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Marian Apparitions and Esoteric Encounters:Visits with Mary, UFOs, Contactees and the Trickster
A compilation of blog and on-line writings on paranormal aspects of BVM apparitions
Vol. 1
Regan Lee with Richelle Hawks
This is a collection of my articles on Marian Apparitions in the context of esoterica. The articles have been previously published on-line with various sites: UFO Digest, my own blogs, and my Trickster’s Realm column for Tim Binnall’s Binnall of Americawebsite.I am convinced that Marian apparitions transcend the literal religious interpretations, existing beyond a religious doctrine. The events are manipulated by other forces, possibly alien, as in extraterrestrial, or by some other non-human, yet intelligent entity.And I’m not beyond throwing in a bit of military psy-ops as acontributor to some of these manifestations either.That’s not to dismiss the impact of the feminine divine shining through; the urge, the necessity, of that energy to be acknowledged cannot be underestimated.Equally important are the folk; the sincerely religious, the seekers,and the spiritual who, coming together, partake in an intimate (even while very public) and mystical happening. My opinion that the phenomena is a Fortean, esoteric, paranormal and UFO one doesnot intend to marginalize -- and certainly not trivialize -- the experience as a religious one, or, the religious and devout individuals who encounter Mary and other religious happenings on their journeys.Regan Lee Eugene, Oregon Winter, 2008 
Speculation on Mary as a Trickster
An American professor is describing his atheism to a Mexicanwho is attempting to understand his faith. Suddenly there is agleam of understanding in the eyes of the senora. "
We know that you do not believe in Jesus," 
she said with a look of sympathy, "
but surely you must believe in the Virgin of Guadalupe!" 
~ Virgin of Guadalupe Goddess of the Americas,Patrice Wynne
There aren’t many female aspects of the Trickster. But I wonder if Marianapparitions can’t be considered a female version of Trickstermanifestation.If we accept that Marian apparitions are a paranormal/anomalous (and notreligious) phenomeana, and often within the context of UFOs, and that theTrickster is an innate part of paranormal, UFO phenomena, then it isn’ttoo outlandish to consider the symbol of the “Virgin” Mary as a Trickster.Demetria Martinez, in a short piece on her relation to the image of theVirgin of Guadalupe, considers Mary a “sacred Trickster”: Guadalupe, thatsacred trickster who -- faithful to her Aztec predecessor -- appeared onthe hill where Tonantzin, the corn goddess, was worshipped by Nahuatl-speaking people ~ Brown paper and a candle - author turns to Our Lady of Guadalupe for inspiration and support - (National Catholic Reporter,Demetria Martinez, September 2000)I’ve often been struck by the irony of the Catholic Church cracking downon both those church members who believe appearances of Mary is a partof their religious experience, as well as the Marian Apparitionalphenomena itself. It’s clear there is an entire political agenda present inthe church’s stance on maintain power in contrast to the appearances of adeity that seems, whether intentionally or as a byproduct, to mock thechurch’s position.In this way, these apparitions of Mary could be seen as a manifestation of 
Trickster. She shares other characteristics with Trickster:She appears outside of, and regardless of, the church’s official,authoritarian position.She appears within the context of paranormal, supernatural, and orUFOlogical phenomena.Her messages are often contrary to what is currently presented bythe church.She continues to appear, despite the efforts of authority to quenchthose appearances.The phenomena invites debate, stirs up trouble, and creates divisionsamong Catholics, the religious, the spiritual and the non-religious orspiritual alike. From church goer to UFO researcher, all groupsengage in controversial and opposing discussions about herappearances. Science enters the fray; more debate.Often Marian apparitions occur on sacred ground or in places whereprevious supernatural, anomalous appearances have taken place.The messages of Mary are often urges to reject the church’s officialline. Trickster laughs at authority, usurps it, mocks it.People continue to follow their beliefs, curiosity, and remain true totheir personal experiences in terms of Marian apparitions by visitingher shrines, creating groups, communicating with others who sharesimilar views, often in defiance of church mandate.At times, the church has gone so far as to get the law involved inshutting down pilgrimages, etc. Here the authority cracks down onthe anomalous; even, in typical Trickster like irony, that authority isitself anomalous.Paranormal phenomena has occurred in many MAs, (Marian Apparitions) :rosaries turning gold or silver, aerial phenomena, dramatic weatherevents, the strong scent of roses, etc. These can be compared to various“stunts” performed by UFO occupants, in an anomalous, paranormal
context.Even the symbolism of Mary herself, often thought of as only a Catholicicon, is Trickster like. Mary was not a “virgin” in the strict sense in Jewishand other traditions; Mary, a Jew, was mother to Jesus Christ, another Jew.Her pregnancy is a mystery; occurring because of a “visitation” of anangel. If these events were placed in a UFO/alien/paranormal context, thepresence of the Trickster is apparent.The Trickster is a joker. From the spiritual aspects of marian apparitions;Guadalupe, Medjugorje, Lourdes, etc. to the pop culture circus likeappearances of the Blessed Mother on window panes, trees and tortillas,we see the extremes and contradictions of Trickster. From the divine(appearing on holy sites) to the ridiculous (appearing on bread, tortillasand oily windowpanes) the Trickster holds up the image of Mary to all of the folk, while thumbing its nose at the approval of the church, as well associety.
Mary as Political Icon
The Virgin of Guadalupe is a political symbol, not just a religious icon.Her image appears on t-shirts, candles, all kinds of mundane objects.People put her image on their cars. Keys hang from plastic encased
images of the Virgin of Guadalupe, her image is stuck to the front of refrigerators. Other Marys appear in these ways as well.Even non-Catholics, like myself, have taken on her iconography torepresent an oppositional stance towards the institutionalization of spiritually. Though raised in that tradition and baptized and growing up inpart in Hispanic culture, I also come from a Jewish background: you can’tget more inverse than that!In these ways, we can look at Marian Apparitions as an aspect of theTrickster, and consider the symbol of Mary in all her manifestations asboth a feminine and divine side to the Trickster.
First published on-line at UFO Digest, August 5, 2007 
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