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FATE Magazine :: May 2008
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May 2008
Volume 61, Number 5, Issue 697

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2008 FATE Archives

The Schirmer Abduction 40 Years Later
The 1967 UFO encounter of a Nebraska policeman
by Kevin Randle
Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa and the Alien Agenda
Alien abductions in Africa
by Louis Proud
Ghosts Encountered at the Olivas Adobe
Hauntings at historic building in Ventura, California
by Richard Senate
The Paranormal Paradigm Shift
Investigator calls for professional organization
by Ardis J. Stembridge
The Men Who Once Lived in the Moon
Reports and speculation about life on Earth's satellite
by Jerome Clark
Monster Parks
Bizarre sculptures in France and Italy
by Janet Brennan
A Million Billion Planets and Nary a World?
Why has SETI been a complete failure? Or has it?
by Lisa Agnew
Ghosts on a Mountain
WWII victims are still living their trauma
by Margaret Cooper
The Day it Rained Frogs
Reprinted from the May 1958 issue of FATE
by The Editors of FATE
I See By the Papers
by Phyllis Galde
My View of the Unknown
by Hilly Rose
The Amazing Godwin
by David F. Godwin
My Proof of Survival
True Mystic Experiences
Report From the Readers
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