Aircraft/UFO Encounter Summaries From the Research of PROJECT 1947.

Jan Aldrich updates some cases in Dominique Weinstein's ACUFOE catalogue with these new additions.

UFO Radar Cat Cover

Dominique Weinstein's Aircraft/UFO Encounters catalogue remains the best source of UFO sightings by pilots and aircraft crewmembers. Long-admired and respected by UFO researchers world-wide, an updated version of this catalogue will soon be available to the public.   This online version of Dominique's ACUFOE provides only a small sample of the actual material he has compiled, and the limitations of HTML don't really do justice to the layout and utility of the printed version.

Jan Aldrich lists some pre-1942 Aircraft /UFO Encounters

Mark Cashman continues to update his EM Effects Catalogue.  His site is also recommended for its wide-ranging analyses of UFO cases and details of ongoing UFO investigations. Visit Mark's UFO pages at The Temporal Doorway

Bill Chalker has kindly provided PROJECT 1947 with a recently updated review of Australian Trace Cases, and a selected catalogue of Australian Physical Trace Cases.

This joins Bill's collection of Early Australian Historical Encounters.

More of Bill's excellent research can be found in the PROJECT 1947 Forum pages.

Larry Hatch's *U* UFO DATABASE contains over 18,200 filtered UFO sightings records worldwide, for all eras. Visit Larry's website for sightings maps and statistical displays from this decades long study, and see why Jacques Vallee commented about Larry's work:
"Larry Hatch's UFO Database is remarkable as a source of documentation which encompasses most of the existing compilations in a single, easily researchable file.

As a research tool it clearly surpasses all previous efforts at cataloging carefully screened UFO data.

And, the graphic and mapping facilities are simply superb."

British UFO researcher and author Paul Fuller has compiled some interesting ground trace cases from Ted Phillips' Physical Trace Catalogue

The shape and performance characteristics of UFOs are many and varied. In Close Encounters with Unknown Missiles, respected Swedish researchers Clas Svahn and Anders Liljegren of the Archives for UFO research (AFU), document some mysterious and possibly fatal incidents between aircraft and unidentified missile-like objects.

Another topic for which data is still being gathered is Eric Herr's UFOs and Possible Electro-magnetic Effects on Compasses.

Revised August 9, 2005

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