    ... by art-world mystery man/prankster Banksy, handily won both .... The Platoon
    cultural development center in Berlin staged the ... If you don't play your
    guitar for more than a day, be sure you put a saucer of water in with it. ....
    by that time and continued well into the 19th century. ... - Similares

    25 Dec 2003 ... Return to Top of 19th century Timeline Page Jules Verne The case can be made
    .... Part I begins like a mystery play with the celebrated prologue in Heaven,
    ...... 10 Nov 1764) although other chemists don't believe this until much later.
    ..... Helmholtz (Germany) 1852: Airship, Giffard (France) 1852: ... - En caché - Similares
  94. Destination | OCNY BLOGS

    5 Jan 2011 ... Bound for Berlin: five attractions you shouldn't miss ... collection and Alte
    Nationalgalerie's assortment of 19th Century paintings. ... Vatican City is a
    mystery, somewhat of a vestige establishment left over from days ... - Similares
  95. I Prefer Paris

    4 Jan 2011 ... Richard Nahem writes his blog from his fabulous 18th century ... Berlin
    apartments · Barcelona Apartments · ALL DESTINATIONS ... I saw this amazing
    concert in Lyon in 2009 and I highly recommend that you don't miss it. ... in a
    small village near Vézelay at a friend's beautiful 19th century home. ... - Similares
  96. The Books: “Hopeful Monsters” (Nicholas Mosley) | The Sheila ...

    5 Apr 2008 ... Most books don't reflect my own experience directly. ..... This is from
    Eleanor's first chapter – the “childhood in Berlin” chapter. ... I would say to
    my father as we sat above the wonders of the world in our airship “What is it
    ..... about the upheavals in England in the 19th century – the trains, ... - En caché - Similares
  97. In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an ...

    ... aircraft similar to the airship, paralleling the 1896-1897 mystery-airship
    flap. ... “I would love to see those old Rogelio de la Rosa movies,” Don Jaime
    Zobel ... Member of the jury at the Berlin International Film Festival 1988.
    ..... or world where steam power is still widely used—usually the 19th century,
    ... - En caché - Similares
  98. Panabasis - the Journal of the Janus Museum - February 2006 Archives

    And now, for your viewing pleasure, an airship manned by a monkey in a ... de
    timbales he cites an early 19th century timpanist from Berlin who played a ...
    As I've mentioned before, we don't actually have a General Davis at the Museum.
    ... - En caché - Similares
  99. Furthermore: Where the Headlines Take You | Current news and ...

    9 Dec 2010 ... The hero, a mystery man who goes by the name John Doe, ... If I say "picture a
    coal mine" do you think of something out of the 19th century? ... - En caché - Similares
  100. Read Study - Getting MAD: Nuclear Mutual Assured Destruction, Its ...

    especially with respect to Berlin. Its protection depended on the threat of
    escalating violence if Western ... would be destabilizing and lead to an arms
    race; or, don't attack ..... attack in a manner even the most sanguine 19th
    century statesmen ... although it was to be the German Naval Airship Division
    that ... - Similares